You never know how your day may go

(Part 1 from 1)

It was a lazy Sunday and I was just lounging around the house. Iíd been in need of some new clothes. So I decided to head over to the dept. store and see what I could find. As I made my way through the menís apparel picking up a couple of things, I looked up and seen the most beautiful brunette Iíd ever seen. She was dressed in a black sundress, she wore quite well.

She had tanned skin and eyes that seem to go on forever. She looked up and caught me starring at her. Not knowing what to do, I just smiled and kind of nodded my head as to say hello. She smiled and silently said hi. I looked away and went on about my shopping. As I made my way to the fitting rooms, she had also done the same just in front of me.

Just as I was going by her room, she asks if I would mind helping her get her dress unzipped. Not wanting to sound too desperate, I said softly, yes I can help you. I went into her room and she shut the door leaving us standing in front of the full length mirror, I was behind her. I unzipped her dress and started to leave, when she asks if I could wait so I could help her zip it up when she finished. I said okay.

She pulled her dress off both shoulders and let it drop to the floor. She had nothing on underneath. I was in ah looking at her perfect body. Her natural breast stood out almost perfectly her nipples was hard. I looked down at her perfect round ass in amazement. Suddenly, she reached back and began to rub my cock through my shorts. I immediately became hard. I unbuckled them and let them fall to the floor. She used her other hand to gently rub her pussy while she slowly stroked my cock and gently rubbed my balls. I gathered her hair from around her neck and lifted it up over her head tilting her head slightly forward.

I began softly kissing and licking on her neck and around her ears. I could see the goose bumps rise up on her arms. Then she whispered take me. So I reached down below the cheeks of her ass, grabbed the back of her thighs and lifted her up spreading her legs and exposing her flawless pussy in the mirror. Shaved, but not completely, she had a small diamond shaped patch of dark hair just above the lips.

She reached down and guided my rock hard cock into her pussy. I slowly moved her up and down occasionally moving her in a circular motion. Her moaning intensified as she began rubbing her clit. I thrust my dick deep into her pussy over and over. She reached her other hand back around my neck as she began to jerk slightly. Her jerking intensified as she began squirting her pussy juice in multiple squirts onto the mirror in front of us. Not able to hold back any longer. I pushed her as far down on my dick as I could get her. My dick began pulsating as I unloaded my hot cum deep inside her pussy in several squirts.

 As the motion came to an end, we settled back onto the bench behind us exhausted. Suddenly, she began gathering her things and getting dressed. I zipped her dress, she kissed me softly. Then she left. I got myself dressed and went after her, but she was gone. Iíve been back to that store on several occasions in hopes of finding her, with no luck.

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