Young wife Groomed : Part 1

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Jane arrived at the door of Mr. Charles Jackson's apartment at 8:58pm, two minutes before her scheduled meeting. Jane was always punctual. Standing next to her was her husband, Peter. They both shifted uncomfortably, nervous about what fate awaited them behind the door.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this?" Peter asked

Jane, looking down and not at Peter replied, whispering, "Yes, we have no choice."

Jane was 21 and Peter, 27. They were newly married and had just arrived in New York a few months ago. Peter, just out of law school, had recently joined one of Wall Street's premier law firms as a junior associate. Jane was a frustrated actress and part time model. She could not get work as a catwalk model or as a serious actress, but she had plenty of offers for glamour modeling and "alternative" films which she took correctly to mean porn. She had always refused their offers. It was something that really didn't want to do. That was until tonight.

She was 5' 2", petit figure with 36DD breasts. She had an angelic face, with short blonde hair. People had described her as a blonde Natalie Portman. She was gorgeous, talented and ambitious. However she had not worked now for 6 months and was in danger of becoming just another unemployed actress if her fortunes did not improve and improve rapidly.

Agents had, in the past, suggested she try her hand at glamour modeling but as she had ambitions on becoming a serious actress, Jane always refused their offers. That was, however, until today.

Charles Jackson, whose flat they were now standing outside, was not an acting agent, certainly not the traditional Hollywood type agent. He was, in fact, one of the senior partners at Peter's firm and his boss. He was 56, single, good looking, fabulously wealthy and one of Wall Street's most successful corporate lawyers.

There were however a couple of unusual things about Charles. Firstly, he was very black. That in itself was not unusual, but Wall Street still had a strong racist element to it, especially when Charles has stared work, in the mid 1970s. It was unusual then that a black man could rise up the ranks in one of New York's most traditional white law firms. Charles had got there through sheer hard work, intelligence and a ruthless ambition to get whatever he wanted. That ruthless ambition extended not just to matters of law, but also to women.

The other unusual thing about Charles was that he was part of a small and very discreet club of rich black gentleman whose exclusive purpose was to take full advantage, and enjoy the pleasure of, young white women. And they were almost always young white married women. Once the wife had been seduced into the club, members would fuck the wife any which way they liked.

Often she would not initially consent to such fucking but after a while she would inevitable become addicted to big black dick. Sometimes they allowed the wife's husband to watch, but never participate, other times they would never know. Each situation was valued on its own merits, each wife carefully selected and preparations for their initiation to the club were long and meticulous, no detail left unturned. If they ever felt that the wife or husband in question could in any way harm the privacy and integrity of the club, then either steps were taken to remove any such obstacle or the wife was disregarded.

The club was simply known as The Ivory Club and had been going strong now for 25 years. Tonight they were about to initiate a new member, Jane.

In Jane's case, the preparations had been relatively easy and quick. Peter, her husband, had 6 months ago joined Charles's firm as a junior associate and had immediately started to work for him. Charles had effectively become his boss. Spending a lot of time in Peter's company, a few things about them quickly became apparent which made Jane an ideal candidate for the Ivory Club.

The first was that Jane was a gorgeous frustrated actress who was desperate for a career break. She had tried almost everything to make it but, despite her stunning looks, it seemed that there was always another stunning actress who would get the part. And it was often apparent that, in the acting department at least, they were never as talented as Jane. It was rumored that their talents lay in the bedroom, and they would sleep with the casting director's in order to get the part. That was something that Jane's conservative upbringing would never tolerate. Perhaps until today that is.

The second crucial factor was that they were financially hard up. Despite making an almost 6 figure salary, they barely broke even. Peter was currently the sole earner, after paying the enormous student loans that both he and Jane and accumulated, the rent for their tiny Soho studio and the numerous acting classes, photos, clothes that Jane required for her auditions, there was just enough to eat.

Jane had so far resisted the temptation to take up the numerous lucrative offers of glamour modeling that had come her way. Her body was ideal for it. She had a beautiful slim ass with lovely slender legs. And it almost seemed impossible that such a slim frame could support such large breasts. Put together with her beautiful face, agents were prepared to pay a small fortune to get her to appear in front of camera, partly also in the hope that this would eventually tempt her to do porno, where the serious money lay.

Armed with this information, Charles, after meeting Jane at a work party, had floated the idea to Peter that she audition for the part of a stripper in a forthcoming film by a director and producer he knew. For once, Charles was not lying. The director and producer in question were Jake and Randy, two notorious black film makers.

They were indeed making a film and it was about how a group of black men who were able to entice young rich white housewives into a web of black sex and porn. The angle being the taboo of black sex in the white suburbs. They were looking for some supporting actresses and Jane would be perfect. Both Jake and Randy were, of course, members of The Ivory Club.

After a month of gentle persuasion, which had come to nothing, Jane's conservative religious upbringing made it hard for her to countenance appearing in such a dark film, Charles resorted to some tried and trusted tactics to push her in the right direction: money and blackmail. He summoned Peter for a meeting one morning and offered him $20,000 for a photo shoot.

Apparently she would only need to pose in some revealing lingerie and the shoot would also be used as an audition for the film. The pictures, he said, would only be used in some tasteful publication. He also pointed out gently to Peter the career implications to him if he caused him displeasure. Desperate for money, and also desperate to hold on to his job, Peter knew they had little option but to accept.

To allay any fears Peter had, Charles could not be 100% sure that Peter would accept, he assured Peter that at all times he would be in the room with him and Jane. However that was on the condition that he expected Jane and Peter to comply with his orders. Also, he would be calling Jane to give her strict instructions on what to wear. Failure by either of them to comply exactly with his orders or if Peter in any way interfered with proceedings, the shoot would be over and they would not get a penny.

This was, he assured Peter, the way the movie business worked, a director had to know that his actress was capable of taking orders and that her husband would not get jealous by the fact that role involved nudity and acts of sex, with black men.

On his arrival home that night, he immediately told Jane what happened, leaving out no detail and in particular emphasizing that in all probability, she would have to strip naked in front of her boss and obey his directions, without question.

Expecting Jane at the very least to be shocked by this, Peter was somewhat taken aback when Jane's immediate reaction was not one of shock, but what looked like calm acceptance. For Jane taking her clothes off in front of Charles was infinitely preferable than taking them off for the many random photographers that were constantly offering her money. But what made Jane seem so calm was that having already met Charles, she was strangely attracted to him.

Charles was still very good looking for his age, he was 6 ft 6, regularly worked out so his body was still as muscular as from his college school days. He had a hansom face which was chiseled in a Hollywood movie star type of way and stunning blue eyes which at first seemed kind, but could turn very menacing in a second.

When she met him at the firm party, the way he towered over her and so obviously mentally undressed her made her shiver with desire at the time. He spent a lot of time talking to her and the whole time she got the feeling that he wanted a lot more than conversation. Of course Peter had never noticed this, but it was clear that Charles sexually found her very attractive. And for some inexplicable reason, that made her feel excited.

Posing nude for a man she found attractive for a part on film, well not only was it a potential great career move, but Jane felt very turned on by the prospect. The thought of standing almost naked in from of such a large black man was strangely appealing. And this made her embarrassed. She loved her husband and despite, since her meeting with Charles, secretly fantasizing at what it would be like to fuck this black man, she wanted to be faithful.

Rapidly going pink, she turned to Peter, "I don't think it should be an issue. It is a fabulous opportunity and since you will be with me, there should be no problem". And with that she got up and went over to the kitchen to finish off dinner.

Peter sat there, slightly stunned but accepting that Jane was, right, with him there the whole time, if things got out of hand he could step in, even if it did mean missing out on money and the part for Jane.

The rest of the week went quickly. Peter was kept very busy by Charles and, after informing him of Jane's acceptance, the matter was not discussed any further. Jane meanwhile seemed to increasingly get nervous as the day approached. She barely spoke about the matter, always becoming embarrassed and shy whenever Peter mentioned it. She was also, deep down, very excited about stripping off for this man, and it was this, more then anything, that was making her feel nervous.

Why was she having these feelings ? She came from a typical conservative, white middle class family which had very little to do with blacks. Her father had always been a little racist and as such she had been brought her up with the prejudice that blacks should not be trusted. And here she was fantasizing about having sex with Charles, her husband's boss. It did not seem right, she loved her husband so why was she thinking about someone else ? But she had made her mind up, all she would be doing was stripping off her clothes. Nothing more.

On the Friday, Charles made sure that Peter was busy. He did not want him returning home interfering with Jane whom he had called and given strict instructions on what to wear. She agreed, not complaining once at the exact requests made.

When they arrived, Jane was waiting for him. She was wearing a grey coat, which came two inches above her knee. Peter could not tell what type of skirt she had on underneath since it was covered by her coat. Nor could he tell was she was wearing up top since the coat was tightly buttoned up and tied tightly with a belt. She has on 4 inch pink high heels.

Peter enquired whether she wanted to go through with this, saying that they could get the money some other way. Jane said it was too late now to back down and it was a great offer, what harm could come modeling in front of an old man. She had to do it now for the money.

The door was answered by someone who introduced himself simply as Charles's butler, Smith. Smith was the blackest man Jane and Peter had ever seen. He looked around 45 years old, similar height size and build to Charles but there the similarities ended. Whereas Charles was strikingly good looking, Smith was positively ugly. He was completely bald and had a scar running down the left side of his face. When he smiled, two gold teeth flashed, one on the top one on the bottom. He looked immensely strong and clearly he had not always been a butler. He was dressed impeccably, in a well fitted designer black suit with a black knot tie.

"Good evening Jane, do come in, Charles is expecting you." Smith said, in a very deep voice, never once taking his eyes off her and completely ignoring Peter as he ushered them in.

"May I take your coat?" Smith asked. Jane now for the first time began to have doubts, and clearly looked nervous. She starred at Peter, hoping that he would help. Peter said nothing, what was he supposed to do next to this black thug ? He felt that the time to change ones mind had passed once they had entered into the flat.

Jane began to undo her coat and as she opened it, it soon became apparent what Charles had ordered her to wear. She was wearing a very short, flared light brown skirt which came to four inches above her knee. It was noticeable that she was wearing stocking since as she moved to take her coat off her skirt rose a little displaying the tops of her flesh colored stocking.

If she bent any way forward, her suspenders and ass would clearly be on display. Up top, she wore a neat crisp white blouse which appeared to be at least one size too small, since it was very tight and it seemed her tits were ready to burst through any moment. She had kept the first two buttons undone, leaving an awful lot of cleavage on display. She looked like a girl who could be a stripper. And yet she still looked stunning.

As Smith took her coat, he blatantly eyed Jane up, looking up and down at her and mentally undressed her, lingering at her enormous chest, smiling at her as he did so. Peter felt powerless to stop this brute.

"This way please. Charles is waiting for you in the study." The apartment was enormous and judging by the corridor alone, luxurious. Expensive pictures were hung on the wall and there were opulent console tables with antique vases on them. Most contained fresh flowers. They walked down the corridor, passing a number of doors until they got to the study door.

Smith knocked and then opening the door, ushering them in.

In the study, Charles was sitting behind a large rose wood desk. Opposite the desk was a large red leather chair and to the right a smaller black leather chair. Behind him were numerous book shelves. The room was dark, lit by a solitary lamp on the desk but clearly as luxurious a study as you could find. As they entered, Charles was reading a book, and was wearing his reading glasses. He was dressed impeccably, wearing dark brown trousers, blue short, brown waistcoat and a light brown jacket. On the desk was a glass of brandy.

He took off his glasses and looked up at Jane, ignoring Peter. He slowly got up, went over to her and greeted her by shaking her hand. He easily towered over her, and the physical disparity between the two was striking. Even in her 4 inch high heels, Charles was easily a good 10 inches taller. The fact that he was very well built and Jane very slim, made the situation all the more intimidating. Jane starred up at him, looking into his beautiful brown eyes. Charles could tell that she was scared by the situation, the way she looked at him and in her whispering voice greeted him. This bitch was going to be so easy to tame.

"Do come in, my dear. That will be all for now, Smith.

"Now, my dear, why don't you sit here". Charles pointed to the red chair in front of the desk.

Giving Peter a cursory glance, "You may sit over there" pointing at the black chair, to the right of the desk. It was far away but close enough for Peter to see everything.

Jane slowly walked to the chair and sat down, but as she sank into the deep chair, her skirt rose up her lovely legs, and the tops of her stocking and flesh were now clearly on display. As were her white suspenders. She frantically tried to push her skirt down to cover herself up but to no avail. It quickly became apparent that whatever she did, whilst sitting, her legs and suspenders would be on display. All she could do was fold her hands in her lap and then looked up at Charles.

He was making no pretence that he was just starring at her stocking clad legs, enjoying her discomfort. Everything was proceeding to plan. He looked up at her, she still had that same nervous look, he knew she was now feeling worried about stripping off in front of him. He in turn was getting very hard at the thought of shoving his giant black cock down those luscious lips. Judging by how conservative she was, he would bet that she had never sucked cock before in her life. Tonight, all that was going to change.

Charles began to talk to Jane alone, there was no recognition that Peter was even in the room. He went on to explain how the evening would proceed. Jane merely nodded, offering an occasional whisper to the odd question Charles asked about her previous experience.

After a few minutes or so, Charles ordered Jane to stand up.

"Now, to begin with, I think it might help if you just walked up and down the room for me, this will give me a good idea of your pose and how as a stripper you would walk on a catwalk".

Jane started to walk up and down the room. As she did, her flared skirt would rise up, especially when she turned around, thus showing Charles her suspenders and flesh. Charles was delighted. She had followed his orders on what to the wear to the letter. He took particular delight at looking at her ass, beautifully raised up by her high heels. Her tits were also bouncing ever so slightly when she walked towards him, straining to be releases from the one size too small shirt he had ordered her to wear.

Jane felt acutely embarrassed by the way Charles looked at her, but she continued to walk up and down the room. And soon her walk had gained a confident swagger. She started to sway her hips more and would exaggerate the way she turned, allowing a skirt a little twirl and almost showing her knickers as a result. She had also become increasingly aroused by this and panties were getting slowly damp. She also had feelings of guilt, she had almost forgotten about her darling husband, who was also sitting in the room watching everything.

After a few minutes, Charles broke the silence. He had watched with delight the why in which Jane's walk had gone from a slow, deliberate walk to one of a confident swagger. More importantly, he had noticed her look of submission and desire. He had seen that look so many times before in a woman and knew that despite the presence of her husband, despite any feigned reluctance, she would do his bidding.

"Jane, that was lovely. Now please come and stand in front of me."

Jane walked over to Charles and stood a few feet in front of him. All the time she looked down at the floor, her big tits rising up and down, clearly nervous. Charles believed he could see the outline of her erect nipples. He smiled.

Looking at her directly, "I am pleased to see that you have followed my instructions on what to wear. That is very important in the film industry, following direct orders."

"Thank you", she whispered, and this time she rose her head to briefly look at Charles, all the time ignoring her husband.

"However, I need to be sure you followed my orders completely. In particular I need to know whether you are wearing the correct underwear. I think I got a glimpse" Charles mischievously said, "but I do need to be sure. This is a fairly provocative part and looking desirable is key. So please raise your skirt to your waist".

Jane's earlier confidence was now giving way to nerves. She wanted to display everything to this man, she needed the role and she could not stop the feelings in her now wet pussy. But what about Peter ? She had not looked at Peter since she had entered the study and now she looked at him, hoping he would give a sign. However Peter's eyes said nothing. It was the look of defeat.

She was on her own. She could either walk out now and lose a once in a lifetime opportunity and possibly risk her husband's career. Or she could raise her skirt. After all, it is just a few pictures, and with Peter in the room, despite her feeling, nothing could happen could it ?

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