Grandaughter and my home

(Part 1 from 1)

Note: This story is completely fictional!

Once a month 4 of my mates and I have a poker evening at one of our homes.we where all in our 80s old and lived in arms house accomendation. My 19 year old grandaughter, sarah, was statying for the night as she had an interview the following afternoon. everyone in my home fancied her. she was a indentical to elisha cuthbert and even worked as a look a like for local events etc.

I’m Mark, aged 85 and my mates, Ed was 88, Tim 81, Geoff 93 and Tony 85. Our games were a pretty intense, no limit Texas Hold em. The only money rule we made was that we would only bring a round an agreed amount, £100, we couldn’t and wouldn’t bring anymore, so we would ensure we remained friends at the end of the evening! We seldom played until there was an outright winner. It proved to work well and we all had our share of success.

We sat around the kitchen table and the evening started with our usual sparring of smaller hands, nobody wanting to get out too soon. After a short time, Sarah came in and the attention of the room was distracted from the poker game for a spell. There’s no denying it, Sarah, is a hot piece of ass,nice boobs and bum, great legs too. She has always been the prettiest of girls but with a body like hers and her firm she has never been short of a male admirer. I had admired her body from afar on many occasions, and while you may object to her clothes and think that she dresses and behaves like a bit of a tart in front of men, She is my grandaughter and I care about her.

Sarah’s clothes this evening were no different to her usual on the town attire, short skirt, tight top, and from the way her breasts bounced around under that top, no bra either. This was nothing knew to me, of course, but the other guys couldn’t help but pass admiring glances as she walked around, when they thought I wasn’t watching of course!

It was still early and it was clear that Sarah was getting a bit bored, there was nothing on the TV and she kept wandering in to where we had our game to see how we were doing.

She watched us for a bit, helped herself to a drink and got one for all of us too. I wasn’t too sorry because I’m sure that was the reason I started to do quite well and went from being down on the night to leader quite quickly, as I said, she was proving to be quite a distraction to the rest.

She eventually asked if she could play a hand or 2, saying that she could do with winning some money. I was reluctant but the guys persuaded me to let her so I spotted her some cash. Needless to say she soon lost it all. She asked for some more money but I told her that I needed it for the game and I’d be out pretty quickly if she kept on.

She grudgingly accepted but still hung around us. I continued to win so I wasn’t sorry! She said that she wanted to play another hand and I said that she’d have to find some money then. She said she didn’t have any and then a mischievous grin came on her face. “I’ll tell you what” she said “I’ll play one hand. I’ll bet my with my clothes, if I don’t win the hand I’ll take my top off and wait on you this evening, but you all have to put £10 in the pot. Whoever has the best hand keeps the money, hopefully me!”.

Nobody said anything, obviously they were waiting for me to speak so I said “No deal”. You could almost hear the dismay, until I continued, “for £50 you have to wait on us completely naked”. (Turn dismay into delight in a heartbeat). I’d no idea why I said it, it just came out, I guess I didn’t want Sarah to have it all on her own terms. “Deal” she said (cue very loud silent cheers from my mates!).

So we played the hand, it was straight best hand wins, no bluffs, blinds, raises or anything, and Stella lost. She was a bit unlucky, only Ed beat her hand but still ‘a deals a deal’ as I said to her. I was far more excited at the thought of finally seeing her ass up close than I imagined I would be.

We all stared at her as she slowly, teasingly, lifted her top above her head, revealing those beauties. They were bigger than I’d expected, and they were flawless, perfectly rounded, delicate areole and the most suckable nipples I had ever seen. I don’t think any of us had breathed before she inched down her skirt, her breasts hanging towards the floor as she slipped the skirt over her feet. With no hesitation, she then repeated the exact same feat with her panties, revealing her lovely trimmed pussy. I don’t know why it surprised me that she trimmed it, I guess I’d never thought of it before! She turned to put her clothes down in the other room, giving us a good look at that incredible ass of hers, it looked so firm, full and rounded, J-Lo would have been jealous! She ‘accidentally’ dropped her panties and bent down to pick them up, giving us an even more glorious view.

True to her word she walked back in and offered to get us drinks, nobody refused of course and I think some of us had even taken a breath by now! She truly was a vision. She put Geoff’s drink down first and made a point of putting it in the centre of the table so she could lean across, letting her breasts dangle. God she was a tart! Geoff leaned back in his chair to admire the view from behind, and Geoff being Geoff (he always fancied himself as a ‘ladies’ man) said to her “thanks love, you’re a real star” and as he did so he gave Sarah a playful little pat on the behind, leaving his hand there a fraction longer than he should. Sarah laughed “cheeky” she said, also playfully. “I don’t think any of us can compare to you in the cheek stakes” Geoff said. We all laughed, more nervous laughter than anything I guess.

My drink came next and I didn’t see why I should miss out “I’d have to agree with you Geoff” I said as she leaned across to put it down “it is quite an ass” and I gave her behind a little pat, and it has to said I did run my hand over those cheeks a little. She laughed again “GRANDAD" She exclaimed, smiling. And so it went for the other three guys, they all copped a feel of her lovely ass.

“This is all well and good” Sarah said “you’re all having fun but I still haven’t won a penny!”. “I tell you what, let me play another hand, £10 each again. If I lose I’ll let you all spend some time on my tits instead of groping my ass, 10 seconds each”.

“Me included?” I asked. “Sure, if you want” she said as if it was water off a duck’s back. “OK, 20 seconds” I responded. She thought about it for a second before agreeing.

I don’t think the anticipation could have been greater, if she lost we were all gonna get those tits, me included, and she did! Poor thing didn’t even get a pair, she only had a high card of 8 of hearts. (As Geoff pointed out she did have the best pair of any of us but they didn’t count!)

“OK, so who’s first?” she said. “Well honey” I replied “since I’m the one who’s had to put up with those things bouncing around all over this house when you visit, I think I’d better ‘go first’!”

Starah simply walked over to me, her breasts level with my face, it was an awe inspiring sight. I raised my hands to cup those magnificent things, whoever said more than a handful was a waste, had never had their hands on these! They were as smooth and firm as they looked, but also quite soft to the touch. I rolled them in my hands for a moment before taking her nipples into my mouth. What a feeling. The greatest breasts I had ever tasted. Quite what the other guys thought about seeing a grandfather suck his granddaughter’s tits right in front of them was anyone’s guess but on reflection I’m sure that after they got over the shock and excitement at such a lewd act, they just wanted to have their turn.

In no time I heard someone from a far off land say “20 seconds”. That bastard Geoff, he would be timing me! I reluctantly broke off. “My turn” Geoff said and without any hesitation Sarah walked over to Geoff and he ‘took his turn’! Everyone took their turn. Last to go was Ed, “Christ, you’re not much older than my granddaughter” he said, just before he buried his head in the youngest pair of tits he’d had in about 40 years!

Although I don’t understand it, it was incredibly exciting watching my friends’ mouths impaled on my grandaughter’s tits. I had never thought of myself as a voyeur before, but maybe I was, and with my grandaughter!

I don’t think any of us knew where to go from there, including Sarah, so we carried on with the game. The atmosphere was incredibly sexually charged. Sarah carried on as if nothing had happened, continuing to wait on us.

It wasn’t long before we all found ourselves involved in a big pot, £100. I’m sure that this was more through a lack of concentration than all of us having good hands. Sarah noticed this, “blimey” she said “£100. I didn’t know you guys were such high rollers!”. We were about to reveal our cards when Stella said “Hold on. I have a new deal, whoever wins this hand gives me their winnings” she paused “And I’ll give them the best blowjob they’ll ever have”. Our jaws literally hit the floor. She continued “you all obviously think you have a good hand, but you know the other guys must have too, so you don’t know where you stand which is why you all checked in the last round of betting” (she clearly understood more of this game than I realised) “so really, even if you hold the winning hand, you’ll only really be losing £20. £20 for the blowjob of your life, has to be the bargain of the century!”. It did seem to make some kind of twisted sense but none of us were thinking that clearly. They all cast glances in my direction. “Does that include me?” I asked. Sarah laughed “I guess, if you want me to, grandad emphasising the last word suggestively. I didn’t think it would be me because I only had a pair of 10s.

I looked around. “Do we all agree?” I asked, like there was any doubt. “OK then, let’s see the cards”. I turned my cards over first, Geoff revealed a pair of 5s and looked totally pissed, Ed had a pair of 8s, Tony had an Ace high with nothing else. My god, it was going to be me, would I/could I go through with it? I never found out because Tim turned over three Jacks. The look on his face was priceless, like he’d won the lottery. Now Tim is no looker at all and, there’s no other word for it, he’s fat. Sarah smiled, still without hesitation she picked up the money and said. “OK then, let’s do it”. It didn’t appear to faze her at all that he looked as he did. She took Tim by the hand and led him up into the livingroom.

We all sat there in silence, none of us sure what to say or do. Some little time expired and they still hadn’t returned. I said that I’d better go and make sure she was alright, . I went ito the room and as I approached I could hear groaning noises. Sarah’s left the door ajar and I pushed it open a little. I was greeted with the sight of my grandaughter on all fours on her bed being fucked from behind by Tim.

Sarah must have heard the door, she turned to me and said “its ok grandad, he’s paying me well for it”. Tim looked towards me with a look of horror on his face and it was clear that the sight of me seeing him fuck my grandaughter caused him to instantly orgasm, as the noises each of them made testified.

I smiled wistfully but didn’t say anything and walked back down to the table. “Everything ok?” Geoff said. “Yeah. I think Tim’s game is done for the evening.” I replied. Before anyone responded Sarah appeared a little sheepishly and duly collected all of the money Tim had left. “Jesus. Does that mean what I think it means?” Geoff said. Sarah laughed and picked up Tim’s coat. I said I’d take it and I handed it to Tim who was standing by the door looking very embarrassed. He left.

“So what’s the deal?” Geoff said. “Is that offer only on the table for Tim?”. It seems the fact that I was her father had been lost to him with the thought that he could fuck this girl, if he was willing to pay. “How much you got” Stella said. Geoff had about £80 left., not as much as Tim had. Tony had about £100 but Ed only had £50 left. I was the only one left who was up on the night. “Well, you have to go ‘all in’, no negotiation, I can set the minimum at £80 for a suck and fuck but £50 can only get a suck”.

Geoff was up and had handed over his money almost before I’d finished speaking. Sarah took him into the living room. I sat there silently with Ed and Tony. After a bit I ‘owed’ it to Sarah to check in on her. Sure enough by now Geoff was fucking her. He was on top of her giving her his all. I realised this was not necessarily the best position to view as this somewhat ‘disturbed’ voyeur that I had become. I can’t explain it but I did find it incredibly erotic to watch my grandaughter being fucked.

Geoff, left with a smile on his face that only comes from having fucked a girl with a body like Sarah’s. Tony was next and I was left in the kitchem with Ed, it wasn’t time to check in on them yet. Ed looked a bit fed up that he was only gonna get a BJ, how many more chances was he going to get to fuck a 19 year old girl with a body like that, he whined. I admit I did sympathise with him. I could see that Ed was building up to something and sure enough it came. “Jack. You couldn’t spot me £30 could you?”. Ed was asking me if I would lend him money to fuck my grandaughter. I laughed. “Tell you what, if I lend it to you, you pay me back double”. If I ever saw a frown turned upside down this was it. Ed didn’t even think about it. What had I become, my grandaughter may be acting like a whore, but now I’m practically pimping her!

After Tony left, Sarah came back to the kitchen to find that Ed now had £80, if she forgot or wondered how he came by it she didn’t let it on, she just led him by the hand into the livingroom. I decided to watch the whole thing through the door this time, I had nobody else to entertain! Sarah let Ed suck some more on those fine titties before she began undoing his trousers, and like a pro, she soon had his cock out and in her clearly very skilful mouth. She wasn’t kidding about the best BJ ever by the looks of it. Slow, long deep sucks, gradually building up to a faster pace, taking his whole length in her mouth with each suck. Ed said that he wanted to fuck her now, I guess he knew he would probably only be able to cum once. He asked for her to go on top and she duly obliged, bouncing up and down furiously on this guy, about 3 times her age. Stella clearly loved sex and Ed clearly loved it too as it wasn’t long before he climaxed all over her face.

Sarah stayed in the livingroom this time as I saw Ed out, then i walked in and saw her eating the cum of off her face. Her body was covered in cum and wet, she put on her skirt and t shirt took the money gave me a kiss and said i be back in 30 min. As she walked out the door i noticed her wet panties on the floor and decided to wank in them I dont have the smallest dick but in my 80s it was a bit old and i had man boobs but i enjoyed wanking and getting myself hard. 30 mins later sarah walked in to me smelling her panties good she said your ready for your present for letting me make some money. She had been to the sex shop and brought me a porn film we watched together and she kept biting my man boobs. Finally she started sucking my cock getting it all wet. She said i was the lucky one as i was going to fuck her ass. I fucked her ass so hard and cum in every hole over the night.

The next day she got the job by gangbanging all the interviewers and we celebrated in our own special way that night before she went home.

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