Under a Spell

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"Are you gonna get around to fucking me?" It surprised Leo, took him back, so much so, the answer wasn't emminent. Leo was no rook at this game, his ledger had grown long at the age of 25. My first 3 were mature ladies and sex is only sex, and my 4th, my fiancee who I managed to do once a week until she dearjohned me in bootcamp. The subsequent bar girls, and night time groupies in the age of the Sexual Revolution allowed me to notch my bedpost, but this was different. She was different, perhaps a virgin?

I first laid eyes on Gina at the Whiskey a-go-go, in a party of 3 as she entered. I liked her friend, a blond permed hottie who seemed to be the 3rd member. After numerous dances with Lori, she told me if I wanted to get laid, "ask Gina." Gina was sitting with Loris husband in a short black dress, black hair up, pearl earrings and black patent leather heels, no nylons and pasty white legs. That first night began with an early morning mission to fuck her, until we had breakfast and she seemed virginous, inexperienced, and out of the normal loop. She had this natural raw beauty accentuated with thick dark eyebrows unplucked.

Attempting to woo and impress, Leo gave her his resume of college and a hopeful future. She wasn't impressed, instead said she was a drop out, with a daytime job of hauling bedpans. Her short black dress was rising above her thigh, and I could actually see some black stubble from a not so smooth shave? Her skin was so white, the slightest imperfection noticed. She made my dick run hard on how tight she must be. I took the gentlemanly dating stance with her. Impressing her became more important than fucking her. She in turn, would become increasingly bored with Leo.

On this "fuck me" first night, Gina was wearing white shorts in a tight black nylon top, hair to her shoulders and feet wrapped in knee high white boots with a zipper. Her legs crossed on the passenger side of Leos sports car, smoking a cigarette which I generally disapproved of in my new car. Despite dinners, dancing and movies, concerts, she showed little enthusiasm for anything. One thing for sure, this girl might be uneducated, uncouth, and hauling bedpans, but she was mesmerizing, hypnotic with her silence.

On this first "fuck me" night between us, it wasn't going well orginally, and Leo was ready to give up, take her home and move on. Until she shocked me with "when are you gonna fuck me?" Perhaps we had a future together afterall and how! Perhaps I could give her everything she had been missing in life till now? What would transpire, was a well rounded educated man, coming under the spell of a nurses aid, and it began with this first time.

She said she had to be home by 1am, so "get with it," if you want me! I spun into the Copa Motel, a slum job along Sunset and my dick was again hardening as she sucked in and blew out smoke. I was already looking forward to the adventure of discovery and just how tight she was? She grabbed her jacket and tossed it over her shoulder with the shifting ass cheek moves in her shorts of a hooker on night patrol. Forget that, I knew too much about her, she hadn't much cock in her life, not enough time.

She rarely smiled, so her smiles were precious, as was this one in the room. "Get with it, get it off Leo, we haven't much time." I was naked under the sheets, looking forward to watch her disrobe and see her titties for the first time. She looked down at me, smiled again, and removed her top, exposing a 1/2 black bra. Then sat on the bed and unzipped her boots. Reaching for the light, everything went dark. "I like sex in the dark." A disappointment here, but I'll take a first time anyway I can get it.

Gina slipped under the sheets and I felt her soft naked body for the first time. Her silky smooth muff rested alongside my leg as she leaned over me and we frenched. Something strange here! Her bra was still on and I tried prying it off her. Gina said she only has sex with her bra on. Why? She said she had ugly nipples, so I could take it or leave it. I laughed, but she refused to remove the bra. I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her up on top of me with that course, lacey bra resting against my chest. Didn't matter when I felt how tight her pussy was. I had come upon something special here and knew it.

But then a reprimand which made me think. "I don't like it on top, bottom, doggy, 69, but not on top please!" hmmm? Her pussy was so tight it was choking the life out of my cock like a rubberband. Nothing made sense here. After the loving, she was zipping up her boots and I had to ask? "How many guys in your life?" She said "one," and it seemed sicere. How many times? "Oh, maybe 4 or 5?" I told her that's history now, you belong to Leo from now on. "May I see your nipples before we leave?" She smiled, undid her bra, and her titties were so magnificently beautiful and different with large sand dollar nips.

I was hooked on Gina. She wasn't hooked on me, and she was far more experienced than I had imagined. In bed, she could pull all the right strings, and we lived in one for the next 4 months until I married her. I had no idea what lied before me with this lady and it all began with that first time at the Copa. Leo's life would never be the same, call it a spell and she cast it with a bra on.


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