Young Sexy Help to Build a House

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John was twenty-four and was beginning a career building houses as a general contractor. He had inherited enough money from the death of an uncle to cover the cost of the first few houses, so he could really take his time building the houses. He did most of the exterior work himself and sometimes hired a couple guys to help frame up the walls and roof. Beyond that he tried to do most of the exterior and much of the interior work himself.

He was an engineer and had an easy way about him that everyone liked. He was nice looking, with a thin muscular body that made him attractive to the girls. He had a girl friend, who was attending college in another state. Although he called her his girl friend she was more like a friend with benefits. He was concentrating on his houses more than his relationship with her.

He was working on his third house in late July and noticed three teenage girls had started using the property as a short cut on their way home from summer school. For a few weeks they didn’t say anything and as long as they stayed out of his way he really didn’t care if they took a short cut. Sometimes they’d stop and watch him work, but always from a distance. They were cute, and kind of sexy for their age which he guessed to be about fifteen or sixteen. They always wore shorts and either tank tops or tube tops and looked just a bit slutty. Apparently the teachers at summer school were not too particular about the clothes the kids wore.

One Friday they must have gotten out of school early because they showed just before lunch. They came to the property and instead of their normal route across the property, they walked up to him and, introduced themselves. Even though they were young they talked pretty trashy and were very flirtatious. Their names were Kristen, Sage, and Susan. Kristen was a petite girl with really short cut blonde hair. Sage was a tall, long legged girl with short dark hair and beautiful olive toned skin. Susan had long auburn hair and wore the most revealing clothing of the three. Her tight little top displayed breasts that were small but firm and she wasn’t wearing a bra, so her nipples were visible through the thin fabric.

Susan boldly asked if John would buy them lunch for which she would give him a “special favor”. He thought he’d play along although they were too young to be giving him any “special favors”. So he asked her what kind of special favor he’d get. Without hesitating she told him she’d give him a blow job, then proceeded to describe what she’d do and that when he was done she would swallow everything he could give her. She then walked up to him and pushed her small breasts against his chest. He wasn’t wearing a shirt so she ran her hands down over his chest and down to his crotch. Although he started to get aroused, he stepped back and told her he’d buy them lunch if they helped carry some rolls of insulation into the house, and they could talk about special favors later. She agreed and they worked for about an hour helping him move the insulation and some other items. Just after noon, John said it was time for lunch and gave Kristen money to go to a nearby restaurant and pick up sandwiches and some drinks. It wasn’t really hot outside but they had worked up a sweat from carrying the insulation so they went inside the house to get into the shade and wait for Kristen to come back with the food.

Susan sat across from John on a saw horse and John and Sage sat on a stack of plywood. Sage placed herself tight against John and leaned against his shoulder. He was wearing cutoff jeans for shorts so their legs were now touching. He was beginning to get aroused but kept thinking these girls were too young for anything sexual. Susan broke the silence when she asked if John had a girl friend. He told her he had a girl friend but didn’t see her much because she was going to college in another state.

She then asked if he needed help building the house and volunteered to help if he paid them. She told him they could work after class each day and could work on weekends. She said they just wanted to have spending money to buy clothes and other things. He thought it would be nice to have some help so he agreed and told her they could start after lunch.

While Susan was talking, Sage had started stroking John’s leg and when Susan finished talking she said she knew what she wanted for lunch, then gave John a sexy grin. Susan smiled at Sage and told her “only if you share”. John asked Sage how old she was, but before she could answer Susan spoke up. “I’m fifteen, Sage is sixteen and Kristen’s fourteen”. She then added “none of us are virgins”. John thought to himself that they all looked younger. He laughed and asked “what was the point of telling me you’re not virgins”. Susan told him “We’ve been watching you for a while and were wondering if you could handle all three of us at once.” John said “ I think you’re a little young for me.”

Just then Kristen came in with lunch. Susan said she was starved as she and Kristen handed out the burgers and fries.

John watched them as they ate lunch. Sage was good looking and sexy with a beautiful olive tone to her smooth skin, small tits and beautiful slender legs that led to a cute little butt. Susan had long straight auburn hair and nice tits for her age… small but round and firm. Kristen was the knock out even though the youngest. Her hair was cut really short and shaped her cute face with soft strands of blond hair. She was the smallest of the three but had the best body. She had slender legs that were long for her height, and she too had a cute little butt. Her face was adorable with large blue eyes and sexy lips. John thought it’s too bad she’s the youngest. Susan had said “handle all three” of them. Was she serious.

John was beginning to picture the four of them naked and briefly fantasized about sex with them, but then thought again about their ages.
Kristen finished her sandwich and suggested they get to work. John explained what he wanted done and they started to work.
John was installing siding so he went outside to continue his task.

On one of his trips inside to get nails he heard the girls arguing over some school work they were to be doing. John interrupted them and asked “What’s the problem, why are you arguing?” Sage told him¸”We have to go to summer school because we’re stupid when it comes to science and math, and I don’t know if I can pass the class so I can graduate next year and neither do these clowns.” John asked about the classes and explained that he was an engineer and since they were helping him he could help them with the school work. Kristen said, “yea but you’re paying us, and we can’t pay you unless we work for free.” John said “I’m sure we can work out something. Maybe you can make payments,” and gave Sage one of her sexy smiles back to her. Sage smiled then walked over to John, and said she’s like that. Susan said she’d like that arrangement and looked forward to making her payments, then turned and went back to work. Kristen just smiled and turned back to what she had been doing then followed Susan.

They worked until late afternoon when Kristen said she should be getting home. Susan agreed and the two of them started to leave. Susan yelled at Sage, “ Hey stupid, we’re leaving”.
Sage responded “ I know the way home, I’m going to stay and help John”. John overheard the conversation and told Sage “that’s okay we’ve done enough for today.”
Sage walked over to John and in a quiet voice said “I want to make my first payment if you don’t mind.” John looked surprised and said “you mean right now” Sage said “yes, why not. I’m horny, and I know that’s what you meant, so why not now.”

Susan and Kristen left, leaving Sage alone with John. As soon as Sage was sure they’d gone she wrapped her arms around John’s neck and kissed him. She then started taking off her shorts revealing a pair of long slender legs. John watched as she undressed, surprised at how confident and eager she was. She smiled at him, then removed her panties. Her youth and her smooth, shaved pussy made her naked body delicious. John was hard as a rock and thought how sexy she was with her olive skin and ooh… those legs. She then took off her top exposing small but nicely shaped tits. John was staring at Sage as she walked up to him and kissed him again. Her lips were soft and warm and as they kissed he gently lowered her backward onto the stack of plywood. She lay down and brought her knees up and spread her legs, then put her left hand just above her pussy. John again marveled at how sexy she was and saw that her vaginal lips were swollen and he could see a little moisture coming from between her folds. He knelt down and slowly kissed her legs working his way up to her pussy from her calf. He would kiss her leg then gently bite it then move up a little further and do the same thing. When he reached her pussy he separated the lips and put his tongue in her, pushing as deep as he could. As he started moving his tongue back and forth, he heard her catch her breath as his tongue worked its magic.

She was so horny and this guy seemed to know what he was doing... she was enjoying this. She felt him lick inside her vagina for a moment then slowly slide his tongue up to her clit. She let out a small moan as his tongue touched her clit. She knew she wouldn’t be able to hold off her orgasm for long if kept doing what he was doing. She felt him begin to lick and suck on her clit. Sage was going crazy and started to raise her hips up and down as if fucking his tongue. John inserted a finger and began moving it back and forth as Sage started pushing up higher with her hips, wanting more of his wonderful tongue. John

kept sucking and licking her clit as he worked his finger in her wet pussy. He could tell by her rapid breathing that she was getting close to her climax already. Sage loved what he was doing. She was going to come on his tongue. She was moving her hips up and down as she fucked his tongue. As she got close to orgasm she grabbed his hair and told John “ I’m gonna cum , I can’t help it, I’m gonna cum … I’m cumming … ahhh!!” Sage arched her back and raised her little butt off the plywood, then she pulled her knees together and gently squeezed John’s head as her body responded to her orgasm. She held herself in that tense position for a few minutes enjoying every pulsation of her body then slowly relaxed her body and lowered her hips back to the plywood as she came down from her orgasm. John continued to lick her clit for a few more minutes then removed his finger and allowed her to totally relax her body. She stretched out her beautiful legs then moaned a sigh of pleasure closing her eyes again to enjoy the afterglow.

She was breathing easier when he looked up at her and asked if she enjoyed herself. She smiled back at him and simply said “oh yea”. He moved up her body kissing her abdomen, then her belly, and body as he went. When he got to her tits he kissed each one gently then continued to her neck. He pulled away far enough to look at her face and she raised up and kissed him as she wrapped her arms around him. She smiled again and lay back down.

“Are you one of these girls that can have orgasm after orgasm,” he asked “or do you need to wait for ten or fifteen minutes to go again” She told him she needed to wait and again kissed him, this time warm and long, pulling herself tightly against him. She hadn’t had sex in weeks and she had never had a guy take her all the way by using his tongue. She loved how he had used his tongue. She then reached down and pulled down his zipper and said “ now it’s your turn, roll on your back so I can suck you off.”

To her surprise he stopped her and said “Let’s not be in a hurry. That one was for you. You can do me in a minute but I just want to look at your beautiful body for a little while. They kissed briefly again and he raised up on one elbow and with one hand, began caressing her by lightly running his fingers along her body. He started at her shoulder and slowly continued over her left breast, then circled the other one, then let his hand trail down to her belly. He circled her belly button then came back up to her neck and then, ever so gently caressed her face. She closed her eyes and enjoyed his touch. He made light strokes across her eye lids then circled around her eyes and across her forehead then across her cheek. He then repeated the path again, before he ran his hand down the length of her body then between her legs. He caressed her vagina for a minute touching her clit as his hand passed over it. He then continued to her legs. His light touch sent tingles through her and she felt herself beginning to get excited again.

She opened her eyes, then rolled on her side toward him and pulled herself against him. She kissed him and whispered, “Make love to me.” She surprised herself because normally she would have used the ‘F’ word to get a guy to ‘do’ her, but somehow he was so gentle with her that “make love” sounded better.

He pulled off his shorts and underwear, showing his hard member to her within inches of her face. Instinctively she grasped his penis and slowly placed her lips on the head. She then opened her lips and took the head in her mouth, slowly moving her head back and forth, but being careful to take just the head. He moaned a little as she sucked on him and allowed her to get him to the point where she would taste some of his liquid. He then pulled away, and moved over her, placing himself between her beautiful legs. She reached down and guided his cock to her pussy lips, then moved it side to side a little to get some lubrication. When he felt her warmth, he slowly lowered himself into her. He was of average length, but thicker than most guys, so when he entered her he saw her eyes widen then watched her close her eyes and smile. He began his in and out stroke as she raised her legs and wrapped them around his waist. She used them as leverage so she could match his rhythm by raising and lowering her body to his movement.

He started moving faster and she grabbed at his arms to pull herself against him. He knew he wouldn’t last long. He’d been turned on since he started kissing her, but he wanted her to cum again before he did.

She was now so turned on that she was thinking the same thing he was, and knew she couldn’t hold back for very long. After a few more minutes she grabbed him around the shoulders and pulled herself up against him, closed her eyes tightly and started almost screaming “John, I’m cumming again … ohhhh” She tightened her legs around him to pull him into her as far as she could and again screamed “I’m cumming .. ahhhhhh.” She clung tightly to him with her pussy muscles clamped down on his cock as tight as she could squeeze. She could feel his cock pulsating inside her.

This was too much for John, and he exploded into her sweet pussy, gushing stream after stream into her belly. He watched her eyes open slightly as he released into her body. When he was finished she held herself against him for a minute then slowly relaxed her legs and lowered herself back down on the plywood, as she gasped to catch her breath. He stayed on top of her for a few minutes then rolled a little to the side but kept his cock in her pussy to enjoy this moment. She rolled with him and slowly kissed him and stroked his chest. He wrapped her in his arms and held her close. She kept kissing him and stroking his chest until his cock had gone down and came out of her.

She smiled at him and reached down to touch his cock then kissed him again and again pulled herself against him putting her head on his chest, still grasping his cock. She cuddled into him as they lay there. Once in a while she’d look up and give him a soft kiss. They stayed wrapped in each others arms for some time before she said she had to go home or her mother would wonder where she was.

The sun was setting as they got up to put their clothes on. Before they left, she wrapped her arms around him, then gave him a long warm kiss. She pulled away and told him she’d be there by 8:00am to start work and get tutored. He told her to make sure she brought her school books so he could live up to his end of the bargain. She gave him another slow soft kiss then started her walk home turning once to wave goodbye as he watched her leave.

The next day, being Saturday, the girls showed up about seven forty-five. On the way to the house Sage had told them about her fun with John the previous evening. Susan was asking questions a mile a minute, wanting to know how big John’s cock was, did she cum, was he rough or gentle and on and on. Sage tried to fill in the details because she knew Susan wanted to fuck John later that day, since according to Susan, it was her turn. Like Sage, she hadn’t had sex since regular school had ended, and was horny. Kristen seemed really interested in John’s tongue work and asked several times if that made Sage cum. After several of these questions Sage concluded Kristen had never had a guy go down on her.

John showed up around eight thirty with a box of donuts, hot chocolate and coffee. Sage ran up to him and kissed him before he could put the donuts down. After she pulled away he smiled and sat the goodies on the floor. He told them they’d start the day with some school work, and asked if they had brought their books.

They got their books from their backpacks and John asked to be shown what section was giving them trouble. He skimmed the chapter as they ate the donuts, then proceeded to explain the text to them. After about three hours of explanation and coaching they were all able to answer the test questions at the end of the chapter. He told them he would go over their homework and the chapters scheduled for the following day of class, before they started work each day. They liked that idea and seemed to be pleased with themselves that they now
understood the chapter.

It was close to noon so John gave Kristen some money and asked if she’d mind going for sandwiches. She smiled, took the money and left to get their lunch. John told Sage and Susan he wanted to install more siding and he’d need their help on the scaffolding. They continued working until Kristen came back with their lunch. Neither Kristen or Susan mentioned Sage’s conversation about the previous evening until Kristen sat the food down on the plywood stack.

She grabbed a sandwich then sat down and told John she had a personal question. “Do you like putting your tongue in a girl’s pussy and do most guys do that” she asked. John was taken by surprise but also realized she had never had that done to her. He responded with an explanation. “Kristen, having sex is more than just enjoying the physical feeling. Part of the enjoyment is giving pleasure to your

partner which should enhance the entire experience for both of you. For guys like me, getting my partner extremely turned on or even bringing her over the edge turns me on, so we both get pleasure from it.” Susan chimed in just then, “Sage said you were really good with your tongue and that your cock is thick.” John gave a quick glance to Sage who was now blushing. He turned back to Susan and said “I’m glad she enjoyed it, I had a good time as well.” Kristen then asked Susan if she had ever had a guy do that to her. Susan replied “ I have, but they usually only stay down there for a few minutes before they just have to fuck me. She glanced at John and said “from what Sage told us, you stayed down there for a long time and she actually came on your tongue.” John looked at Sage and said jokingly, “whatever happened to kiss but don’t tell”. Sage laughed and said “ they wanted to know so I told them” then she got up and went over to sit beside John. She leaned up against him and said “you don’t mind do you”. They all laughed, but Kristen suddenly became very quiet. John noticed and asked if she was okay. She was looking down into her lap and when she looked up she started to cry.

Susan immediately got up and put her arm around her and asked what was wrong. Through her tears she told them “I lied … I’m still a virgin and I’m only a girl. You guys are all talking how great sex is and I know we said we’d all seduce John, but I don’t know if I want to do it just yet.” The group became very quiet. John broke the silence “so that’s what this is about. Kristen, you don’t have to have sex until you want to. No one here will force that on you and I think you should wait until you know you’re ready” Susan looked at John, with an embarrassed expression and said “well now you know what I meant when she said all three of us”. John looked at Sage who also started to cry. John put his arm around her and kissed her cheek. John told them “we need to talk about this and not play games”. Sage then hugged John and in a quiet voice told him, “it started out as a game, but you’ve been so nice and the way you treated me last night was beyond anything a guy had ever done before.” She looked at John and through her tears cried “I don’t want you to have sex with them … just me.”

She looked at Susan and said she was sorry but asked her to understand. Susan understood but joked she was still horny. John knew what Sage was saying, but didn’t know if she could have those types of feelings after only one night and in such a short time. He told her they’d have to see where things went, and be careful because of her age, but that he loved holding her and kissing her. She gave him a long soft kiss then threw her arms around him giving him a big hug. Kristen stopped crying and thanked John for not being mad at them. Susan added, “yea, I guess we didn’t realize what we were doing, I’m sorry too, I guess I’ll have to use my vibrator again tonight.”

They all laughed then finished eating lunch.

When the day ended Kristen and Susan again went home but Sage stayed behind. She put her arms around John, and kissed him. She pulled away and told him to take off his shorts. He smiled and said “what are you going to do”. She ran her hands down his chest and slowly dropped to her knees. She looked up at him and said “I’m going to give you what you gave me last evening.” With that she pulled his shorts down. He kicked off his sneakers and stepped out of his shorts and underwear. She slowly ran her tongue along the length of his now very hard cock, starting at the base then up to the tip. When she got to the tip she opened her lips and took the head into her mouth. She moved her tongue around the head of his cock and started to suck on it. Then she pushed him back on the plywood stack and made him lay back like he had done to her. She put his cock back in her mouth and started down on it moving ever so slowly as she took his entire length into her mouth. He could feel his penis hitting the back of her throat but she didn’t gag. She started moving up and down on his cock like she was mouth fucking him.

He didn’t know how long he could hold out when she suddenly stopped and withdrew his member from her mouth. She looked at him and asked “have you ever fucked a mouth”. He told her he hadn’t. She replied “then this will be your first mouth cherry”. She told him to get on his knees. She sat down on the plywood and leaned back against the wall, then slid down so her face was at the level of his cock. She looked up at him and said “go ahead, fuck my mouth. Do it slow and easy so you don’t hurt me and so I can use my tongue”. He moved closer and as he did she opened her lips slightly so he could slide his cock into her mouth. Putting his hands on the wall to steady himself he started to fuck her mouth just as if it were her pussy. She braced herself with her hands on the plywood as he went in and out of her mouth. He moved in and out slowly as she had asked which

drove him wild. He loved the feel of her mouth on his penis. As he moved she would use her tongue to caress his cock and suck on him at the same time. Every time he’d move his cock out she’d suck harder and every time he’d move in she’d push her tongue against the head of his cock, and he could feel his cock going into her throat. It didn’t take long for him to reach his breaking point. He told her he was going to cum and asked her if he was too explode in her mouth. She smiled as best she could with the cock in her mouth and shook her head up and down giving him approval. He gave her a few more pumps then told her “I’m going to explode … I’m cumming” and dumped his fluid into her mouth and down her throat. He wanted to push his cock deep into her mouth but didn’t know if he should do that. She knew what he wanted and grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him deep into her mouth and throat so she could suck out everything he had. After a few minutes he fell backward, out of breath.

She smiled and asked him, “did you enjoy my mouth” He answered “you know I did.” He laughed then pulled her flat on the plywood and pulled off her shorts then her panties so he could taste her sweet pussy again. As he pulled off her panties he paused to gaze at her wonderful legs … those wonderful legs. He then bent down and kissed her belly then slid his tongue down to her pussy. He slid his tongue in deep as he had done the evening before then moved up and started licking and nibbling on her clit. She was already moving her hips up and down and had her eyes closed, moaning slightly as he worked his magic on her. She started bucking again and he knew she was close to orgasm. He suddenly stopped which startled her. She opened her eyes to see what he was doing and he started licking her again. When she got close to orgasm again he stopped again, then again started to lick her clit when she opened her eyes. He was driving her wild by bringing her to the edge then stopping so she’d come down a little bit, then bring her to the edge again. He stopped for a minute to look up at her and said “you better hold on to something because when I’m done with you won’t be able to walk...”

She smiled and lifted her hips so he could begin his lick attack again. She wanted this to last forever. He sucked on her clit then put his finger in her and started moving it in circles knowing he was driving her to orgasm. He didn’t stop this time and she couldn’t hold off anymore. She could feel the orgasm travel through her body making her shake uncontrollably. Sage held her pussy against his mouth for several minutes as she enjoyed the after affects of his tongue work. Then she slowly lowered her hips back down and tried to regain her breathing. He kissed her thighs and around her vaginal lips then kissed his way up her belly and breasts to her neck. Knowing it would take several minutes for her to go again, he kissed her cheek and nibbled on her ear to give her time.

She rolled over to face him and slowly gave a long passionate kiss. She pulled herself close to him, wanting every inch of her body to be touching his. He started to caress her face as he had done yesterday, then slowly made his way down her body. He gently caressed her tits, then started making light circles on her belly. He was taking it slow and was enjoying touching the body of this beautiful girl.

She liked his gentle caress and responded to his touch with quiet sighs and moans. Sage was falling in love with John and was thrilled by his every touch. She pulled him close again. He bent down and gently kissed between her breasts then slowly kissed each one using his tongue to tickle each nipple.

She opened her eyes, then smiled at him and pushed him back so she could roll on top of him. She reached down between them to grab his erect penis, then sat up and slowly inserted it into herself. Before she started to move her hips she leaned down and kissed him. Then she whispered, “I want this to last forever.”

That all happened seven years ago. Today John and Sage are married and madly in love. Thanks to John’s tutoring throughout the remainder of their high school years, all three finished with honors and went on to college. Sage’s parents think the world of John, and Kristen is engaged to John’s younger brother. She thinks John coached his brother on the use of his tongue. Susan just graduated from college with a degree in economics and is still playing the single life. She’s still flirtatious and very bold. John thinks she has four or five boyfriends.

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