Visiting day

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100% fiction!

 My Mother in law Debe. A 40 year old Milf. Pulled her Cadillac in to the police station parking lot. She got out and walked toward the front of the building.

Sgt. Buck and Deputy Tyrone Jackson were out back. Having there cigarette brake.

"Damn!...Look at that sexy white woman!"

"Yea That's Misty Jones momma."

"Wonder if momma got good pussy like her daughter?"

They watch her until she enters the building. The chief sees her come in to the lobby.

"Debe come in here for a minute."

"Yes sir chief."

He has a large sack with my wife's name on it.

"I was going to send her thins with her to the federal pen. But they would not allow it. Look through her stuff and make sure it's hers."

Debe opens the sack and takes out a black purse, trench coat. A pair of 5inch peep toe pumps, red sweater, blue jeans. Her bra, panties and stockings were in a zip lock bag. An envelope full of pictures of my wife being strip searched and gang banged was in the bottom of the bag.

"Make sure Mikey gets those."

"Oh yea. He can jack off to these. While she is gone. Yes chief this is all her stuff."

Sgt. Buck stands at the door staring at her sexy plump ass. She wearing a black and white striped dress and a pair of high heeled boots. She's got long red hair, green eyes. nice tits 38C and a curvy figure.

"Buck can you take Debe back to see Misty?"

"Yes sir chief. Follow me please."

He leads her to the visitors entrance. She stands in line behind several other people going through a metal detector. When it got her turn. A loud buzzer sounded. Deputy Tyrone was monitoring the machine. He looked her over. Just like sgt. Buck was doing.

"Step through the machine again."

The buzzer goes off again. They look her over again.

"Take your belt and boots off."

with out complaining she hands over her belt and takes off her boots. Tyrone takes her boots and inspects them.

"Step through the machine again."

And once again the alarm sounds.

"I'm going to have to search you in private. Follow me please."

She reaches for her boots.

"Leave them off. You will just have to take them off again."

In her nylon clad feet she follows him in to a small office.

"Put your hands up and spread your legs."

He slowly patted her down. She never has ben attracted to black men before. But she found herself getting aroused. Like my wife her thighs are verry sensitive. Her pussy became wet as he carresed her inner thighs and gently touching her pussy through her dress was verry exciting to her. She feels his stiff cock against her ass.

"I'm going to have to ask you to strip down."

Debe unbuttoned her dress and pulled it up and off over her head. She handed it to him. He tried to look like he was checking it. He looks her over again in her white bra and sun tan pantyhose.

"Your going to have to take everything off."

She reaches around her back and unclasps her bra. She then pinches her nipples and lifts her tits for him to see under them.

"You knew I was going to ask you to do that?"

"Yea I've been here before."

She takes off her pantyhose.

"Am I the reason your so hard?"

"Oh yea!"

"Well get that big thing out and show it."

He smiles and takes his gun belt off. He unfastens his uniform pants. His huge black cock is released. Sticking straight up in the air.

"Damn! That is a big thing!"

She grasps it in her soft hand and gently strokes it a few times. She then gets on her knees and licks it with long teasing licks. Before taking his huge fat cock in to her mouth. Gently sucking him in and out several times. She lets him go and gets up and leans over the desk.

"Fuck me stud!"

He got behind her and guided the head of his stiff prick in to her sex hole.

"Ahhhhhh...Shit!...It's so big!"

He slowly pressed it all the way in. All 10 inches of thick black cock Streching her out. He gradually built up speed. His balls slapping againest her pussy. She has multiple orgasms. The door opens and Tyrone walks in.

"Boss man. Can I hit that? When you get through?"

"Sure come on!"

He strips down.

"Well how does she compare to her daughter?"

About that time he buries his cock balls deep inside her. And fills her with his hot jizz.

"Oh...Man! She has good pussy. He pulls out and Tyrone mounts her for another round. He reaches around her squeezing her tits and slaps her ass a few times. They both climax together. He also fills her pussy. Cum runs out and leaks down her legs.

She then is allowed to dress and is taking back to see Misty.

"I just got fucked by both of those black guys!"

"Yea I know how you feel."

"My pussy is full of cum."

"When you get home tell Mikey to give you a treat. He loves to eat pussy...By the way. I thought Crystal was coming with you? "

"She must be running late."

A lady deputy walks up to them.

"Your time is almost up."

"I better be going. I'll see you later."

"Okay Bye bye."

Debe is escorted out by Buck. In the chiefs office sat Crystal. Debe's youngest daughter. 18 and blonde with big tits like her sister.

"Hi mom can I see Misty?"

"Not today. Visiting hours are over."

"No she can see her!" Buck says.

Debe grabs The sack that holds Mistys things. And grabs Crystal by the arm. Almost dragging her out the door. She looks back at Buck and Tyrone.

"You aren't getting my baby!" She yells.

They both watch them split up in the parking lot and laugh out loud.

"We gonna get that one next?"

"Yea we will."

Crystal gets busted will come soon.

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