Wife Masturbates While I Secretly Watch

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My wife and I have been happily married for twenty years. We enjoy a very brisk sex life. Therefore, what I experienced should not have been a surprise

While working for a major corporation, I was pleased with the money and how my career was progressing. However, what was a real strain were the quarterly meetings. The meetings always meant a week to ten days away from home and away from sex with my wife. Everyone hears rumors about business travel and sex on the road. However, I have no idea where these sexual encounters occur. I have been traveling for many years and the hottest action I have had on the road is visiting a porno shop, seeing some video clips in a peep booth, only then to return to my hotel room to jack-off.

Recently, the company I work for appointed a new Chief Executive Officer. This naturally meant a meeting was called, whereby all the field personnel were required to travel to the company headquarters for a week of inspiration from our new leader. At first I was excited to attend, but then reality set in and I realized I would be away from the coochie for a whole week. Needless to say, I never had given it a thought as to what being away meat to my wife. I knew and she had told me how horny she would get when I was away, but I never really though about it. That is until I returned home from this meeting.

Like every other company meeting, I departed Sunday afternoon. After four to six hours of driving, airport security, flying, renting a car, I was tired and just wanted to get some sleep. But just like every other travel venture, I could not fall asleep. Therefore, I searched out a fast food place where I could grab something and take it back to my hotel room. Once settled into my room, I turned the TV on and ate my food. Then I called home. My wife answered and we had a typical road warrior exchange. Not much conversation, just questions and answers amongst bits of silence and apprehension. 

As my week carried on I grew increasingly tense and hornier. I just wanted to go home. Every night I would call home. Each time I spoke with my wife, I would visualize her whispering in my ear, like she always had. I would think of her touch, her soft skin. I could barely stand to feel her heat. Finally, it was late Saturday afternoon when the meetings came to a close. I was free to return home to my wife.

As soon as the meetings closed, I said goodbye to a few people and made a dash for the parking lot. The night before I had filled up the rental car with gas and that morning I had placed my luggage in the trunk. As soon as my ass hit the rental car seat, I was turning the key in the ignition. Speeding all the way to the airport, I wanted to make sure I made my flight. Just like every other company, the travel department always booked me on the last flight in order to save money and make the most of the last day of meetings. In reality, they were just squeezing all they could get out of the agenda and their travel dollar. Once I returned the rental car and made it through security, I knew I was on my way home. With a few minutes before boarding it hit me. I had been gone all week. I was so horny and I could not wait to get home and fuck my wife. In order to easy the pressure and create more excitement, I bought a sex magazine to read on the plane. Then as I boarded, I called my wife on my cell phone to let her know I made my flight and I should be home around ten p.m. It is then she informed me that there was a bad accident that just occurred on the highway from the airport to our house and that they would be shutting down the highway. The phone was then silent. At that moment we both knew what potential that meant. If the highway was closed, I would not arrive home until very late. I told her how much I missed her and how much I loved her. I also told her not to wait up for me. I said that if I got home late that we would spend all day Sunday together and have a Special Sunday evening together.

As my plane took flight I grab the magazine I had bought and began to read. As I read each article my cock began to swell. It was like my cock was crying to get home and fuck. All I could do is wait. When the plane landed I quickly made it to my car and started for home. I turn the car radio to the traffic station to get an update on the accident. It was at that moment I realized I had flown across time zones and had forgotten to adjust for this when I told my wife when I would be home. This meant if all went well I would be home an hour earlier than she thought. Shortly after that the announcer mentioned the accident. My ears perked up with anticipation as he detailed how a tractor trailer had jack knifed and the Highway Patrol had closed the southbound lanes. “YES !” I was headed north. I was in the clear. At that moment my foot pushed harder on the gas pedal. I would be home in a half hour.

When I pulled into the driveway, I left my luggage in the car. I knew I just wanted to take a shower then slip between my wife’s legs. Little did I know there was much more in store. As I entered the house it was very quite. It was only nine in the evening and all the lights were off. It was apparent the kids were staying at their friends. It almost seemed as if the house was completely empty. I figured my wife thought I would be very late and she turned in early for the night. Therefore, I crept softly toward our bedroom. I slowly turned the door knob and opened it oh so slowly not to make any noise. The room was dark but the glow from the full moon cast a slight haze through the window. It was then I noticed my wife was not in the bed. As I turned, I noticed a beam of light coming form the bathroom. I approached slowly and pushed slightly on the door. As I stepped into the bathroom I could not see my wife and I noticed the light I had seen was that coming from the master closet, just off the bathroom. The closet door was ajar and the door was open slightly. It was then I heard a slight moan. Slowly I moved closer to the closet door. Very carefully I peered into the closet. It was at that moment learned what being away did to my wife.

As I stood there tired from being away all week, I peered through the closet door to see my wife standing in front of the wall mirror wearing a silk camisole. Her back was to me and I could see she was not wearing any panties. I froze like a deer in head lights. My eyes followed her lines. I looked at her ankles and followed up her calves, hung on the sight of her thighs. As my eyes rose I took pride in seeing the base of her naked ass. God she was fine. She had not noticed me or heard that I was home. I thought of making some noise, and then I heard her moan so slightly. I moved a bit to the right. I could now see her reflection in the mirror. It was apparent she thought I would not be home until late and she was going to enjoy herself. 

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