Wild West widow : Part 2

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Karen Masters heart was beating fast as she stood before the hard faced whoremaster. For days she'd been tormented by the thought that she would have to turn to prostitution. She had considered every alternative but there was none. Karen was virtually penniless and hounded by her late husband's creditors demanding their money. The thought of becoming a whore appalled her. She was from a good family and knew nothing about such a life. Yet now she was about to take the fateful step of selling her body.

Grant Benson wasted little time getting down to business. "Now I know you need money real bad. I can help you. There's a lot of money to be made in this town by a lady such as yourself. At my saloon you'll be looked after real good and protected." Karen was dry mouthed and felt sick. "I've never... I mean I don't know anything about..." she stuttered. "Sure. I understand. You ain't the first lady tc come to my establishment who is inexperienced in this line of work. You'll soon learn."

Karen was aware of his eyes running over her body as he talked. For Benson this was business, but also pleasure. He enjoyed breaking in women like Karen. There'd been others from similar backgrounds who he'd turned into whores. The prim and proper ones like her soon learned to suck and fuck like the rest of them. "Now do we have a deal?" Karen bowed her head and was trembling, her face pale. "What will I have to do?" she asked.

"You'll be entertaining gentlemen. Have your own room. Nicely furnished. You get half of the fees, with your expenses deducted, which will be about a quarter. I'd say you'd be making $600 a week." Karen stared at him. "600 dollars?" "Yes ma'am." he replied. "But my son? Who will look after him." "You can get a black maid. Find a place better than this on the other side of town. Don't want him too near the saloon." Karen was worried he would find out what she was doing. He was ten and it would be hard to deceive him. However, she would do what she could to stop him from learning his mother was whoring.

Benson knew the boy would soon find out, as Karen would be the talk of the town but kept his thoughts to himself. "Very well," replied Karen. "Good," smiled Benson. Coming to her he reached out a hairy hand and ran it up her belly to rub the swelling breasts through her dress. Karen closed her eyes as he pawed her, disgusted. "You got a great chest, baby," he said. Tears ran down her cheecks as he explored her. Benson very much wanted to give her a hard fucking but knew the boy would be back soon. He would wait until tomorrow.

"Right. Come to the saloon tomorrow afternoon. I'll arrange for your boy to be moved in the morning with a maid. Send your things to the saloon with the driver," said Benson He squeezed her buttocks through the dress. "Nice tight ass" he thought. Stepping back he saw Karen's face was flushed and tear stained. "No need to be upset," he said. "You'll be well looked after."

When Sam returned he found his mother red eyed and uptight. "Who was that man? I didn't like him," he said. "Never mind. Now tomorrow we're moving." She explained as best she could. "But where will you stay? I'll be on my own." "No you'll have the maid and I'll visit every day. We've got to earn some money and I'll be busy. Can't have you under my feet."

Karen couldn't sleep that night, tossing and turning, after the doing packing. Her new life awaited with all its uncertainties. Could she stomach having strange men in her bed and doing what they demanded. Karen was unware that she was already the main topic of conversation around the town.

"Widow is going to the Golden Nugget," said one cowboy. "Old Benson visited her this afternoon and she agreed to open her legs." "Can't wait to get up her ass. Real classy piece." "Well Benson will be first, and she won't be so prim and proper when he's finished. Then the Mayor, McGinty from the rail road and some of the other bastards who run this town. Benson's boys at the saloon get theirs last before she goes on the stage. Be ready for anything by then."

The next morning was busy. The black maid arrived with the driver to take Sam and move her things. Her son was not happy but she did her best to reassure him, trying to pretend to be in good spirits despite churning inside. Karen noticed the driver leering at her and realised he knew. Left on her own, Karen prepared.

She put on stockings and attached them to garters on her long, shapely legs, then stepped into her cotton drawers and a sleeveless knee-length chemise. She laced herself into a corset, and fastened it tightly to push out her large bust and emphasise her trim waist, followed by petticoats. A camisole went over the corset, and finally she donned a low cut red and black gown which showed off her deep cleavage. In her new career she would not be so well covered and would be parading before the men in just a corset. Looking at herself in the mirror she saw a pale face devoid of make up. She sighed and began applying rouge, powder and lipstick, which she put on much more thickly than normal. Karen realised that there was no point in pretending modesty. They wanted a whore and she would give them a whore. Something had changed within her after all the agonizing.

She certainly looked different when she'd finished with the paint. Her lips were bright red and inviting, while her eyes were highlighted by black masscara and her cheeks rouged thickly. A tart's face. Next she turned to her long black hair which tumbled down her back, cutting it short so that it only reached her shoulders. The transformation was complete. She was packaged as a whore.

Then she walked to the saloon, immediately catching the attention of the men as she strode along the street in the dress showing herself off. "Shit look at that," said one. "It's the widow. What's she done to herself." " Hardly recognise her. She's giving the whole town a hard on." There were whistles and crude shouts as Karen headed for the saloon, looking straight ahead and ignoring the commotion she was causing. "Good job she got old Benson protecting her or she'd be getting a fucking on the street parading around like that," said one man, "She'll certainly be getting a fucking. Just goes to show you can't ever tell with pussy. Always looked Miss Snooty. Not so now,"

Karen reached the saloon where a crowd were awaiting her arrival at the entrance. "Howdy ma'am," grinned one of the men, "You look right different today dressed for your new trade. Hope to be seeing a lot more of you soon." The men laughed. Karen ignored him. She had never been inside such a place and gazed at the long bar and breathed in the stale air of beer fumes, smoke and sweat as she entered through the swing doors. A crowd of men were standing or sitting, while bar girls circulated looking for drinks and a customer to take upstairs.

"Why Miss high and mighty is here," said one of the whores. "Ready for work by the look of her." "She'll soon be down working the bar when they get tired of her," said another. "No one lasts long in the hundred dollar room." Benson stepped forward. He was surprised to see her parading her wares, "Welcome to the Golden Nugget, Karen," he said. "This is Miss Kitty who looks after my girls."

A sour faced woman in her 40s stepped forward. She was the madam who kept the whores in order, and hopefully free of the clap or a big belly. "Any problems and you come to me" she said. "Well, I'll show you upstairs to your room."

All eyes followed Karen as she mounted the stairs. "One hell of a piece of cunt you got there Grant," laughed one of the customers. "Don't be crude, Jimmy. She's a refined lady - at least until I've finished with her training." The men laughed.

Karen was shown into a large lavishly furnished room with a thick carpet, velvet drapes, dressing table and a large four posted bed with a mirror in the ceiling. A bidet stood in one corner and large enamel bath in another. "You ain't worked a house before, eh" said Miss Kitty. "Well you gotta learn the ropes. Grant will be up soon and he'll begin your education, but men don't know anything about keeping a girl clean and not getting a kid. So I'll explain a few things."

The madam explained basic hygiene and showed the douches and salves provided to use before and after men. Also a sheath that could be washed after sex. "You don't want to get the clap or you'll be out of work for a while. You get pregnant and that means working while you have a big belly. Some guys like that but I'm sure you wouldn't."

Karen listened to Kitty, being told things she'd never known before about contraception and the realities of commercial sex. Then Benson arrived. He already had a hard on and wanted her very badly. "Thanks Kitty," he said. "Need to have a little chat with Karen." He leered at her when they were alone. "Well. baby, you certainly caused a stir walking down the street like that. You got all the boys on heat, including me. Now I want you to undress and I'll give you the best fucking you've ever had."

Karen was nervous but knew there was no turning back. She reached for the buttons of her dress. Grant sat smoking a cigar as she disrobed.

She'd only ever done this for her huaband and it was not a professional, teasing strip as she slowly bared herself. It was easier than she'd thought it would be. Shrugging out of her chemise, she unlaced the corset to expose her 36 inch breasts with large brown nipples which still jutted out proudly. Then she pushed down the drawers to reveal her thick bush and rounded ass. Her body was naked apart from stockings held up by garters. "Come here, honey," said Benson. She walked to his chair and was pulled on to his lap. "You got a great pair of boobies," he said, cupping the heavy breasts and toying with the nipples. His hand slid down her belly and through her pubic hair to explore between her thighs. Karen whimpered and bucked as he slid a stubby finger into her vagina. She was already wet. He went deep inside.

"Like that eh, Karen," he said.

The whoremaster was an expert at playing with a pussy and knew how sensitive it was. His probing finger soon had Karen groaning and when his mouth went to suck a nipple she came noisily, thrusting herself against his hand as she orgasmed and her juices ran out onto his trousers. "You're real hot baby. I think you need some cock," said Benson.

Karen lay on the bed watching as he undressed. Under his clothes he was a well muscled man covered in black hair and with a gigantic cock - twelve inches and thick. Karen's eyes widened as she saw it. He was much larger than her late husband. Benson wasted no time, mounting her quickly, spreading her legs and pushing his erection into her opening. She was wet but he was so big it hurt and she screamed out as he penetrated. "Enjoying this, eh. Haven't had cock for a long time."

He began to thrust and went high inside her. Karen had never experienced anything like this. Benson was an expert, having screwed many hundreds of women. He took his time and used his mouth on her nipples. It wasen't long before Karen was crying out and thrusting against him as she approached her first orgasm. "Yes, yes ahhhhh," she shouted, digging her nails into his back, legs wrapped around him as her first orgasm arrived. Again he brought her to climax as the sweat flowed off Karen's smooth body. Sex had never been like this and she abandoned herself, forgetting that she was behaving like a whore. For a third time Benson made her come and then could hold back his swollen balls no longer, releasing a long spout of hot sperm into her belly as he lost control for the first time and crashed down on Karen.

She lay, breasts heaving, gulping in air, unable to believe what had happened. "Well, you enjoyed that, baby." She couldn't disagree. It had been a sensational experience. It didn't take long for Benson to regain his erection and this time he went up her ass. Karen had never been taken like this and was bent over the side of the bed while Benson spread her buttocks. She screamed out in pain as he penetrated her tight butt hole. "Have to learn to take it up the ass," said Benson as he thrust. "It'll get better when you're stretched." She felt as if she was on fire as his tree trunk of a dick battered her. The pain eased a little but her backside was torn up before he finally exploded inside her with several savage thrusts.

"That hurt so much," complained Karen. Benson got a hot towel and washed her bleeding backside. "You'll get used to it. With a great ass like yours guys are going to want to do that a lot." Next came learning to do blow jobs. Karen had never been asked for this by her
husband and it revolted her when Benson requested it. "Every guy will want a suck, so you gotta be good at it," he said. At first, she gagged after takng his enormous veined cock into her mouth, having to stretch her lips to accommodate him. But slowly she learned to use her hand. lips, tongue and teeth. First licking the balls, then going along the hard stem to work on the cock head, and sucking and licking to make him climax. Benson made her work hard and her jaws ached before he shot his load. He held her head so she had to swallow the bitter seed which overflowed from her mouth onto her face and breasts. "That tastes awful," coughed Karen as she spat and washed her mouth. 'You'll get used to it," laughed Benson. And he showed her tricks to make a man come quickly in her mouth.

Karen spent three days in bed with Benson. He was a bull and exhausted her with his love making. He was a brutal man but also a skilled cocksman. The whores who crossed him experienced his mean side, but Karen was treated to superb lovemaking. He was turning her into a whore and after this would never fuck her again. She would learn that other men were not as good in bed as Benson, and he explained she'd have to fake orgasms to please them. Being an actress was part of a whore's job. With him there was no need to pretend. She'd come rarely with her husband, but Benson had her climaxing endlessly.

As Benson wanted, the men of Canyon Woods were on heat. They all knew she was getting a hard fucking from him in preparation for being on sale. First there would be the local worthies who Benson had to keep happy. By the time she went on stage she'd be fully trained. It was surprising how quickly a woman like Karen could become a brass bottomed prostitute. She was soon to learn what a hard life it could be.

To be continued...

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