What You Risk When You Take On Fantasies.

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This is what started it all for me, thinking about my wife sleeping with another man. I had to have total control controlling of all situations. My third amateur wife, whose name was Susan, was the reason it all started, she was a walking sex bomb. I was twenty-seven, she was twenty when we got married. We had lived together for one year prior. The only way I can describe my sexual feelings, it is a gnawing inside of me that would not let go. I can compare it to a person who smokes and needs that cigarette or a person who is over weight and can't put that last piece of chocolate cream pie down. Sex is the strongest emotion that a human beings has. Once a sexual fantasy porn takes hold, it becomes an obsession, it's very hard to give up, in fact it cost me this marriage.

This how I met Susan, my best friend's wife decided to throw me a twenty-six birthday party. I had just gone through my second divorce. I was sleeping with her, she decided to invite Susan for me. Susan and I had met once before, we did not get along. The top boy, did my friends wife get fooled. That night bells, whistles everything imaginable went off for myself and Susan.

We got married a year later. Men couldn't take their eyes off of Susan when she walked down the street, of course, I couldn't either. Most of the time she went bra less. She had a gorgeous tan, she laid out all the time in the California sun. Imagine, 5' 6'' with a D cup, 112 pounds, long blonde hair with green eyes.

The first year, neither one of us could get enough sex (no joking 3 to 6 times a day). It really got hard on me, missionary and dog style got old after a while. So I came up with story time. She would whisper in my ear, while we were fucking, about other guys she found attractive and what she would do with them. I would talk to her about what I wanted her to do, Susan would really get off hard. As soon as we started talking, I didn't have to work as hard to get off. It was a total different way of coming, so intense.

Before I get into what comes next you better understand that when you start fantasies you will never get enough. You are always thinking of something else you can do. Make sure your wife, girlfriend or husband, boy friend really does love you and most of the time that is not enough. Fantasies will burn out a relationship if carried to far, that's what happened to Susan and I.

The Night That Started it All.

I managed four small grocery stores, they were like 7- 11. I usually closed my largest one between one to two am depending on how busy we were. One Saturday night (I had hired a guy the week before) I thought he could work and close by himself.

At seven Charlie walked through the door. He was a kid about seventeen and had a terrible crush on Susan. Every time Susan would show up at the store he would be there, he lived close to the store. I bet he beat off over her every time he got a chance. So here goes my weird mind, I ask him if he would like to go shoot some pool with me and Susan. Guess what, he didn't say no.

I got on the phone and called Susan and told her the plan. Her first reaction I will go shoot pool and that's it. Fifteen minutes later she pulls up. I said to Charlie, "You ride with her and I will drive my van down to the pool hall." I could just see his eyes light up, as he was able to ride with his dream, in a corvette.

When we got to the pool hall, there were twenty tables, only 3 being used. Susan had on a pair of shorts and a real low cut blouse, every time she bent over to take a shot half her boob would almost fall out. It was a real turn on for poor Charlie, you could see the tint in his pants. We shot about six or seven games, when I came up with this idea.

I said, "Let's call it a night and go down to the house and drink some beer."

Charlie was real eager, Susan sort of gave me a dirty xxx look. She had been joking around with Charlie, I knew she was not going to say no. We drove down to the house, me in my van and those two in the corvette. In the house Susan and I always went to the hallway and sat next to the wall furnace on the carpet. We were all sitting there and I got us each a beer. Those two were doing most of the talking, they seemed to be enjoying each other, all I was doing was scheming.

Charlie ask me, "Do you have another beer?"

I said, "Susan you want one?"

She said, "Yes."

Charlie went to the restroom, probably to jerk off. I know he had no idea what I had on my mind for that evening. All he could think about were those beautiful boobs.

"Susan are you going to do anything for me, you know how much I want something to happen?"

"No!" Giving me a dirty look. I really thought she meant it

Charlie came out of the restroom, we sat there for a short time. I finally said, "I have to go back to town and get some more beer."

Charlie said, "You want me to go with you?"

Of course I said, "No, you just stay and keep Susan company."

I went into our bedroom and pulled the blinds up about two inches, so I could see through, if something did happen. Then I went into the bathroom and pulled the blinds up there. With bathroom door open I could see the whole hallway.

When I got through I leaned down and said, "Susan I want something to happen, I will be back in about an hour."

I went out to the back to get my van and noticed the bathroom window was too high. I turned the garbage can over so I could stand on it when I came back. I jumped in my van pulled down the road and parked it. I ran back to the house, I jumped on the garbage can to look down the hallway. The light was pretty good, it looked like she had her hand on his leg. I really couldn't tell, Charlie was looking at a magazine, it was in the way.

Susan stood up and I could read her lips. She said, "I will be right back." She went into the bedroom and I thought, what is she doing now. She put some music on and started taking her blouse off. She put on this real small yellow tank top. Went back and sat down next to Charlie. His eyes almost popped out of his head. I could see Susan's face, she was smiling, looking very naughty american.

Susan stood up, taking Charlie's hand and leading him to the bedroom. It looked like Charlie said something to her, I couldn't tell, but she nodded yes. When they got into the bedroom he put his hand on her boob and started playing with it. Susan put her arms around him they started dancing real slow and kissing. Susan lifted her tank top over her head, pulling it off. Charlie put his lips down, over one of her nipples. It looked like he was biting pretty hard. Susan had her head back and her eye's closed, I could tell she was enjoying. Charlie pushed her towards the bed, she laid back. Charlie pulled her shorts and her panties off, and was laying there totally nude.

Susan had shaven her pussy (Oh what a sight). I was only a foot from the bed out side the window. Everything that I had lusted for was happening right in front of me. You talk about getting hard, It was beyond belief. I never per-ejaculated before, I was getting off in my pants.

Charlie stuck his hand on her pussy, he started to play with the lips (they were so pink and I was already hard again). He backed off, taking his clothes off. He got back on the bed sticking two fingers inside of her working them real fast. He put his other hand back on her tit and was squeezing her nipple. Mean while Susan put her hand down on his cock.

Charlie could not hold it anymore, his cum hit Susan right in the face, She put his cock in her mouth and took the rest of it down. She got up and went into the bathroom got a wash cloth came back and wiped him off. They were both sitting there nude on the bed. Remember, he is seventeen it does not take long for that thing to get hard. They sat there for a while kissing and playing with each other. Charlie pushed her on her back, he went down to her feet and started kissing each toe running his tongue up to her calf then to her knee. I could tell Susan needed a good fucking, she was squeezing her boobs real hard, and was sucking on her nipples.

Susan had her head towards the bathroom so I could see Charlie's eyes they were looking right at her shaven pussy. He put his tongue right on her clit at the same time rolling the clit back and forth really hard. Susan started screaming stick your cock in me Charlie, I need you and I want you to fuck me. Susan was so wet his cock went right in, it took 10 seconds for them both to get off. They knew they better get dressed, Charlie did not want to get caught by me.

Five minutes later I walked through the door. Charlie was on the couch reading a magazine and he didn't want a beer. Susan was in bed waiting for me. What a story time I got that night. The next day I took Charlie back to town, and he didn't say much about the previous night. When I got back to the house, Susan said, "That was not fair you watching I knew you were out there. I want to fuck Charlie tonight without you being here."

This really took me off guard. I never expected this, I looked at her, I knew she was serious.

I said, "How do you plan to do this?"

Susan looked at me and smiled. "I guess you could not hear what we talked about? Charlie gave me his phone number and I am suppose to call him."

I said, "That little shit, I guess I can't blame him, so how are you going to do this?"

"I am going to call him in couple of hours, and tell him I will pick him up around six pm. We are going to take the van in, I will drop you off at your favorite restaurant . Then I will pick you up in two hours. This way I can be alone and do what I want."

"I guess I really don't have a choice here, have a good time. I will get a great story time tonight, right?"

Susan replied, "The best and I do love you."

Authors notes: This is a true story and I will never forget this woman. My fantasy's got so out of control. We were only together for three years.

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