Cousin has crush on me and finally breaks her secret to me

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fictional!

I had never been close to my younger cousin mainly because shes not my age and her parents sheltered her. While my parents let is do anything we wanted. I said hi to her at functions and thats about it. She never showed any signs of liking me intimatly. She is definetly a pretty girl. About 5'11", 115 lbs , very small,tight ass and thin legs. Her stomach toned and her C cup tits didnt bloom until she was 18.

She wore glasses and had a nerdy look to her. But, I learned she was living in a shell waiting to burst out and become a lustful,fuck machine. I was invited to her 18th bday party/graduation party. I arrived late and gave her a gift i bought on the ride over. She opened it and thanked me with a big hug.

I talked to her about college and she told me how she was accepted to a few ivy leauge schools. I congratgulated her before she asked me to drive her to a friends house to sleep over. I asked her mother if she wanted me to drive her since it was on my way back home. She said,"thanks that wouls help alot since i have to clean up." I told the birthday girl to pack her things for her sleepover.

She asked me to help her with her bags. She led me upstairs to her room and quickly packed a bag and said,"i need to change real quick. I turned for the door and she said,"what?,youve never see a girl in her undies before?" I laughed and said,"plenty ,do you want me to hang in here while you change?" She stayed silent and pulled her jeans off as i sat on the bed. I glanced at her white cotton panties.

She pulled her top off and asked me if ihad a woman. I said no as she unclipped her bra and threw it across her room. She grabbed a sundress and threw it on and grabbed her bag. "Lets go!",she said with excitment. We walked down and said farewell to her mom and the lingering guests.

She hopped in my passenger seat and said,"I'm not really sleeping over anyones house," I said," well,what are you doing then?" She looked at me and hesitantly said,"i need to tell you something that you can not repeat!" I told her I don't tell anyone Anything,especially something my lil cuz wanted to keep a secret.

I needed gas so i pulled in the station and parked at the pump. I looked at her as she gazed in my eyes and said,"I have been in love with you for years," I was blown away, She told me she has held it inside for too long and had to tell me that shes attracted to me on a high level. I told her that she was a smart,beautiful,woman but,we could never be a couple.

She said,"no shit sherlock! But, We can fuck though." I thought deeply as she begged me to take her virgin pussy. I said,"let me think for a miniute as i got out and pumped my gas.After returning to the car I looked at her and she had her dress pulled up and her panties down,slowly playing with her tiny ,shaved pussy. She said," Take me somewhere and let me have your dick!"

I drove off ,heading to a local hotel. She pulled my hand over and said,"play with my fresh little pussy!" I felt how tight she was when i had to force my index finger inside of her. She went down my pants with her hand until she grabbed my cock. She said in a demanding voice,"you better be gentle, as she ran her hand the length of my semi erect cock.

We pulled into the hotel and i got the room taken care of. we stepped into the elevator and she kissed me deeply and said,"this has been my dream since i have been old enough to like you." I replied," well,it will be good baby,i promise you that," We got off the elevator and went into our room.

I asked her,"want me to light candles and make it romantic?" She laughed and said,"get naked and make my dream a reality." She pulled her dress off and her perfect tits stared me in my face. She pulled her panties off as i took my shirt off and unbuckled my belt.

She knelt inferont of me and pulled my pants and denims down at once.My chubby hung there infront of her long and girthy. She looked at it and all she could say is ,"oh my god!"
I looked down at her and told her to lick my cock. She grabbed my memeber and shoved the head in her tiny mouth and licked my dick like a lolipop.

Clearly she wad no experience so i guided her head on and off my shaft ,making her gag instantly. I let her go and she sucked my cock until it was hard as steel. I knelt down and kissed her before telling her to lay on the bed and let me taste that fresh pussy.

She laid back and with her legs opened i slowly caressed her virgin pussy making her moan and feel sensations shes never felt. I slid a finger inside of her which made her groan out,"i want you inside of me now baby!" I looked up at her and said," remember baby,it is gonna hurt when i get inside of you
if itll even fit!"

She demanded i lay on my back. She climbed on top of me and put her feet on my thighs, decended down and holding my swollen cock on her pussy lips and pressed onto it,making my cock bend before i spread her pussy a bit and my thick cock popped inside of her. She teared up and screamed,"fuck my pussy feels like ots being torn to shreds!"

She stopped and said,"you do it baby,and dont hurt my little pussy with that thing." I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread her pussy as wide as i could and forced my bulging cock into her,spreading her soft walls for the first time until i hit her little cherry. I slowly pulled out of her and pumped her slow and shallow until she looked at me through her glasses and said,"pop me with your long dick,take me now!"

I grasped he hips and slammed her onto me,burting through her little pussy .making her screatch in agony. To my surprise she begged for more and clawed my chest screaming out my name as she slammed against my thrusts. I stopped her and said,"lay on your back so i can give you your real biorthday gift."

She slid off my cock and her gaping pussy was swollen and she said,"i love the pain your cock puts through my body!" She laid on her back and i mounted her and forced my cock inside her damaged cunt. I pumped her long and deep staring at her eyes roll into her head. I put her legs back and pumped her so deep that my cock bottomed out inside her. I slid my throbbing cock hard and deep until i felt my precum shoot insode of her. I quickly asked were she wanted me to cum.

She screamed ,"fill me with your hot jizz!" So, i laid deep within her and shot my massive load inside her now dry cunt. She said,"just keep it in me until i say,ok?" So, I laid ionside of her until she passed out and I slowly pulled my soft cock out of her and laid in bed thinking about what just happened...

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