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Nancy and I have been married for 25years.We have had a good sex life uptill recently.Sex with her was getting a bit of a bore with the same routine.
Nancy is a good looking size with a volumptious body.large breasts and a fair complexion.At the age of 49 she is still a stunner and turns many faces.We are both indian.Both born in
Manchester we got married young.

Over the last 10 yrs I began having secret fantasy's of watching other men making love to her.Nancy has never had another mans cock befor.She was a virgin when we met.
My fantasy was about to become real when a Pakistani sale rep started work with her.His name was Imren.His name would pop up a lot in conversations.I had a gut feeling that she actually fancied him.

I mean,it happened before with Turkish fella.She seems to be attracted to muslim men by the look of it.Being Hindus and Indian,Pakistani people were off limits.It was taboo.This made me more determined to act out my fantasy.
One evening after a couple of bottles of wine between we were making love,I asked if she fancied Imren.She replyed that he was alright.
"would you fuck him if you had a chance?"I asked her as I fingered her pussy.
"mmm yes" she murmered quietly.
"Imagine that he's licking your pussy and I am watching.Would you like that?Do you want Imrens cock fucking you as well?I whispered in her ear.
"He says he wants me.Mera Panni nachorna.Mera dood peena"she whispered back as She neared orgasm.
"Why don't you go out with him and let him inside you.Feel that big Pakistani cock filling your pussy with his sperm?I said to her.
" he's already asked me out.mmmm,He's handsome.I want his big cock inside me.Then I want you to lick my pussy clean.Will you do that for me?She asked as she rubbed my cock.
"Go on darling.You can have him.Bring him home and fuck him here in front of me"I replyed.

That night I told her of my fantasy.We fucked like rabbits.She told me that they were planning a works night out.I told her to go along and offer him a lift back home.
A week later Nacy was dressed up.For her age she looked fantastic.How can Imren turn her down.They went out and nancy did her usual flirting with him.It was time to go.Nancy offered him the lift back home.
" You have to meet my Husband.He's picking me up" she told him.
Imren was a bit hesitant at first but he accepted.

I was waiting outside the bar for them.Nancy had called me and told me that Imren was with her and if I could drop him off.
"yes darling,I am outside" I said.
As they walked up to the car I got out to greet him.I gave nancy a kiss and opened the car doors.
"Imren,you really must come inside for a nightcap" I said.
"Yes Imren"Nancy said."please come inside."
Imren accepted.

I opened the door and let him in to the living room where I turned on the musicOpened a bottle of wine and served it.As the night progressed we were getting tipsy and Nancy was flirting outrageously with him.Nancy offered him a slow dance.He glanced at me and I told him not to be shy and to carry on.
I left the room to get more wine.On my return I sneaked a quick glance through the door which I had left slightly ajar.They were dancing with their arms around each other.Imrens hands were carressing my wifes bottom.I began to get a hard on.I entered the room and Imren quickly broke away from Nancy.
"Don't be shy Immy.Carry on"I said.
I noticed a bulge in his trousers.

"Nancy does that to me all the time.Look Nancy he has a hard on for you"I said." You should do something for him.His cocks going to burst out."
"Oh Immy.Is that for me.A present for me"Nancy said as she felt the bulge.
Imren looked at me embarrasingly and aplogised.
"Look sorry!" he murmered.
"Don't be shy"I said."She turns alot of men on.I don't mind.Really.
Show her your cock.I know you fancy her.Really I don't mind at all.
Nancy did not waste any time.She knelt down and unzipped his flys.
Out sprung his cock.It was cut and a good 9".
"Go on Immy.Carry on.You can have her.Be easy with him Nancy."

Nancy took hold of his cock and took the head in her mouth and began to suck it.Imren closed his eyes and savoured the moment.I went over and began to undress Nancy.We all removed our clothes.Imren stood there with his huge 9" cock.Nancy stood there in here glory as Imren admired her body.He reached out and cupped her breasts and gave them a loving squeez.Nancy took his hand and lay on the carpet.My beautifull indian wife was about to get fucked by a pakistani cock.They began to kiss and carress each other.
Imren sucked on her left breast whilst the other hand found her pussy.He slipped a couple of fingers inside and fingered her.Nancy had his cock in her hand.She was enjoying the sexy sensation.Her nipples were hard.They continued like this for a short while.
"Come on Immy.Let's take her to tthe bedroom."I suggested.

They did not waste anytime.As soon they hit the bed they were all over each other again.
"Immy! Fuck me now"said Nancy as she turned onto her back.
Imren opened her legs wide open exposing my wifes sexy shaved pussy.

He went down on her.Nancy closed her eyes as Imren sucked and licked her juicy pussy.I offered my cock to her mouth.She sucked me and played with my balls.The sight of another man pleasuring my wife was to much for me that I shot my load into Nancy's mouth.As nancy swallowed the last drop of my cream Imren climbed up and began to kiss her.Nancy opened her legs so Imrens cock was at the entrance to her pussy.He rubbed his cock up and down her crack.He was teasing her.He got on top in the 69 and lowered his cock and offered it to her mouth.She took it and sucked on it as he gorged himself on her pussy.After afew moments Imren said he wants to fuck her.I open her legs and part her pussy lips with my left hand.With the other I took hold of Imrens hot thick cock and placed it at the entrance to my dear wifes pussy.I rubbed it up and down her crack so the precum will make it easier for him to enter her.

"Fuck me.Fuck me now Immy.I want your cock inside me.I held her legs apart.Suddenly Imren thrust his mammoth cock deep inside my wife.

She let out a scream as his cock tore into her love hole.Nancy held my hand and squeezed it every time he thrust his cock into her.The bed was getting very wet as Nancy squirted her love juices.nancy goaned and moaned as her new found lover fucked her infront of me.
I moved behind them to get a better look.Love juices were flowing out of her pussy with every thrust.Nancy's leg were so wide apart that I could get in and finger her ass.Nancy wanted doggy style so they changed positions.I got under her in the 69 and licked her clit.
I could see imrens cock entering her.It stretched her again and she let out a scream as he entered her again.As Imren fucked her I licked her clit.His balls banged against my forehead.Juices flowed which I lapped up.Suddenly His balls tightened and he began to fill my wifes pussy with his spunk.He carried on and on untill he went limp.As he pulled out his cock hit my mouth so I gave it a quick suck.He didn't mind that.

Then a mixture of Nancy's love juices and spunk dribbled out.I sucked and licked her pussy clean.We all fell asleep on the bed only to be woken by the sight of Nancy getting fucked by Imren.He stayed the weekend.Now he is a regular fuck buddy.I let them go out and fuck without me on a regular basis.

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