With Eyes That Read Desire

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It was about 9 p.m. when Sonya heard a very shaken set of
keys bubbling through the lock of the apartment's door.
She rose from her position on the loveseat and removed
her thin-frame glasses, gaining a newfound expression
that said "now what could this be?"
In a split second later, her husband Mike entered the
main room and without noticing her concern, began to 
shed his jacket and tie. His eyes glared in unison of
the motions he made with his clenched fists
and angry mumbling. Her head tilted with intrigue...
"Are you alright?" she asked, sounding distant from the

Mike's neck-veins pulsated as if flexing and he ran
his hands through a layer of brown hair. Sonya's eyes
twinkled and she layed her right hand upon her chest
as if admiring the scene in dismay.
"Those jerks at the office give me no respect Sonya" he
ranted about sounding aggressive yet emotional. Sonya's eyes
widened at the tone of his voice, something was stirring
inside of her.

Mike shook his head, searching for more words but ending
up with nothing. And that's what he felt like right now.
He stopped himself, slowed his breathing a bit and froze
for a moment, looking down as if lost somehow.
Sonya stared but a second longer before she edged in
to the spot where Mike now stood. She had never seen him
so active, so sporty, so fire-like in attitude. It was
a strange turn-on. A riddle that made her too curious to
solve almost. 

Mike looked up from his thoughts and...
Sonya was undressing herself!
"Sonya" he gasped slightly. She still continued to make
her way towards Mike, eyes locked on his. Her blouse
fell and revealed a red tube top, restricting a pair of
full breasts underneath.
Mike could only chuckle in awe when he caught the sight
of her lucious cleavage in full motion as she kept fumbling
to disrobe herself. This is exactly what he needed and
he was very grateful that she had read his mind so

In a few eye blinks Sonya stood pantless with arms 
around her spouse. Mike eased in to passionately kiss
her but was stopped by her own lips biting down across
his. His eyes grew ever more open as she slid her tongue out
in release and slid it upward until reaching the tip of
his right earlobe. Her hand rose as well and tenderly
held onto his neck as she whispered faintly, "make love
to me."

Mike drew back shifting her extended hand into his own
and moving his other up into her chest. Her eyelids
fluttered on reaction to his touch and she started
leaning into that manly grasp as if it had a hold on her
heart directly. Mike pet her with desire-slain fingers 
and a new look of comfort in his recently stressed face.
Moments after, he swept her up from the floor and
into his arms, beginning a walk that would lead to their bedroom. 
She smiled cutely at his decision and mentally prepared 
herself for what was to come...

10 seconds into the intercourse Sonya was shrieking like
a troubled banshee, writhing her body along in response to the
massive entries that Mike was offering her. She seemed to
want it done so much harder and powerful this time around.
Mike was happy to oblige but still a bit surprised, which
to him just added onto a pleasurable experience. Over and
over he laid his strong erection into her crevice and absorbed
every half-moan and chant of glee that she brought forth.
Sideways and upwards his penis went through her inner sanctum
penetrating the very fibers of orgasm, pushing
past all that is superficial and focusing only on reality
and it's many splendors. Sonya could only cry with joy over
the bliss she felt now. Each bold movement of that warm meat
plunging deep inside of her, sliding across every sensitive
nerve of sexual acceptance. Her hands rested shakily on the
man atop her and she continued to cry out her freedom until
the time of climax came at hand. Her throat went foggy and
as she forcefully clamped her eyes shut, her fingers gripped
Mike's ab's intensely. He grit his teeth in the
instant they reached this peak, pulling himself evermore
inside of her. As juices flowed violently between
them Mike began to juggle her breasts in his palms, feeling
the gift of their silkiness and posture between the webbing
of his fingers. His and her voice sputtered their exclaimed
gratitude in volumes of grunts and gasping. Every bit of flesh
on them both grew hotter and hotter and hotter still as all
they had the energy to do now was lay against each other's vessel
and breathe upon the opposite's body. The sounds of lip-locked chewing and sucking
could be heard from every area of the room as they felt it
necessary to include more and more play, keeping the night
alive with sensual persuasion and arrousal...

A cool wave of crisp water swirled around them both in the rectangular shower stall.
Mike left the cold knob turned fully on and the hot barely at all to even out
the sizzling tempature they already felt together. Sonya gracefully shoved him
against a wall and purposely fell into his body, rubbing her vagina up and down
his right leg. He reached down to her cervix in mid-crouch and gnawed at it
carefully, sopping up beads of water with his tightly controlled lips and protruding
tastebuds. She rested her head deep into his chest, moving her slender arms
across his ribcage and around his back soon grabbing onto his broad shoulders.
Mike let his left hand soar slowly into the area of her wet butt cheeks while
his other fingers dug deep through dangling strands of her dark red hair, medium in length.
With bodies pressed firmly together, they're faces met and began kissing with starvation
it seemed. Sonya's voice could be heard whimpering between brief releases and pattern
shifts. Her eyeballs rolled back and her head went with it when she felt Mike's
hand move away from her hair and down to the swollen appearance of her clit just
waiting to be touched. He spiraled it's boundries lightly and pillowed it in his
steady grip, casually allowing the thumb to button-press it on occasion. Sonya
felt herself nearing the sensation of ejaculation but held it back as she turned
her body around and laid her back and smooth rear into Mike's remaining frontward
position, his penis now becoming full once again. From behind she felt it and
moved her crotch up to a point that he could reach. He lowered himself and gradually entered,
pushing the head past her fleshy barriers. Her moans grew louder than the constant dripping
of raining water and Mike grinned with eyes closed as he enjoyed more and more the feeling
of his thickness inside her tightness. Her breasts hung lonely as they began their in
& out's so he cupped them and rubbed upon the level of humping that occured.
Sonya couldn't help but feel extremely adored from all the amazing attention Mike
was giving her, it gave her a great urge to return the favor...

Back in the bedroom, Mike watched as his wife crawled along his body like a spider,
flicking her tongue and massaging her breasts against various places while on top
of him. They had hardly dried after the shower event and the sheets of the bed they
now lay on remained damp and cooling to the touch of their bodies. Sonya spent
time focusing on pleasing Mike along his upper torso while she waited for his manhood
to regain it's strength. Being as heated and sensual as she was towards him it didn't take
too long. She'd move her hands up and down his arms while kissing his chin and taking chunks
of chest-flesh in her mouth and nibbling. His heartbeat went wild with every new move
and the excitement never died amongst any bit of rising anticipation. Soon Sonya could feel the fullness
of Mike's erection poking through the space of her legs division and she pulled herself back
to line her head up with his family jewels. Mike couldn't wait to feel her face amongst his
burning crotch and in seconds, the wish came true. Her lips covered half of his sack and
pulsated with sucking motion. His hands went wretched with ecstacy and clutched what hair he
could feel of hers longingly. She circled around his testicles and into his penis,
licking all the way. Side to side her tongue lapped and kept a sloppy wetness up
with vigor. In an instant the whole thing was in her mouth and Mike reeled back in joy, stopping
himself from releasing his load. Sonya had a hold of him in his entirety with her
mouth and she began sliding down it, scraping the cylinder with her jaws. Mike
just laid there and shouted internally, his ever inch of skin rejoicing in such a
rapturous form of pleasure. 

He was thankful to Sonya for this erotic activity but
after feeling himself come close to unleashing, he spoek his desire to be inside of her once more. 
She obeyed by standing up on the bed, looking sexier than ever hoveirng over his
viewpoint, her body showing off a brilliant radiance in it's form and fashion.
She turned to where her back faced him and began lowering herself onto the stiff rod
beneath. Suctioning every bit of his meat into her vagina, she sat on him like a desk chair, 
bringing his legs up and placing the knees into her open arms. She slowly rose and fell, bouncing
a bit to entice the sensation and drove Mike crazy with temptation as he formed his hands around her waistline
and assisted her directions. The speed picked up and Sonya whined like an alarm through
each movement of force. Mike began to arch his back, throwing himself into the mix of it all
even more. The time was near when his wife would scream in orgasm, so he brought his body up around hers
and groped her chest and neck with his hands, beginning to milk himself with her opening.
Hearing Sonya's precious voice calling his name sent his drive into a fury of teased
endurance. He began shoving deep into her and re-positioning his hands around the shape of her
vagina, finding and pressing into the unforsaken clit in careful rhythm. 
Without thinking, she burst out in higher more boast-worthy volumes of crying, expressing her intimate
bliss. Mike felt it all come to a close in one instant when they began to yell
involuntarily together as if floating in space, without breath or concentration.
A dam burst and let loose the pair of adults, flowing waves of fluid and calming the
veins that stretched forth in reflex. 

Sonya fell back into his arms as he
caressed her breasts like a field of balloons, thumbing across the firm nipples and
rubbing the rest of it's juicy surrounding naturalism. Her arms went back and wrapped around his head
which rested upon her heaving left shoulder. In catching their breath together, they
both went down further and further until meeting completely against the bed's layout, Sonya
now removing her body from his and stretching in ease. Mike pulled a few pillows close
and laid hers and his head down on them as they faced each other frontward and
talked peacefully of their experience and contiued kissing softly along the way, still wanting to please
the other's needs and making a memory out of the pleasure that had just been acheived. 
"Thank you Sonya..." he finally exlaimed, spinning his index digit across her
nose and pulling the feminine body in closer to cuddle and eventually fall asleep.

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