When lines cross

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The summer of 1997 was a time in my life which would change me forever. It is the summer when I met my first real girlfriend, and the summer when my sexuality would be skewed. I was twenty-two going on twenty-three and to my horror was still a virgin. I was your typical youth; I was in to experimenting with drugs, alcohol, and sex. Believe me I had my share of the first two and was working on the third.

I had two girlfriends who were just that, friends. One of them I had been intimate with, but had never gone all the way. We just did a little petting and some oral sex. This was fun but left something to be desired. I guess this was the point where I developed my fascination with "eating pussy." I can tell you this, my wife loves it, but that's another story.

My girlfriends had convinced me to go to the nightclub with them on Saturday night. I was not the nightclub type, but what the hell maybe it will be a good time. Early Saturday morning I got up and got ready to head out for the Earth day celebration at the local park. The celebration had live music, good food, and most importantly cold beer. So I gathered up my gal pals and headed down to the park. We got there in the early afternoon and had a good time, anytime there was beer involved it was a good time. By the time the celebration was over the nightclub we were going to had just opened up, so we headed up town. This club was kind of scary in the fact that lines between sexuality was blurred sometimes it was hard to separate the boys from the girls. I was OK with it though, namely cause I was shitfaced drunk. I didn't much care what happened as long as I was buzzed. We got inside the club and lulled around for a bit till everyone else started to show up and the club started hopping. So we hung out near the door for awhile Just people watching. The girls that came in were gorgeous, one after the other. At this point I was pretty desperate to get laid; I talked to all the girls, short, tall, skinny, fat, beautiful, ugly, classy, and homely. I didn't care I had a major backup and jerking off had lost its effectiveness.

I met this tall light skinned black girl, and she was up for talking to me. So I laid my game on her, so far so good she was into playing alittle bit. I should have figured something was going to go wrong. After all I was not exactly a good looking guy at this age. I was about eighty pounds overweight and was nerdy without being nerd smart. I thought maybe she was into fat nerds, so I kept at trying to get in her panties. I kept buying her drinks and showering her with affection. I had finally made some progress. Seems that this nightclub had an upstairs room that was more of a quiet room for just sitting around and socializing, that's where she took me. When we got upstairs we found a nice quiet spot with a couch and sat down. We were both pretty drunk so our hands tended to venture. We started kissing and touching each other, so far so good. This girl had an awesome body and I wanted to see or feel all of it. She let me get my hands underneath her top and play with her tits. This much I was good at. She started getting all hot and bothered, her hands ventured to other places which didn't bother me a bit. With her hand starting to stroke my cock I thought I had it made. I started rubbing her legs which were so smooth and sexy just touching them made me melt. I proceeded to run my fingers up to the edge of her skirt which was very short and skin tight. I felt a little braver so I let my hand run up the inside of her thighs. I was so horny at this point it was all I could do to control myself, but I didn't want to seem too eager.

The last thing I wanted to do is blow the perfect opportunity to finally get laid. So I took my time and explored her body. I went back to playing with her tits and kissed her sexy washboard stomach. I laid her on her back and started biting her nipples through the top she had on. I felt even braver so much that I began kissing and licking up her legs. After pushing her skirt up to the top of her panties I paid a little extra attention to kissing her inner thigh and kissing her pubic region. To tell you how drunk we were we did this with four other couples scattered around the room. It didn't really matter because everyone else was there for the same reason. Every time I kissed her inner thighs or pubic bone her body would convulse. So here I am I have this beautiful black woman nearly naked, kissing, nibbling, and sucking all over her body. I thought for sure that his was it. I couldn't resist myself anymore, I went for the kill. I began rubbing her panties and then running my finger down between her thighs. It felt different from the other pussies I have touched. I thought what the hell we are all different. I proceeded to get inside. There was a light overtop of the couch we were sitting on. She reached up and turned it off. There was light from the rest of the room but for the most part we were in the dark. I reached up around her waist and grabbed her panties and pulled them off. At this point she was moaning and groaning, I was pretty damn turned on myself. I started running my tongue the length of her smooth and sexy legs, I stopped to kiss her behind the knee and then kissed her all the way to the top of her thigh. The building anticipation was killing both of us. I braved the fear that built inside of me; I spread her silky sexy thighs. I then buried my face between her thighs.

I was very disturbed, because I encountered something that I did not expect. This beautiful black queen was actually a king. The most shocking thing that I experienced was, when I dove in I had my mouth open and when I went to lick her my tongue was out. So when I moved upward at her pussy his cock ended up buried in my mouth. I was stunned, I didn't know what to say or do. I remained on my knees face to face with her cock. Actually my lips were still wrapped around the head for quite a long time. She looked down at me with a smile on her face. At that moment she rose up to rest on her elbows and looked at me. She licked her lips and whispered softly "That feels awesome I want more." I was dumbfounded, but one thing remained I was horny. I lingered between her thighs for a long time, making eye contact with this beautiful black woman. I had never been in a situation like this before. I asked myself "should I or shouldn't I." I began to question my own sexuality, after all I am was sitting there with a big hard cock partially in my mouth and hadn't moved for what seemed like an eternity. Just then she reached down and rubbed my cheek. She comforted me as she began to speak. "You're OK no one will ever know go ahead try it" she said in a soft sweet tone. And then her hand moved from my cheek to the back of my head, she stroked my hair in a very soft loving manner. Before I realized what was going on she started to pull my head down, I didn't resist. Somehow I felt a sense of pleasure. Once her cock reached the back of my throat I stopped and stayed there, almost catatonic. She then grabbed a handful of my hair and began to stroke my head up and down.

I didn't have any control over my own body at this point. My mind was telling me to get up and leave, but there was something telling me to stay and enjoy. Then I reached up and pulled her hand off of my head. I then started to stroke up and down on her massive cock by myself. I got into a rhythm of my own. My black queen looked down at me over her perfectly sculpted breasts and moaned in ecstasy. I knew I was doing right because if I got a blowjob this is how I would like it. At first it felt disgusting like I was some kind of faggot or something. Now I felt like this was incredible, I have always liked eating pussy, now I'm enjoying a different aspect of sex .Every time I went down on her cock I could feel it grow in my mouth. In the heat of the moment I had forgotten one major thing. There are other people in this room watching me take this huge cock in my mouth. I pulled my mouth of her cock but kept stroking her with my hand and looked around the room. It seemed as my act was a turn on for others in the room. All eyes were on me and what I was doing, so I gave them a show. There was a single guy setting by himself close to where I was. He was rubbing his penis through his pants as he watched me.

So I gave him something to enjoy because I know I was enjoying myself. I kept eye contact with him as I put my mouth back on her huge cock. I don't know what had come over me; I had never even been attracted to a guy before, now I was so into this that I never wanted to stop. I could tell my watcher was excited, his monster was about to explode out of his pants. What I did next sent him over the top. I came up off of my girls' huge cock and blew him a kiss winked at him and went back to sucking her. I had an idea that I was sure my girl was going to love. I propped her legs up on my shoulders and began to use my tongue to play with her ass. She was moaning and groaning hot and heavy. I turned to look at my watcher but he was gone, just then he sat down next to us with his hard cock out of his pants. I looked up at him with a very seductive come get me look. He knew what I was interested in. I can't believe that I'm offering up my ass to a complete stranger but at least I'm getting some action. I immediately go back to sucking the cock off of my beautiful black queen. The watcher comes around behind me and starts to grind his massive cock against my ass. If I weren't half drunk at the time I don't think any of this would have happened. I can say that I am glad that it did happen. My watcher reached around and untied the string on my shorts and pulled them down. The fact that I had a thong on drove him insane.

Never had anyone ever touched my ass in the manner in which I was being groped now. Honestly this was an incredible feeling I was in heaven. Feeling a strangers hands all over my body while I am trying to suck the cum out of this sexy transvestites balls. While I'm sucking her huge shaved cock all I can think about is will this be my only time with her or will luck be on my side. Will this beautiful woman/man be mine, will I get to touch her again and kiss those perfect lips, lick and kiss up and down those long sexy legs. Will I get to hear that soft, sensitive, feminine voice? The more and more I thought about it the more I wanted to make her shoot like I like to shoot. In the mouth of the one sucking my cock. My sole mission at the moment is to make this beautiful he she shoot her load. Never mind the giant hard cock that was about to penetrate my tiny virgin bud.

I look around the room there are even more people in the room than there were before, and all eyes are on me and the cock feast that I am enjoying. I feel the watcher spit on my tiny hole and rub his fingers around my puckered brown eye. He slowly puts one of his fingers in my ass to lube me up. I have never had such a thrill run through my body. The feeling of being penetrated is shear ecstasy. Again he spits on my ass and again he fingers me, only this time he aims to spread me out so he uses two fingers then three. The sensation of having my ass fingered made me suck even harder. She looks at me again over those perfect, beautiful breasts and whispers to me "I like it when you get fucked in the ass; it's going to make me cum." I replied to her the only way I could with a mouthful of cock "mmmmmm Hmmmm." Just as I mumbled that I felt the most incredible feeling that I have ever felt. The watcher slid his monster cock in my ass. I never imagined myself being in this position but I'm glad that I was in this situation. I began to moan and groan in a state of pure ecstasy. I sucked harder and harder on my beautiful girls' huge cock. I wanted to taste the cum from her huge shaved balls. I wanted this so bad and my jaw was so tired that I had to start stroking this beauty with my hand. It didn't take but a second of hand pumping her cock before she was ready to blow. She begged me to swallow her cum, and I did as my queen asked. I swallowed every drop.

I still had another humongous cock to suck dry. He was still taking his time shoving his cock inside me. I guess he didn't want to hurt me, but I wanted to get fucked and I wanted fucked hard. I pulled away from him and stood up to stretch my legs and get in a better position. I'm not the type of man that is into men, but seeing this incredibly sexy man made me want to lick him from head to toe. The watchers body was perfect in every way, long sexy hairy legs, thick hairy chest, and oh my that long long thick man muscle. I reached out and pulled his cock to me, and put my lips to the giant purple swollen head. Never had I been interested in men but tonight changed my life, I was not only seeing a man naked I was craving his touch craving his manhood to penetrate me. I slowly ran my tongue down the length of his immense shaft, down to those full grapefruit sized balls. I couldn't help myself, I wanted him. The watcher took the place of my beautiful black queen on the couch.
I kept thinking to myself, is this night really happening. "No this is a dream" I said aloud.
I looked around for the beauty that started this dream. She was gone, gone without a word, gone like to taste of her sweet surprise.

I had another chance to taste a man, and I was going to make this one count. The watcher was perched on the couch, legs spread, and his manhood pointing toward the heavens. I got down on my knees and began to pray to the ten inch god. I took my time and was going to make sure he knew what this experience meant to me. To the watcher I am just another whore that gave him head. To me this was a life changing experience. His legs were spread to the point of exposing his tender brown hole. I licked his inner thigh up to the soft sensitive spot between his hole and balls. He shook with excitement. I looked up to him with wanting eyes and asked "May I?" His reply was that of desire "Lick me, please lick me, please, please, lick me." I didn't want to disappoint my man. He reached down and grab behind his knees and pulled them toward his chest, exposing his tender bud. The sight of his tiny hole sent me into frenzy. My tongue was drawn to it like a bear to honey. I began to kiss around his bottom, and run my tongue over his tiny hole. His body quivered with every pass. I loved the thought of kissing his private spot. My lips engulfed his pink pucker; I placed my tongue at the rim and slowly pushed inside. The watcher couldn't hold out anymore he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in. His hole grew double in size to accept my wet tongue. The watchers hand pulled and pushed forcing me to tongue fuck his tender slot. I loved his taste, it made me crazy with lust, I pushed deeper and deeper with every thrust. I tasted his hole now it was time to taste my own ass. In one quick motion I moved from his ass to having that massive cock down my throat. He was still wet with my ass juices; I had to clean him off so I licked his cock and his balls. The mixture of his cock and my ass was a delight.

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