Wife Seeks Help In Training Her Submissive Husband!

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Wife Seeks Help In Training Her Submissive Husband!  : CHAPTER ONE.

I recently discovered that my husband has been going to some ‘Swinger’s’ parties/orgies. What he had told me was that he was going away on business trips, and that he couldn’t get out of them!

Since these gatherings are normally meant for couples only, (and as he has been attending them as a ‘Single Male,’) he has had to worm his way onto the group’s invitation list by offering to ‘serve’ the guests.

The organizers agreed that he could join in… as long as he would accept to play any role that they chose for him on each event occasion. He would have to play the role properly, dressing the part as instructed, and behaving in a way that was commensurate with the chosen character… fulfilling its tasks fully, and to the letter.

Philip agreed to these terms! I have uncovered the fact that he has been present at some of these functions as a butler, a waiter, a barman, and as ‘Master of Ceremonies’… He has attended some parties naked, serving the guests ‘nude’ throughout the night… and has also adopted the roles of a barmaid, a chambermaid, and a French maid… as a sexy schoolgirl, a female ‘nurse,’ a French tart… and a hooker!

Having discovered my partner’s dirty little secret, I have delved into areas of his life that I would previously have considered to be private, personal and confidential… and as such ‘out of bounds’ to me!

The discovery of his private diary was a revelation.

I found an entry which detailed everything he had done to feminize himself for one of the parties!

…I began by putting on my lace-topped, fishnet hold-up stockings. I followed this with a bra, filling it with some silicon ‘falsies’ that I had bought a few months back… and gluing them to my chest with the adhesive which had come with them at the time of purchase.

I pulled on a pair of ‘Sex-Cache’ knickers, especially made to hold my cock between my legs, thus hiding my manhood, so that there would be no bulge through my clothing.

I decided to wear a waist-clincher… a corset that I’d bought, which could reduce my waist to a very feminine twenty-four inches!

With my undergarments on, I chose to wear a leather mini-dress, which only came down about three inches below my panties… and that showed off the lacy tops of my stockings.

I chose some patent-leather ankle-boots to wear on my feet… they had laces from top to toe, and they were the highest heels that I owned… and at six-inches in height… I would need to concentrate whilst I walked, so as not to topple over!

I sat at my wife’s make-up table, and began to transform my facial features.

I thinned my eyebrows, plucking them just enough that I could return to my male persona with minimal explanation.

The foundation came next.

I applied it quite thickly over my face and my neck, so as to cover any stubble that might grow during my ‘dressed’ phase.

I lined my eyes with Kohl pencil, and I applied some ‘super-lengthening’ mascara to my lashes. I delicately applied eye-shadow to my lids, with pale shades near my nose, graduating to a dark grey on the outer sides. I added some pale blusher to my cheeks, and then went to work on my lips. I outlined them with a dark lip pencil, and then chose a scarlet red for my lips. I covered the lot with an ‘extreme-shine’ glitter lip-gloss, highlighting the lusciousness of my now very plump and visible mouth.

I decided to go the whole hog, and I attached long false nails to my fingers… I did so using very strong ‘superglue,’ knowing that Helen was visiting her mother for the whole weekend, which meant that I had at least two days before I’d have to remove them.

Once they were attached, I varnished them, using a bright, high gloss red that matched my lips.

From my collection of wigs, I chose a shiny, straight haired wig in pure black. It was long, and it came down as far as my lower back.

I enjoyed this, as I could swish it around as I walked. In the mirror, I was pleased to see a very sexy looking woman in the reflection!

I was sure that anyone who laid their eyes on me would think that I was a ‘dirty bitch’ and would want to try getting into my knickers!

Reading through his diary was getting me really angry, and I began to think of ways in which I might gain my revenge.

Not only was Philip lying to me, and cheating on me sexually, but he was allowing himself to be subservient to groups of virtual strangers!

He was so submissive in fact that he was permitting these people to take away his masculinity, and consenting to serve them as a transvestite sex-slave!

An inkling of a plan began to form in my mind, as my imagination ran riot, and I pictured a variety of ways to get my own back on my errant husband… each one darker and more devious than the last!

“So, you little cheat… you like to be dominated, do you?” I said to myself.

“Well… I’m sure that I can find a way to oblige you. One that I’ll enjoy too… in fact, maybe I’ll enjoy it even more than you will!”

An evil smile crossed my face.

“Maybe much more!”

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