Wild West Widow : part 4

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Karen Masters woke up aching in every joint the morning after being gang banged by the eight officers from the fort outside town. They'd given her a very hard fucking. Their big cocks had repeatedly and roughly penetrated both her holes and she'd been used as a prostitute. Large, well muscled men who took their pleasure without worrying if they hurt a woman.

Karen had experienced several orgasms because her clit became very sensitive with all the friction of the large shafts thrusting inside her, but she had not enjoyed the experience. She groaned as she sat up, rubbing her bruised thighs. She was sore between the legs and her pussy itched. Her anus also hurt from the attention it had received when she was painfully sodomised. The nipples of her large breasts were also inflamed and painful from being knawed by the men.

For more than a week the New York beauty had serviced a succession of cocks in her room at the saloon as she was trained to whore. Some 20 men had taken her before the officers, but it was the first time she'd experienced a pounding by a queue of men waiting their turns across the hallway. There was only time for a quick pussy wash and rub down with a wet towel between the men. All had been fired up by exploring her with their hands when she'd been passed from lap to lap by the officers when she'd been sent to them in her corset and stockings to be inspected.

Karen stared in the dressing table mirror at her tired face with the stale make up, disordered hair and the red marks on her breasts left by the biting teeth. She winced as she touched the oozing nipples that had received a lot of attention. "I need a long bath," she sighed. Pulling on a robe, Karen rang for the maid and ordered hot water for the zinc bath in the corner of the room.

Karen's mouth tasted of the cocks she'd sucked and she brushed her teeth. The old hag who cleaned the rooms returned with a buckets of hot water and filled the tub. Karen gratefully slid into the bath, moaning as the immersed her battered body. She gently soaped herself, trying to soothe away the aches and pains. Her pussy was raw after so much dick. And she knew that more of the same lay ahead. Today she'd visit her son and tomorrow would be spent entertaining 10 of the men who worked for Grant Benson in the saloon.

Two large bouncers and bar and gambling staff. They'd been waiting impatiently, overhearing the comments of the men who'd come downstairs for a drink after riding Karen. Most had crudely described what they'd done to her and how she'd responded. "Hot broad," laughed one. "Came all over the bed." "Best titties I seen for a long time. Big and firm," added another. "Sucked me dry. Sure she ain't worked a house before?" "Not so high and mighty now. A real little whore when you get inside her."

The whole town was enflamed by Karen and wanted to screw her. The talk was of the men who'd visited her and their descriptions of what had happened. Everyone knew the comings and goings to her room. "Those soldier boys gave her a good time, from what I heard," said one cowboy.

"Yeah, fucked the shit out of her," replied his companion. "Benson's boys have her next, then she goes on the stage for the draw." "Be well broken in by now but still fresher than the whores we usually get. Imagine the queues when she's put in a room downstairs at ten bucks a pop." "That Frenchie she replaced is taking on 30 guys a day. That's what she'll have in a few months time."

All the top women were eventually sent downstairs to satisfy the men who'd not succeeded in getting them in the nightly draw. The draw involved buying four one dollar tickets and each of the women in the upstairs rooms paraded on stage in turn in their corsets. A draw was made for each and the lucky winner had the woman for the night.

Before Karen, the women had mostly been from high class brothels in New York. Benson made trips every six months to acquire another group. They were unaware of life in a rough frontier town, which was quite a contrast to the East. Wearing the latest fashions, they'd catered for the wealthy in luxury brothels. This was replaced by the dingy saloon and rough, beer drinking cowboys. Some objected but were soon made to do as they were told by the brutal methods Benson used to keep his whores in order. Most were nearing the end of their high earning days - that's how Benson acquired them - but were still stunning and glamorous in comparison with the women working the bar.

However, months of being crudely fucked took their toll, and servicing queues of hungry cowboys when their days upstairs ended meant their looks soon faded from the constant wear and tear. Pregnancy and disease were another hazard for the once expensive prostitutes. The Frenchie referred to was three months gone with a child but still had to perform for the queues of men.

Karen was different in that she was a widow and mother new to prostitution. Fresh meat. Even after her training, she was not as worn as a whore who'd spent years in the profession. At 31, she was still very juicy with a body any man would want to devour. She'd been surprised by how easily she'd adapted to being bedded by a string of strangers, some of whom had given her mighty orgasms. On the other hand, there had also been a number of pigs but she'd learned to stomach them. Giving oral had at first disgusted her but she'd now mastered the technique of making men come quickly in her mouth and swallow their seed. Few lasted long in their excitement.

Karen lay in the bath until the water grew cold, then dried and powdered her body. She rubbed oil and creams into her skin and used a salve given to her by the saloon's madame, Kitty, to ease her itchy vagina. She was going to visit her son , Sam, who lived with a maid on the outskirts of town. The ten-year-old was not happy about being separated from his mother and was puzzled about what she was doing.

Karen put on a petticoat and drawers but no corset, and a black dress that concealed her voluptuous body. A hat and veil hid her face. Even concealed in this manner it was not safe for her to travel around without an escort. The lust she'd engendered meant that there were many men who'd kidnap and rape her if they got the chance. A driver and one of Benson's bully boys were waiting in a trap when she left by the back entrance. Both would be sampling her the next day and they had hard ons when she appeared. Ed Carson was an 19 stone mountain of a man who few argued with. Bald headed with a mean face, he was a real bastard who'd killed several men and battered many into pulp.

He and Matt James - the other enforcer employed by Benson - would have her first. His cold eyes travelled over Karen as she got into the trap. "Going to make you squeal tomorrow," he thought. "Pity I can't do all I want cos Benson needs you working the next day but that don't mean I won't enjoy myself." Carson enjoyed hurting women, getting off on their pain. Karen was a valuable property so he couldn't ruin her as he had some unfortunate women. But she wouldn't forget his attentions in a hurry.

Karen was very anxious her son should not learn about her new profession. But it was difficult concealing the truth. He was in rooms rented on the outskirts of town with a maid. His presence there did not remain a secret for long. He'd been seen with his mother after their arrival in town before she was driven by poverty to the saloon. Word got around. "Widow has her boy out in Maynard Street," said one cowboy. " Old Lanny saw her go there in a buggy with one of Benson's hard men. Got a veil on but it was her." "She's trying to keep her whoring quiet from him but he'll find out."

"Not good for a kid to learn that his ma is opening her legs for the whole town." "Probably be getting a brother or sister soon," laughed the other. " Yeah, like that Frenchie who's growing a big belly. Had her last week and she don't look so fancy now working a crib instead of being upstairs." "They all end like that. The widow will be the same."

The trip through the muddy back roads took 15 minutes. Karen was aware of Carson's eyes on her as he sat opposite. She knew he would be one of the men fucking her tomorrow and the thought made her apprehensive. He didn't say anything but was itching to get his hands on her. He'd need one of the bar whores when he got back to work off his lust. "All covered up now," he thought" "But I'll have you stripped down tomorrow when I fuck your ass off." They arrived at the house where Sam was staying. "Call back in three hours," said the driver.

Sam was glad to see his mother but sulky. He was bored and didn't like the depressing neighborhood with no friends. "When can we leave this place?" he asked. "Soon," replied Karen, trying to make him happier. She'd brought some candy and a toy for him. But the boy sensed she'd changed over the last week or so. Indeed, the experiences at the saloon had altered her.

Karen had already taken on some characteristics of the whore, her face reflecting a hardness that was not there before and she had adopted some of the falseness needed when selling sex. Even the cheap perfume she now used made her smell differently. It was difficult for her to deal with the situation. Other women at the saloon had kids but they'd mostly grown up in that atmosphere. Their daughters were probably destined for the same life, while the boys accepted the situation.

Sam was different. He came from a sheltered background in a fairly affluent home. It hurt Karen to see him so depressed but she was powerless. Before leaving she spoke with the black maid. "He OK ma-am," she said. "Just don't like new place." The maid was well aware of what Karen was doing. Karen hugged and kissed her son and went outside. Carson helped her into the buggy and as he did so grabbed a buttock in his big hand and pinched her painfully through the dress, making her cry out. "Boys are going to give you the fucking of your life tomorrow," he said. Karen looked at the leering, sweaty face and said nothing.

On her return to the saloon, Karen had to spend the night with one of Benson's old contacts, a whoremaster called Jim Thomas. He provided women for the mining and rail camps and military outposts, bringing them round in covered wagons to makeshift brothels. Mostly these were worn out whores, including some provided by Benson when he no longer had use for their fading charms. The sex starved men in remote areas only wanted a hole to screw and where not too fussy about looks.

Thomas was a large man in his late 30s, strongly built and with a cruel face and eyes behind his black beard. He usually enjoyed free access to Benson's top women when he visited. "Hear you training a new one - a widow. Been told she's a peach." "Yeah Jim. Real good quality. A lady. Should make a lot out of her ass before I sell her to you." The whoremaster grinned. "Heard she took on the US cavalry yesterday and they gave her a good ride.

All the boys at the fort were talking about it. Not so ladylike after that, I bet. Mind if I fuck her tonight, if she's not too sore?" "My present, Jim. My boys are getting her tomorrow before she goes on stage. Might have a few girls here you'd be interested to purchase." They talked business. "Was going to offer you a good price for that Frenchie but I understand she's got a big belly. I'll come back when she's dropped the kid." "Someone told me you're planning to open a place in Dodge City," said Benson.

"Yeah, getting a few boys to run the circuit for me and opening a fancy house. Lot of rich guys in Dodge now who want something a bit special. International pussy - Europe, South America, even some chink and black." "And once you want fresh meat, you'll move these doves onto your wagon circuit, eh." Thomas laughed. "It's called maximizing profits."

Karen was tired and wanted rest but instead she had to service Thomas. She was just in her shift and stockings when he entered her room. The madame, Kitty, had told her what his trade was and warned her not to anger him as he had a nasty temper. "You'll be OK because he won't damage Benson's goods but be careful." The pimp grinned as he surveyed Karen. "Well, you're certainly the goods," he said. He thought of how much he could make from the beauty but knew that she was far too good for his circuit - for now.

Star turns were a problem because every man wanted the woman who outshone his usual bevy of sluts. And it caused unrest and bitchiness among the whores. Reaching out he slipped the shift off her shoulders. It slid to the floor to reveal her nakedness. He ran his hands up her belly to cup the jutting breasts. He rubbed the nipples and she winced. "Bit sore eh. Heard you been a busy girl," he said.

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