I'm no more mommas boy but her man

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this story is 100% fiction

hi friends i'm roshan an average 20 year old, i was a normal boy like all the boys my age used to masturbate watching porn especially the indian masala porns and ogling at girls and commenting how big their boobs were etc..Until i was introduced into incest and cross dressing by one of my friends. It totally changed my life now i used to sleep wearing lingerie's and panties stolen from my moms laundry basket. speaking of my mom her name is gracy shes 44 and works in a bank. shes been separated from my dad when i was about 4yrs i've not seen my dad since then .she says that he had extra martial affairs and that led to their divorce any way my dads just history.

coming back to mom she's really hot for 44yr old with a nice set of 36C breasts and what makes her more attractive is her sarees.

being new to incest and cross dressing i used to be instantly turned on by the mom son porns. i had become an addict to my moms dirty panties by 3months and used to get them as soon as she threw them into the basket so as to feel her fresh. One day i was so carried away by sexual urge that dressed up in a saree and was masturbating on my moms panties when mom turned up at my door and i was pissed of seeing her. She had returned from her office earlier and hearing the noise of sex from my room she had come to see wat i was doing. she asked me to come to the living room in a stern voice i had turned pale by then thinking of what was going to happen......

when i had undressed and entered the living room i saw mom sitting on the sofa i stood before her unable to make an eye contact may be of guilt i still don't know....
she said to me : Roshan i never expected this form you....i was in half minds to fall down at her feet and ask for forgiveness but what came next just shook me of my feet ....i always knew that you would been using mommy;s panties for sex from the semen on it ...i always expected my son to tell me ...but never cross dressing .

i said :mom i was really sex starved and always wanted to fuck you..but i knew that u would never allow me ....cross dressing i like d bcoz i wanted to feel like a gal.........my mom approaches me nd hugged me and said dear i've always waited for my son to fuck me .......hearing dat i leapt wid joy...but mom put on one condition.. dat i should fuck her wearing her lingerie's i was ready to do anything for a fuck ....and she dressed me up as a gal nd seduced me to fuck her....from den on our rooms became one and sex was in the air........

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