Dream come true with massi

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

I am 21 now and have been lucky enough to be having sex with my aunt, actually my massi, for the past 3 years.I had admired her sexy body ever since i had started mansturbating.She fits perfectly in the image of what i call a sexy lady, an indian milf.She is 38 years in age but has the body of a 25 year old.On a first look at her nobody would be able to not notice her perfect breasts.Size 35 and shape better than the best you would have ever seen.small tits, wonderful to suck.I could spend hours just on her boobs.Her boobs could give competition to Urmila Matondkar.And to add to the spice she wore sexy chiffon sarees and tight fitting kurtas, maybe she liked flaunting the sexiest part of her great body.She has a slim waist, barely 26 and stands tall.A slim figure with big boobs, i would die for that.

I went to her place further studies and as destiny would have it things started falling in place for me ever since.The same year her husband was posted out and her son, who i believe himself would have craved to fuck his mother some lucky day, had to leave his sexy mother in my hands. He had to join the engg. college in Jabalpur, poor he.Now with the two of us lonely hearts at home a relationship started to develop and we started to share.......... not the bed so soon but what went on in our daily lives.She ussually asked me about my girlfriends and felt the obligation of keeping me updated on safe sex and all.She was quite frank with me on topics os sex and highlighted the importance of condoms often.

As winter approached we started using the same bathroom because only one had the geyser.Normally i had bath before her and left for my college while she had her bath.Things were going smoothly but my hunger to get her in my arms was unabted and i started thinking of different plans to get to her.I thought of drugging her and then fucking her sexy pussy.Some days i was so frustrated that i decided that i would tell her what i wanted from her but could not garner the courage to do that.I had started to mansturbate 4 to 6 times in a day to satisfy my needs, but all that did was leave me even more dissatisfied than before.
One day suddenly i got an idea.I planned to place my cell with the video camera on in some corner in the bathroom in order to capture her sexy frame nude while she had her bath , right after me.with great courage i managed to find a spot in the bathroom and placed the camera in the artificial flowers kept in the bathroom. It took me quite some time that day to have my bath and she repeatedly reminded me that I was getting late for college.I finally mustered enough courage to leave the camera on and push out of the bathroom quickly trying not to make eye contact with her.

Plan worked quite well till then.She went in right after me and soon i heard her pouring water over her body.When she came out she was surprised to see me still at home. I could only hope that she had not seen the camera .On her asking me I told her that i will be going to college late that day.She never doubted me and went about getting ready like she did every day and left for her office soon.The moment she stepped out of the door i banged the door shut and ran to the bathroom to get the camera.What i saw was mindboggling and exciting at the same time.The camera was not where i had placed it, it was now in front of the flower pot rather than in the flowers. That meant that she had spotted the camera and obviously my secret plan was no longer a secret.But, interestingly the camera was still on and facing the same direction.I quickly saw what had been recorded and saw that i had got more than what i had bargained for.
In the video massi entered the bathroom and removed her clothes to take her bath, but just before she had her bath she came towards the flower pot and took the camera in her hands, all the time facing her sexy body.Her naked boobs gave me the biggest errection of my life.What was more surprising was that she did not switch it off but placed it in a better position to film her nude bath.This meant that she purposely left the camera there and that she wanted me to see how sexy she actually looked nude.A current went through my body on visualizing what would happen when she returned in the afternoon.Would we have sex ?, that looked the most possible thing.I decided to act strong and grab her right at the the door, afterall she had given me the licence to fuck her .

But i could not wait for her to return and wanted to enjoy the view of her nude body.i quickly loaded the video on to the computer and waited patiently for the computer to show me my dream come true.On the video i saw her pouring water over her body and gently moving her beautiful hands over her boobs and then taking them right into her pussy.She did all this very slowly and by now it was very clear that what she intended.The entire length of the video she was facing the camera, when it was supposed to be the opposite according to my plan, with the camera at her back.
I was moving my hand slowly around my dick as i wanted to maximise the pleasure and last the length of the video.Just as i was reaching the climax ,the bell rang, and broke my momentum.I got up in anger and was ready to kill any salesman who had disturbed me.As i opened the door, to my surprise i saw massi standing there, with a "know it all" smile on her face. She took the wind out of me and before i could move she went past me, straight to my room and saw the nude video of hers playing on the computer.Due to the hurry with which she came in, I almost forgot that now she was a party to my plan, she was the pornstar of my personal video.I hung my head in shame as i entered the room , only to see her checking out her nude video with a surprising excitement on her face.Maybe she wanted to spice up her dull life and wanted some adventure.

"My boobs are looking quite alright here.I had never imagined i could have looked so good.Do you like them ?Tell me naa...."she said, looking at me.

"Ya massi ,you are looking better than any of these bollywood sirens.Your breasts remind me of Urmila Matondkar's.You are a PORNSTAR and i love them, the best i have ever seen "I said, by now regaining my composure and feeling quite comfortable. I went close to her and grabbed her from behind as she was bending over the table.My hardest dick ever was protruding into her ass, though through her saree.She quickly turned around and placed my hand on her left boob and she put her hand into my paijama to hold my dick.I then untied her saree and pulled her petticoat down her waist and exposed her sexy waxed legs.I then unbuckled her blouse and her black lacy bra too.I took off my shirt and then pulled her panty down caressing her legs all the way.Her pussy had a slight covering of pubic hair, nicely shalved off to leave a triangular pattern just above her pussy.Her pussy was absolutely clean and opened up nicely as she widened her legs.I put my lips on to her pussy as she laid back on the bed"ooooohhhhhhhh .........ahhhhhhhhh.........oooooohhhhhhhh..........yessssssss......." she let out, as i surprised myself by the work i put on her pussy.Actually it was not that bad as it looks in porn films.When you hear the ooohhhhhhs and aaahhhhhhhs of the lady, you know that she is enjoying it.After 10-15 minutes of work on her pussy i went for her breasts.I took her nipples in my mouth and slowly put her entire boob in.They were super soft and all this time she was jerking my dick with her hands.

"Massi you are too beautiful, you are the sex goddess"I said as i enjoyed her boobs.
"Don't call me massi, call me Mona.Afterall you cannot fuck your massi but you can surely do Mona." she said with a naughty smile on her sexy face.
Thereafter she crouched on her knees and pushed me on to the bed.It was her turn now.she took my errect dick in her hands and starting with the tip, she took the entire 8 inches of meat into her mouth.She sucked it like a lolly pop and i derived the greatest of pleasures out of it.She moved it in and out slowly.
" aaahhhhhhhh........... ah ah ah ah ah ah ah............."I let out, trying to take it out of her mouth.I was afraid that i would leak in her mouth itself and be embarrased for not being the man i had been posing to be.But she did not let me withdraw and kept blowing it, softly though.
"Ohhhh........ahhhhhhhhhhh......massi......oh i mean Mona.......ahhh....i will not be able to hold it for very long........."I pleaded as she continued unabated.
"let it leak my dear, you have already held it back quite long.And you certainly do not want to use a condom for the pussy, so let it out now " she said in a very seductive husky voice of hers.

Hearing from the seductress herself I was determined now to wash her entire face with my hot cummmmmm.......... . So i held her from her hair and stood up next to her pulling my dick forcefully out of her mouth.I took control of my dick and splashed a pool of cumm all over her pretty face.
"oooooohhhhhhh............aaahhhhhhh..........Monnnnnnaaaaaaa.........ah........aahhhhhhhh......f-u-c-k you........ Monaaaaaaaaaa hhhhh..."I screamed watching her enjoy the cumshot.
After i was empty she took my dick into her mouth again an sucked the last drip of cum in me.she swallowed it and also took the entire cum from her face and put it on to her boobs and in her mouth.
I fell onto the bed exhausted , absolutely unaware of what she did after that.

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