Winkie Dink

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It was a hot evening. Lucy and John had gone for their usual evening thirty minute walk. Once back, John suggested go swimming so they donned their suits and were soon enjoying the coolness of the pool water along with two other couples. Alone in the deep end, John and his young Chinese wife rested with their arms on the ledge of the pool, only their head and arms out of the water.

Hey Lucy, this feels pretty good.

This pool nozzle. It’s blowing air right on my suit.
You mean your cute?
Yeah… feels really good. Here, slide over and try it.
No, there’s people at the other end.
Come on…get over here. They don’t care.

John let go with his right hand and pulled her over.


Relax babe. He eased behind her so he could feel her bottom and pressed against it. Can you feel it?

Yes, it’s a little too hard.
What? You or the nozzle?
The nosel…
Not the nosel, Lucy, the nozzle.
Let me go, John.

Give yourself a minute to get used to it… Shut your eyes and listen to this. You see that 8 ½ sign. That reminds me of a kid I once new. His name was Jimmy Ray Johnson. Jimmy Ray didn’t have much. He also had a rather crazy step-mother. When he was young, she would give him a bath and when she would wash his private area, she would laugh and sometimes sing little songs about his penis. He was just a little boy with a regular size little boy penis, but she made fun of his size all the time saying things like, ‘your prick is as big a little green pea. I hope I can find your tiny dick to wash it. Your father has a giant cock – yours is a teeny weenie…” After a year or so, she gave him a nickname. She started calling him Winkie Dink…which he knew meant his penis was extremely small. Even his father and step-brothers called him that…Winkie Dink, Winkie Dink.

Jimmy was not sure how the neighbors new about his little penis and nickname. He guessed somehow she had told them, but it got to the kids all over the neighbor hood and later when he went to high school… everybody called him Winkie Dink. He was absolutely sure there was something wrong with himself – something happened in sixth grade to make him extremely self-conscious. He was with Dennis, three years older…Butch, his age, and Billy Bob Whackoff, a year younger. Dennis suggested they get in the backseat of his families’ car and play doctor. He told them, “You three be doctors and examine me.”

He took his cock out to show them. It was very hard and looked huge… Dennis proudly smiled…”What do you think of this ten inch monster?” Dennis lied, but to young Jimmy Ray it could have been 14 or 15 inches. Butch said, “Mine is almost that big…its 9 ½ inches easy and I’m only 18 years old. “What about you Billy Bob, you have a good cock?” “Mine is still growing. I measured just yesterday and my pecker is 9 inches long and thick as a big cucumber.” Dennis stroked his shaft… I gotta see that.” What about yours Jimmy Ray. He was feeling very uncomfortable and tried to think how to get out of that car, “I don’t know, I never measured.” Dennis opened the glove compartment of the car, “We can fix that.” He held up a ruler – Whip them out boys...”

Just then the back door where Dennis lived opened and his father walked out and started toward the car. “Yikes, it’s my dad.” Dennis stuffed his deflating giant into his jeans. The door opened, “Hey boys, what’s going on? Dennis told him they were just planning a club and since the father needed the car the boys watched as he drove away. It was his chance. “Well, I’ve gotta go… see you guys…” Jimmy Ray did not play with Dennis anymore. He didn’t dare take the chance someone would see his Winkie Dink.

John continued to press his now hard cock (she calls it a cute) into her backside and had slipped his right hand under her bikini top and was fondling her breast. “Is the water hurting you, kid?” “No, it feels pretty good now.” John pushed a little harder. “You’re hard John. I’m getting wet too.” “Do you want to go, Lucy?” “No, tell me the rest of the story.” John asked, “What about the people?” Lucy pushed her ass back against him, “What people?”

To be continued… only if you want…

The sun was sinking low in the West and the light would soon be gone. John kissed her neck from behind and continued whispering the story of Winkie Dink in her ear.

Yes, Jimmy went on to Junior High and Senior High schools in fear. He never showered with his sport teams, even when the coaches said he had to. There were several shapely lasses Jimmy would like to have gone out with in high school, but he didn’t. Everybody called him Winkie Dink and he knew they were talking about him behind his back, the girls giggling, the boys laughing about how small he was. He wasn’t brave enough. He heard a lot of stories the other guys bragged about their sexual escapades –the girls’ big boobs, how the girls liked their big cocks, licked them, sucked them, rode on them –Jimmy would shudder inside. No, he kept his little one hidden and dare not go out with girls. He never measured his either…he was just too ashamed.

Lucy: That’s terrible. I am sorry he felt so bad. But, I’m getting a little more wet.” John squeezed her ass cheek.
John: You want me to stop?
Lucy: No… I wunna know what happened.

John: Well, nothing happened in high school, or even in the navy where Jimmy Ray went in the middle of his junior year. He hoped the navy guys would be different, but no… even there, he heard the talk…how big they were, how the navy women loved to get fucked by em… the same old story. Jimmy kept to himself, lifted weights and sometimes fantasized about having a big one. He would think about sexual things, too… and late at night, under the covers he would move his hand up and down, making a moving tent of his bed sheets, all the while being very quiet so as not to wake his roommates…?

Lucy reached a hand back to feel the projection in John’s swimming suit. “Wow, you’re really hard.
John: I know. It’s the story and your little ass. Maybe we should go.
Lucy: No, let’s stay. This water is starting to feel very good.

The sun was gone now, the light was dim, but the pool lamps were lit, so John could see her black, still damp, shinning hair as her head bobbed up and down in the water slightly.

John: Jimmy got out of the navy. He had saved some money and was going to a small college. It was his second year. He was in the library when he first noticed her. She sat alone. An Asian woman, probably Chinese…maybe Korean, she had the usual long, black hair. It covered most of her face as she bent over her book. Since she was seated he could not tell her size. It didn’t matter anyway, nobody would want to date him…not him and his Winky Dink. A few minutes later, she packed up her study materials and walked by him. He looked, but not obviously…he kept his head down but his eyes caught every motion as she walked by.

Not big at all… in fact, quite small… he could not even make out her shape as she wore baggy clothes and kept her head down as she silently passed him. He wondered what life was like for her. Later, in bed, his roommate sleeping across the dorm room, Jimmy thought about the time in the library…he changed it in his mind. She stopped, saying ‘Hi, what are you studying?” He smiled at her and they talked for awhile, before she had to go, “Well, gotta go now…maybe we can have coffee sometime…here is my number.” She left a folded sheet of paper. Jimmy unfolded it. His roommate started snoring – it brought Jimmy back to reality. “That would never happen,” he thought sadly, his winkie dink hard in his hand. He was so sad he quit pumping and soon was asleep.

The next day in the library he saw her again.

She was standing back by the card catalog, bent over looking to find a certain book. She was small, but the short shorts she wore revealed a shapely ass. When she straightened up he could tell she was not taller than five foot. He thought, “Since she is a petite girl, maybe she won’t care if my cock is small.” Just then she turned and seemed to look at him. Embarrassed, Jimmy quickly looked away. He knew he should not think such things. All women want big ones. He had no chance; it was only frustrating to think about her that way.

Jimmy would have never said a word to her, but later the next day he was searching for a book. He was walking back and looking up when his butt was bumped by another butt. It was her. They had backed into each other. The jar of the collision caused her to drop the books she was carrying to the library floor.

Jimmy: Oh, I’m sorry. Here let me help you.
asian girl: It’s okay. I was not looking.

Jimmy helped pick up her books and asked her name. It was Lisa. Jimmy felt the blood rush to his cheeks. Not knowing what to say, he just mumbled, “Nice to meet you and went back to a study table. Someone else was sitting there too as there was an open writing tablet.
Lisa: Oh, hi again. I am sitting here too. Do you mind?
Jimmy: No, sit down.
Lisa: I’m sorry I bumped into you.

Jimmy: It’s okay. I hardly felt it. You’re not very big, you know.
Lisa: I know I’m too small.
Jimmy: I like teen girls.

Lisa smiled and when they saw each other in the library they would try to sit together. She was such a sweet girl and he really liked her. After about six weeks he asked her to go out with him and she accepted. For a long time they went many places, but never even held hands. Jimmy was still afraid. But then one time in a dark movie theater she reached for his hand. It felt soft and warm and from then on, they held hands often. Little by little they began to know each other, even sharing secret thoughts about themselves.

Lisa: I’m surprised you like me. I’m so small.
Jimmy: I told you before…like small girls.
Lisa: Even my breasts are small. Other girls have bigger ones.
Jimmy: I like small breasts. I mean… well… uh…you look fine.
Lisa: I bet you wouldn’t even want to touch them.
Jimmy: Sure I would.

Lisa: Well, you never do.
Jimmy: You want me to?
Lisa: I think I’d like that.
Jimmy: I’d like that, but… well…
Lisa: You do think I’m too small for you, right?
Jimmy: No Lisa…it’s not that you’re too small…it’s well… how can I tell you… it’s me… it’s me that’s too small.
Lisa: Boys are supposed to have small breasts.
Jimmy: I mean I’m small down there. ( pointed toward his crotch.)

Lisa: I don’t mind. (She had told him she had been married before coming to the states.)
Jimmy: I thought all girls liked big ones.
Lisa: I have only had one, but I don’t like sex that much. It usually hurts me.
Jimmy: I guess your husband was really big like all the other guys, huh?
Lisa: I don’t know. Try not to feel bad about it. It really doesn’t matter.
Jimmy: It matters to me.

Jimmy told her all about his early life, the time with Dennis, his stepmother, being called Winkie Dink…all of it… She just patted him on the arm and told him it was okay…

They continued to see each other and began to fall in love. Jimmy first thought…since she is so small, maybe my cock will feel okay to her. Then, slowly, over time he began to forget about it. When they began kissing, his winkie dink would get hard. A few times she reached to touch it, but he would keep her hand away. But then one evening, sitting in her dorm, watching a tv love scene, she began kissing him. As usual, he got hard fast, but instead of trying to touch him, she reached for his hand and put it on her pussy. She kissed him deeply and pressed her hips against his fingers.

They were alone in the dorm so she whispered, “touch me under my panties, Jimmy.” She was wearing pink shorts but they weren’t tight so his long fingers easily found the seam of her panties. Under the seam, his fingers discovered a pool of moisture. It was warm and slick. She pushed even more against his hand. Her hips began to move up and down and round and round. He got the idea and began to rub her wet spot which caused her to moan and kiss him harder, her tongue probing his mouth.
Lisa: Jimmy, Jimmy, that feels so good… let me touch you. Please.

Jimmy: Okay
Lisa: Jimmy, you feel huge.
Jimmy: Don’t make fun of me, Lisa.
She rubbed him from beginning to tip.

Lisa: I’m not making fun of you, Jimmy. It’s really hard and very big.
Jimmy: That’s because your hand is so small.
Lisa: No, Jimmy, it’s three times the size of my hand. It’s huge. I’m probably too small for it.
Jimmy: I doubt it, Lisa. I had the smallest one in my high school.

They continued to kiss and fondle each other, getting hotter and hotter. Jimmy felt like he would pop his jeans. When she reached down and guided two fingers into her wet tunnel, he about came. Panting, she whispered, “Jimmy, let’s go out to your car.” He couldn’t refuse, “Okay.” In the back seat of his car they continued to explore. Soon her clothes were off. He delighted in her smooth skin, small breasts and succulent nipples. She kept grinding against his fingers…kissing him deeply and rubbing her hand over his bulging jeans. Then she reached for his belt. He tried to relax and didn’t stop her. Soon his cock was free. Through his partly open eyes he could see the pale skin of her hand feeling it.

Lisa: My god, Jimmy, your… ummm … cock is really very big.
Jimmy: Don’t lie to me, Lisa.
Lisa: I’m not lying, Jimmy. I’m telling you the truth - my ex-husband was about 5 or 6 inches. Once, I had to do a paper on penis size for biology class. The average size is about six inches. Look Jimmy, I’ve got two hands around it and the head still sticks out. You’re not small at all. Gosh, Jimmy, it must be at least eight and a half inches long, maybe bigger.

She stroked up and down the length of his shaft with her two hands. His hand was still on her and her juices covered his fingers.
Lisa: Let me sit on you.
Jimmy: Okay.

She climbed on his long legs and again guided his hand to finger her pussy. One hand continued to pump his cock. She whispered in his ear, “I want to kiss it.” Not waiting for an answer, she scooted back just slightly so she could bend and touch the head of his erection to her tongue and lips.
Lisa: It’s so big and tastes good too. Makes me want to fuck you, Jimmy. But I don’t think you’ll fit. I’m too small.
Jimmy: It’s okay, Lisa, we don’t have to.
Lisa: I want to. Let me put it in a little. Here, let me … there… aahhh..

Lisa positioned herself over his prick. Being short she rose up on one knee to have enough room to get the tip near her opening; once connected, she eased down his shaft. First the head…. she moaned and waited for her tunnel to expand… another inch… then two… soon she had his maleness six inches inside. Jimmy was trying to control himself and was sitting very still. If he thrust at all he knew he would cum. He didn’t want to do that. It felt too good to end quickly.

At the six inch mark she hovered over him, kissing him deeply, her tongue finding his. Her hips began to sink down…another inch… then another and then he felt her pussy against his firm belly…she was all the way down on him. Up and down strokes only took him half way out. She felt his cockhead deep, very deep inside.

Lisa: oh my god, Jimmy, you’re splitting my pussy.
Jimmy: I’m sorry.
Lisa: No, no Jimmy, I love it. I can feel it so deep… umm let me go a little faster. Oh…yes… do you like it?
Jimmy: Wow… you feel like velvet in there.
Lisa: You are making me want to cum.

Lisa put her right hand on her pussy and started rubbing …light at first, then harder and harder. Jimmy could see her and even feel it on his erection. She looked so sexy with her eyes glazing over, her mouth agape… He could tell she loved him, loved his cock and loved fucking it. Watching her, he knew he could not hold off any longer. He did not need to.

Lisa: Oh Jimmy… your cock feels so good… so deep… so big… fuck me… fuck me… that’s it shove it up and deeper into me… ahh… yes… yes… I love it… fuck me…ohhh… ummm … aahh… I’m cumming, Jimmy… I’mmmmmmm cummmmmingggg
Jimmy tried to stifle his moans but still let out a little, wimpering sounds as he erupted deep inside her Asian love box.

Jimmy and Lisa went together for a long time, and, after finishing college they got married. By going back to school and doing some research, Jimmy found Lisa to be correct. The average penis size for a man is about six inches. His 8@1/2 was actually much bigger than average. Only 10% of men have one bigger than eight.

Back at a school reunions, the topic of penis size came up… the boys, now men, laughed about how they had exaggerated their sizes. Butch said he was content with his six inches and his wife liked it just fine. Billy Wackoff said he would be happy with six inches. Dennis, not near their age, was not to be seen. All agreed that when they were young, his cock seemed huge. All doubted it was a ten inch monster. Turning to Jimmy, they asked what about you, Winkie Dink? Never one to brag, Jimmy just smiled and winked at them. Lisa was there with her husband and even though she knew the story asked, “Why do you call him Winkie Dink?” Butch looked at Jimmy, “Should I tell her?” Jimmy smiled again and nodded consent.

When Butch had finished, Lisa pretended surprise, “Winkie Dink? I don’t think so. I bet Jimmy had the biggest one in school. I bet it’s the biggest now.” Jimmy tried to hush her, but to no avail. She knew how much he had been teased. “A few years ago I talked Jimmy into measuring his… It’s 8 &1/2 inches and as big around as my wrist!” She held up her arm for all to see. “Maybe you should change his nickname to horse cock? He knows how to use it too. I am so lucky.” She smiled sweetly and walked away, leaving the guys to stare after her, open mouthed. Butch broke the silence, “Wow, Winkie Dink, do you really have 8@1/2 inches?”

Jimmy gave them a slight smile, “Well, don’t care to talk about that… but I will say... I’ve got one sexy wife. She makes it big all the time.”

The reunion over, two of his classmates who overheard the conversation said goodbye, “See you around, Horse.” Jimmy patted his wife on the fanny right in front of them, draped his arm around her and whispered… let’s go fuck.” She smiled up at him, “Let’s.”
It was dark by the time John finished his story. His mouth was still near her ear and she felt his tongue dart into it. Breathing heavily, she asked, “Is that a true story?”

John: Well maybe…here let me kiss your neck.

Lucy: Johnny, fuck me.
John: Here? Now”
Lucy: Yes!

Lucy pressed her clit against the running water and closed her eyes tightly, picturing the story in her mind. Still behind her, John untied her black swimming suit bottom. It slid off easily and he tucked it into his elastic waistband to keep it from sinking to pool bottom. Pressing tightly against her bare bottom, he reached around her hips and touched her… her moist pussy…not from the pool water, but from arousal.

John: Are you sure you want to fuck?
Lucy: Yes, now.
John: I don’t know… what about the people”
Lucy : Stick it in.

There she was, his slim Asian wife, swaying back and forth in front of the 8@1/2 sign – the fast running stream of water driving her clit crazy - her bare ass pushing against his hard on while he fingered her. He slid a finger inside, then two, and fucked her with them. She moaned and whispered, “I want the real thing.” Releasing his hand from her treasure nest, he opened the front button of his suit and pulled his cock out. She felt it in the water and reached back to grab it. John let himself sink deeper in the water. He could still breathe, but barely, his nose just out of the water.

His dick was below her…just the right angle. He told her, “Spread your legs.” She did and guided him up. The tip of his prick pushed inside. He could feel the jet stream on his balls as she pushed into the wall. He was gliding into her with short, slow strokes and she was now rubbing against the pool nozzle when he said, “See that 8@1/2. I bet you’d like to have 8@1/2 inches in your tight pussy. All the way in. Big and thick… to really fill you up…Would you babe…would you… can you see it… can you feel it… from the tip to the balls… 8@1/2 inches… fucking you... fucking you… Do you like it babe…? Do you? Tell me.”

Lucy: fuck me harder.
John: Faster?
Lucy: Yes, yes…
John: Then tell me…

Lucy: Yes, I can see his cock. I want it in me… ohhh… faster - harder… I want to suck it… I want to fuck it…. I want him to fuck me… deep…
John put one hand around her waist and plunged deeply into her… he stroked her as fast as he could… her words ignited his passion, and hers.
John: Cum for me Lucy… think about getting a big cock deep in your aching cunt…

Lucy: I am… I see it… I I I… I’m cuming… oh… oh… OH Oh…. Aahh… Fuck me.. Fuck me… I’m cumming.
Lucy writhed against the pleasure nozzle as John fucked her there in the pool. Finally, her climax over, she panted… “Wow, that was strong. Did you…”
John had enjoyed his wife’s climax immensely, but had kept himself from sexual climax.

John: No babe. I hope to get some more of you later.
Lucy: No problem.
Getting out of the pool Lucy looked puzzled.
Lucy: Where are the people?
John: Oh them – they left a long time ago.

The couple gathered up their belonging and headed for the pool gate, passing the deep end. Lucy pointed at the number 8@1/2.

Lucy: I will always think of the time you told me that story and made love to me when I see that.
John: Good.
They held hands as they walked to their condo.

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