Weekend with work party

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I worked in a small office that was part of a big company and I was booked to work at the head office for a week and the weekend was to be the company annual party. I was in the usual hotel and on the Thursday night I had a call on my mobile from Pat our married secretary in the office to say her husband was not able to come down for weekend party would I mind picking her up from station and giving her a lift back on the Sunday. I was of course pleased to do that because she was a very fit blonde with great body and had always flirted a bit with me, she was twenty six and had a daughter.

I met her at the station and took her back to check in at hotel. I suggested and she agreed we would go and get something to eat. We had a good time and had finished a bottle of wine. She told me her husband had to work on an urgent project for the weekend but added that meant he was possibly shagging as well. I was taken aback but did not no what to say, she then added he does not care that I will not have him to fuck me. I asked her why she thought that and she said that she needed sex most nights and without it she was very frustrated.

Having made our way back to the Hotel she stopped on the way and went into a store and came out with a bottle of wine. On arrival at Hotel I went to say good night and she said I am not drinking this on my own you are coming to my room. I followed like her slave. She said sit down and she poured wine before sitting opposite me. She then said how often had I fucked and blushing said not often. She said well it is time I took you further with which she stood up and took off her clothes standing in front of me like a venus with huge nipples just wanting to be sucked. She then said your cock must be ready seeing these.

I stood up and stripped down and revealing my very hard cock. She gasped and said have you hidden that from me for so long, She wrapped her hand around it and said honey have never had one that big. I was so ready she said come on we had better unload him before he explodes. She placed her clit over my cock head and within a short time I filled her with my cum. She then paid back by covering me in her squirting juices..

I laid her on her back and worked both her nipples with my tongue and they quickly became so supple that she was clearly ready for her next fuck of the night. My cock was working her well oiled clit when she let out a deep moan and again squirted her load. Clearly my cock not having been used much was keeping up with her and we fucked for nearly three hours before going to sleep.

The next morning we continued to enjoy fucking in both her holes until we got ready for the evening party. She was well smashed with drink at the end that another guy had to help me get her to her room I made out that I was going back to my room after laying her on the bed. Once he was away however I went back and slept with her.

Since that weekend I have had a number of requests to fuck her every time her husband is away.

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