Vintage Curious Megs Dark Adventure

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This story takes place back in eighties; we’d been swinging for a little over three years at the time. From our very first tryst, what has gotten Meg’s pussy dripping in anticipation is arranging and getting her GangBanged. She loves being the center of attention in a room with me and two or three other men. She really gets off on being the submissive lil slut, verbally abused, spanked and treated roughly during these GangBangs we arrange for our carnal pleasure.

She loves her role as a little slut wife and never fails to satisfy, me and every guy in the room; to this day we’ll get on-line and find a couple of studs, willing to join us to satisfy my now, Mature Milfs desires. It never fails to drive her fuckn’ wild, when we arrange a couple of guys to join us and fuck her silly.

One of the memorable times that stands out is a GangBang we arranged back in the mid-eighties, eighty- seven to be exact. It was a first for both Meg and I. So sit back, lube up and have the Kleenex handy, we hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane we call…


Back then we rent adult videos, subscribed to penthouse forum and would pick up the local swingers magazine to read and get ideas for us to roleplay and to meet prospective swinger couples and single guys. We’d even joined a Swinger Club that doubled as a strip joint. There wasn’t much in the way of Adult sites on the web or even a web that I can think of. So while lying in bed reading a story about a husband that was watching his wife fuck two Black guys, Meg asked what the possibility of us arranging a little something’ like that; i.e. Black Guy GangBang… I slid down the bed and began to lick her pussy and told her to tell me all about it, in detail. Meg has a very wild and vivid imagination and we enjoy living out our fantasies; especially when she knows it will lead to me setting her up for a night of fucking. As I suck her pussy, she tells me all about what she wants the guys to do to her during this GangBang.

With all that information, I’d get an idea of what her expectations are; the who, what, where and when of her fantasy for us to arrange, and then we’d write to the ads in the swinger magazine of men that could help us fulfill our desires and arrange the GangBang. It took a lot of time back then and a real effort had to be made to make things work out just right. But not this time, Meg had her own little plan.

After telling her nasty lil’ tale with two Black studs and I banging her half the night she said” We can just pick-up some guys and get a hotel room down from the Club and, OK…two guys and you talk to them. You can see if they’d like to party (GangBang her) with us. I want you to get me warmed in the Club, and I wanna suck some cock in the Club too, she adding enthusiastically, OK.

I smiled and said, it sounds OK, to me. So, I said (repeating it to her, to make sure) Swing night at the Club, pick-up a some guys, two Black guys, right, fuck around in the booth for a while and then head to the Hotel room to fuck the shit out of you … that’s what you wanna do.

Ah’uh she said… that’s my plan.

We screwed like bunnies the rest of the night. The next day I called the Hotel and reserved a room for the next Swinger weekend at the Roadhouse Club.

The Roadhouse Club was a “Member’s Only” meeting spot for Swingers, about twenty-five minutes from the nearest town and a two our drive hour from our place… in the middle of the dessert; If you were into the Swinging lifestyle and were seriously looking to find some action, the Club is where you’d find it. The Roadhouse Club featured a Members Only Swingers Weekend on the third Friday and Saturday of each month. Swinger couples and single Member Guys and Gal would go there for one reason and purpose only…to get laid! We’d met several couples there and usually arranged to meet the men we’d party with or had been introduced too, by Swinger friends in our lil’ group at the Club.

It’s was an enormous place, with several private and semi- private party rooms used mostly on special occasions; Holiday Theme Parties and we’d attended a wild New Year’s Orgy there; we had a wild crazy time. It had a big dance floor, plenty of dimly lit comfortable high backed booths and very, very relaxed rules; basically you could do anything, except openly screw, video or photograph on the premises. You also had to have at least one piece of clothing on even during the theme Parties. Non –Member Couples, Single guys and gals on the guest list, willing to pay “cover charge”, or the personal escort of a member, could gain access for one night.

The place was always packed on these Swinger weekends and people came out the wood work, looking to get laid and party till dawn. It amazed us that so many people were swinging and license plates from all round the southwest could be found in the parking lot. Anyway some wise entrepreneur had built a couple of Crappy “No tell” Hotels near the club and if you could get a room; it saved you the pain of having to run back into town. During the rest of the month, a hefty cover charge could get you in to watch the strippers, shop at the adult book / novelties store, and use the coin operated video booths that doubled as gloryholes.

Meg and I enjoyed starting out a fuck night at the Club, she’s a an exhibitionist and she loves getting’ warmed up for the nights GangBanging in the club; getting’ all felt up and letting the guys finger bang her pussy and now apparently, maybe even suckin’ some cock in the Clubs semi- public setting; it always heightens her arousal factor enormously… knowing someone is watching her get off.

On the day of the arranged party, I called Meg at work after lunch and told her I wanted her to get all dolled up when she got off work that night and added… No Panties. I knew that she’d been looking forward to this night and this would get her all hot and bothered for the next three and a half hours, till she got off work and headed home. I filled the Van up with gas and had it washed on my way home, knowing Meg would be home already preparing for the evening, I wanted to give her plenty of time. When I did get home, Meg was in the shower, so I used the guest bath to shower/shave, then went to the master bedroom to get ready myself.

On the bed, as she always did on these party nights, she had laid both our clothes for the evening. I could see her semi-dressed reflection in the bathroom mirror, as she applied her makeup. Her Auburn hair wrapped in a towel, a single strand of faux pearls around her neck. Her bare breast and nipples aroused, in anticipation of tonight’s GangBang… jutted upwards. Her pussy freshly shaved; all that remained was closely cropped patch of hair that resembled an exclamation point., she wore a white satin and lace garter belt, the straps dangling loose; not yet attached to the matching pair of thigh lace trimmed white satin stockings that covered her milky white legs, and as I had directed her…No Panties. I finished getting dressed and headed out to load our overnight bags, the video camera and a packed cooler into the Van, I heard the hair blower start up as I headed down the hallway, and knew she’d be another twenty or so minutes, before she’d be ready to leave.

We arrived at the Roadhouse at a little past seven; after quickly checking in at the Hotel and unloading our bags into the room. The parking lot of the club was about a quarter full. As I parked, Meg flipped down the visor to re-apply her lipstick.

Meg looked hot; the plunging low cut neckline of her dress, showed off her firm 38D tits. Her nipples strained against the material; begging to be set free. The sun, now setting behind the hills, caught the little speckles of glitter in the lotion which she’d used on her face and body… made her shimmer in light. As we walked towards the entrance, she opened her clutch and pulled out a pair of black framed glasses and put them on.

“So, what do think, she said…do they make me look sexy”

I told her she looked sexy as hell! I took her hand in mine and played with her wedding ring as we entered the club.

When we got inside we stood to one side of the dance floor, while our eyes adjusted to the dimly lit room. We made our way to the bar and we ordered some drinks, Rum and Coke for Meg and a beer for me; the prices there where outrageous, but the memories we experienced… totally worth it!

We found a booth in our favorite row; just far enough back so that we could be somewhat discrete and still close enough see the single guys in “the pond”; a line of small tables with two or three chairs at each, which lined the right side of the dance floor, and paralleled the bars length; Single guys and gals and groups of guys, occupied those tables and the bar area. Swinger Couples, looking to meet a guy or two to party with, would check out ‘the pond” for a guy or in our case, guys and invite em’ back to their booths or head directly to the Hotel room to fuck.

We had been sitting and checking out the crowd and the goings on in the booths around us for about an hour. The couple across from us had picked up a guy that was now getting a blow job from the women, while her man worked a dildo in her cunt. Meg was getting very horny and wet as I fingered her pussy and pointed out a table towards the center edge of the dance floor with a couple of prospective young men. The two guys looked to be in their twenties, if not younger, clean cut and with athletic builts’. I suspected Military guys, as the Airbase is up the road.

I asked her if she wanted to get a closer look, after she finished her drink, we could get up and dance.

Ok she said. As she raised her glass and gulped it down, I’m ready.

Slut I said, smiling.

Yeah, but I’m your slut, she said. We laughed and I slid out the booth and helped Meg out.

The waitress came by and I ordered another Rum and Coke for Meg and beer for myself. I handed the waitress my members’ card and asked her to save our table, she said she’d put your drinks on the table, when she got em’. I thanked her and we headed to the dance floor.

As we danced Meg was steady checking out the two guys and asked me to see if they might be interested.

I said ok; let’s see if we can’t get their attention first, ok.

We danced for twenty or so minutes to a mix of fast and slow songs, as we danced the slow songs I made sure to move us close their table, and held the back of her dress in my hand and as I turned her backside towards them, I made sure they got a nice view of her naked white ass; I rode her dress up to her waist with each pass, that got their attention. The one guy flashed me the Ok sign, and thumbs up as we passed by them again, I made eye contact with them and shook my head in approval and smiled. I whispered to Meg, I think they like what they see, she turned her head and waved at them as the song ended we headed back to our booth. I told Meg to go ahead back to the booth, while I went to talk to the guys.

I introduce myself to the young men we’d teased for the last twenty minutes. They stood up and watched as Meg headed to our booth. They said their names where James and Garrett and I asked if they’d like to join me and my wife at our booth. They grabbed their drinks and the three of us headed to the booth.

The Club was getting crowded now, and couples began filling dance floor and the booths. We all slid in with Meg sitting between myself and Garrett. I introduced the guys to Meg and we made small talk for a while. Garrett asked Meg to dance and they slid out and headed to the dance floor. James slid over towards the center; we talked as we watched them dance and checked out the other couples in the booths around us. James asked if we’d come here often.

I said yeah couple times a year, how about you. You hang out here often.

He said this was his second time here, first time he’d met a guy and his girlfriend, and they asked him to meet them here, but that was like three months ago.

You get some pussy that night, I asked.

Oh yeah, He said, dude wanted to watch me bang his girlfriend, so we headed to their place and partied.

You like to party, I asked.

Yeah, he said… you all like to party.

Oh definitely brother I said, you think, Garrett would like to party too, with Meg and me.

Oh yeah, he said yeah we’ll party with you all.

We like to party with two or three guys, I said. Meg asked if we could pick up a couple of guys to join us tonight. I got us a Hotel room up the road and we can head back there after a while.

Your lady looks like a librarian or a Teacher or something, she’s’ so fine.

I said yeah, she is fine, isn’t she. Hell listen, James I said…Megs been begging me, for a couple months to find a couple of black guys to join us for a GangBang. So if you’re sure your buddies up for this.

Oh yeah, you wanna leave now, he asked.

I said great, and briefly explained our plan; we gotta get all warmed up first. So when they get back I said, Megs gonna say she needs to use the ladies room and I’ll fill you guys in on more on how we do this, OK.

Alright he said and downed his drink.

You should know James, I said, tonight is special for Meg.

Is it your Anniversary or something, he asked.

Noooo, I laughed… tonight is Megs first time fucking a couple of Black guys.

Meg and Garrett where heading back, so I slid out to let em in. As planned, Meg said she needed to use the ladies room and she’d be right back. I pulled her to me and slid my hand between the fold of her skirt, to get a feel of her pussy. It was hot and wet, as I pushed a finger deep into her cunt. I could see James filling Garrett in on our conversation, by the look on his face… Garrett was up for it too.

Ummm she moaned softly, that feels sooooo good baby. I need to pee, reeeeeal bad she said, but you keep that ready for me, when I get back.

I whispered in her ear, when you get back I’ll have three sets of hands to feel you up and finger your sweet tight cunt.

She smiled and said, oooh, Daddy, I sure hope so. She headed to the ladies room, and disappeared down the hallway.

I sat back and took another sip of my beer they looked at each other and picked up their drinks and smiled.

So Garrett… you ready to party tonight, I asked.

I’m ready to leave now, he said if you all want.

I filled them in on Megs kinks and what she enjoyed and told them, Meg will do whatever I ask her to do, we just have to get her warmed up when she gets back, and told them to just follow my lead and if all went well… we should be ready to head out, in about an hour or so.

The three of us sat and talked while we waited for Meg to return. They said they were stationed out of the nearby Air Base outside of town. Garrett was only in town for the six weeks, training and would be heading back to Virginia in a couple of weeks. James, on the other hand, was stationed here and offered his phone number which I readily accepted. I told him if all went as we’d (Meg and I) planned we’d be sure to contact him again.

Meg returned from the ladies room and slid in, I had her sit between me and Garrett. She leaned towards me and whispered if they were going to party with us.

I reached up and cupped her right tit and squeezed it hard and asked her if she was a slut.

Meg knew exactly what that meant and said, yes daddy… I’m your slut.

Turning to Garrett she said, I’m his Slut.

You sure are baby, Garrett said, and placed his hand on her knee.

I handed her the rum and coke I had ordered her and told her to down it. She did as she was told and placed the empty glass on the table. We both knew that she needed a couple of stiff drinks to get into her Slut role. It was a ritual Meg enjoyed as she mentally prepared herself to become the little Slut she loved to be during these GangBangs. She’d ask for a cigarette, to let me know she was ready to begin.

Garrett offered to go up and grab some more drinks, I told him to make Megs’ a double and he Slid out and headed to the bar. I’ll be right back, he said to James as he quick stepped it to the bar.
I felt my way around Megs skirt and found the clasp at the side and opened it allowing her skirt to be fall open. She leaned forward and pulled the skirt out from under her ass. Her firm tits were nearly exposed now that the dress was loose. I slid my hand across her flat belly and up to her tits, cupping her left tit in my hand. I pinched her nipple between my fingers and squeezed it hard.

Are you my Slut I asked. She moaned and cooed… Ohh Daddy yes I’m your Slut, harder please, squeeze it harder.

James slid over and placed a hand on her knee and slid it up to her wet pussy and began rubbing it.
I squeezed her tit harder and released it as her head swung back against the booth. I slid my hand down to her belly and to her knee and spread her legs wide.
You like his finger Slut, I said. You wanna to get fucked by James and Garrett Slut.

Yes Master she said.

Oh shit yes slut James said, I’m gonna fuck the hell outta’ your white little pussy, Slut.

Garrett returned and placed the drinks on the table and slid in next to James. He could see James’rubbing Meg’s pussy. Meg asked for her drink and I handed it to her, she took a big gulp and asked me for a cigarette.

Garrett reached around and handed her a Kool and I lit it for her. She was ready for us to warm her up.

Are you my Slut, I asked.

Yes I’m your Slut Daddy, Your Slut she said again, as she looked at Garrett and James. I’ll do whatever you tell me to Daddy.

Good I said finish your smoke and kill that drink so the three of us, can have some fun with you.

Ahuh, she said, picking up her drink, Yes…. have some naughty fun with your Slut, Daddy.

Hey Garrett I said why don’t you change seats with me, so you and James can warm up this Slut and get her ready to fuck us. I think she wants you guys to finger her pussy and suck her tits. Right Slut.
Yes finger my Slut cunt, suck my tits, Meg said as she raised her glass to her sweet lips and finished it off. She put out her smoke and spread her legs wide as James groped at her shaved cunt.

Shit baby your pussies HOT as HELL, James said as her inserted his fat finger deep in her cunt. He looked at me and said you’re a Luckyman, aye, you got one fucken, hot lil’ bitch. He tried to kiss her and Meg turned her head.

She won’t kiss you James, I said…she’ll suck your cocks and you can fuck any hole my Slut has… all night if you’d like, but she won’t kiss either of you. So don’t try ok. It’s just sex guys, no kisses…So let’s get her warmed up and we’ll enjoy ourselves with this lil Slut.

Shit sound s good to me Garrett said, I don’t need to kiss the Slut. James agreed and he went back to fingering her cunt… now with two fingers.

I slid out and let Garrett slide in next to Meg.

He reached into Meg dress and pulled out a tit and began to suck her nipple into his mouth. Meg pulled his head to her breast and told him to bite her nipple. He did and she moaned…Harder Mister… Bite it HARDER. He chomped down on her nipple and she swung her head back against the booths high back seat.

Ooooh Yes that’s so good, she moaned suck it now, suck the nipple, then bite it again… HARD.
Garrett did as she said, and he began to get into it, calling her a Nasty Slut and telling her what he’d planned to do to her back in the Hotel.

I leaned in closer to them, and asked Meg, if she wanted to suck on some big cock.

Oh Yes Daddy, Yes.

She pulled her tit from Garrets mouth as she turned towards James, pushing him back and began to undo his belt and pants and pulled out his hard black cock. It was a good sized circumcised cock. I could see the pre-cum on the tip of his cockhead. She then turned back towards Garrett and did the same to him, pulling out his short, but thick veined cock. His cock head looked like a fat mushroom had grown on his stubby cock. She now held both of their black cocks in her hands and stroked them slowly up and down.

Ummmm, Daddy they both look so good she said, licking her lips… I hope you guys have a couple of big loads of cum for me.

I told her that she could have a lil taste here, you’ll have to wait till we get to the room before you can have any cum. Understand Slut, I said.

Yes Daddy, She said…just a lil taste.

That’s right Slut I said.

She looked around the room to see if anyone was watching, then picked up the empty glass and filled her mouth with several pieces of ice and went down on James first. Taking his cock head in her mouth and slurping on it before taking the entire length in her mouth.

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