Jamaican holidays

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5 years ago my wife and I took a couple of weeks holidays in Jamaica. We found a nice resort with bungalows in Negril.

We are from France and living in the US (near Atlanta). We are in our early forties, healthy and fit as we work out regularly. My wife is however, say, shapy. She has light blue eyes on a delicate and beautiful face with large pulpous lips and nicely drawn jaw line.

She is tall with an athletic figure, large shoulders, small waist, large hips and a wonderful round butt. And she has quite large and firm natural tits. Even at her age, when she wears this stretch black dress, she is a walking fantasy of a lot of young men.

We've been married for about 20 years.

After arriving at the resort and having unpacked, we went to have a drink at the bar.

While observing the arriving tourists, we noticed a woman, in her forties who was teasing a couple of tall, muscular and athletic black guys with absolutely no shame and in front of her husband who was smiling, embarrassed. She was rubbing her tits and ass against them and laughing.

And she was apparently not embarrassed of doing this in front of the customers of the bar.

They were laughing and joking and acted as if they knew well each other.

When they left, a beautiful and sexy blond woman, in her thirties, sat with us and started chatting. She had observed us during that scene.

She asked us if we were intrigued by the scene we just saw. We said yes and I sarcastically asked her if this was some sort of local habit with tourists or what. We learned that she was from Quebec and started to speak in french.

She told us that she was running a male escort company and that these guys were working for her.

Then she asked my wife if she had already made love with a black man or men. And without even letting her answer she asked her if she wanted to try and have, I quote "the most intense and extraordinary sexual experience of her lifetime that would reach her pleasure level to limits she didn't know even existed".

My wife and I giggled in embarrassment and denied politely (we did not exactly believe in all this fuzz about black men) and the lady didn't insist but stayed for a while to have a couple of drinks and chat and finally left giving my wife her card with phone number and so if she would change her mind.

We went to bed this night with a strange feeling without talking about it. Sleep didn't come and I tried to see if my wife was sleeping. She wasn't. I delicately put the subject on the table. A few targeted questions and I knew that my wife was, as I was, rethinking endlessly about this proposal.

After many discussions and a couple of days, during which I discovered that it was my wife's fantasy to have sex with a black man while mine was to have her trying other men, we finally called back the lady and met with her at the bar.

She told us that she already knew we would call back even if my purpose was to get more information (well that was my purpose).

I think that what made our minds was the fact that the lady mentioned "the most extraordinary and intense sexual experience of her life". I wanted to offer this to my wife even if I did not believe it would be so extraordinary and if I had to swallow my pride (I didn't know at that time that I would swallow more than that).

When we met, the lady explained us that among other services offers she was providing for a fixed price (3'000 US$) what she called a Dice Bang.

It consisted in throwing the dices (one by the wife, one by the husband) and the resulting numbers will be the number of black men the wife would make love all together or in a couple of evenings.

She asked us to think about it and after a while, I paid the lady and we prepared to throw the dices. My wife started and obtained a 1.

My turn : a 6! I suddenly gasped as I realized that no less than 6 black men will do my wife in an evening.

My wife decided that she would start with the 6. And became very excited about that. What would happen with the 1? She would choose to use it another time by picking one of the black men that she preferred.

Then the lady provided my wife with some advices and information that I would have gladly learned before all this started.

She told us that these guys were especially selected because of their bodies, the size of their dicks and the ability to come several times impressive volumes of cum. They were coming from Jamaica, surrounding Caribbean, the Bahamas and even from the states. Some of them were even acting in interracial porn movies.

The lady told us that she had personally "tested" all these guys to choose those who would be providing their services to the white female tourists. She told us they were controlled for diseases on a monthly basis and that it would be up to us if they should use or not any protection. My wife said, even before I could say something, that she will take the risk. I was kind of shocked but did not say anything.

She told my wife that these guys would make love to her for at least 4 to 5 hours and, each of them, cum several times in or on her. That I was obviously allowed to attend, but was discouraging me to participate as it would "spoil" the experience and I would probably feel bad. She recommended my wife to compare the size of our dicks if she would, during the experience.

After a few others advices and recommendations that I forgot she told her to avoid any dinner before because, quote : "they will mostly come in your mouth as there is limited space in your vagina and you will certainly swallow their cum". At that moment, I looked at my wife and saw her face turned red and her mouth slightly opened. I noticed that her breath accelerated and I presumed her heartbeat as well. My wife loves to suck and usually sucks me very often.

The funny thing is that this lady was telling us all this very naturally as she was promoting or selling vacuum cleaners, while we were in some sort of excitation/arousal/discomfort/embarrassment cocktail.

My wife was also asked to, not shave, but cut short her pubic hair, which she did that very evening.

Finally, my wife demanded no anal as we are not at all interested in it. Also very naturally. Apparently she was coping with this situation much better than I could.

Appointment was taken for the next day, in the evening, at our bungalow.

That very night, my wife was extremely aroused, in anticipation. We made love and it was incredible.

Retrospectively, I wonder how we could fall into this so rapidly. Apparently we had go past the no return point even if my initial objective was to get some spice in our love life, without necessarily going to end of this fantasy. My wife was so excited that there was no way I would have her changing her mind.

The following evening, we went to have a couple of drinks at the bar and she drank more than necessary probably to ease from some fear that she had. Even if we have flirted with a couple of friends, we are not into swinging and only watched porn, including with black men, on seldom occasions.

We arrived to the bungalow around 8 pm, the guys were standing outside. All handsome and very muscular and athletic. Elegant, well dressed and looking intelligent and educated. One of them was wearing dreads, Jamaican style. The others were shaved. I am tall and muscular but I really felt inferior compared to these massive males.

They were polite, respectful and contributed to relax us.

Once inside the bungalow, one of them immediately started kissing and undressing my wife while the others were sharing their 6-pack of beer with me. He grunted loudly of satisfaction when he discovered that my wife was wearing no panties (which I didn't know, by the way) under her dress.

They quickly got naked and he lifted my wife and deposited her on the bed, like she was a feather. He apparently appreciated her curvy body and kept complimenting her about it. I noticed an amazed look of lust on my wife's face and quickly figured out the reason : the guy was really equipped like an horse.

His dick was not even semi hard and was already 9' or so and very thick.

He started licking her cunt and she commenced to moan like she was having an orgasm after not even a minute. I didn't understand : I would admit that with his huge dick he could bring her more pleasure than I would (even if I am not small : 8' and quite thick) but how could he accomplish this with his tongue?

Two more guys undressed and headed to her face, first rubbing their dick and poking her mouth to get in. They were as huge as their colleague, 10' or 11' and very very thick, I wouldn't be able to join my fingers (by far) if I would take their dick in my hands. How could this lady find guys like this? My wife's face was shining with all their precum generously distributed on her lips and cheeks.

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