Voyage to America

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Angus Finnegan and his daughter Eileen were on their way to America, having left Belfast some weeks before. On the same ship were Declan and Dana O'Keefe, a brother and sister who were lovers, although they did not advertise that fact. Angus was a widower, with his wife, for whom Eileen was named, having died in childbirth with her, and he was leaving Ireland to avoid the Potato Famine of 1849. Declan and Dana were orphans, who had escaped from a Catholic orphanage after the nuns had beaten them too many times. They were both just 17, which was another fact that they hid.

One day, on board the ship, Declan saw Eileen, with her lovely red hair and green eyes, and he could not stop himself from staring at her exquisite figure. "Does ye like what ye see, laddie?", Angus surprised him by asking him. "O, sorry Mr?", Declan quickly apologized, not that he regretted looking at Eileen, but many fathers were overprotective of their daughters, he had found, and he wished to avoid an incident. "Finnegan, laddie- Angus Finnegan, of Belfast, Ireland. Ye didn't answer me question, laddie- does ye like me daughter?", he insisted. 

Declan caught his breath, and answered, "Certainly, Mr. Finnegan, but I did not mean to offend you, sir." "The name's Angus, laddie, and I'm not offended in the slightest, as she is such a lovely lass. I'm proud of her, in fact. By the way, what's your name, laddie?" "Declan O'Keefe, Angus.", he replied. "Perhaps ye would like to dine with me and me daughter tonight, in our compartment of the ship?" "I would love that, Angus, and may I bring my sister, Dana- she's close to Eileen's age?" "That would be splendid, Declan. She seldom gets to be with girls her own age.", he remarked.

That night, Angus, himself involved in an incestuous relationship with his daughter, which had been going on for a year, noticed clues that Declan and Dana were even closer than most siblings. The adoration on Dana's pale, freckled face for her brother was obvious.

Angus watched their interaction for some time longer, and then he broached the subject. "Not to be too intrusive, and impolite, Declan, but I can't help but notice the manner with which ye relate to Dana.
You're clearly lovers, and don't bother denying it, because Eileen and I are lovers, too. I am not a jealous man, and I hope that ye are not one, either, so I will dare to propose an arrangement between the 4 of us." "What sort of deal do you mean, sir?", Declan inquired curiously. "Well, since ye likes Eileen, I suggest that ye marries her, while I marries Dana.", Angus clarified. "How will that affect the affairs with Dana and Eileen?", Declan pointedly asked.

"Simply, ye will continue to be lovers, as Eileen and I will stay lovers, but I will have Dana as me wife, and ye will have Eileen as yours. How does that sound, Declan, me boy- both of us will have a wife and a lover?", Angus explained. The idea really appealed to Declan, since he wanted both Dana and Eileen, and he wanted Angus's blessing to marry her. There were plenty of women he wanted to shag, but only Dana and Eileen affected him so much. If he could have, he would have married both of them. Besides, he thought, Dana needs a good husband, one who may have lovers, but will always provide for her. Angus certainly fit that category.

"Very well, Angus, I will accept, and I am sure that Dana will be pleased, as, I hope, Eileen will be.", he responded. The captain of the ship could marry them, which would suffice until they got to America, and could have a proper, Catholic wedding mass.

"Ye understand that this means we must all live nearby each other, and the husbands will assume paternity of any children by their wives, regardless of the father's identity, so we can avoid proof of our incest. Agreed?", Angus demanded. Declan nodded his agreement.

That afternoon, the captain was approached to marry Eileen to Declan, and Dana to Angus. He naturally consented, considering it an honor and a blessing to perform a wedding, which seldom happened, let alone twice in a day, on his ship. They exchanged their vows, and returned to their beds, this time with Eileen joining Declan to consummate their marriage, and Dana leaving with Angus (which really pleased her, as she loved big, hairy sea dogs like him, who reminded her of her own father).

None of them were virgins, of course, and this counted as fornication to them, since they did not recognize any weddings outside of the Church as valid, but they were legally men and wives, a little fornication did not bother them, and this allowed them to retire to each other's compartments without intervention from the crew. 

When Angus got alone with the new Mrs. Finnegan, she surprised him by yanking down his trousers swiftly and eagerly, indicating a passionate lust for his cock. She began kissing his penis, then his balls, and sliding her mouth all along his cock's length. She then bared her breasts, dropped her dress, and started undoing her corset.
As her panties came down to her feet, and her pussy showed itself to him, he could see that the minx had done something unheard of in his day- she had shaved her cunt! "Does ye like, my dear husband?", she inquired of him. "I have never seen a woman's sex bare of hair, and I must admire it!", he responded happily. Dana grinned, knowing that while she would have to share her husband, he would share her, too, and most importantly, she would always get his attention with her smooth sex.

She then begged him to taste her, and he was quite willing to oblige, putting first her bosom into his mouth, which he eagerly sucked, and then pussy against his lips. "Oh, Angus, me hubby, ye are such a grand lover- I am mad with lust for you!", she cried out, as he kept eating her. He got her as moist as possible, and entered her with his tongue, working her up further, to the point that she could not sit still, but had to rock against him with her delight. The tongue was torturing her pussy with pleasure, and soon she released her cunt juices, making them drip from his beard.

He entered her with a furious passion now, finding once more that shagging a non-virgin was a lot better than his first time with Eileen, although he loved his daughter very much, because not only were deflowered women more experienced at sex, but they had no hymens to break.

Angus pounded his bride's cunt for several hours, relentlessly using her, to the point that they were both hotter than the mythical flames of hell. Her sweat and cum were all over him, and his were all over her. The bedsheets were soaked, with the "stink" clearly left on them. At least, there was no virgin's blood, Angus thought. He had done right by deflowering his daughter, ensuring that the husband would get a much better bride than many did in these somber, prudish Victorian times.

Speaking of Declan, he was in the hands of a tigress, since Eileen was even more aggressive in bed than him, knowing just what to do to her new husband. She basically attacked him, ripping off his clothes, hiking up her dress, and riding him wildly, before he had even seen her cunt. She clawed him a bit, which he found surprisingly pleasant, and she even bit him a little. She rode him constantly for an hour, getting him so stiff and sore, that he would need another good hour to recover from her not-so passive embrace of his manhood with her womanhood. It was evident that she hungered for a young cock like his, although she adored her father (and his cock). Clearly, Angus had taught her better than most fathers did.

He thought she was ready for another penetration, but instead, she straddled him a 2nd time, and simply seized his dick and pulled it into her arsehole. She started riding his cock with her butt, shocking Declan, who, for all of his sexual experience, had never engaged in anal sex in his whole life, or even considered it. This was wonderful, he realized, as the tightest hole on his bride was stretched out by his penis. Why had it never occured to him, he wondered, since this would have helped him and Dana? He thought, I hope that she is being introduced to it by Angus, who had evidently instructed Eileen in it.

Declan simply thought this, rather than saying it, because the intensity of his pleasure was preventing him from getting any words out. Ah, he groaned, as the anus forcibly extracted his cum from his balls. He filled his horny bride to her delight, as she then just switched holes again, putting him inside her mouth. She was not put off by the fact that this swollen phallus had just been inside her own bowels. She sucked on it for dear life, or so it seemed, as his massive erection returned, making him very sore.

Meanwhile, Angus had begun rimming Dana's bum, exciting her to the point of orgasm right there, and then he penetrated her butt with his fingers, obviously loosening her rectum up for his cock, although she was still unaware of his purpose. His tongue, lips, teeth, and fingers covered the extent of her arse, from tailbone, to cheeks, to pucker, until at last she moaned a climax and wet her pussy with her juices. Now, she was loose enough for his manhood, and he suddenly, lovingly impaled her with his hard dick. She whelped for a moment, unused to the agony of anal intercourse, and then she began to relax and adjust herself to the penetration of her backdoor.

Angus rode Dana for all she was worth, slamming her with minutes as she was now gladly accepting him inside her colon. At the same time, Eileen was sitting on Declan's face, 69ing him, and even bringing her cum-soaked ass to his mouth now and then, so that he could ream her out that way, too. She was sucking him every bit as hard as before, and now she was letting him taste her. He had tasted Dana, of course, but only her cunt, not her butt- wow, it was delicious, he discovered.

Both Declan and Angus came at about the same time, as did Dana and Eileen, so that they were all completely sapped by the end of their 1st encounters with each other. All 4 of them were thinking, as they fell asleep with their new spouses, about what it was going to be like when they showed their new skills to their lovers.

It was going to be quite the marriage for all of them, and they were still on board the ship!

(Expect a sequel, tentatively named "Incest, Irish Style".)

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