Wild West widow : Part 1

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Karen Masters arrived by stage in the rough frontier town of Canyon Woods with her 10-year old son Sam to learn that her husband was dead. Don Masters had been killed soon after his family set out on the long trip by train and stage coach from New York to Arizona. He'd been shot near the town by a mystery gunman. No one had been arrested for the murder, but it was rumoured to have been connected with a dispute over a mine concession. Karen's husband had tried to start several business ventures in the town but they'd failed and the mine was his last hope. His wife soon discovered that he'd left various debts and there was no money is his bank account.

She'd opposed his decision to sell up in New York and move out West, but his mind was set. He'd gone ahead and arranged for her and Sam to follow him six months later. The several letters he'd sent gave no indication of the problems he was having. Only when she went to the sheriff's office after being told of his death did she realize the full extent of her husband's folly.

Ray Coleman was the grizzled sheriff of the town. A large, hard faced man who attempted to keep control of the miners, cowboys and other assorted riff raff who fought, drank, gambled and whored there.
Karen came from a good background and the muddy streets, clapboard buildings, rough men and unpleasant smells had already disgusted her. She was used to city life and her refined sensibilities were offended.

Coleman cast an apprising eye over Karen as she sat pale faced with her son. She had a figure and face that made men turn their heads. The heavy black dress could not conceal a well developed body with a large bust tightly outlined against the bodice. At 31, she was in her prime and easily outshone most of the women in town. Her high cheek boned face was beautiful, and even pale and tired looking she was stunning. In a word classy, and Coleman knew her arrival would arouse a lot of interest among the horny local men.

"Can't tell you much ma'am," he said. "Your husband's body was found five miles outside town. He'd been shot. No suspects but he had made enemies. Owed a lot of money. Them creditors are going to be after you." "But I haven't any money," replied Karen. "Only US$40. Not enough to get back to New York. What can I do?." The sheriff could have told her how she could make money but she'd find out.

He directed her to a cheap boarding house run by an old woman called Beth Morley. It was very basic but cheap. "I don't like it here," complained Sam. "We've got no choice until I can sort something out.' replied Karen. Both were devastated by what had happened. Karen suddenly found herself virtually destitute and in a strange, hostile town. She'd have been even more alarmed if she'd known that her future was being discussed at that very moment.

Grant Benson ran the thriving Silver Nugget saloon - the biggest in town. The rambling three-storey building offered drink, gambling and sex. A large, well muscled man in his 40's with a black moustache and scarred face, he was a ruthless operator who controlled his business with an iron fist. He separated his clients from their money at the bar, the gambling tables and upstairs, where his whores paid him half of what they earned. The women - dressed in low cut frocks with high hems to show off their legs - got plenty of custom at US$5 a time.

Recently, he'd also introduced special attractions, bringing in high class prostitutes from the East. Each night the three or four women would parade on stage in turn in their corsets and high heels. The men crowding the bar were sold one dollar tickets and those whose numbers were drawn got one of the women for the night. It was very profitable with each draw realizing two or three hundred dollars, and of course those who were unsuccessful in the draw availed themselves of the bar girls.

The city whores had come from the best New York houses and did not realize when they were acquired by Benson the harsh conditions in which they'd be working. There had been those who'd objected but the whoremaster knew how to deal with uppity pussy. A good hiding with sand bags, which caused a lot of pain but no marks, usually sufficed. When it was time to bring in fresh meat, they also found themselves put on general sale at ten dollars a time servicing queues of men who had not got them in the draw.

Benson was a total bastard. He was always on the look out for quality ass, and Karen's arrival did not pass unnoticed. The sherrif was questioned when he came for a drink in the whoremaster's office. "Broke eh," said Benson. "Desperate for money with that kid to look after. Looks a great piece of tail. Bet I'll have her knickers down in a week." The sheriff snorted. " She's a lady. Speaks real nice. Can't see her sucking and fucking in here." Benson laughed. "I've had the widows and classy ones before. Dainty and refined until they get a dick inside 'em. They're all whores, Ray. Promise you can have her after me before she goes on stage." "Thanks Grant. Love to play with her big melons."

Unaware of what was being planned for her, Karen was at her wits end. It didn't take long for the creditors to chase her. They wanted their money and were not shy about suggesting how she could get it. "My husband has been killed. I have no money," she said to one of the surly rude men who confronted her. "Well, you better get it lady. On your back in the Golden Nugget if needs be." "What do you mean?" "You still got the goods. Grant Benson will take you on as one his girls at the saloon. Sure you can suck and fuck like the best of them." Karen was outraged and angry. "How dare you, get out," she shouted. "You won't be so high and mighty soon. Hear Grant is planning to pay you a visit. Reckon I'll have a piece of you when you're in the saloon."

An indignant Karen was left seething. Animals. But she had no money to leave town. And the few remaining dollars were running out. Benson bided his time. Karen received more threats and insults. "When they get hungry they drop their knickers," be said. A week later he knocked on Karen's door. Her son answered. "Hi, sonny," he said. "Need to talk to your ma on business. Here's a dollar to get some candy." Karen appeared at the door. "Mrs Masters. Glad to meet you. I'm Grant Benson. Perhaps we could have a word." Karen stared at the scarred face. She knew who he was and what he wanted. For a moment she stood silently, and then said. "Go for some candy Sam. I have to talk to the gentleman." As Benson stepped into the room, he smiled at Karen, revealing gold filled teeth. "I have a proposition for you," he said.

To be continued.

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