Wife Friend

(Part 1 from 1)

My wife was away working for a week when I got a call from her best friend to help her move a wardrobe that had been delivered and her ex husband was not around. I called over to her place on my way home, she was a good looker and we had played before when she was married we used to change partners occasionally.

I arrived and duly moved the new wardrobe for her when she said stay for a pizza which she then ordered we had a glass or two of wine when she asked me who was sharing my wife bed whilst she was away I said her guess was as good as mine. Then her front door opened and in walked her twenty year old daughter who I of course knew and she said she was staying the night if that was OK with her Mum who nodded but was clearly miffed. The conversation then got round to the fact that the daughters partner had left her so she clearly stayed often.

It was then decided we would play cards as we often had played strip poker in the past so was surprised when she suggested strip poker with her daughter. We had all had a few to drink by now and the daughter lost the first game and removed her top revealing a very fit body with no bra and nipples as big as I had ever seen. Mum said my dear girl you will be getting Stewart all worked up. The game moved on and after about an hour I was left in my boxers with a very hard boner and both woman naked. When the daughter lost her mum said what is your forfeit and she looked at me and said she wanted my large cock.

They both laid me on the floor and she sat on my cock sliding her wet cunt on with a large gasp, with mum positioning her soaking cunt lips over my mouth. After a short time they let rip their arousals by both coming in unison my face and cock both flooded with juices. I then fucked the daughter before she went to her room and I took mum to her bed for another fuck session.

The next morning they both thanked me for my help and daughter said could I continue helping her as well as her mum I had no objection to that.

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