When My Wife Tried Working In Vegas

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My wife believed in real, hard, sex. Not so much appreciation towards fantasy. However, if one of my ideas or fantasies sounded like something that she would like to make real, then we clicked, with fantasy by me, and full application of the thoughts by her. Though she had a graduate degree, she danced as a stripper in local bars, performed after hours in front of 50 - 100 men (letting them use dildos and fingers), danced for local fraternities, served the same fraternities as fuck meat, did a lot of ordinary swinging activities (with or without me). Later, she did a lot of stage fucking - where a group might import a guy with a huge cock. His job was to rip into the local girl. She had several shows in which the guy was truly equipped like Mandingo. As you can tell, she liked large and hard cocks.

We really did lose count of how many guys that she had. At least 1000. All without condoms, and she still remained free of any disease. Lucky! When she got older, she still looked very young, and groups would have never guessed her age. One such group was Pussy Rippers in Vegas. At age 53, the wife wanted to try out some more extremes. She went to stay in Vegas for 6 weeks. She got to know the local places and practices. She worked through a swinger/pimp who we had met years earlier. He put her right to work. Since she was on her own, I have very little photo type documentation of most of her activities. However, when she went to the Pussy Ripper meeting, they were taking a lot of Polaroid's for themselves. They only gave a few duplicates to her. But, those few sort of made a Pussy Ripper story for them, and now for you.

*Oh, she has no problem remembering each of the five guys plunging in their huge cocks, and then twisting and grinding them as powerfully as they could. It was only then that she found out their group name was literal. "Pussy Rippers" !

She told me later, how her pussy snapped, popped, and went "thud" with each guy... How they got her into positions of maximum depth and maximum width stretch, working on her pussy intensely for hours. To her, they all seemed to be working on trying to rip her white pussy. And after more work, she heard and felt a couple of really big snaps. That is exactly when her inner and outer lips ripped, almost to her ass ! The guys seemed happy, and, at least, shared 4 polaroids.

If their goal was to make the white girl, too big for ordinary guys, to make her easier for guys their size and bigger to fuck? To make her unable to grip guys like her husband? Well, they accomplished more of those standards during their session than was done in any other of her many fuck sessions. And they made their changes even bigger and more permanent by having her serve Pussy Rippers five more times while she was in Vegas. I swear she could have probably taken a pony after that..

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