What's good for the goose is good for the gander

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When my husband Zack got released from jail I introduced him to my cute sexy black girlfriend. We had a substance abuse problem. Shasha is my friends name. We did some product and I would text black men teasing them sexually sending nude pics of myself. Well my friend Shasha spilt coffee on purpose so she could take off her shorts and shirt.

She was wearing a g-strings and matching bra. Posing bent over ass in the air then lying back legs spread wide. Her pussy was trimmed. You could see her crotch as the g-string went between her cunt lips. My husband says Shasha I think your body hot-n-sexy I never touched kissed eat out or fucked a black bitch or never got a blowjob from one either. She said wanna see my crotch? Yeah Zack says. She took down her panties showing off her cunt spreading her pussy lips showing pink inside.

She asks want to lick it suck it then fuck me with your big white cock? Want me to lick tease an blow you. Sure Zack says. She spread her legs pushing zacks head between her thighs getting her pussy licked and sucked. Then she unbuckled and unzipped his jeans pulled down his boxers licking his prick teasing him before sucking his full length down her throat deepthroating my man dick. She stops before he cums, and pushes his ass as he entered her and pounded her black cunt making her orgasm 4 times in a row! Meanwhile I teased her friend Johanna. His a tall dark black guy muscular with a large hard black dick!!

I teased him lick his prick sucked him while jerking and stroking his huge hard-on before I pulled him on top of me guiding his monster inside me. He slammed and pounded my tight wet white snatch. My husband and my friend walked in on us as we were finishing, they were also nude. We all cuddled in the king size bed together. Us girls started touching each other feeling each other up, the undressing one another feeling touching teasing licking each others thighs breasts and pussies while the boys gripped each others cock stroking them before my man dropped to his knees licking a big fat black dick teasing him jerking him off at the same time.

Then he sucked his cock head into his mouth swallowing what he could sucking as he stroked his length faster and faster until he orgasmed exploding in his mouth an down his throat gagging him with hot sticky goo. Now my hubby grabbed the niggas head pushed his lips and mouth against his hard throbbing white cock.

He lick his white cock traveling his length. Sucking his cock head into his mouth sucking it his head bobbing up an down on it, slurping and sucking as he swallows all he can. Suddenly he stiffens up and shoots his huge load down his throat and out his mouth. We all sucked and fucked each other guy girl girl girl guy guy!!

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