Wife camp and outdoor sex

(Part 1 from 1)

Following my wife and her sex with a younger man at a camp she arranged for us to camp at a local forest which we arrived and set up at only for me to find that Chris and his girl friend are on a pitch next to ours all very secluded. I knew at once that this was her idea. She then confessed to me that they both fancied fucking but also felt it would be good for his girlfriend as she had no experience with other men.

After eating we all sat around drinking and Mary his girl friend was relaxing under the effect of drink and she looked very good with a tight top no bra and shorts that showed a nice ass. Chris then looked up and said he was going into village to get some more beers and like a flash my wife said she wanted a walk also.

Mary who was well pissed and so relaxed said that was fine she would stay with me, they had hardly gone when she looked at me and said did I think they planned to fuck as she knew Chris had gained a lot fro shagging her. I said she was a swinger so yes it was likely. She asked me straight out would I help give her some experience. I replied yes it was looking like she was in need of a cock by the size of her nipples she laughed and removed her top. She then slipped out of her shorts and said please give me your cock.

I showed her the things she needed to do to enjoy sex with any man and as she erupted over my fingers inside her cunt Laid her down and fucked her hard exploding my cum inside her having discovered her mother had introduced her to the pill. She then asked me if I would let her try different positions so she could see what fulfilled her needs so we started out again.

After I had screwed her three times we both realized it was two hours since they had gone she asked me what I thought and I said he will have fucked her a number of times, so she better come into my tent. We sucked and fucked again on and off until morning when she heard moans coming from her tent as Chris was completing his fucks.

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