You and Me

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*** Chapter One: Falling in Love All Over Again

My girlfriend, Niaomi, wants to take me out on a date. This is out of the ordinary for us because we don’t really do the whole date thing. I mean, I don’t mind… it’s just a little strange. Niaomi is 5’7”; she has black hair to her lower back, pale icy blue eyes. My favorite feature of her face would have to be her lips though… they are so soft and full… just thinking about them makes me wet. She has 36B breast and a very nice ass.

Niaomi took me out to dinner, a nice restaurant, the ones you have to dress up for. Niaomi wore a black dress that clung to her body in all the right ways. I wore a black knee high skirt and a tight collared white shirt. Then we went to the movies to watch a chick flick. It was pretty fun.

It was around 9:30 pm when I started to drive us back home. I had my hand inside Niaomi's thigh. I started to innocently rub my hand up and down her thigh. Her breathing started to get heavy as I continued stroking her thigh. We haven’t had sex in a while so I wouldn’t be surprised if she was horny. I didn’t intend for her to get aroused by my touch so quickly but I’m not complaining.

We got home. I was planning to go straight to bed, but I guess Niaomi had different plans for me.

I began to undress, to put on my pajamas, when I felt hands on my hips. Niaomi started to kiss my shoulders softly. I guess I was horny too because man…. I was getting wet.

Niaomi was being so forward too. Most times I’m the dominate one in the relationship, but I guess not tonight. Niaomi started to kiss her way to my neck. She then pressed her body to my back, this is when I found out she was naked. I was still in my skirt and bra.
I turned around and started to kiss her soft lips. I picked her up, holding each of her thighs on the side of my hips, carrying her to bed. I placed her down so now I was on top of her. We were passionately kissing. I put my hand on her left thigh and pulled it up so that her leg was across my back.

I started to kiss her neck when Niaomi pushed me over so now she was on top. I felt confused and awkward, but I was quickly turned on. She started to kiss me while she took of my bra (it was a front clasp), releasing my 36C. So now I was just in my panties and I still had my skirt on. She kissed the middle of my cleavage, and then started to pay attention to my left breast. I was breathing pretty hard by now. She was avoiding my nipple, biting and licking everywhere but saving the best for last. My nipple was already rock hard, but the teasing made me so wet… my hand was in her soft black hair, grabbing and pulling. Finally, Niaomi put my nipple in her hot awaiting mouth.

“Ummmm… yeah baby, suck that…” I said… I couldn’t help myself. She did the same with me right breast, giving it the same amazing feeling. Then she started to kiss her way down my stomach.

I have a six pack that you can see no matter what position I’m in. Niaomi started to kiss and lick my muscle lines, then she french kissed my belly button. I wanted this woman’s mouth on my pussy so bad… I started to push her head down. She got the message. Her hand disappeared under my skirt and came out with my panties. Then she lifted my skirt so she could see me in all my glory…. She wanted more I guess because she moved my legs far apart and pushed them up. Then she ran her hands over my legs and toward my pussy.
“Oh yea baby, clean me up good Niaomi.” I said while I looked into her eyes. She had that predator look that was so hot.

She pushed my pussy lips to the side and started to blow in my hole. Then she stuck her tongue out and put the tip into my hole, teasing me. I love to tease, but I don’t like to be teased. I grabbed a handful of her black hair and pulled her to my pussy. She moaned and shoved her tongue in my pussy. She put her pale arms around my thighs, which felt so nice. She put her thumb on my clit and put pressure. With her doing that and her tongue in my pussy, I was reaching my climax. I started to moan uncontrollably. Niaomi could feel my orgasm coming…. And she…. Stopped?

My eyes shot open, I was going to grab her but she was already off the bed, she went to the restroom and closed the door. Oh fuck that, I thought. I layed back down and attempted to masturbate, but it wasn’t the same. At least two fucking minutes passed by and FINALLY she came out of the restroom. I got off the bed and was going to grab her when I stopped in my tracks and saw it. Hiding her hot pussy was a black strap on. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It looked about 3 inches wide and at least 8 inches long.

“What are you looking at?” Niaomi said in a teasing husky voice that almost made my knees go out. I tore my eyes off the strap and looked into my lovers eyes. I slowly started walking towards her.

I touched the tip of the fake cock. Then I grabbed with one hand and I grabbed a handful of her hair with my other hand. I began to kiss her, sucking on her luscious lips. I was sucking on her lower lip; I could feel her breathing go faster.

She pushed me away and grabbed me by the waist of my skirt and pulled me towards the bed. She pushed me on the bed and started to feel me up. I was starting to get even more wet. And just thinking that she was going to fill me up… mmm…. The suspense was killing me.
Finally she got the tip of the fake cock and rubbed it from my asshole to my clit.

“Oh god yes… put it in… fill me up…”
“Are you sure you little slut?”
I moaned so loud. “Oh Niaomi, yes! Please put it in me!” I practically screamed.

She pulled my pussy to face her and put a pillow underneath my ass. She started to shove the fake cock in.
“Oh god I’m going to cum already…” I said.
“Not yet or else. I’m almost in.” Niaomi said. It took a lot for me not to cum. When Niaomi finally had it all the way in me I came like I was a lemon being squeezed for all my juices. Niaomi kept going though; she pulled her hips back and rammed them forward. I swear I saw stars. Niaomi has never been this rough with me because that’s usually my place, but she was still turning me on so much.

“Yea baby, fuck me, fuck me harder!” she fucked me for a good 15 minutes and in those 15 beautiful fucking minutes I had at least 5 orgasms (I lost track after that). I was exhausted and so was Niaomi. She just layed there on top of me. She didn’t take out the fake cock which was good, I like that feeling of being filled up every once in a while.

Her head was underneath my neck, not doing anything, just breathing in my scent. It’s moment like these when I fall in love all over again. Moments like this that I treasure the most and won’t forget.

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