What Doctors really get up to on the night shift.

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I reached the hospital slightly early that night and was pleased to see there were still extra-small scrubs available in the ladies changing room. Medium would probably be the best fit for me, but I love how tight the trousers are on my ass, leaving no one in any doubt as to my choice of underwear. As I struggled to squeeze the tight top over my 34C chest, I reflected that may be my curvy ass wasn't the only reason the orderlies stared. With my long blonde hair whipped up in a neat pony tail I headed out for my night shift.

I went straight for the Doctors' office to see who I would be working with that evening. One look at the board and I felt a rush of excitement in my stomach. The other two doctors on that evening were great guys, funny, young, handsome and up for a laugh. One of them, Paul, was tall and slim, and I'd heard from a friend of mine that he was surprisingly well endowed. The other, Chris, was muscular, and athletic, and incredibly flirty. Whenever I was with him conversation always turned to sex.

Being a smallish hospital our shifts are usually quiet and by 1am I had finished all my tasks, I paged the other two and we met in my on call room for some food. Once we'd eaten we chatted, and the talk turned, as it usually did to who was seeing who. Or more to the point who was doing who. I'm not sure if it's the stress or the long hours, but doctor's are a seriously horny bunch!

Chris joked about how he'd been with a nurse in the supply closet, and Paul quickly chimed in that he'd been with two nurses in the supply closet. This got the talk of threesomes started, something I'd always fantasised about but never done. I wondered if my dreams were going to turn to reality that evening, suddenly I was very glad that I'd completely shaved my legs and pussy before coming to work that evening. I could feel my lips getting swollen inside my scrubs. When Paul asked me if I'd ever had a threesome, I found myself replying without even thinking; "No, but I've always wanted to try."

There was a long pause while we all looked at each other, then Chris stood up, and locked the door. He took of his shirt revealing a tanned, well toned abs; "how about now?"

My heart racing I went over to him and traced a finger down his six pack. Paul stood up behind me and pulled my tight top over my head. He stood close behind me and put his hands inside my bra, cupping my breasts and pinching my nipples. I could already feel his hard bulged pressed up behind me, and a growing wetness inside my panties.

Chris leaned his mouth towards mine and kissed me, our tongues twisted together, and at the same time he undid my trousers letting them fall to the ground. His fingers rubbed my swollen lips through my underwear. Paul undid my bra, and they stood back to admire me. I stood there naked, except for a tiny G string in front of my two colleagues. In the mirror behind them I saw what they saw. large breasts, with dark, hard nipples. My G string was soaking wet, and my pussy was swollen, making the two lips clearly visible through the thin fabric. I did the only thing I could think of and took it off!

By this time the boys both looked somewhat uncomfortable with large bulges in the front of their pants. Given Paul's reputation for being well endowed I decided to start with Chris. Kneeling down in front of him I took out his cock and was pleased to find it not particularly long, but incredibly thick and hard. I took it in my mouth and he put his hands behind my head to encourage me. Obviously getting jealous, Paul now had his cock out and the rumours were not wrong, it was easily the biggest cock I had ever seen. At the site of it I felt the wetness from my pussy start to run down my leg.

I took Paul in my mouth. My jaw open as wide as I could, I could still only barely get the tip in. He seemed to enjoy it though, and closed his eyes. I took my time going between the two guys, sucking and slurping, covering their dicks in lots of hot spit. Whilst I was sucking one the other would be pushing his cock in my face keen for more.

After a couple of minutes Paul suddenly picked me up by the waist, and put me on the bed, I could see that my time of being in control was over, and the boys were going to have their fun with me. Paul came towards me, and put one finger in my pussy. He stroked the wet, slippery lips, and bent to tongue my clit. His tongue swirled round and round my clit, and it was all I could do to not come there and then.

I was more than ready to have some cock inside me when Chris lay down on the bed, so I pulled away from Paul and sat astride Chris, facing away, reverse cowgirl style. I lowered my pussy over his cock, and with a relief at finally getting what I wanted started to bounce up and down. Paul positioned himself in front of me and I eagerly took his cock in my mouth as far as I could, gagging a little on the size.

I bounced steadily faster and faster, tits flying everywhere. I reached a hand down between my legs and fingered my clit in time to the rhythm of my bouncing. Bouncing on one cock and sucking another whilst rubbing my clit, round and round. I could feel myself getting nearer and nearer to climaxing. Suddenly I was there and I screamed as I felt my orgasm overwhelm me. I could feel my pussy contracting, tight around Chris' dick, which he must have felt too, because a couple of seconds later he let out a grunt, and filled my pussy with hot cum.

As I climbed off Chris I lay down on my front. Paul came up behind me, not having come yet he was still rock hard, and rammed himself straight into my pussy, still full of his friend's sperm. He grabbed my hips as he pumped me from behind, thrusting deep inside me. His huge cock filled my tight cunt, and I found myself quickly recovering from my first orgasm. As I regained a bit of energy I found myself grinding back into him, pushing my hips into his pelvis. I could feel his balls slapping into me with each of the thrusts. I'd never felt anything like his massive dick before, it stretched me, and pushed so deep inside, making me scream out with every thrust.

Just as I was really enjoying the rhythm and feeling another orgasm welling up inside me Paul pulled out. I turned around, wondering why, to feel him rub his hard swollen bell end against my ass hole.

I love anal, it really turns me on, and makes me feel like the dirty whore that I am. But I was worried as I'd never had a cock that big in my pussy, let alone my ass. He pushed a finger in side my ass to warm me up, it felt great, and he quickly added another and another. Pumping his three thick fingers in and out of my tight little asshole. He took his hand out and offered it to me, I eagerly licked his fingers, spat on them and he put them right back in my ass for more.

Our little show of ass play was obviously helping our other colleague recover from his orgasm, as he stepped up and gallantly offered to fuck my ass first, being smaller and all. A little disappointed, but knowing I'd get my turn with Paul's monster cock I agreed. Chris was already hard again and lay on the edge of the bed, I faced away from him and lowered my ass hole right onto his cock. It felt great, as always, to have a big thick cock in my ass, and Chris grabbed my hips to lift me slightly as he started to thrust into me. I didn't bargain for what came next though.

Paul, with his giant dick, who still was yet to cum, knelt in front of me. His friend paused his thrusting in my ass to allow him to ram his huge cock right into my pussy. I'd never had two cocks inside me before, and I couldn't believe how amazing it felt. Both guys were larger than average, and they completely filled both of my tight holes. Slowly they started to rub up and down. They took it in turns to thrust into me, holding me completely off the floor with their strong arms. I was completely at their mercy as they grunted, increasing their pace, pushing harder and harder, deeper inside me. I couldn't help it as the strongest orgasm of my life ripped through my body. Their two cocks stretching my holes as I pulsated and screamed around them.

With no warning Paul pulled his massive cock out of my pussy, and with a yell, unleashed his sizeable load all over my face and tits. His cum splashed all over my cheeks and open mouth and I licked at it eagerly. Sucking every last drip from him, I loved tasting my own pussy juices on his softening cock.

From behind me Chris stood me up, his cock still in my ass, and bent me over. From this angle he was really able to pump at my ass with all his force, he pumped and pumped, while Paul lay exhausted on the bed. After my two orgasms I was weak at the knees but he held me up as he thrust his thick cock into my ass. After a couple of minutes he pulled out of my ass and turned me round, he grabbed my head and rammed his cock straight into my mouth. I gagged and choked, as he held tight onto my head pushing his cock right to the very back of my mouth again and again and again. Spit was dribbling down my chin, as I moaned, but he didn't let up, and took a tighter grip on my ponytail to push my mouth deeper onto his dick.

By this time I was glad to see Paul was hard again, I had been worried he wouldn't want to go again, and I was desperate to feel that monster cock in my ass. However he was ready, and took advantage of me bending over sucking his colleagues cock to position himself behind me. He slowly slowly pushed his huge bell end into my ass hole, I felt a sudden give, and he was in. The feeling of him stretching my previously innocent little asshole to the absolute max was amazing. He gradually started working in and out, in and out. I reached a hand down between my legs and rubbed at my swollen clit.

I couldn't believe how the night had turned out, there I was still on shift, getting paid, with one doctor shoving his dick down my throat, and another ramming his monster cock up my ass. I rubbed harder and harder at my clit, wanting to come again, but not wanting this moment to end. I felt my orgasm building deep inside me. Just as I started to come my mouth was filled with salty cum from Chris, which I swallowed hungrily. My climax hit me, and I screamed, cum dribbling out the sides of my mouth. Paul pulled out of my ass, and came once more all over my face. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror behind, cum, mixed with lots of spit and a little black mascara smeared all over my face and dripping down onto my tits.

At that second three pagers went of simultaneously;

"Emergency, emergency, all doctors to the ER immediately"

Wiping my face, still grinning, we pulled our scrubs on and ran.

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