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Kiran finished his high school and when he is about to pursue his college studies, his father died and everything got upset. At the age of nineteen, he had to attend to family properties and it took one year for him to settle the issues. He decided to get admission into a college located a few miles away. However, this is a newly established college and the infrastructure is not yet developed. 

There were no hostel facilities either. However, his uncle lives in that place and he has a small house. Luckily to Kiran, his uncle provided paying guest status in that house. Kiran started living there and used to attend the college. This uncle’s wife whom Kiran used to address as ‘auntie’ is in her early forties and she had a daughter who is already married and lives elsewhere. This auntie had had another child whose delivery became difficult and she was operated and the baby did not survive.

 The doctors performed tubectomy on her to prevent further pregnancies considering her health and safety. She always used to tease Kiran with double entendres with oblique references to sexual themes and in the beginning Kiran felt shy to reply but eventually enjoyed her talk and he used to reply also in a bold tone for which she used to giggle. His uncle works as an accountant in a private company and goes to his office at 10 a.m and returns in the evening by 7 p.m. One afternoon, as there was no lecturer available, Kiran returned home by about 2 p.m and he saw his auntie chatting with a middle-aged man sitting in the living room.

 She introduced this man to Kiran as her cousin on a short visit. Kiran said hello and as he went to his own room, he had to pass through the bed room of his auntie. He noticed a patch of wet surface right in the middle of the bedsheet and Kiran got curious and on careful look found beads of glistening semen drops sticking, which indicated that there was a recent fucking scene. He got a bit excited and after he put his books on the shelf and made a wash and returned to the living room, the guest who is the cousin of the auntie already left. Auntie brought a cup of tea and after handing it to Kiran enquired why he returned so early from college. Kiran said, ‘there is no staff available today” and joked that he would like to take a lesson or two from her on sexual topics. She blushed and replied that ‘what can I teach which you already do not know?’ “may be how not to hide semen drops on the sheet after the coitus”. She gasped and ran to her room and then only she saw the wet patch and immediately tried to remove the sheet, but Kiran followed her and said “do not remove, I wanna watch the cum of this cousin of yours. He is your lover”. 

She turned and put up a mock angry face and said ‘he is not my lover, one sparrow cannot make the summer”. Kiran said ‘sorry, it is just a one time stand I suppose, but did he do it good?” She blushed and patting her hand on his shoulder said “he is too quick, he is in a hurry. He lasted only a few strokes”. Kiran became bold by now and whispered ‘we have plenty of time and there is no hurry. I can make more strokes than him” so saying he gently kissed her and hugged. She responded and both moved on to the bed where the wet patch is still there. He lifted her saree along with the petticoat upto her neck and put his nose at her cunt and smelled the previous cream. 

He got fully excited and moved forward and she received him with a close hug and she herself guided his phallus into her vagina and he started thrusting like a bull and she responded with equal passion. He came giving ejaculatory thrusts deep into her gorge and she felt springing bouts of semen hitting her cervix and she had an orgasm of sorts. Later when he withdrew, she put up a thankful face and hugged him with affection. Then on, it was a routine affair between them without any hindrances. They were exchanging previous sexual experiences during their fucking sessions. Kiran came to know that his auntie is quite a precocious girl when she was a teenager.

 Her father was a farmer and she used to tend cows and buffalos. They also had a mare, a pony which is short in height. She used to observe the domestic fowls and ducks mate every day and lay eggs which she used to collect. Sometimes she used to take the cow or buffalo to the nearby farm where there were bulls to service the cows.

 She used to get fascinated when the twelve inch penis of the bull went deep into the vagina of the cow and disappeared. The bull’s thrusts though were brief, always attracted her. After bull dismounted sometimes the semen used to overflow and come out of the cow’s vulva and she used to push the same inside so that sure pregnancy results. Her first major sexual excitement occurred when a stray male donkey entered her farm and braying loudly reached the mare and sniffed her vulva and stopped braying. 

The donkey then pissed and immediately got a rigid erection and approached the mare. The mare also pissed and gave the donkey a couple of kicks with her hind legs. But the donkey persisted in mounting and the mare stood still and her tail went to a side as if inviting the penis of her suitor. The mare even spread her hind legs a little so that the donkey comfortably mounted gripping her on the sides with his fore legs. At this time auntie neared the pair to see the actual intromission as the large penis of the donkey tried to find the vulva.

 Luckily it found home and pushed it so vigourously into the mare and started thrusting for nearly thirty to forty seconds and sure must have given at least fifty strokes. Auntie noticed the final ejaculatory thrusting and the male dismounted. The mare kicked him and the donkey ran away. At the end of this sequence auntie got so excited and wet in her pussy, she started rubbing the same and the farmhand noticed her predicament and neared her smiling. As he took her hand and led her to the grass laden barnyard, she simply followed him with anticipation and without any preliminaries or formalities, he pushed her on the haystack, ripped off her saree which fell to the ground making her bare from waist below. 

He displayed a good erect phallus which was uncircumcised and entered her with determination so that her hymen broke and defloration took place and he took her virginity with thrusts which he is used to but for the first time to the auntie. She felt thrilled of the whole experience and she had the fantacy of the donkey fucking herself. She confessed to Kiran that the same farmhand is this cousin whom he saw the other day. She also told Kiran though this cousin took her cherry the first time, he never attempted to fuck her. After so many years he came visiting and for old time’s sake wanted to fuck her and that is why he was so excited and had almost premature ejaculation. Auntie asked Kiran to narrate his sexual exploits. Kiran told her that he was fortunate to get the first fuck when he was eighteen, that too after his father died. 

This happened when he went to visit his classmate who is already married and he is working as a bus conductor. They lived in a two-room tenement and had only a small bed room. After dinner, Kiran was provided with a mat outside the bedroom adjacent to kitchen verendah. As there were mosquitos he could not get sleep. At this time, he could hear that his friend and his wife were indulging in coitus by rhythmic jingling of her bangles and creaking bed. He got erection listening to these sounds occurring hardly a couple of yards away. 

He got up and ventured to their bed room and saw that they really are at the game of fucking and his wife noticed Kiran standing on the door threshold and watching like a voyeur. Apparently she got more excited and tried to tease Kiran by making more loud noises and whimperings. His friend dismounted and noticed that Kiran has seen it all. He was a bit upset. However, his wife is a bold girl and told her husband “would you mind if your friend has a go at it with me for the sake of some fun and for making relax?” He kept mum but she repeated again “O Sekhar! Don’t be jealous. Cant you help your friend? A friend in need is a friend indeed”. 

She did not wait for his confirmation and addressed “Come on Kiran, I need you, what are you waiting for?” At this juncture Kiran’s friend Sekhar nodded and gave green signal with a sign. Kiran approached his wife and pushing her saree forward looked at her cunt with wild lust. Spreading her thighs wide and lifting her feet up in the air, he penetrated her with so much pressure she cried with wild excitement. He fucked her real good and when he ejaculated, the cum overfilled her vagina and overflowed out of her cunt. 

Sekhar was very much surprised by the outcome and he got so much excited, that he made one more fuck to his wife in the presence of Kiran. Later both of the boys exchanged pleasantries and she made coffee for both of them. After sipping coffee, she requested Kiran to do it again and he obliged. 

This time Sekhar just only watched and fell asleep soon. Next mornig Sekhar left for his duty. Kiran had one more fucking session before he left their house and returned to his hometown.

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