Welcome to paradise

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Mike opened the bathroom door watched his stepdaughter take a shower.

"Get out of here you pervert!" screamed Lula.

"Make me" he laughed.

Lula wrapped herself in a towel and chased him out of the bathroom. When he tripped over the coffee table she jumped on him. He tore the towel off and kissed the struggling girl. Then Mike pinned her to the floor and stuck his finger in her pussy. She let him finger fuck her hole until she climaxed.

"You better stop or I will tell mom" she gasp.

"No you won't" he laughed.

Lula knew she wouldn't tell on him. She wasn't a snitch.

"Come to my room after mom is asleep" she whispered.

Mike got off his stepdaughter just in time. They heard a car door close and knew Dorothy was back. Lula ran to her bedroom and got dressed. Mike greeted his wife with a hug and helped her with the groceries. After dinner they watched television until time for bed. Lula waited until almost twelve o'clock for Mike and fell asleep. She woke up when she felt Mike's naked body snuggled up to hers.

"I didn't think you were coming" she whispered.

"I had to fuck you mom first" he replied.

Lula spread her legs and whispered.

"Do me like you did my mother, I want your cock in me"

Mike didn't waste time and filled his stepdaughter hole with his prick.

"OOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo that's nice" cooed the girl.

Mike fucked her slowly. He wanted to make it last. Lula had climax after climax. When her stepfather filled her cunt with sperm she smothered him with kisses.

"You better get back in bed with mom" she warned.

Morning came and Lula ate breakfast with her mom. Mike had gone to work. She ask her mother a question.

"Do you love Mike?"

"Of course I do" said Dorothy.

"Would you be jealous if you caught him with another woman?"

"I would cut hiss balls off." laughed Dorothy.

Lula smiled to herself. What her mother didn't know wouldn't hurt her. Saturday Mike didn't have to work so he ask Lula if she wanted to go to the auto parts store with him. He needed some oil for the car. She said yes.

Where are we really going?" she ask.

"To a motel" he replied.

Lula unbuttoned her blouse and took off her bra so Mike could fondled her breasts while he was driving. The motel manager smiled when he saw Lula and Mike. The girl was young enough to be the man's daughter. When they were in their room Lula undressed and lay on the bed. Mike kissed her pussy and then he licked it. Lula was in heaven. No one had done that before. She climaxed and trembled every time Mike's tongue touched her clit.

"Does my pussy taste as good as my mom's?" she gasp.

"Better" he replied.

Mike mounted the girl and fucked her until he was exhausted. When he was finished Lula snuggled with her step dad.

"I love you Mike" she whispered.

"Your mom loves me too" he sighed.

"That's why she must never know about us" said Lula.

"If we keep doing this she is going to catch us" he warned.

"Do you want to stop?"


Lula sucked his prick until it filled her mouth with sperm.

"Can we go home now?" she smiled.

Mike kissed Lula sweetly. They dressed and drove home.

"What took you so long?" ask Dorothy.

"The place was crowded" lied Mike.

Lula looked at her stepfather and smiled. He was a good liar. As soon as Dorothy went to make the beds Mike pulled his prick out. Lula jacked it off until it shot cum on the carpet.

"Are you going to fuck me tonight?" she whispered.


Bedtime came and Mike waited until Dorothy fell asleep. Then he went to Lula's bedroom. She was waiting for him with her legs spread.

"Did you have sex with my mom?"

"Not this time, I was saving my sperm for you"

"Stick it in me, what are you waiting for?"

Mike slid his hard prick in her wet pussy. She wiggled and moaned with delight. He fucked his stepdaughter for all he was worth. Lula climaxed until she was exhausted. Mike lay beside the satisfied girl and fell asleep. That was the way Dorothy found them when morning came.

"You slut, who gave you permission to sleep with my man!" shouted Dorothy.

Mike jumped out of bed and Lula pulled the covers over her head.

"It wasn't her fault, I was the one that seduced her" stammered Mike.

"Like hell, that bitch has been after you since I married you" snarled Dorothy.

Lula peeked from beneath the covers and said.

"Can't you share him with me?"

Dorothy laughed. This was funny. She knew that mike loved her. She would let him bang Lula if that was what he wanted.

"Mike you can have sex if you wants too"

"I can?" gasp Mike.

"Do her now, I know how horny you get when you wake up in the morning"

Mike pulled the covers off Lula and fucked her while his wife watched. Lula started to moan. Her climaxes were huge because her mother was watching. Dorothy pulled her nightgown up and played with her pussy. It was exciting to watch Mike fuck her daughter.

"Don't wear him out dear, I want him next"

When Mike heard that he emptied his sperm in the girl for the last time. Lula got out of bed and her mother took her place. Mike fucked his wife like a man possessed. Dorothy climaxed so hard she peed. Finally Mike was too tired to continue. mother and daughter lay next to the exhausted man and smothered him with kisses.


That evening Mike took them to a fancy restaurant. Dorothy thought the buss boy was cute.

"I bet you could get him in bed" said Lula.

"You think so?" she replied.

"Young men are always horny" said Mike.

When the boy cleared their table Dorothy gave him a twenty dollar tip and a piece of paper with a message and phone number on it. The message said: "Would you like to fuck me?"

The boy took the money and looked at the note. He blushed like a girl when he read it and said that he would call her. When they were back at the house Mike said.

"I bet that boy has never had a piece off ass in his life"

"Do you think he is a virgin?" replied Dorothy hopefully.

"Train him well mom and then I can use him"

"You leave him alone, you've already got my husband"

"I want to butt fuck him" laughed Mike.

"God I would like to see that" said Lula.

"Are you going to make a queer out of my plaything?" laughed Dorothy.

"When he calls you invite him over for drinks" said Mike.

The next day the boy called Dorothy and said his name was Jerry. Dorothy invited him to a drinking party at her house with her daughter and brother. Mike heard what she said.

"You told him I was your brother?"

"I didn't want to scare him off" she laughed.

"Good thinking mom" said Lula.

It was almost six in the evening when Jerry knocked on the door. Dorothy let him in. She was dressed in a short skirt and revealing blouse. She didn't wear panties or a bra. Jerry took one look at the sexy older woman and got a stiff prick. Lula introduced herself and so did Mike. Mike thought it was fun to watch the boy make out with his wife. Jerry sat next to Dorothy while Mike fixed drinks. They found that Jerry lived with his mom so he could save money for collage.

"I think collage boys are neat" said Lula.

"You should know, you've fucked enough of them" laughed Dorothy.

Jerry's face turned red. These people didn't care what they said. He gulped his drink down and Dorothy got him another one. Soon the nervous boy was drunk and Dorothy kissed him. Jerry kissed her back. He didn't care who was watching. He wanted her so bad his balls ached and his prick dribbled cum. Dorothy unbuttoned her blouse and placed the boy's hand on her breast.

"Can we go to the bedroom?" he said nervously.

"I like to do it in front of people"

"Oh god, I don't care" gasp the boy.

Dorothy undressed and lay on the floor spreading her legs. Jerry saw Mike finger fucking Lula and wondered what he had got himself into. He was too excited to give a damn. He quickly shed his clothes and mounted Dorothy. Jerry fucked her again and again. His prick never got soft when he spilled his sperm in her sloppy hole. He was fantastic and Dorothy climaxed until she didn't think she could stand another one. Suddenly she pushed him off her and said.

"You take him Lula, if he makes me have another orgasm I will faint!"

Lula took her mothers place. Jerry jumped on Lula like a cat and rammed his dick in her cunt. Mike kissed Dorothy and tasted the sperm that oozed from her pussy. Dorothy whispered.

"Do you want to fuck his ass?"

"I can hardly wait" he replied.

Lula was in heaven. She had never been fucked like this before. She screwed a lot of men in her young life but Mike was the best. Jerry pulled his prick out of Lula's pussy and covered her face with sperm. Then he lay beside her panting and exhausted.

"Jerry will you do something for me?" ask Dorothy.

"What is it?"

"Mike wants to butt fuck you"

"No way" protested the boy.

"Please do it Jerry, I want to watch" said Lula.

"I don't want to" snarled Jerry.

"Then you can't fuck me or my daughter ever again" said Dorothy.

Jerry was aghast. He didn't want to loose a good thing.

"Alright I will do it" said the reluctant boy.

Lula got some cold cream and smeared it on her stepfather's prick. Jerry got on his hands and knees exposing his asshole. Dorothy helped guide her husband's prick in his asshole. Jerry bit his lip to keep from crying out in pain when Mike shoved it in deep.

"That's so neat!" cried Lula.

"I bet his asshole is tighter than my cunt" laughed Dorothy.

Mike rammed his prick back and forth in Jerry's rectum like a mad man. He knew he was hurting the boy and that made him excited. Jerry felt pain at first but then the perverted act felt good.

"Look mom, he's getting a hard on" giggled Lula.

"Oh my god, I think he likes it!" laughed Dorothy.

Mike emptied his ball in Jerry's asshole and then pulled his prick out. Dorothy licked the boy's sore asshole. When Jerry felt her tongue caressing his rectum and released his pent up sperm on the carpet.

"Did you like getting butt fucked?" ask Mike.

"Yes" said Jerry.

Dorothy kissed him and said.

"You were wonderful Jerry, I will do anything you want"


"Yes anything"

"Make love to your daughter"

"I'm not a lesbian" she snorted.

"And I'm not a queer" Jerry replied.

"Eat my pussy mom, please do it" begged Lula.

"If that is what you want" said the exasperated woman.

"Kiss her first" said Mike.

Dorothy kissed her daughter passionately and Lula kissed her back.

"Suck her tits" demanded Jerry.

Dorothy eagerly sucked both of her daughter's breasts. Then she licked her cunt and made Lula climax.

"Oh god mom I wish we had done this a long time ago" said the delighted girl.

Jerry and Mike sat on the couch watching. They both had erections. Mike grabbed Jerry's prick and played with it.

"Do you want to fuck my ass again?" whispered Jerry.

"I want to suck you off"

Jerry stood up and poked his prick in the older man's mouth. Mike sucked the boy's prick and swallowed his cum.

The women had reversed roles, now Lula was eating her mothers pussy.

"God I love to watch them go at it" said Jerry.

"lesbian love makes me hot too" replied Mike.

"Your sister is beautiful" said Jerry.

"Dorothy lied to you, she is my wife and Lula is my stepdaughter"

"Oh shit!" gasp Jerry.

"It's alright Jerry, I love to watch my wife fuck other men"

"I wish I could live here" sighed Jerry.

"You can If you want to, the girls would love it"

"I'll go home and tell mom"

Mike took the boy in his arms and kissed him and said.

"Welcome to paradise.

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