Worshipping big dick

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I'm a young, Hispanic, athletic guy - 5'10", 170lbs, brown eyes, tan skin, black hair. I wouldn't say I'm bisexual, but I do LOVE dick. That is about all the I am attracted to in men. This is a true story about my one of my regular hook-ups with a guy I met online.

It started like usual - a sudden, irresistible urge for dick. Sometimes pussy and tits just won't do it for me. I need a big, meaty, piece of sausage in my mouth. I just love the smell of well groomed cock. I love the taste of warm, salty cum. I love the touch of wrinkly balls and a strong, hard dick. When this feeling over powers my senses, there is only one guy I can think of.

His name is Ben. I met him on-line. He is Italian, about 5'6", 150 lbs. He's married to another man. They have each others permission to play with others. Ben is a very handsome man, about 45 years old. He's in great shape. He must be around 7% body fat with nice cut abs. No a very strong man, but cut in all the right places. On this morning, he was all I could think about. It starts with a text. "Hey are you free this morning?"

We never talk except for when I'm in need. He responds a short time later, "Yeah until 1. Want to come over? ; )" He knows that I do. He knows exactly what I want. "Yeah, I'll be over in about an hour. I can't wait to have your big dick in my mouth again ; )" I can't help but stroke my dick just thinking about it. He texts back, almost immediately, "Mmmmmmm. I can't wait." I quick jump in the shower. My dick is already hard just thinking about him. We've met multiple times, and every time it's the same thing. Small talk, I undress him, blow him, he blows me, I leave. This time won't be any different. That's all I need. That's all he wants.

I make sure I'm well groomed before I head over. Before I shower I shave my pubes. We both want each other shaved. I look down at my uncut, hairless dick as I stand in the shower. My dick is not nearly as big as his - it's about 7 inches, but thick. I turn the water on and wash my body. I love this moment, when I close my eyes and rub the soap all over my body. Pretending it's him bathing me. My mouth is burning with desire. I must hurry, my daddy is waiting for me.

I get ready quickly and leave. I text him on the way, "I can't wait for you to fuck my face with your big dick." He answers, "Mmmmmm. I love the way you can deep throat my cock." I reply, "I love gagging on your meat ; )" He lives about 45 minutes away, the drive feels like eternity. My dick is hard the whole way with anticipation.

Finally, I get to his apartment and I text him, "I'm downstairs : )" He buzzes me up. His apartment always seems deserted. The elevator to his place on the sixth floor is so old that the doors don't open automatically. I fantasize sometimes about sucking his cock in the elevator in the middle of the day.

I knock on his door. He greets me with a smile. That awkward moment right before I undress him never gets any better. I come in and we make small talk. It usually starts off with some version of "Well, are you ready?" I take my shirt off, he takes a long look at my body. He loves my body. I work out frequently, so I'm very muscular. I reach for his shirt and pull it off. We stand there running our hands on each other's chest and stomach. I think it's pretty funny that he has a stomach ring. I pinch his nipples, he grabs my cock. I reach down to his pants and undo his belt.

As I do this, I kiss him. I run my tongue through his mouth, feeling facial hair against my skin. I unzip his pants, exposing his Calvin Klein whities. We unlock tongues, and he removes his pants. We kiss again as I grab his semi-erect dick. I love feeling it grow in my hand. I leave his mouth and look down at his fantastic member. I pull his underwear down, running my mouth down his stomach and around his shaft as I kneel down to help him take his underwear off his shoeless feet.

He's fully naked now. He looks great for his age. His circumcised dick has to be about seven inches now, still not fully erect. I beckon him to his favorite spot - the couch. He loves to watch, so I always blow him while he sits on his couch. I stand in front of him, giving him a strip tease. Did I mention that he LOVES my body? I throw my shoes off, and undo my belt and buckle.

Slowly I pull my pants down, exposing the generational difference between us. He still wears tighty whities, and I wear boxers. He reaches out and feels my cock in my boxers. I remove his hand and slowly pull down my boxers, looking him in the eyes as I do it. I'm standing naked in front of him, my dick fully hard. Although I love my dick, my favorite part of my body has to be my thighs. They are built like tree trunks. He loves them too. As I move towards him to take my prize he rubs his hands up and down my thighs.

I kneel down in front of him. He's looking me in the eyes as he caresses my chest, pinching my nipples. I grab his dick softly, and run my tongue up its shaft. I stop at the top and run my tongue around the rim of his head. Finally, I take him into my mouth. Many people close their eyes when they give head, but I don't. I want to see his dick as it enters and leaves my mouth. I want to see the look on his face as I worship his cock.

I want to use all my senses to enjoy what I am doing. The underside of his cock runs along the my my tongue. My lips form a gentle seal around his thickness. He must be almost 10 inches big, but not too big for my mouth. Immediately I take it all in my mouth. I place my hands on his thighs, relax my throat and guide his massive member into my throat. He moans softly, he's a quite one. He's still amazed that I can take all 10 inches in my mouth. The key is to relax my throat and mouth - let him slowly enter past my gag point. I free his dick, its coated in spit. I spit on his cock for more lube. He enjoys my sloppy, wet head.

I stroke his dick with one hand as I take his dick in my mouth again. The other hand gently plays with his balls. Forming a firm grip with my hand around his base, I bob up and down with my mouth - simulating the entirety of his dick being engulfed. I continue doing this, changing speeds once in a while. Sometimes I rotate my hand clockwise and then counterclockwise as I jerk his meat. All I can hear from him are "oooooo's" and "ahhhhh's" and how much he "fucking loves it." He occasionally leans down to caress my hard dick. Playing with my foreskin along the way.

I give his dick a break and shift my attention to his balls. I run the width of my tongue along them. Gently, I take each one into my mouth and suck on it. I stroke his dick softly as I do this. I make sure I coat his balls with my saliva as I suck and lick them up. I reach my free hand up to his mouth and put my middle finger in it. He sucks it gently as I lick his balls and stroke his shaft.

He interrupts me - the sign that he wants to take over for a bit. He stands up in front of me, and I kneel before his massive tool. I look up at him as be grabs his dick and slaps my mouth and face with it. I know there is a part of him that just wants to dominate me, so I allow him to do so for a bit before it's my turn again. I stick my tongue out, desperately asking for his dick. He slaps it against my mouth and tongue.

He places his hand on my head as he slaps his dick on my lips with his other hand. Finally he thrusts his meat into my mouth. I grab his ass with my hands for support because I know what's coming. He begins pumping his dick in and out of my mouth - face fucking me. Slowly at first, but I know he wants to go hard and fast. He goes as hard as I let him. That reminds him that I am always in control, even when I let him be the dominant one. I create a pussy with my mouth. Sticking out my tongue slightly, covering my upper teeth with my lips, and opening my throat for his cock.

He picks up the pace, I let him. All he can say is "ooooo, fuck." I gag sometimes, but he doesn't stop. I don't want him to stop. I want him to fuck my mouth. I pull away, catching my breath. A long slime of saliva runs from my lips to his cock. His clock glistens with a slippery coat of mouth juices. I take him again in my mouth. This time he shoves hid entire cock in my mouth and holds it there.

My nose rubs up right above the base of his dick. When I can no longer take it, I pull away to grab some air. Just as quickly as I pull away, he shoves his snake back into my mouth. It's a game. A violent dance between to needy and aroused people. He fucks my face even harder as I gag and tears run down my cheeks. He finally pulls away, ending this game of cat and mouse.

He sits back down on his couch, stroking his dick. I know what this means - he's close to cumming. We know each other so well that no words are needed to express what we need and feel. I kneel back down in front of him and take him into my mouth. He places his hand on top of my head and bobs my head up and down. I place my hand around the base of his member and allow him to dictate the pace.

I feel his balls with my hand, they are tight and ready to explode. My mouth moves faster up and down his shaft, coating it in my mouth slime. I can see the look on his face - he is about to explode. He let's out a noise that sounds like a combination of "oooooh" and "ahhhhh. I place my lips firmly around his head, and stroke his shaft rapidly. He unloads in my mouth. I flick the opening on his head is trapped inside my mouth. I will not let go until he gives me all of his cum. He squirms and buckles as he cums. This load is bigger than usual, and I love it. I'm collecting it all in my mouth. Slowly, he shoots less and less.

He moves less and less. He must've shot at least 8 loads. As usual, I pull away with his load in my mouth. I lean forward and spit the load onto the top of his stomach - that is where I will eat it from. First, I go back down to his dick and drain him off all his man juice. I lick up any cum dribbling from his head and milk his dick for more. I squeeze my hand around his shaft and pull up and let go - very much like what I imagine milking a cow is like.

When his dick has gone limp I stop. He's got no more cum to give. I go back to his stomach. By now the cum has oozed down his stomach and a bit to his side - those were my intentions. I lick his stomach up, cleaning up the mess I have made. His cum has little taste. It's warm and a little salty, but that's it. He watches as I lick off every ounce of cum. I must have been going down on him for 30 minutes.

When it's all over he stands up, exhausted. I sit down on the couch, and ask "Will you return the favor?" He always does. By this time I am so hot and hard that I barely last a minute. He kneels down and takes my uncut dick into his mouth slowly. He sucks me in the opposite way that he fucks my face - gently and lovingly. He takes the entirety of my dick in his mouth easily. My skin covers my head at first.

He does this on purpose because he knows how sensitive my head is. I love how tender he is with it. Like he's afraid to hurt it. He pulls my foreskin down, exposing my bugling head. He takes it back in his mouth slowly. He knows that by the time he gets to me it is only a matter of moments before I come, so he makes it last as long as he can. No woman I've been with has given me as good a head as he can. Like most people, he has his eyes closed the whole time.

I watch as my humble dick disappears and re-appears from his mouth. Suddenly, I feel it. That feeling that originates from my balls and grows in my shaft. I tell him I'm cumming. He has a deal with his husband that they won't let other men cum in their mouths, so he releases my dick and strokes it gingerly from top to bottom. I thrust my hips up and lean my head back.

I feel a huge load roaring through my shaft. It erupts violently, hitting the couch behind my head at first. Each load shoots out uncontrollably. Some on my chin, most on my chest. He keeps stroking as I erupt. By the time I finish, his hand is covered in my cum. My chest is covered in cum. I think it's safe to say that I shot more than him. He's always prepared and has towels nearby. We clean up our mess.

These next few moments are funny. We both stand up to clean ourselves and get composed. Two attractive men walking around his living room naked. We admire each other's bodies. He always tells me what amazing body I have. This time he asks if I would like to shower. Usually, I just get dressed and leave, but today I didn't want it to end so I said yes. What happened next is another story however...

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