Waiting On The Plumber

(Part 1 from 2)

Our dishwasher and garbage disposal had been acting up for months and it was not until we got up one morning with the kitchen floor flooded that my mother decided to call a plumber. I was eating a breakfast sandwich in the living room, trying to keep my shoes dry, when I heard her voice getting higher and knew it was not working out like she wanted. After a few minutes I heard her slam the phone down and let out a cuss word that I was not suppose to hear. Yelling out my name she stepped into the living room and looked shocked when she saw me standing there.

She started telling me about some project she had been working on at work and just could not miss the presentation. I just stood there trying to figure out why she was tellin me. Taking a big breath she told me that the plumber could not make it until sometime between nine and three. Still I didnít see why she felt she had to inform me of this. Taking her checkbook out of her purse, she dug until she came out with a pen and told me I would have to miss school and stay home so someone would be there when the plumber showed up. I acted as if I did not want to miss school but she saw right through it.

She had me go change out of my school clothes and get the mop and bucket to get up as much of the water that I could before the plumber showed up. Handing me a check and telling me to make sure I wrote down the amount when the plumber filled in the amount and be sure and get a receipt. As she walked out the door she told me to be sure and stay in the house so I would not miss the plumber.

Taking a few more swipes at the wet floor, I put the mop in the bucket and went to my computer. I was sitting there looking at sites that my mother thought she had blocked, and if she checked they would appear blocked, when the doorbell scared me. Quickly I clicked the screen off, making sure I slipped the piece of paper my best friend had written the code on that allowed me to get past the parental controls.

Though the plumber had no way of knowing what I had been doing, I opened the door and could feel the heat coming off of my embarrassed face. He asked if he had the right address and I opened the door for him to come on in. I showed him to the kitchen and got some old towels we kept in the hallway. He opened the doors beneath the sink and took a flashlight out to survey beneath the sink. I heard him mumbling to himself as I pulled up a chair where I could watch him. Not that I was really interested in plumbing but living with only my mother I had started looking at men more and more.

He was the typical plumber type, overweight with sagging pants. One would think since they did wear a uniform that the company would make sure they fit. The man looked back at me and said he could see the problem and it would take about an hour but was not a major problem like his boss had told my mother. He went back to his truck and brought in a little cart that had a small torch, some pieces of pipe and little cans of different glues and such. He pulled out several wrenches and got down on his knees. Several times he knocked his flashlight over and let out a few cuss words.

Though I could not see what he was doing to the pipes and such I set there watching as the crack of his ass became more and more exposed to me. The more he wiggled around beneath the sink the lower his sagging pants slipped down his fat ass cheeks. The shirt tail had pulled out of his pants hanging down in front of his big beer belly, or at least that was what I assumed had caused it to be so big. He sat back up on his legs and came out with several pieces of pipe that were joined together. Pointing to the joint he showed me a little crack and said it was what caused all the water to flow onto the floor.

He must have thought I was listening to him but actually when he sat up it tightened his pants across his ass and opened up a large hole that displayed the hair that ran down the crack of his ass. Dropping to one knee he pushed his weight on the opposite leg to upright himself. Bending over he managed to stand up but not before I got another look at his hairy crack. I felt my cock stir and quickly rubbed it, trying to keep it from showing just incase he looked my way. When he did turn around he gave me a little wink and pulled out some of the pieces of pipe. Showing and explaining to me the difference in the male and female attachments he would be using. Placing the pieces on the counter the took his time putting the pieces together without fastening them. Holding the finished piece up he compared it with what he had taken off and gave me a little grin as he told me it fit tighter than a virgin.

Pulling his cart over closer to the sink he told me he was going to weld the pieces of pipe together. Laying the piece across the sink he used the torch and fitted the pieces together. Moving back down beneath the sink he took some clamps and put them under there. By now his shirt was soaked with sweat even though it was not hot in the room. He looked around and I am sure he noticed I was looking at his ass. Asking me to hold his flashlight while he welded the first weld, he grinned at me and said it was pretty hot where he was.

I moved over and had to get down on my knees to see where he needed me to hold the light. He took the torch and a little piece of metal and soon had melted the metal around the joint. Cutting the torch off he reached back for the flashlight and grabbed my knee before releasing it and looking back. He apologized and said he needed the light. Moving it around he said it looked good and handed the light back to me. Sitting close to him I could smell the manly odor his body was putting off and could not help as my cock got instantly hard. Reaching down I tried to adjust myself but noticed he had looked back when he saw some movement. Getting hot yourself he said as he leaned back and sat back on his legs.

Taking the tail of his shirt he used it to wipe the sweat off of his face, giving me a really close look at his hairy beer gut. With the hair matted against him from all the sweat, I could not help but noticed how the thick stuff trailed down around his belly button and then into his pants. He stood up and with some effort pulled his pants up and noticed the wet spot in front. Laughing he said he bet people thought he peed on himself all the time. Grabbing his crotch he said he needed to wait for the joints to cool before he could see if they would leak. I slowly stood up hoping my underwear would keep my erection from being so obvious. Slowly standing I could not help as I looked down to see the little tent in my pants.

The plumber reached over and cupped my genitals and said it looked like I had something that needed to cool off too. I gasped when his big hand cupped my balls then moved up and stroked my hard cock through my pants. I figure since I did not protest he figured it was alright as his hand began to move back and forth as if he was milking my cock and balls. Though I knew I should tell him to stop or at least pull away, I just could not get over how much pleasure this simple pulling was giving me. He kept watching my face as he slowly worked my pants open. He released his grip on my cock only long enough to push my pants down. Dropping to his knees he looked up at me as he eased his face toward my crotch.

I had a general idea of what he was about to do, afterall I had been looking at some gay sites on the computer. What I was not ready for was what it felt like. When his hot tongue and lips closed around my cock I gasped and couldnít even warn him as I started shooting my cum in his mouth. I watched and couldnít believe as he continued to suck and swallow as my cock pulsed and emptied my balls into his mouth. He kept sucking and licking even though I was no longer shooting. After a few minutes he slipped my cock out of his mouth and asked me if I liked it as much as my cock showed him I had. All I could do was moan my approval.

Standing up he asked if I wanted to see his cock. He reached down and began unbuckling his belt. Dropping his pants to the floor he began slowly pushing his boxers down to his ankles. His cock was uncut and though I had seen pictures, seeing one in person was a lot more exciting. The man took my hand and placed it on his cock. I instinctively wrapped my fingers around the loose skin and began to pushed and pulled it as it got longer and thicker. His balls were large and hanging low. As I began stroking his hard shaft he placed his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down on my knees. It was as if his cock had me mesmerized as I moved my mouth toward the leaking head.

Opening my mouth I pushed the head of his cock in. The aroma of sweaty male flesh inflamed my nostrils and all at once I could not get enough of his cock in my mouth. Forcing my head against his cock I coughed and gagged and he told me to slow down as he moaned his approval. Placing his hand on my head he started moving me back and forth as he gently pumped his hips toward me. His belly kept hitting the top of my head thus keeping him from forcing more of his cock into my mouth. Suddenly he pulled his cock away from me causing the suction from my mouth to cause a popping sound.

Stepping out of his pants he said we should go where we could be a bit more comfortable. Turning away from me he asked which room was mine. Telling him it was the last one down the hallway, I followed him while watching his fat ass cheeks bouncing back and forth. When he slowed to open my bedroom door, I reached up and ran my fingers in the sweaty hairy hot crack of his ass. He stopped letting me rub up and down it while asking if I wanted a piece of his ass. I was not really sure about what he was asking but just nodded my head that I did.

Stepping into the room he tossed his pants to the floor and went to the bed. Getting onto his hands and knees he spread his legs and told me that I could play with his asshole if I wanted. Moving in behind him I ran my fingers down his crack and felt the wrinkled tight asshole. Leaning forward on his chest he reached back and spread his fat ass cheeks giving me a perfect view. He told me to stick my finger in my mouth and get it real wet before pushing it inside him. Doing as he said I felt the tight sphincter as it clamped down on my finger. It was hot and moist inside and my cock was hard and aching as I slowly finger fucked his asshole.

He said he had another idea and pulled himself up, forcing my finger from his asshole. Moving to the head of the bed he set up and had me move in front of him. Spreading my legs apart, he pulled me up until my ass was up to his face. Suddenly he had me upside down with my legs spread open and his mouth was right on my asshole. Licking up and down the crack he started pushing his tongue into me. It felt unbelievable and I felt my asshole begin to open up and let him in. My cock was hard and I could not help myself as I reached up and began to stroke it. He moved his face from my ass and told me that there was still a few things that we could do if I was willing to try.

He said he needed to go to the bathroom but would be right back. I heard his stream hitting the water in the toilet as I slowly stroked my hard cock. When he returned he had brought the bottle of baby oil that my mother kept in the cabin. Pouring some on his hand he applied it to my cock and told me I was about to get my first piece of ass. Lying on the bed with his knees on the floor he told me to get behind him. He spread his cheeks giving me a perfect view of his asshole. Looking back he told me to go ahead and ram it in. Doing as he instructed I pushed my slick cock into his asshole. He moaned a little as I started picking up speed and knew it was only going to be seconds before I shot my load. When it started I could not control myself as I slammed hard as possible into his ass. Once my orgasm was spent my legs buckled and I collapsed onto his sweaty ass.

Slowly he rolled me off of him and spread me onto the bed. I felt so weak that he could do whatever he wanted with me. Placing me onto my stomach he spread my legs and buried his face into my ass. His tongue felt so hot as it darted in and out of my asshole. Soon I felt him applying the baby oil as his fingers began to explore my stretched asshole. After he managed to work several of his fingers into me he slowly moved up on top of me. Telling me to just relax I felt his hot cock sliding along the crack of my ass before resting against my asshole. Reaching down he spread my cheeks as he began pressing his cock against my asshole.

It began to hurt and I was sure it was not going to get inside. Just as I started to tell him it hurt and he should stop, he made a hard thrust and the head of his penis popped inside. The pain was so sharp that when I tried to scream I had no air in my lunges to make a sound. Gasping for air I suddenly felt his cock going deeper and deeper inside me. He must have mistaken my grunting for enjoying what he was doing but before long it would not have made any difference because he had taken a firm hold of my hips and was pounding with all his might. Trying to pull myself from beneath him only seemed to excite him more as he moaned and grunted his approval telling me how tight and hot my boy pussy was.

The pain was still there but was tolerable as he slowed to catch his breath. Pulling me up on my knees he stood on the floor behind me. Once he was in position he started fucking me again but this time even faster and harder than before. I had prepared myself for the pain I knew was coming but soon found it wasnít there anymore. I could feel his hard hot cock moving in and out of my ass. His breathing was getting faster and faster and I felt something building inside as the friction started spreading warmth through my ass. He let out a long moan and leaned over my back. Telling me had had gotten caught up in the fucking and had forgotten about me. Slipping his hand around he cupped my balls and cock while easing his cock back and forth.

My cock began to harden as his felt hot gliding in and out of me. I started moving back and forth, meeting each push with a push of my own. His other hand moved up and rubbed my chest and stomach, pinching my tits each time it passed over them. Lowering my chest to the bed I reached back between my legs and felt his slippery hot cock as it slipped over my sphincter. I heard him moan out and tell me what I was doing was feeling great. He suggested I fondle his balls just as he started pumping faster. He moaned out and began to pick up speed. Trying to keep his balls in my hand I soon had to release them and brace myself as his pounding was pushing me along the bed.

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