Young wife Groomed : Part 3

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Surely nothing more than pictures could really happen ? The love she had for her husband was strong but so were the feeling she was having now about this man who stood looking at her. Once her thongs had reached her feet she stood up and stepped very gracefully out of it so it lay on the floor.

"Now, lean forward so your hands are on the bed and spread your legs, stick you're ass out so that your pussy and ass are all on display" She again obeyed, although his requests and language were getting more and more obscene, her pussy was telling her to obey this black man,. Could she really allow pictures and a video of her like this to be taken ? Could she really allow herself to be talked like this by any other man than her husband ? But Peter would never talk like this. And he was not here, and would never know...

But Charles no longer wanted to take pictures. Smith would be recording everything, in any event. He wanted to fuck this bitch hard. Any young wife, who agreed to dress like a slut, ditch her husband so she could strip off for a strange black man only wanted to be fucked.
He walked over and without warning started to spank her ass, lightly at first and then much harder. He loved the way her red ass contrasted with her flesh coloured stockings, pretty white suspenders and frilly garters. Charles marvelled at how much of a slut she had become in such a short space of time. She had clearly wanted this type of rough treatment for a very long time. And boy, it was about to get a whole lot rougher...

Jane gasped and then openly started to groan. She was shocked by the abrupt change in proceedings. But she did nothing, other then shove her ass further out at Charles, almost wanting him to spank her. Her breasts hung very heavily down, gently swaying with each spank. Her mouth was slightly open and she was licking her lips. This was the way she had always wanted to be treated: roughly, no regard for her feelings and utterly dominated.

"You are quite the whore, Jane"

"Oh please, stop", pleaded Jane as the spanking became harder. She was of course lying, she wanted it to continue, she wanted everything to get a lot harder and a lot dirtier.

"I am not a whore. Oh G-God, p-please..."

"Of course you are. How else do you describe a wife who leaves her husband, allows herself to be stripped naked to just her shoes, stockings and suspenders and then spanked by a black man she hardly knows ?"

"Ohh, please, stop..."

"Do you do this often?"

"Do what?"

"Strip naked in front of someone other then your husband, and thrust your naked ass out to be spanked"

Jane closed her eyes and licked her lips. The whole situation was driving her crazy. "Oh no, please, don't. This is the first time. I never meant it to go so far..."

"And why did you do it for me ?"


"Why Jane ?" There then followed a minute or so of nothing but hard, crisp firm spanks. Nothing was said and all you could hear was the sound of spanking and Jane's groans, which grew louder and louder.

Charles, broke the silence, but still spanking her, "You want to be dominated. You have fantasized about stripping off in public ever since you started to get offers from all those porn studios Peter told me about haven't you? You fantasised about what it would be like to be fucked by those black men they said would be on stage with you. I bet you would have allowed those rough niggers to gang bang you given half the chance ?"

Jane licked her lips, inwardly she knew he was right. "And when I came along you knew this was inevitable. You wanted to feel what it was like to be under the control of a black man. Properly dominated, unlike the way your white wimp husband deals with you."

"N-no, I am a good wife..."

"Shut up bitch".

Jane almost came, the crude talk and spanking had made her as horny as hell.

"You don't want me to stop, do you ?"

"Please..." She continued to keep her bottom upright and thrust forward.

Charles then did the unexpected, and actually stopped spanking her. Instead, he gently caressed her bum. He then started to gently caress her soaking pussy. Jane was now on the brink of a climax.

"What do you think Peter would say if he knew your pussy had become so wet after being ordered to strip naked and then allowed a man to spank you ?" As he said this, he grinned and starred into the mirror, with an evil smile, knowing that as he spoke and caressed Jane's pussy, he was starring at her husband.

"Oh please. I d-don't think, ohhhh, he would be too happy. Oh god per-lease, I am married, I can't be unfaithful..."

Charles ignored her and instead brought her off. Jane closed her eyes, mouth open, tongue hanging out, came with almighty groan and slumped forward on the bed. Charles moved away from her, grinning at the mirror and giving her a few moments to recover.

"Now then, come and kneel in front of me. You have been brought up correctly. You know it is rude not to give after you have received".

Jane got up, turned around and faced Charles. He was right. She got to her knees and her face was now next to his crotch. Charles was now standing facing the mirror and Jane, was kneeling so Peter could only see her bright red ass through the window. He could of course see everything else courtesy of Smith filming events.

Kneeling in front of him made Jane's petite frame look even smaller in front of his huge 6ft 6 frame. Charles looked down at her.

"Take my cock out, bitch".

Jane nervously unzipped his trousers and fished for his penis. Once she had it sprung out, almost slapping her face. She gasped with shock, the only cock she had ever seen before was her husband's. This was no normal cock, the weapon she held, was very black and at least 12 inches long and 3 inches wide. Her mouth fell open at the ugly weapon that sprung menacingly up at her face. She never realized that cocks should be so big. She thought that this monster could never fit in her, even if she were to be unfaithful (she was still clinging to the belief that she could somehow prevent this man from fucking her) her body could never handle a cock of this size.

Instinctively, in an almost dream like state, both her small hands held Charles's dick, she wanted to feel what it was like. It was so big ,in her small hands could not fully close around it. Her beautiful engagement and wedding ring, bought by her loving husband when she had promised to always be faithful, shone brightly, in stark contrast to the ugly black weapon she now held.

She had never seen anything like it before. Unconsciously she started to run her hands up and down, marvelling at its size and the way it looked so big and black in her tiny hands. Already his cock had released copious amounts of pre-cum so that there was a loud slapping noise as her hands started to gently wank Charles.

Charles groaned, loudly. He was impressed with the way she has immediately started to caress him without prompting. Jane was proving to be the perfect slut.

Licking her hips, she looked up at him, her submissive eyes meeting his. He smiled down at her.

"How many cocks have you seen in your life before this one, Jane?"

"Only one my husband's"

"And how does it compare?"

"Oh this is so much bigger. I never knew they could be so big. It is incredible" Jane continued to look at it awe, running it up and down. "W-what do you want me to do?" She asked, looking up at him with those sweet eyes.

"I want you to suck my cock".

"I have never done that before", she replied all the while rubbing his cock. Peter had pleaded with her to give it a try, but she had always said no, thinking it disgusting and somehow going against her strict conservative upbringing.

A virgin mouth, Charles thought, this time it was his turn to groan loudly.

"Well you are going to suck mine."

"No no, I can't I must not. I must not be unfaithful to my husband. I am a good wife...".

It took all of Charles's self discipline not to laugh. Did she not realize the absurdity of the situation? Here she was, stripped down to her heels, stockings and suspenders, her arse red after the spanking it had received. Her tits heaving up and down, nipples massively erect. And now she was kneeling in front of him, both of her tiny hands wrapped around his cock, slowly wanking him. The tip was only a couple of inches away from her open mouth, which hung open in disbelief at the size of the monster she was expected to handle.

Charles now reverted to the kind old caring man, a concerned citizen just trying to help Jane along with her career, "My dear, everyone knows that sucking a man's cock is not being unfaithful. I would never allow you to do anything you did not want. This will help you get the part, after all Randy and Jake will see a film of this, they will want to know that you are a good girl. Peter will never know, we do not need to tell him."

She had forgotten that she was being filmed. There was going to be a video of her sucking another man's cock. And a black cock at that. Other men were going to be jerking off at her, prim and proper little Jane, giving head to this black monster. This did not repulse her, in fact it turned her on.

"Now, why don't you be a good girl and just start by giving it a nice lick".

Yes, Peter will never know. And God she did want to see what it was like, to have this monster down her throat, after all her pussy was again dripping wet at the prospect. So without further ado, Jane started to lick it all over. She started with the head, licking off some of his pre-cum and giving it tiny delicate kisses. She then proceeded to lick it all over, all the while pulling it. This throbbing rod of man steel seemed to become even harder and stronger as a result of her delicate ministrations. More pre-cum oozed out covering her hands as she rubbed his cock up and down, a loud slapping noise could also be heard.

Jane thought that this was not so bad after all, maybe she should have done this with Peter ? Or may be it was the brute of a man's dick that made it nice"

"Now lick my balls"

They were huge, the size of a large plum. Still rubbing his dick, she gently licked his sack. Without asking, she took one hand off his dick and squeezed his balls.

Charles was now groaning ever loudly and was on the brink of cumin. Just looking down at this beautiful, innocent wife serving his enormous ugly dick and balls was almost too much. The whole evening had been something else, stripping this gorgeous bitch and then spanking her, all in front of her husband, had brought him to the brink of climax. But Charles was a patient man, he could hold back, unlike most white men, and he wanted to break in this bitch's virgin mouth.

"Now bitch,, suck my cock."

Jane obeyed immediately. She realized that she loved to be ordered around by this man and be told what to do. Her pussy throbbed at the prospect of sucking this monstrous cock. She obediently opened her lovely tiny mouth and allowed, for the first time, a cock to enter it.

"That's it nice and gently. Take more in than that, you need to take in more then a few inches. That's it, my dear. Now look up at me. Always look up at me when you sick my cock, you need to know who your master is".

Jane could not believe she was doing this but she had almost cum again, following his orders. God how she loved sucking this man's giant cock. All the while her big white tits bobbed up and down as she frantically sucked his dick, trying to please him. She instinctively used one hand to caress his balls, holding his giant dick with the other.

Charles, whilst appreciating the sterling effort Jane was making, wanted something a little rougher. When he fucked a young wife's mouth in the company of her husband, he wanted her to do it properly and put on a good show. He grabbed her head and shoved even more of his cock down her throat so her nose now pressed up into the hairs of his balls. Jane's eyes watered up as she was now sucking almost his entire cock. She looked up at him, pleading to be gentle, but he just smiled and fucked her face even harder, his balls now banging up against her chin.

For a few minutes he continued fucking her face in this violent fashion, not caring one iota that this may be causing her discomfort. However, after a while he noticed that she started to move her head of her own accord. Jane was now moving her mouth up and down his dick without any persuasion. He stopped forcing her and merely placed his hands gently behind her head.

All that could be heard for the next 5 minutes was the sound of cock slurping and Charles's groans, which were getting louder and louder.

"That's it, my cock-sucking slut, take that dick it all the way down your throat. Oh God, that's great. Yes, use your hands to play with my balls."

He started to feel that he could not hold out much longer. For a virgin cock sucker, she was doing an amazing job. Most girls struggled the first time to take it all the way down, but Jane seemed to master it at the first attempt.

"God you were born to suck cock, you filthy slut. I can't believe you have not done this before. When I cum I want you to swallow every drop".

Jane, redoubled her efforts. She was proud that she was doing such a good job, making this brute happy in the process. She gently squeezed his balls which elicited an animal like groan. He was clearly close. As was Jane. Sucking cock clearly appealed to her, she was ready to cum again. She started to moan loudly, one hand continued to play with his balls and the other went down to play with her dripping pussy.

Charles looked down and as ordered she was dutifully starring up at him. When he saw those delicious breast bobbing up and down and the fact that she was now playing with her pussy, wanting to cum because she was sacking black cock, Charles could hold back no more. Head cranked back, neck muscles straining and with an animal shout, he emptied his copious seed down her virgin mouth. She gratefully swallowed all she could and came in the process, her moans muffled by the still huge cock in her mouth.

Charles kept his cock in her mouth for a minute or so, allowing her to suck every last drop of sperm. He was amazed how this blow job virgin managed to drink all of his cum and the way she continued to suck his semi hard cock, wanting to pay homage to it.

When he finally took it out, he gently slapped it across her face, smearing her with cum. She said nothing, but continued to look up at him. She was the most submissive bitch he had ever met.

Whilst Charles was enjoying humiliating Jane by slapping her face with his semi erect dick, Peter was sitting in the room next door holding his now limp dick, having jerked himself off. He had seen everything and had, humiliatingly for himself, become aroused at watching his wife first spanked by Charles and then having her face fucked. He had wanted to do that for so long but had never had the guts to force her. She had always been so conservative and prudish with him.

He had admired the way Charles had so effortlessly made her his bitch, first by forcing her to strip to her lingerie, then spanking her arse until it was bright red and finally the way he viscously fucked her face without any mercy. His wife was clearly secretly a whore or who enjoyed being abused by this black monster. She had shown her real self when she thought her husband was not watching. And now Peter knew what she was really like, he could not help but get turned on.

He had always wanted her to be a whore in the bedroom but thought she too conservative. Now he knew that she would, at the very least be a whore for another man, and a black man at that, he did not know what he would ultimately do? Would he leave her or allow her to pursue her fantasy provided he could watch ?

Meanwhile in the film studio, although Charles was clearly enjoying slapping Jane's beautiful face with his cock, he still wanted more.

"Now, get back on to the bed, but this time I want you on all fours. Spread your legs so that your pussy is on display and arch your back so I can see what you got for me."

Jane complied to the letter, spreading her legs and arching her back. She looked into the mirror and unknowingly straight at her husband who, behind the hidden mirror, was once again furiously masturbating. She looked absolutely gorgeous, despite everything. Her angelic face starred into the mirror, her eyes clearly still glazed over with lust, her mouth open and her tongue licking those full luscious red lips, licking off the last few drops of Charles's spunk that she had been unable to swallow. Her massive tits hung heavily down with her erect nipples clearly showing that despite already cumin twice.

Charles in turn had discreetly popped a pill of Viagra. At his age whilst he was still confident of getting erect again, he wanted to ensure his cock was as hard as steel for what was about to follow. He also started to strip off. Despite his age he still retained an impressive physique thanks to his almost daily work outs. He had the six pack stomach, the massive arms and broad shoulders. He admired his body in the mirror as he walked over to Jane, holding as tube of oil he had picked up off his desk.

As he stood over, once again his impressive physique towered over the diminutive Jane. And now that he was naked, the contrast between her small white body and his massive black muscular physique made a powerful impression. She looked completely overpowered. She looked tiny compared to him.

He noticed that her ass was no longer as red as it had been, he could quickly rectify that. He started to spank her, and spank her hardly. No need no be gentle. He spanked each cheek in turn colouring it a fiery red.

Jane groaned. And instead of trying to crawl away, she proudly thrust her bottom out, almost begging to be spanked. She so enjoyed being this man's bitch, she would do all she could to please him. She loved the feeling of being spanked, the way the warm glow would alight her pussy. She groaned even louder, closed her eyes and licked her lips.

For a few minutes nothing was heard except the noise of hand on buttock. Jane screamed at this unexpected intrusion. Charles silenced her protests by reigning down a few vicious spanks.

"Silence you bitch".

"Oh p-please, what are you doing ? I can't do this, I am a happily married woman...."

Charles smiled at the mirror.

"You like being spanked, don't you?"


"Admit it, you liked to be spanked and more particularly, you liked to be spanked by this black man"


"I want you to tell me how you like to be spanked by black men. Say it, bitch"

Jane now opened her eyes and looking at Charles in the mirror, and, also in effect her husband, said:

"I love being spanked by black men. Oooh God yes, spank my bottom. Spank it harder.

So Charles did. Harder and then even harder.

Jane groaned louder and wagged her ass, for the third time this evening. Peter could barely bring her off once during sex and now this black man had brought her off three times. And he had not yet finished.

Charles stopped spanking and started to apply oil all over his now fully erect 12 monster inch cock.

"Well my dear?"

"Oh God no. P-please don't. It is too big and it would never fit. You promised that I did not need to be unfaithful. I don't want to be fucked. Please..."

"You are lying, you want to be fucked. If you don't, you are free to leave".

Jane did not move, her red ass remained thrust out, married pussy fully on display.

"I thought so. Every girl should be fucked by a black cock. You will love it."

"No please. It is too big, what about Peter..."

"Forget Peter. You are my whore. Say it, "I am your whore".

Jane looked at him in the mirror but said nothing.

"Say it" he barked.

Softly she uttered the words he had been waiting to hear "I am your whore Charles"

He stared at her defeated looking face in the mirror. This was just what he had been waiting for. Jane was now in a position where he had broken all her defences down. He stood over her holding his massive throbbing black cock in his hand with a big smile on his face.

"Now my dear it's time to make you understand what a white wife is truly for"

Jane looked over her shoulder at him. She looked at his angry black cock and just froze. OMG what had she done putting herself in this room with this man ? Where would this end ? He looked so forceful and strong and she felt so weak. There was now nothing she could do to stop him. And he knew it.

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