Wanting Pell

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100% fiction!

Pell sits at the next desk to mine at work. He’s happily married with four grown-up sons and is in his mid to late fifties. He’s slender, quite attractive with greying hair and grey eyes. I’m married too, a few years younger than Pell, and quite a big man. My wife has no interest in sex.

From the point that Pell came to work in the office I liked him, but as time passed I began to fantasize about him as well. What would he look like undressed? Did he still fuck his wife regularly? Did he get really hard and was he a passionate lover? Sometimes I found myself so stiffly erect when thinking about it that I would have to go down to the toilets and have a good wank in one of the cubicles.

Once Pell took off one of his shoes for some reason and just the sight of his slender foot in its black sock had my penis straining against my underpants. I made my way to the toilets as usual but this time I was so turned on that instead of just dropping my trousers and pants and rubbing myself off I suddenly slipped off my shoes, then in a mad rush my socks, trousers, pants, tie and shirt as well. I stood naked in the cubicle, but I wanted more of a thrill so I opened the cubicle door and walked out. I stared at my hairy chest, big nipples, thick nest of pubic hair and swollen member in the mirror.

The floor was cold beneath my bare feet. I pulled back my foreskin to expose my excited purplish knob, wet with pre-come. My stomach was tense. What if someone came in and saw me - saw the man they had seen loads of times, but stripped bare! I began to masturbate feverishly and soon I was ejaculating madly into a washbasin. I stared at the ropes of thick spunk across the basin.

My juice began to drip down my thick legs and onto my feet. I hurried back to the cubicle and into my gear and then returned to the office. Pell was at his desk, his head bent over his work. God, I wanted to touch him - his lips, his chest, his legs, his feet, his balls, his dick, his buttocks, his anus. How I would bury my tongue deep in his hole. Taste his arse juices. I could make him grunt and moan once I started...

How was I going to get his trousers off and my lustful tongue into his crack?

One night we both stayed late and there was hardly any one else around. When we walked across the car park together afterwards we reached a short flight of steps. He stumbled and fell awkwardly. I helped him up, loving the fact that I had my arm around him. Pell said his foot hurt a bit. I supported him back into the offices and he sat down in his chair. I became all brisk, knelt down in front of him and gently eased his shoe off. I looked up at him but he seemed quite OK with me touching his foot so I felt it all over and he said he had probably just twisted it a little as it didn’t look swollen and the pain was only minimal.

I said suddenly that we’d better be sure and I began to remove his sock. I held his bare foot in my hand and started to massage it. I had a full erection and hoped he hadn’t noticed. He seemed fine with what I was doing. Our eyes met and I looked into his and smiled. He smiled back, accepting my concerned attention to his body. Lovingly I fondled his toes, his instep, his heel. He said that felt good.

It was now or never, I thought, and decided to risk crossing a line, if I hadn’t already. I raised his foot to the level of my face and kissed it lightly once, then lost all restraint and covered it with passionate kisses and lickings. I made love to the sole, to each toe... I licked between his toes with abandon. He looked rather appalled now, in one way, but I sensed he was enjoying my slavish attentions. I went for it then... I pulled off his other shoe and sock and repeated my ministrations.

‘I want to give you real pleasure... I want to explore you...’ I managed to say, though I was trembling.

‘I think perhaps...’ he began.

‘Please - just this once...’ I pleaded.

‘I can’t...’

‘Pell, I adore you... please let me!’

I reached for his belt. ‘God, no...’ he protested.

‘Let me take your trousers off. I’ll make it good for you, I promise... just let me undress you and touch you...’

I had his belt undone. Feverishly I pulled down his zip, felt inside his flies. His penis was hardening, despite his protests. Determinedly I pulled his trousers down, over his feet and off. I was wildly excited. I was undressing Pell! I stroked him through his white underpants and was thrilled to see that he was staining them with his pre-come. I put my mouth where the wet patch was and heard the first shuddering groan escape him.

My Pell, a husband and father of four sons, was enjoying my mouth being on him. I tugged at his pants...lifted them over his burgeoning cock. There it was, the thick shaft that entered his wife and had fathered his children. I enthusiastically tongued his big piss-slit. The taste of his member drove me wild. He was panting now as I took him right into my mouth. I fondled his tight balls, ran my fingers through his pubic hair.

I released his dick. ‘Get your shirt and tie off,’ I gasped. ‘I want you completely naked when I fuck you.’

‘When you...? Oh, no...’

I virtually tore my own clothes off. He gaped as they were tossed aside. I stood before him, naked and hairy. He stared at my body... at my rampant cock, wet with my juice. I pulled off his tie, carelessly unbuttoned his shirt and he was naked before me. I knelt down, lifted his feet onto my shoulders and dived between his buttocks with my mouth and tongue.

I gazed tenderly at his tight hole with a dusting of hair round it. Soon my Pell’s virgin hole would have to be stretched cruelly for my rigid penis... but I had to shag him now, come what may. I needed to fill him with my thick meat. I worked his arsehole open with my insistent tongue... he grunted, then began to moan in sudden abandon. I knew then that I would be received willingly. His anus was wet with my saliva and his own increasing excitement.

‘I want to see your arsehole,’ he gasped.

I got up, turned and bent over. My own arsehole, buried in hair, was presented to Pell. I faced him again. I positioned my wet dick at his entrance. The big purple head vanished into Pell’s opening. I inched my way in. He cried out in pain.

‘It’ll be all right soon, my love,’ I comforted him. I withdrew a little, went in again. Our fucking gathered momentum. Then I was shagging my workmate without mercy... in, out, in, out, ever faster...

‘I’d like my wife to watch you doing this to me,’ he confessed suddenly.

‘Wicked man,’ I smirked.

I filled Pell with jet after jet of my thick, creamy spunk. It ran out of his abused hole and saturated his crack. My nuts were well and truly milked of every drop of jism I could offer. Suddenly Pell came explosively over both himself and me. The hair on my belly was covered in his juice. I wiped my fingers in it and tasted my colleague’s come.

‘Your spunk tastes great,’ I told him.

‘I must be full of yours,’ he answered.

I leaned forward and kissed him. ‘We'd better get ourselves cleaned up and dressed,’ I said.

‘You’ll need to help me across the car park,’ he smiled. ‘I’m not sure I could walk on my own.’

‘Does your foot still hurt?’

‘It isn’t my foot that’s going to be the problem now,’ he replied, wincing as he tentatively probed his anus with a forefinger.

‘I’ll take care of you,’ I assured him.

‘I think you just did,’ Pell replied.

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