Visiting home changes everything including me

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

It's an early morning when I stop by to visit the two of you at your home. The same home that I grew up in so many years ago. With coffee in hand I approach the front door and pull back the screen door. As the screen door gives way, I notice that the front door has been left open so rather than knock on the door since I didn't want to wake the two of you. I decide to simply enter the house figuring that I would come in and hang out in the living room until one of you woke up. You always have a battery of magazines on the table so I am sure that there would be something for me to read while I wait.

Quietly I enter the house and proceed to the living room, I sit down and begin fingering through the latest addition of Sports Illustrated when I start hearing noises coming from inside of your room. I dismiss the initial noise as simply one of you stirring when all of a sudden the noises get louder and quite distinguishable. The noises that I am hearing are the sounds of Mommy enjoying herself to a new height of pleasure that I would have never put Mommy into making, at least not where I could hear it. I quietly get up and start to make my way over to the bedroom door. As I approach the sounds of pleasure grow louder and louder. I hear moans of extacy escaping from your room as I get closer and closer to it. I stand outside of your room gazing at the slight crack in the door where the darkness is pulling me into it's confines. I look through into the darkness and see Mommy in a 69 with Daddy on the bottom. Mommy's head is facing the door where I am standing behind and at that very moment I lean against the door by accident flooding the room with the light from the hallway.

Mommy looks up first and sees me standing there. She doesn't know what to say as she is caught in this situation the same as I am. First for me being present and than her for being seen by me riding Daddy's ever probing tongue. All the while Mommy has never stopped riding back and forth on Daddy's tongue and if it wasn't for the light flooding the room, Daddy would have never known of my presence. I stand there glued to the floor as I attempt to move but find my legs non responsive and my eyes holding me to the sight that lays before me.

Mommy slides forward, disengaging Daddy's thrusting tongue from the confines of Mommy's puffy, wet, captivating pussy. Daddy looks up and also sees me standing there. Mommy removes herself from the bed and approaches me. Her black sheer stockings captivating, capturing my attention as she has always known that I am a pure leg man from way back. Mommy's hand runs down her body and she cups her dripping pussy with the whole of her hand only to slip first one than two fingers deep inside of herself. Why Mommy did that I don't know but I will soon find out it is due to her massive stimulation experienced by my watching her fuck Daddy's probing tongue with her dripping pussy. Mommy is still in a state of ultimate stimulation as she approaches me.

Reaching forward Mommy grasps my hand and with her touch my feet have become unlocked from the floor and my legs once again work. With the least amount of pull, I am guided into the room where I am told to sit on the bed that lays before me.

Daddy is still laying on the bed, cock hard, face wet with Mommy's pussy juice. Mommy returns to the bed, legs clad in sheer dark stockings, her body covered in a sheer black body suit. Mommy climbs onto the bed and than straddles over Daddy's laying body. She slowly moves backward and as she does Daddy brings his hands around her legs guiding her back even further until she is once again sitting over Daddy's face. Mommy lowers herself onto Daddy's lips and Daddy's tongue is once again buried inside of Mommy's gushing pussy. As stream after stream of cum leaks into Daddy's mouth Mommy looks up at me and says that I have been a bad boy watching the two of you make love like this. My eyes glued to Mommy's swaying breasts, her backward thrusting buttocks as she grinds her dripping pussy into Daddy's face beneath her. All the while making sure to sneak a peak at her dripping pussy and sheer stocking covered legs that Daddy can't seem to get his hands off of.

You know that you have to be punished don't you my sweet ? I look on in sheer amazement as my presence has not even swayed there actions one least bit. Daddy still penetrates Mommy with his tongue and Mommy still is thrusting backward and she sucks on Daddy's hard cock that is in front of her. I answer yes and with that I am told to remove my clothes. I can't believe what I have just heard. I am not only watching my mother and father fuck but I am now being ordered to strip by my mother. I give a brief resistance before I realize that any resistance at this point will be futile. Standing before her completely nude, I am told to go over to her dresser and remove from the top drawer a pair of her stockings, a pair of panties and a bra. I am also ordered to take her perfume from the top of the dresser and bring it over to her. I do as requested and than am told that I have to go over to the closet and get the black bag from the top shelf and bring it to her. I do the requested tasks and stand before Mommy and Daddy nude.

Mommy sits up on Daddy's face, now allowing Daddy's tongue to dive even deeper into her. With each thrust of his tongue Mommy gets a bit more sexual. I am ordered to sit in front of her and I do so. Mommy tells me to raise my hands and I do as requested. It is with that action that I finally realize what Mommy is up to. She slides the bra over my hands, down my arms and finally finding there place to rest on my shoulders as she secures them from the back. I look down and before me is a bra that conceals my chest. Mommy smiles and now I am ordered to lay on the bed beside her. I do as requested, next she has me lift my legs up in the air and it is with that action that Mommy slides a pair of panties down my legs over my hips instructing me to pull them up where they should be. Unbelievably I do as requested and pull them firmly up against crotch region. Now dressed in lingerie, at leas the bra and panties, I am ordered to sit up. I do as requested and with that Mommy takes my hand and brings it to her dripping pussy. She tells me to rub it in the front as Daddy licks her from below. I do as requested and the moisture that is evident is beyond belief. Enough, I hear and with that she pulls my hand away pulling it upward. Mommy turns my hand around and tells me that bad boys lick there Mommy's pussy juice and with that statement, she guided my hand into my mouth which I eagerly suck into hungrily.

Still riding back and forth on Daddy's tongue, Mommy looks to me and asks me if I would like to change places with Daddy. Having captured a taste of Mommy's dripping pussy, I hungrily agree as Mommy raises herself and Daddy moves from beneath her Mommy tells me that there can only be one man in this house and If I am going to lick her pussy, I am going to have to do it as a girl. I can't believe what I am hearing. Here I sit before my Mommy and Daddy, completely nude except for a pair of panties and a bra. Mommy looks over at me and says, that the panties and bra where only the beginning of the transformation. With that she sprays me with her perfume and than tells me that I now have to allow her to put her stockings on me. I am completely numb at this point and simply submit to Mommy's desires. First one leg and than the other is slid onto my legs until I lay before the two of you completely dressed in stockings, panties, bra and perfume. Mommy smiles at me and says, it's time. With that statement, the festivities begin.

Daddy gets up off the bed and grabs the black bag that Mommy had me pull from the closet. Mommy positions me on the bed and climbs over me stating that I am her and Daddy's little slut and with that statement, she realizes that I have to be renamed. I can't call you by your name she says, because it is a boys name. Mommy things hard for a few seconds and than decides that when ever we are in this situation that I will be referred to as Marie. I smile up and at that last moment, Mommy lowers her enlarged pussy lips over my lips and my tongue is soon deep inside of Mommy's hot wet cavernes depths.

Daddy comes over to the bed and hands something to Mommy who takes it from him. What it is, is a but plug well lubed for easy entry. Daddy comes over so that he can watch me lick Mommy's dripping pussy and with that Mommy raises up and informs me that I have to get Daddy ready to slide into her. I can't believe what I have just heard and with the hesitation Mommy repeats herself and Daddy takes his huge cock and brings it to my lips. I open and with that acceptance, Daddy slides in soon sliding out and than again in and out and in and out until Daddy is sure that his cock is nice and wet to slide into Mommy. Mommy leans back and asks me how I liked being Daddy's cock sucker and I simply reply I'm your and Daddy's nasty little slut Mommy.

With that statement, Mommy realizes that I have accepted my position and Daddy begins to slide into Mommy from behind while I lick her from below. Wave after wave of pleasure begin to build up deep inside of Mommy and there is nothing like a run away orgasmic train to start the day that lays ahead of us. As Daddy slides into her over and over again, Mommy takes the probe and tells me that I am going to feel what she is feeling and with that Mommy pushes the probe into me and My cock springs to life. Mommy reaches down and starts rubbing it and licking on it as she tells me that if I lick her, she'll continue licking me and that spurs me on while Daddy keeps on fucking Mommy over and over again. Daddy is soon ready to blow and fills Mommy deep inside and than eventually pulls away allowing all of there mixed juices to cascade out of her hot depths. Mommy smiles as I lick her from below. You truly are Mommy's and Daddy's little slut aren't you honey. I smile down and say I will always be your slut Mommy and with that I get up as Mommy lifts herself off of me.

Mommy looks up at me and says the following, honey, you have been a really bad boy today, catching me and Daddy and than joining us. Dressing up in my lingerie just like me and ultimately sucking on Daddy's cock and my pussy while Daddy fucked me and I slid that probe into your but. Honey, you are truly a slut you know that don't you. I smile and completely give up to the fact that I am and with that Mommy looks over at me and says, if you want to remain Daddy and My slut, you have to fuck me. Not believing what I have just heard, Mommy gets on the bed on her back spreading her beautiful stockinged legs and tells me again that I have to fuck her. With that I bend down to kiss Mommy on the lips just to make sure that I haven't heard anything and as I do she tells me again, you have to fuck me honey and you can be ours for ever, Mommy raises her stockinged foot to my hands and starts telling me to kiss her feet. I bring her stockinged foot to my mouth and start sucking on her beautiful stockinged toes and as I do Mommy reaches forward and grasps my cock from inside of the panties and pulls me forward, allowing her foot and leg to slide up my arm until they are sitting on my shoulders. Fuck me honey, Fuck Mommy and you can be Daddy and mine for ever. I slowly edge forward and Mommy raises up and we kiss passionately as I slide into her for the first time since the day I came out of her warm depths of her pussy so many years ago.

First one thrust than another all the while being urged on by Mommy and Daddy. You know what bad slutty little girls do don't you Marie? Mommy asks. I reply no what Mommy. With that Mommy pulls Daddy close and tells me to suck on Daddy while I slide into her and she makes sure that the probe stays deeply planted inside of my hot hole. I can't believe it but I open my mouth and start sucking on Daddy while Mommy encourages me on every step of the way.

Well, I hope you like and if you have anything that you would like me to work into this story, simply drop me a note and send it to Parentsboy [at] hotmail, I would love to see what I could add to it.

Hugs for now,

Your slutty daughter,

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