Wife Fucks her boss

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As you will know from previous tales of my wife and her desire for cock she had told me she was going to the finance meeting in another town which took place every three months and always with her boss. I was well aware that he would grew her a number of times whilst away.

On this trip nothing changed other than that evening I had a caller who was the wife of her boss who I had met many times. She came in and said did I know the two were having a relationship. I told her yes and had at least once seen them fucking. She was surprised so I explained about our relationship and how my wife never said no to sex day or night. I explained how I dealt with this and in turn had my fun. After a couple of large wines she started to relax and told me she had not had sex with any other man since she wed.

I then said that was not fair she she knows her husband fucks around why did she not share the fun at which she said she would be scared of loosing him I said that would not happen he would be relieved if he did not have to do this behind her back. I then said what if i sent her husband a text saying was it OK to fuck her, she firstly said no bo don't do that. I had by now sat next to her and put my arm around her.

I placed her left hand on my swollen dick and said it is ready to help. She was clearly aroused by what she could feel and said for now could we not tell her husband.. I said OK and had my hand inside her top massaging her ample tits and nipples. She started to moan as I stood up and first slowly revealed my huge cock her eyes could not move as I then stood her up and removed her kit. She had a well kept body and was so aroused her wet juices had started to flow I then laid her down and pushed my swollen head in her clit as I slipped in further she clearly went over the top enjoying every rapid stroke i gave her.

As my big dick went even harder into her she just yelled fill me please fill me and with that I shot a load of hot cum into her tight cunt. As she calmed down she smiled and said she never realized how good sex would be with another man and we started out to spend the whole night shagging. I asked her to tell her hubby on his return and suggest they came swinging with us next month she could have me and he could even watch.

I relayed the events to my wife and she said how funny because she had persuaded him to go to the swingers event with us but he doubted his wife would.

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I told her stand in front of me and remove your cloths and donít remove your panty and bra she did the same. Then I stand up and go back her I remove my t-shirt and short. I touch her shoulder and start kissing her neck, shoulder from her back and she start moaning...