Wife Strays in Alley

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At the time I was 22 married. I was quiet,  unobtrusive,  never stated an opinion. I had a full figure,  very large breasts,  slim body, strong thighs with slim ankles and secretly [I didn't realize at the time] a very strong sexual urge, which men seemed to pick up on.
We were out one night having a good time. A few bars and a few drinks later and a group of us turned out of this bar at closing,  Sort of family, but not closely related and a couple of other guys. I wasn't drunk or anywhere near it.

By this I mean I was aware of all that subsequently follows in this story! The group drifted haphazardly along the pavement with me at the side of my husband. Within the group one man,  I think his name was Karl who turned out to be about 18 years my senior and coloured,  casually put his arm around my waist and drew me on to oneside and into a doorway. By the time we were in this doorway,  the whole group and my husband seemed oblivious to me not being with them any longer.

The guy with me pulled me slightly back letting the others go ahead and then without warning,  gave me a kiss right on the lips. I had never been kissed by a black guy before. My chest started to pound as in my innocence,  I expected just some quick kisses and to be back within the group in virtually no time at all. It just didn't occur to me that as blatant an act could last anymore than seconds or minutes! - Excited though I was,  I felt scared that my husband would realise and come back before the event had stopped and there would be a confrontation!

Minutes passed as he kissed my lips (Which I admit I responded too) But my neck now was getting kissed and made me tingle especially as he tickled my earlobes with his tongue! My mind while being effected by this show of affection suddenly re-focused as within this petting his hands started firstly smoothing my bottom & very quickly squeezing my cheeks while pulling me much closer into his front.

Being winter,  I had a two-piece suit on,  but even with that and his trousers there was no mistaking what I could feel against my belly. It wasn't soft either! - One hand started wandering now and as tho' to keep me pressed against his penis he held more tightly on to my bum while his other hand smoothed from my hip onto my groin. Between liking and panic,  my brain done nothing to stop what he was doing. As his hand now smoothed my belly/upper thigh. "We are to open here!" he said and he eased me from the doorway and down the adjacent lane for about 20 yards into a corner of a rear entrance.

I'm not that dumb! I realised he had more than just a snog in mind,  heavy petting was tingling between my legs as he again with me pinned in a corner went to work on my neck. His cock was even more pronounced as it now pressed hard against my groin and belly. I felt him now feeling up under my blouse having opened the buttons on my suits tunic. I was even tempted now to help him as he tried to force his hands up under my bra' but his kissing made me ignore helping as I felt my bra' ping and both his hands grasp both my now exposed tits.

Expertly he tweeked my breasts making my oreoles crinkle which I very consciously felt happening. - "you have really big tits" he said. The little time my mouth wasn't being kissed allowed me to giggle as he started to open the buttons on my blouse. I became oblivious to time as he now suckled my hardened nipples. My toes tingled in my shoes as first one and then the other of my tits got sucked!

My skirt was being eased up my thighs all-at-the-same time as his hands now seemed to be everywhere. They weren't that cold,  but now smoothing my naked thigh I could feel my vagina responding. I was getting wet. As if he knew,  he stopped sucking and kissed me as though he was desperate and knew my mind was pondering as to if I stop him now or let him carry on. Then,  suddenly his hand pushed into my knickers and he started fingering my pussy. He easily opened me and feeling inside me as he thumbed my clitoris.

I half heartedly put my hand down to push his hand away,  but like magic my hand touched a very warm rock hard black cock just as it in turn touched my belly where he'd pushed my knicker's to one side. I just couldn't stop from opening my legs as he pulled at my knicker's trying to make my vagina's slit easier for his cock to reach.

I clearly felt his fingers trying to Vee to open my pussy in an attempt to penetrate me. I told him it was time to stop and I really should go back to my husband. But he was having none of that knowing full well he had me just where he wanted me. He kissed me hard and his hand forced harder at my pussy. I knew how wrong this was but I had to admit I was very turned on. I was a married woman with a young baby at home and here I was in a doorway in a dark alley with my tits hanging out,  my legs parted and a total black stranger stood between them. My heart was racing and my legs were trembling. He kissed me again knowing all the time my defences were dropping.

I had my arms up around his shoulders as he kissed me and once again I felt his fingers attempting to open my pussy lips. This time I had weakened and my half hearted talk of needing to return to my husband had stopped. He knew it and took full advantage if the opportunity. I felt him part my lips,  Kissed me full on the mouth pinning me up tight to the wall. I felt his body moving into position and with any delay thrust hard. Instantly I cried out,  My arms clenched tight around him and my legs lost all there strength. His Cock was huge. He pushed up into me again and again I cried out. OMG. I had just found out it was very true what they say about black guys.

My legs fell open wide as he thrust again and hit bottom. My pussy stretched around his monster cock. He now had me just where he wanted me and boy was he going to make the most of it. He started to power fuck my pussy like I had never been fucked before. Harder and harder I just screamed as he really went at me. As he tore into me I panted for breath as my pussy tried to accommodate his thick long black dick. I held on to his shoulders as each of his thrusts lifted me up the wall. I could barely speak and just about managed to utter the words "Please Don't shoot in me!" As he pounded at me I found the excitement so high I started orgasming.

I clung to him now as rapture after rapture taunted my vagina and up inside my belly. All thoughts were now gone from my head about being married and a mother as he drove deep into me making my pussy fit his thick long cock. I was completely lost in the moment and then with a grunt,  His cock started to pulse. I shouted "No No Don't" but it was to late. He kissed me hard and held on to me legs tight as his cock flooded my pussy with his cum.

With a shock and through thro' my trembling my husband was saying "Ah there you two are!" I looked up to see my husband watching all that was going on. I couldn't speak I just looked at him. My long legs still wrapped around the black stud that had just made me his slut. My husband stared and said "So I see you like black cock"?

I felt Karl going limp and pulling out of my pussy making a slurping sound as it left my hole. His cum ran down the inside of my legs like a river. I wriggled to get my skirt back down regardles of the spunk I could feel in my vagina. God if he tried a feel now he'd have a handful of sperm. This thought made me tingle some more,  I felt it was so dirty ! How long had he been watching? or even,  had he actually been watching at all ?

All this raced around in my mind as my seducer (Although with his back towards my husband) busied himself putting his black cock away without a word being said ! I pushed my tits back into my bra' then do up my blouse and costume top.

He watched,  but said nothing. I knew I was trembling with guilt rather than fear at what the end result would turn out to be when he finally challenged me about what he must have knew I'd just done. We caught up with the group eventually and my husband said we would be heading home.

We grabbed a cab and there was an uneasy silence for a short while before he asked "Did he cum in you ?". I looked at him knowing I had to be truthful,  I just answered with a simple "Yes".
He never uttered another word all the way home.

I found it very frustrating that my old man hadn't tackled me again about what had happened until 3 weeks later I was forced to bring it up myself. I was pregnant. That was 5 months ago. I am nearly 6 months and I still don't know if the child I am carrying is my husbands or Karl's. My husband has said very little since I told him the news so I guess I just have to wait until the birth to find out. It was a very unplanned night in more than one way and I still wait to see if it was the night I was Black bred by a guy I never knew.

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