Whimp Husband

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I woke up this morning when my husbands alarm went off. He hit the snooze and rolled back over on his back. I rolled next to him and placed one leg on top of him, trapping his dick under my knee. I could feel it small and limp as usual. That wasnít a bad thing because thatís the way I like my husbands dick to be. I love having a little limp dick husband because it not only allows me to be in control of him, it also allows me to have all the sex with other men I want and he is not ďmanĒ enough to stop me. So having a husband with a little boy dick allows me to have the best of both worlds. A faithful husband and as many boyfriends as I want. Anyway, I rubbed my knee up and down on his dick. I never refer to my husbandís dick as a ďcockĒ because itís not big enough or manly enough to deserve that name, itís just a dick. I liked feeling it soft and warm and mashed under my leg. 

I moved my leg and grabbed it with my hand. My hand covered the whole thing and I squeezed and pulled on it harder and harder until he began to squirm and grunt in pain. He is such a wimp that instead of acting like a man and making me stop he liked me abusing his dick and it actually started to stiffen up. Thatís good too though because I like abusing my husbandís little dick. Even after he got a hard on he was only 4 inches long and skinny. My one hand covered his erect dick from his balls to his head. I told him how pitiful his little boy dick was and how useless it was. Instead of being insulted he was just getting more turned on by the moment. It was turning me on too. Having my husband small and wimpy in my hand and under my control makes me want a man with a man sized cock to fuck me so bad that my pussy begins to ache. If my husband was a dominate, well hung man, I probably wouldnít want sex nearly as much. I took my hand away from his dick and put my palm at his mouth. He licked it obediently without even being told. When he had the palm of my hand good and wet I grabbed his dick with it again. He let out an audible moan and began to breath harder. After a minute I repeated the process only this time he not only obediently licked my palm he hungrily licked it. He could smell his own dick in my hand. I have always wanted to make my husband suck his own dick but this was a close as we could get. My pussy was beginning to get hungry and wet as I repeated this process over and over until he began to cum. I pulled his dick back against his stomach and aimed it at his face and told him to open his mouth. The first blast hit him in the face but not enough went in his mouth to satisfy me. The rest just started rolling out of his dick. I caught some in the palm of my hand. Then I mashed the palm of my messy hand in his face and open mouth. I had him eat his own cum out of the palm of my hand while the rest of his cum was running down his dick and onto his stomach. Doing this to my own husband and seeing him not only allow me to do it to him but enjoy it was making me so horny. I called him a nasty bastard while I smothered him with my cum filled hand and my cunt began to ache for a big cock to fuck me while he just lay there with his shriveling dick and took it. 

I got up and took a long hot bath after he left. All I could think about while I was soaking in the whirlpool was having a man on top of me and inside me. I knew what I had to do. I got out and got dressed in one of my sexy outfits. I made sure the makeup and hair was just right. I put on the stockings and sexy heels. I even added the ankle bracelet and finished up with expensive perfume. I drove to town and went to the office where my main stud Ron works. His face lit up when he saw me walk into his office. His eyes were caressing every inch of me. He walked from around his desk and gave me a small hug then proceeded to close the door. The next hug he gave me was much warmer and followed by a long, deep kiss. I pressed my leg into his groin and felt him becoming stiff already. This is what I loved, a big strong cock ready and straining to fuck me. His big strong hands were on my back and they slid down to my ass and squeezed me through my skirt. Then he lifted my skirt so his warm hands were on my ass. I was already hot before I got here and received his hungry reception so I began to unbuckle his pants. When his pants dropped to his knees I reached down and grabbed a handful of his thick cock. He was only semi hard but already 9 inches long. I went to my knees like a slut and took as much of him in my mouth as I could. 

My heart was pounding in my chest and I found myself moaning as I felt him stiffen to his full, rock hard 10 inches. I wanted him my mouth and cunt at the same time but since that was impossible I stopped and stood just seconds before he was about to cum in my mouth. He grabbed me by the waist and picked me up and sat me on the edge of his desk. He reached up my skirt and pulled my panties off then spread my legs. I wrapped my legs around his ass and looked down and watched as his huge cock began to disappear inside my wet cunt. Oh god, he felt so good and made by big cunt feel tight. It actually hurt for the first few stokes he made. Before long he was ramming the whole shaft of his cock inside me so fast and hard that my breast were shaking under my thin blouse. This caught his eye and he ripped my blouse open and took my breast into his mouth while he continued to fuck me like a real man. I donít know how long this went on but before long I felt the first wave of an orgasm sweep through me like a locomotive. When my cunt tightened around him and flooded over him he began to cum too. I felt him stiffen and pulsate as he pumped his cum deep in my womb. We just stayed there for a couple of minutes after we finished. His hot cock still inside me and his warm mouth still on my breast. He was so big and filling that when he finally pulled out it felt like my entire insides was going to come out with him. I slipped my panties back on before his cum could run out on my legs or his desk and make a mess. We went and ate lunch together and then I went to town shopping. 

I only beat my husband home by a few minutes. He saw me in the same outfit Ron had seen and fucked me in and he had the same reaction with his eyes but when he hugged me and I drove my leg into his groin I couldnít even feel a dick. He commented on how good I looked and smelled. My feet were sore by now so I figured I would use my husband for something even though he wasnít worth a fuck. I sat on the couch and told him to pull my heels off and rub my feet. He knelt in front of me and slipped one heel off and lifted my leg and rubbed his face all over the sole of my hot stocking foot. This made him instantly as horny as Ron was when he fucked me, but being the boy dick, slave husband he is, he just continued to kneel at my feet and serve me. When he had sufficiently soothed my aching feet I scooted to the edge of the couch and pulled his face into my panties. By now Ronís cum had leaked out into them and I had gone to the bathroom and pissed and didnít wipe so I knew my panties had to be a nasty, smelly mess. Instead of pulling away my husband just began to breathe deeper. I pulled his head from between my legs and he tried to go right back so I closed my legs.. I told him my cunt and panties were full of Ronís cum and piss and my pussy was dirty and asked him if he still wanted to eat me. He actually got even more turned on and started to beg to let him put his face back between my legs and eat my dirty cunt. I loved having my husband down on his knees between my legs begging for my nasty cunt. It turned me on and made me want to be eaten. With Ron I am the one who does all the eating and he does all the fucking. 

With my husband I get to be eaten as much and any way I want. Yet another good reason to have a boy dicked slave husband. I spread my legs and this time I didn't have to pull his head in, he dove in on his own and started smelling and mouthing my panties. I could feel his hot breath. I was about to tell him to pull my panties off and lick my dirty pussy when he got so horny that he did it himself. I pulled my panties off and rubbed his whole face in my crotch. He licked and moaned and tongued me like an animal. I began to tell him what made my cunt so dirty. I told him all about my visit to Ron and how he fucked and cum inside me. I told him about my walking around the mall sweating and pissing. He was grunting and groaning and eating and licking me even more the longer I talked. He finally jumped up. He was trembling and shaking as he fought his pants off and grabbed his little 5 inch dick like he was about to go back between my legs and fuck me. I told him no. He begged but I just kept refusing. All the while it was making my pussy ache as much as his little dick was. I told him to get back where he belonged and finish eating my cunt like the nasty wimp he is. He groaned but he did it. I fucked his face while he wallowed and licked me. I drove the toes of one of my feet underneath his dick and mashed it against his stomach. He just kept eating me until I started cumming.

 I could feel him actually having to swallow so much fluid was running out of me. I relaxed and went limp when I was through. He assumed he would be able to fuck me now so he got up and came at me once again with his little dick. He was now only 4 inches long and semi hard after being mashed under my foot. I told him no again and he just stood there with his little dick in his hand begging. He was so pitiful that it inspired me to make it even worse on him. I told him to grab my cum and piss filled panties off the floor and hand them to me. I turned them inside out and balled them up so that the crotch of them was exposed. I told him to lean over me and open his mouth. I stuffed my nasty smelly panties in his mouth and it sent chills through my body again doing it to him. I told him to stand up and jack off on my pussy. He stood over me between my legs and began to jack his little dick off with my dirty panties stuffed in his mouth. I couldnít help but laugh, tease and mock him but it was actually turning me back on. 

It was working for him too because in under a minute he began to let out a cross between a moan and a whimper. Then his cum began to rain down on my stomach, pussy and legs. If he would have held off a little longer I probably would have gotten hot enough to let him fuck me. But hey, that will just leave me horny for tomorrow. See how having a little dick husband improves my sex drive now?

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