Vacation 3some

(Part 1 from 1)

We were on vacation, it was about 130am I was awake do to the other guests not so quietly walking down the hall. I had just rolled over when I heard a knock at the door. Assholes I thought . I tried ignoring it but it happened again. My wife got up and was pretty pissed, She was ready to chew some ass. As she opened the door.

I heard Dominos, here is your pizza. I got out of bed and stood behind my wife as she told the guy we didn't order any damn pizza. The guy had a hard time concentrating as he continually looked down at my wife's braless t shirt. Her nipples were always hard at night, and especially since she was angry. I snuggled in behind her my cock pushing against her ass.

She cleared her throat and told the guy sorry. He took one last look and turned around to walk off. She pushed her ass into me and gave me a moan. I thought I shouldn't, but my hands already moved , I pulled her shirt up exposing her bare tiitties to the delivery guy. I said hey sorry, but I hope this helps. He stood there watching as I squeezed her breasts rolling her nipples between my fingers. She leaned her head back and she kissed me. I heard his footsteps getting closer, he still held the pizza with one hand as he reached to grab her tit. She grabbed his hand and I pulled them into the bathroom. His look of shock soon turned to desire as she pulled her shirt over her head.

His mouth went directly to her breasts sucking each nipple . I pulled her shorts down and spread her legs and slipped my finger into her already wet pussy. She moaned in delight as he sucked and I fingered her clit. After a few minutes I sat on the toilet and guided her down on my cock. Her hot pussy engulfed my cock she rolled her hips back and forth.

Her hands undid his pants and she pushed them to the ground. His hard cock sprang up. She slowly stroked his cock and squeezed his balls. She released his cock and started rubbing her large tits. He pushed his cock towards them and she wrapped them around it stroking him up and down. I slid my finger to her clit again pushing and rubbing. Her hips ground into me, I then grabbed her hair and pulled her head back for one final kiss, then pushed her mouth towards his twitching cock. We sucked and fucked her for several minutes when I felt her pussy start to tighten, I unloaded inside her pussy.

As she moaned she grabbed his balls and began milking them waiting for him to fill her mouth. She' didn't have to wait long, he pumped and pumped his huge load down her throat. She kept grinding into me after he had finished, his cum dripping from the corner of her mouth and my hot cum dripping from her pussy. She pulled his pants back up, and gave him a long deep tongue kiss and pushed him quietly back to the door.

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