Wet glory

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My wife Kerri and I have been married for five years. She's gorgeous, at just 5'2" and 98lbs she's a stunning brunette. Pale skin, a full c-cup, and my favorite attribute she's a squirter. There's no better feeling than making my woman cum all over me, we just have to have lots of sheets handy. Lately our sex life has gone a little stale. Kerri has been asking me to finish, before I even get the chance to get her off. I feel like I'm letting her down, I often find myself jerking off to memories of us fucking. When she'd Squirt all over my lap and stomach and I'd rub those juices all over her perfect ass while fucking her as deep as I could go. Man, she'd cum over and over again. I wish I knew what had changed.

"Kerri, is everything ok? I feel like you might be bored on our love life"

"No, not at all" she replied.

"Is there anything I can do to make you happy? I'll do anything babe, maybe some movies or sex toys?"

"Hm, that could be fun, let's do it! Let's go to that Hot BoXXX shop. My girlfriends tell me it's a riot! Maybe they'll have some rubber sheets, she said with a wink."

When we got there it was pretty late, there were a few cars parked outside and a small neon "open" sign in the window. It looked like a pretty typical sex shop, lots of dildos and leather, and tons of DVDs. Neither of us knew where to start. We just wandered around cracking jokes, she picked up a huge black double dong and tried to hit me with it, I quickly defended myself with the nearest vibrator on the shelf. We both stumbled and caught ourselves on a large black curtain. When we asked the man at the desk what it was he only said, "$20 and you two can find out for yourselves."

We couldn't resist, when we passed through the curtain we were in some sort of viewing area. There was a glass wall separating us from a small room, the room only had one door and what appeared to be a glory hole cut out in the wall. The other two walls were glass as well and you could see other onlookers waiting for a show to begin. When the door opened a middle aged woman slowly entered the room. She was wearing only a blindfold, so she was using her hands to feel her way around the room. You could tell she's done this before because she knew right where to go. Kerri sat on my lap, she was grinding her ass onto my rock hard erection. We watched this mess of a woman suck a huge black cock through the hole in the wall for a good five minutes. Kerri was really enjoying the show. As soon as that mystery woman lined up that massive cock to her pussy, Kerri grabbed my arm and said "Let's go!" I joked that we're going to miss the best part, but I was thrilled to be going.

I drove home as fast as I could, Kerri grabbed me by the hand and quickly lead me back to the bedroom. She pulled back all of the curtains, and turned on every light in the room. Her naked body was truly a sight to behold. I picked her up and tossed her on the bed, I buried my tongue into her pussy. She was soaked. She grabbed me by the hair and said "Fuck me baby!" I pushed my cock inside her in one quick motion, I was balls deep. Normally Kerri needs to warm up a bit but she was already primed. I put her little feet on my chest, I get deeper. I move her feet up to my shoulders, I get deeper, I start fucking her faster and faster. I can hear her orgasm starting, the increased fluid causing a beautiful sloppy sound. Her head shoots back and I can feel the warm fluid spraying on my balls. I pull out and cum on her stomach, Kerri is allergic to latex and the pills cause to many issues so we seem to be ok with the pull out method.

Kerri slowly got up, toweled off and walked to the window. "Do you think anyone can see us? she asked.
"Maybe a raccoon and a deer I replied. Living in the country is nice for the privacy"

"Hmmm that's too bad, Kerri said. The idea of being watched is so hot, don't you think?

"Anything with you is hot, maybe tomorrow we can watch another show if you'd like?

"He'll yeah!"

Kerri and I had to go to a friend's baby shower in the afternoon. I was wearing a dress shirt and tie, while Kerri wore brown leather heels and a short blue dress. Our drive home took us past Hot BoXXX so of course we had to stop. We were shocked to see the same middle aged lady, shopping in the store. My wife ran over to tell her how much fun we had watching the night before.

"Well she was nice, Kerri said. She told me that her and her husband have been doing this for years, they love the attention! So what do you think?"

"Think about what? I replied

"How about we give them a real show? I was told we just tell that tall black man behind the counter."

I grabbed her hand and told her it was the hottest thing I could every imagine. We ran to the counter where we met Carter. Carter was a very large, very dark black man who spoke very broken English.

Kerri couldn't wait to say it, "I want to do the glory hole! I want to be watched!

Carter just said "good good, very beautiful, very good. He looked at me and simply said "Watched?" I nodded yes. He replied "Ok pretty lady hole room 2, you 'watched' room 3"

"I can't believe we're doing this!" Kerri squealed.

Ok you get ready baby, I'm going to piss real quick. Standing at the urinal I kept playing back the conversation we just had, it was so fucking hot. Now which room again? Oh yeah "room three 'watched', I wonder why Carter called me 'watched' and not both of us? Oh well. Room three... this is fucking amazing!

When I entered the room I was all kinds of confused, I was in a viewing booth. Just the glass wall, and there was Kerri. Beautiful. Blindfolded, still wearing her thong and heels. A huge black cock was sticking through the hole in the wall. Kerri pulled down her thong but she lost her balance and stumbled into the wall. Like a cast iron rail she grabbed the huge cock and regained her balance. She pressed her ass against the wall and lowered her perfectly shaved pussy onto the giant member. She slid the length along her slit coating it with her already soaked lips. I wanted to bang on the glass to stop the whole thing but I was in a trance. I was so hard it hurt.

Kerri spread her legs and leaned forward, grabbing the coal black shaft she lined him up with her unprotected entrance. Her hands on the glass wall in front of me she pushed back against the giant invader. "Holy shit baby" she said it that the double dong from yesterday?" It's fucking huge!" She pushed back again forcing him further inside. The man on the other side was perfectly still, my wife was doing all of the work. She started to pick up her pace, her ass slapping hard against the wall.

"Oh God, oh my God yes yes yes", Kerri screamed. Her body shaking, her pussy exploded with my favorite hot liquid spraying all over the wall, and down her legs. Her pale white thighs were shiny and soaked. She just held herself up against the glass. Too sensitive to move, Kerri just rested. That's when our friend behind the wall started to pump slowly into my wife, she moaned with approval. Bracing herself against my window, Kerri was taking a pounding. Within seconds she was cumming for her second time. Her shoes soaked, her knees barely able to support her. She tried to catch her breath but that's when our friend started up again. Kerri's head dropped, she was forcing her ass back against the wall to meet each of her lovers thrusts. Sweat was running down her face, she grabbed the blindfold to wipe her brow eyes stoll closed.

Her face was angelic, a stark contrast to the trash surrounding us. I could see her start to twitch as her third orgasm was building. She opened her eyes, she was in shock to see me watching from my little room, I just mouthed "I love you" and put my hand against the glass my other hand was busy. She put her hand against mine and said she loved me too. Just then her third orgasm ripped through her body, She screamed "yes, yes fuck me fuck me harder!" We stared right into each others eyes. When saw my erection in my hand, she said "cum for me baby, cum for me". I shot a blast onto the glass, it was amazing! But our friend had the same idea, as my wife shook and squirted through her third orgasm her lover continued pumping faster and faster.

Kerri's body was a flood of hormones, her recent ovulation was causing her to go wild. She was using ever ounce of strength she had to milk the cock inside her she wanted it, she wanted every last drop. "Cum in me, please cum in me, you're so fucking deep oh God please...." Kerri pushed both hands against the glass, pushing her ass against her lover with all her might. I heard a voice say "Oh yes pretty lady!" And the pumping stopped.

Kerri rested a moment while she regained her strength. Carter slowly pulled himself back through the hole. When his dick left my wife a huge gush of semen followed. Mixing with the fluid already on the floor. Kerri took two fingers and wiped the inside of her thigh, she drew a little heart on the glass between us and blew me a kiss. She mouthed "thank you" and walked out the door. What have I done? What have we done? And why do I want to do it again?

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