Watching my Buddy and his date

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Not too much exciting has happened recently so I decided to write down this story from last year. This story centers around my buddy Nick more so than me. To recap, my buddy Nick is 24 (23 at the time I think) and has an athletic build. He's 6 foot 2 and Italian so he's got the total package: tall, naturally tan skin, black hair, brown eyes and he's a good looking guy. Even though we're good friends, going out with him can suck at times because even though I'm a good looking guy myself, something about that kid always makes him the main attraction even when he's not trying to be.

Well, on with the story...

Nick had recently broke up with his girlfriend of 2 years and was looking to date someone new. Even though he claimed to be over his ex, I knew better. The few times we went out after the break up, he had plenty of chances to take home a peice of ass and never did. He claimed that wasn't what he wanted but it was obvious he was still not over his ex. About 2 weeks later, through a mutual friend, he ends up setting up a date with a this chick, Emily. She's 22 but she was definitely a young 22 if that makes any sense. I knew this girl through our mutual friend and always thought she was hot. Short, skinny, and blonde she knew she was hot too. Her ass was amazingly perfect for her size which is a good thing because her tits were pretty small.

Nick and I were rooming together at the time and on the night of the date, Nick was supposed to take Emily out to dinner and come back to the apartment to watch some TV. This was actually their second date as they did the dinnver and a movie first date. I decided I'd go out to the bar with a few friends so they could hang out at the apartment and I wouldn't be home until late. My night was pretty lame so I ended up leaving the bar just after 1am. I figured by the time I got home she would be gone since Nick already said after the first date he wasn't sure he could do anything with her because he was still not over his ex-gf but he still wanted to give this a try.

So I get back to our place around 1:30 and start heading up the stairs. When I get to the door I could hear some music playing in the apartment but it wasn't music I would normally expect; it was definitley "mood" music. I wasn't sure if Emily was still there or not but at that point I was kind of hoping she still was. I can't lie, I'm definitely more voyuer than exhibitionist so instead of making a loud entrance to give them a warning, I unlocked the door as quietly as I could and walked in. I could see them on the couch and quickly slipped into the kitchen so they wouldn't see me. After staying quiet for a second to make sure they didn't see/hear me, I peaked my head around the corner. What I saw was definitely worth the sneaking in. Nick was sitting on the couch with one of his legs crossed under him and the other on the floor. Emily was sitting his leg that was crossed and she was slowly grinding his thigh getting close to his crotch. They were making out pretty heavily which is why they never heard me come in. Nick had one of his hands on her ass and the other up her shirt. She was groping Nick's cock through his jeans with one hand the other was around his neck.

From what I could tell, they must have just started to get into it right before I got there because if they had already done something, they wouldn't be this bashful the second time around. They kept kissing pretty heavily and obviously weren't saying much. Emily brought her other hand down to Nick's crotch and was a bit distracted from their kiss now. She let out a little gasp and said something to Nick who just gave a nervous chuckle. I couldn't tell, but it looked like she had the top button of his jeans undone because I thought I could see part of his boxers. As if on cue, Emily pushes Nick back some so he's got his legs uncrossed and sitting back normal on the couch. I could see everything much better now and realized that not only was his jeans undone, but his zipper was undone and there was pretty big tent in his boxers. Emily made her move and straddled Nick putting both hands around his neck and started making out again. Both of Nick's hands were on her ass now. He flipped up the short skirt she was wearing and had both hands on her ass, squeezing and groping. One of his hands seemed to make its way under the material. I couldn't tell if he was trying to rub her pussy or just grabbing her bare ass but Emily was digging it.

She put both her hands under his shirt and tried to pull it up a bit exposing his hairy stomach. Her one hand went up to his fell up his chest and the other looked like it was going for his cock. I think she was about to take it out and go down on him but Nick wasn't ready for that. He kept distracting her hands every time Emily made a move to do more than keep his dick inside in pants. Second date or not, she was hot for some dick. That was obvious. And from all of the stories I had heard from and about Nick, I couldn't understand what the fuck was going on. He should've banged her out twice by now, a blowjob at the least! I was starting to think Nick wasn't going to let anything more than this happen tonight.

Then, with one arm around her back Nick spun Emily around so she was sitting on the edge of the couch, leaning back, and he was straddling her. He put both his hands under hir shirt as he grinded her. Nick leaned in and started kissing her again still keeping a hand on her tits. The other hand went under her and picked her up by ass to meet his hips as he grinded her. I thought Emily was going to orgasm just from a few minutes of dry humping the way she was moaning now. Emily had both her hands on Nick's ass now as she slipped them under his boxers and was helping him grind on her. She tried to take his shirt off but instead, Nick pulled her shirt up so her tits, small or not, were now exposed and he went down and started to lick and playfully bite them. Emily was going insane. She wanted to be fucked and fucked now.

Nick finally raised up enough for her to get his shirt off by now his jeans had slipped just below his ass. Emily's dress and shirt were both hiked up and her panties stretched open to the side. Emily pulled Nick up and sat him on the couch again and pulled his jeans all the way off. He was sitting there in his plaid boxers and the tent in them was huge. Emily got on her knees in front of Nick and smiled up at him as she reached inside his boxers. She had a little trouble fishing his cock out of the fly but managed to get it out. Now I'd seen Nick getting in or out of the shower or walk out of his room partially clothed to get to the bathroom but I'd never seen him full on hard like that. It looked like it was a good 8 inches. Maybe 9. Emily started to stroke his shaft, pulling the skin up and down it while she licked the tip. She was obviously good at sucking dick because Nick put his head back and let her do her thing. She licked all the way up and down his shaft then licked his balls (which were trimmed to the point of almost looking shaved). She bobbed up and down on his cock but only could get about half of it down at one time.

Even though Nick had told me how much he enjoyed blowjobs, I think he was ready to fuck now too. I think it had been a good 3 weeks since him and his ex had sex and Emily had him all hot and bothered. He reached into his jeans and pulled out a condom. He quicly tore it up, unrolled it, put it on his huge dick and tossed Emily onto the couch. He got on his knees and pulled her to the edge of the couch. He put his cock between her legs, but not in yet, and leaned in to kiss Emily hard on the lips. Then he leaned back, grabbed his cock with his right hand and started to rub the tip of his dick over Emily's clit. She was going crazy. He did that 5 or 6 times before pushing the lenght of it inside of her. Emily arched her back and gasped as he did this. I don't think she was ready for that and I doubt she'd ever had a dick so big inside of her. Nick wasn't looking to be gentle at this point either I don't think because he quickly started to pound away. He was like an animal as I could see his ass mucles flex every time he buried the entire length of his cock inside of her. Every time his shaft disappeared deep inside of her, Emily would whimper and moan. She grabbed the back of his neck with one arm and held on for all she was worth. Nick pounded her like a guy who just got out of jail and was having his first fuck in 3 years.

I was pretty impressed at how long he was able to keep up that pace before he finally slowed up. I got to beleive Emily came atleast twice during that whole sequence. Nick wasn't done though. He turned her around and bent her over the couch as he was still on his knees and went at it doggystyle. He was grabbing her ass and smacking it. Emily loved the whole thing. At first I think she was a little taken aback because I don't think even she thought Nick would be up for this on just their second date. Well, even if he told himself he wasn't, as hot as Emily was and the "innocent" yet "dirty slut" vibe she could emit was too much for him. He rode her from behind to the point of having to grab her hips to keep her from slipping away. I think he was hitting her hymen or something, because doggystyle was definitely not as enjoyable for her. Nick decided to switch things up and lifted her back on the couch. He lifted one of her legs up in the air and got on top of the other one as he slid his dick inside her again. He eventually put the leg in the air over his shoulder as he banged away. This went on for a bit and then I think Nick was pretty much ready to blow because he took off his condom and stood up infront of Emily. She knew exactly what to do and started to suck his cock like it was her job. I couldn't believe he hadn't cum atleast once by now. Not gonna lie, I was impressed (and a little jealous, I mean I can go all night too, but I can't go that long without cumming atleast once).

Emily quickened her pace and Nick seemed to start to tense up a bit. He was guiding her head onto his dick with his right hand as his left hand was placed on his ass like you'd see in a porno. I chuckled to myself a little at that. Nick started to throw his head back alot now and I figured he was getting close. After about another minute or two, Nick grabbed Emily's head with both hands and held it tight onto his cock as he unloaded his seed inside her mouth. It must have been a lot of cum because as soon as he let go of her head, Emily gagged a bit and cum spilled out of her mouth. She had to of swallowed quite a bit though. How Nick was still standing by this point was amazing to me. When he finally quit shuddering from his orgasm, he plopped down on the couch. Emily went to the bathroom to clean up and when she came out Nick was still sitting there butt ass naked on the couch. His cock went down but still wasn't completely soft. He had his head back and took a few deep breaths. As Emily walked back into the room, Nick kinda chuckled and asked "How was that?" She just smiled and kissed him on the lips. It was almost 3am at this point and I decided I should be coming home now (wink, wink) so as they were kissing I quietly opened the door and shut it loudly pretending to just walk in.

The two of them jumped up and scrambled to get dressed. I took my time to make it to the family room (right around the corner) going through the kitchen instead. As I turned the corner Nick was just getting his button down shirt on and Emily was fully dressed. They both had that look of "oh shit, do you think he knows what just happened?" on their faces. I made some uncomfortable small talk (I had to) and then went to get a drink of water. Nick helped Emily to the door and walked her down to her car. I waited for him to get back up to the apartment so he could "tell" me about his night...

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