While Mommy's Sleeping

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Amy Davis arrived home at six-o’clock in the afternoon, Monday through Friday, exhausted from a long, hard day at her office. She was a single parent (her husband having left her two years previous for a transvestite), and lived with her son--Rob, her daughter--Sandra, her sister--Sherry, and her brother--Brian, on a large estate outside of the city.

Amy was thirty-five--having had her daughter at sixteen, and her son at seventeen--and was still a gorgeous lady. Her hair was a raven’s blue-black color, and it flowed almost down to her perfectly formed ass. Her jiggly tits were not gigantic, but a nice C-cup, and were still as firm as they were twenty years ago. What was also firm were her silken legs, especially when they were covered with her usual office attire of pantyhose or stockings, and one of the numerous pairs of strappy, sexy high-heels she owned. 

Amy’s thin, and curvy body entered the living room through the front door at her usual time. She hung her coat up on the rack, staggered over to the leather couch, and dropped her frame into the cushiony softness. She laid her aching feet--with black heels still on--on top of the marble coffee table, legs slightly open. But she really didn’t care; she was home alone, and soon passed out.

But in thinking this, she was wrong.

Rob was on a break from college, and had a full week before his classes started again. He was up in his room, getting ready to go down into the kitchen, and get a beer (his mother didn’t care, as long as he was responsible). He was an attractive man of a good height and build. Women didn’t cum in their panties when they saw him, but he got his share of ‘tang. What they adored about him was his almost eleven inch cock. Of course, when it came down to him wanting anal from a girl, they would be so horrified by how much it would hurt them, they’d take off.

He came down the spiral steps, wearing his work-out shorts and tank-top, and made his way into the kitchen. He cracked open the beer, took a swallow, and decided to see if his mom was home so he could tell her he had the week off. After searching the upstairs, and not finding her in her room or anywhere else, he figured she wasn’t home yet (“Traffic might be bad,” he thought).

He came into the spacious living room with the thought of watching some TV when he saw her. She looked so damn sexy to Rob, who always thought her very attractive. She was wearing a dark-blue business blazer, a matching skirt with a slit up the side (the side facing Rob; he could see the lacy top of her black thigh-high stocking), and her almost stiletto-type heels. 

With dirty thoughts in his head, he walked over to the recliner directly across from her. He sat down, and almost choked on the mouthful of beer when he saw the most beautiful, and glorious sight. His mother’s legs were slightly parted, and he could see right in between her legs. Her black silk panties, barely covering her large pussy, was clearly visible to his gaping eyes. One side of her underwear was pulled over a little, and he could make out a tasty looking bit of fleshy labia.

His cock was fighting for release as it grew to its full, pulsing length. He wished right then and there that he could have sucked that lip into his mouth. But--after a minute of deliberation--he decided he could do something else, something that wouldn’t be Too wrong. He knew that when his mother slept, nothing could wake her, so he decided to just jerk off while staring at his mommy’s sweet cunt. He had no worries about being caught: his sister wasn’t getting her week off for two more days, and both his aunt and uncle were working still. He pulled his shorts over his fat, elongated cock, letting it smack with a meaty thump against his stomach. He knelt on the floor on his side of the coffee table, and gripped his stiff prick in both hands. He saw how swollen his mother’s pussy was, and he wondered when the last time she had a good fucking thrown in her. Pre-cum lubricated his strokes, as he saw the fat lip twitch in her sleep. Her legs opened even wider, and he saw her right thigh-high was right up against the black panties. He knew he was about to explode, so he ripped his shorts over his knees, and ejaculated his steamy cum into the fabric. It was so hard for him to stifle his moans of extreme bliss, and a couple actually escaped his mouth. Amy didn’t stir a bit. He leaned in, took a long lick of the spike protruding from her heel, stood up, and walked back to his room. 

While he was pondering over what he just did, he felt a pang of guilt. Not much, but it was there. “At least I didn’t fuck her; that would have been wrong,” he said to himself, as he laid down for a brief nap. “Although…”

Part 2

Brian came home from work at eight that night. He saw his sister sound asleep on the couch. He grinned to himself as he placed his trench coat on the rack next to Amy’s. 

Brian was a tall, handsome man, and three years older than his sister, Amy, but a year younger than his other sister, Sherry. He had a muscular body from his work as a bounty hunter, and thoroughly enjoyed his work. He’s single, but happy, having such a beautiful pair of sisters. 

He came right over to where his nephew had sat a few hours ago, beating off. Brian beheld the same wonderful sight that Rob had. But just rubbing one off was not for Brian. No way. He needed more. He gave one last, longing look at the half-exposed twat of his sister, and made his way to the couch. Before doing anything else, he completely stripped off his jeans and boxers, exposing a now-hard seven inches of meat pole. He knelt next to Amy, and started rubbing his cock-head around her red-painted lips. She didn’t budge. She didn’t moan…and, most importantly--she didn’t wake. 

A new Camaro pulled into the semi-circle driveway at this time. A sweet, innocent-looking girl sat behind the wheel as she parked the car behind her uncle’s Mustang. Sandra Davis got out, shut the door, and made her way to the front door. She almost fainted as she passed one of the bay windows with the curtains drawn open, and saw what was transpiring in her very own living room. 

Sandra dropped her book bag to the blacktop as she saw her uncle thrusting his hard, glistening cock in and out of her mother’s open mouth. He was really fucking her face good, but, Sandra noticed, her mother didn’t even seem to be awake! Not only was this incest…it was fucking RAPE! A million thoughts were swimming around inside of her blond-haired head. ’I should run and call the police. I should go in there and confront him. I should…I should…’ This last thought sickened her a bit. ’I should sit here and watch.’ She couldn’t believe what she was thinking. Her uncle was raping her mother, and she started to get hot between her long legs. ’If it was just incest, then I might be into it. After all,’ she thought with an inward sigh, ’I’ve seen Rob’s cock before, and I wouldn’t mind having that beast inside of me. But, doing this to someone who isn’t even aware of it is just wrong. I’ll watch for a little, then I’ll go in the back. If Rob got home yet, I’ll discuss it with him before I do anything. After all--he is my uncle.’

Sandra pulled over the side of her short, tight spandex shorts, and started rubbing her clean-shaven cunt-lips. Brian grabbed the back of Amy’s head, and started pounding his cock into her mouth hard and fast. Sandra watched her uncle’s ass clench as he shoved in one last time. She was really frigging her engorged clit, while watching her uncle fire his sperm down her mommy’s throat. She was dripping when he withdrew his slippery, cum-soaked dick from Amy’s mouth. Some cum trickled out of her mouth, and Brian just gently wiped it off with his softening prick. Amy didn’t make a sound, or move around or anything, while Brian dressed and left the room to go upstairs.

Sandra had a gushing orgasm--the hardest she’d ever remember having, and her juices sprayed and splashed all down her thigh. She moaned, stuffed her pussy back under her shorts and panties, and wiped up her cum with her hands. After sucking and licking them clean, she went through the patio, and headed up to her bedroom. 

“Wow, you’re home early!” both Rob and Sandra exclaimed joyfully at the same time. Rob was just coming out of his room when he bumped right into his sister. Rob’s smiled remained while Sandra’s quickly faded. She dropped her bag again, and threw her arms around her brother’s shoulder, weeping into his shirt. 

“Sandy, what’s wrong?” he asked, with a tone of genuine concern.

“Can we go into your room? I need to talk to you right now.” 

“Okay, Sis. We’ll talk. It’s all right.” He patted her on the back, not really wanting to separate from this embrace. He knew she was upset, but he was a guy, after all, and he loved the feeling of her tits pressing against his chest. After what he did earlier, his guilt for such things was quickly receding.

They sat facing each other on his king-sized bed, each sitting Indian-style. He had to take in again how stunning his sister was. She had long hair like their mother, but it was blond like their aunt and uncle. She had a nice spiral perm, and her bangs came down to her sea-blue eyes. She was also thin, short, and in great shape, being on the gymnastics team in college. From the way she was sitting, he could almost see her pussy peeking out from the sides of her tight shorts; there was a small bump where her clit was pushing against the fabric. He brought his gaze back up to his sister’s tear-streaked face. 

“What is it, Sandy?”

“When I was about to come in, I saw through the front window…I saw…I saw…” She sobbed again, and he didn’t think she was going to get out whatever she needed to say. 

Then finally, after Rob rubbed her soft thigh to reassure her that everything was all right, she blurted out: “I saw Uncle Brian raping Mom!”

Rob brows creased. “What are you talking about, Sandy?” 

“When I looked through the window, I saw Uncle Brian--um…putting his…dick into Mom’s mouth over and over. And she was sleeping! He finished inside her, dressed, and went up to his room or something. I don’t know what to do!”

Rob lowered his head, remembering what he had done before.

“What’s wrong, Rob? What should we do?” Her tears ceased, and now she was looking at her brother with concern. He didn’t look well to her.

“I have to tell you something, and I really hope you don’t get mad at me or think I’m sick or fucked up.” He inhaled deeply, and got prepared for what he was about to confess.

“I have to tell you something, too, Rob. But since I’ve been talking, you go first. I promise, I won’t get mad at you.”

Rob kept his eyes on his sister’s protruding clit, and breathed, “Earlier today, I saw Mom was asleep…with her legs open a little. I don’t know what the hell came over me, but I--I--I masturbated while looking at her sitting like that. I felt so guilty, but now, after hearing what Brain did, I don’t feel so terrible. Please don’t be angry with me!”

Sandra looked down at the bulge that was rising in her brother’s shorts. She felt a bubble of dampness burst from her bare pussy. “After what I tell you, I think you’ll feel better. While I was watching Mom take Uncle Brian’s cock in her mouth, I played with myself.” Seeing Rob raise his head finally, and noticing the way he was looking at her, she didn’t feel so bad now. “I don’t know what came over me, either. Just seeing Mom in such a helpless state like that--it was just so fucking hot! I know that sounds very disturbing, but I couldn’t help how I felt. I felt…well…jealous.” 

The two stared at each other for long moments, staring into each other’s eyes--not as siblings, but new-found lovers. While Rob decided to massage his sister’s thigh, Sandra reached out and did the same to him. 

Sandra was the first to speak. “What are we going to do?” she repeated. “With us, at least it would be mutual. But Mom shouldn’t be treated like that. I could see if she wanted it…” Sandra reached into the front of her brother’s shorts, and started fondling his thick, hard shaft.

Rob moaned, and he felt the warmth from his sister’s hand make his cock pulse and throb. “Sis, we can’t just turn our uncle in. Maybe we should talk to him after…well, you know.” He also reached out a trembling hand, and, pulling the side of her shorts over, started to rub around his sister’s bald labia. The smells from both heated sex organs grew sweet in the air. 

Thoughts of what their uncle did left their brains now, both consumed with what was about to happen. Sandra felt the entire length of brother-cock up and down, and she moaned again. “I have to tell you something, Rob. I saw you nude before, and I always wanted this prick inside me. You were always in my dreams, fucking me from every angle. I need to suck this dick now, my Brother.”

She got on her knees and pointed for Rob to lie down on his back. He did, and she stripped off his shorts, throwing them into a corner. Now she could see close-up how humungous he really was. “Fuck, Bro! That’s the biggest damned cock I’ve ever seen!” She leaned in to take a lungful of her brother’s pre-cum-leaking prick. She softly kissed his large balls, one at a time. Then she started running her tongue all around the wrinkly flesh, watching in pleasure as the cock jumped at the wetness of her oral touch. She grasped the thick dick in her right hand, stroking it once again. Her left hand was busy lightly pinching and squeezing his sack. She moved closer, and now, she ran her tongue up his long shaft in sloppy-wet slurps. His cock pulsed against her chin with every upward lick. She raised his penis with both hands, feeling the girth that would soon be penetrating her mouth, then her flowing, creamy pussy. She placed the head in her mouth, and just sucked on that for a few moments, letting her mouth get used to the size. The only problem was, was that the farther down the cock got, the thicker it was. But she’s been sucking cock for a long time, so she knew she would open up for it soon. She relaxed her mouth, and let the first three, fat inches slide into her now-taboo throat. She hummed pleasantly, as Rob placed his hands in her soft hair, pushing her head down gently. She accommodated, and sucked down three more inches. With her throat bulging, she knew that the only way she could deep-throat her brother, was if they were in a sixty-nine. 

She drew his dick out with a slippery pop!, and said, “Think you could give your big sister a good tounging?”

He was so enthralled by what was happening, he didn’t answer in words. He reached down, grabbed her by her hip, and dragged her ass up to his face. Before she settled over his almost-drooling mouth, she slipped off her shorts, and flung them away. 

The sight of his sister’s hairless cunt made a stream of shiny pre-cum leak from his cock-head. He could see a film of white spread out all over her pink and red flesh. His sister’s clit was huge! Looking like a small penis, he instantly slurped it into his mouth.

“Mmmmm, Bro, that’s so fuckin nice. Suck your sister’s clitty, baby. Give me a good taboo suck-off.” 

Sandra orally injected her brother’s slick cock back into her throat, and went to work on getting it all the way down this time. Because of the way her brother was munching, and chewing, and slurping at her cunt, the path opened up easy, and she inhaled the prick all the way down, until her nose was pressed firmly into his sack. She wiggled her head back and forth, grinding her nose into the wrinkled skin. 

Rob’s teeth and tongue were working overtime on sister-snatch; beads of pearly cream were spewing from her pussy, and rolling over his face and lips. He would go from sucking the obscene clit to sucking in the sloppy lips, shaking his head around, while burying his nose in her asshole.

“Sis, I love how tight your throat is squeezing my cock,” he moaned into the hot twat. “Take me all the way in, Sandy.” After a second: “Ohhhh, fuck yeah! Suck me, Sis.”

“Eat my soaked pussy, Rob. Lick me till I cum in your open mouth. Then I need you to fuck me with this beast, and feel your brother-cum deep inside me.” Rob trusted two fingers in as he slurped away. Sandra kicked up her cock-sucking, and deep throated him in a frenzy.

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