Us Aunty

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100% fiction!

Hi I am Pinky Dildo again. This incident occurred just a week back. There was a very special occasion in my house. Lot of cousins had come down to visit. One aunty had specially come from US. Her name was Neela. She was short and had pointed boobs. There were some guys who had come to fix lighting in the house. I was sitting in the room. She complained of backache and had remained indoors whereas everyone had gone out for 2-3 hours. Now this aunty had always been close.

She had rubbed her boobs a couple of times on my hand. Now as she came out of the toilet, the guys fixing the light were looking at her. Since being from the US, she was wearing a maroon semi-transparent shirt and a black bra inside. She came out of the washroom and bend in front of all three guys. Her nice cleavage was seen clearly. And by the way she smiled, I think she knew we were looking at her. She just walked out of the room with her big hips. I followed her out and sat next to her on the couch. She asked me, ‘so ready?’

I said ‘for what?’ she said, ‘your big day?’ I said, yes of course. Then she said playing, ‘completely ready?’ and I looked straight at her cleavage and she pulled me on her boobs. It happened so quick I couldn’t react. I said, ‘wait, let’s have more fun’. She looked confused. I said, go inside and seduce the two guys inside. She said ‘no ways!’ I said, ‘do it please, it will be quick fun. No sex, only teasing’. She thought for a while and then said ok. I said, not like that. I opened two buttons of her shirt and then said, now go.
She smiled wickedly and went inside.

I came in after five minutes and saw her bending in front of them and showing them complete cleavage including her bra. They were so lost, they didn’t notice me coming inside. They were just ogling at her boobs. She did what almost made me cum. She lifted her hands and showed the two lighting guys her sexy shaven armpits. They just looked so stunned that I had to go in the middle. I caught her sexy meaty arm and took her out of the room. She just smiled naughtily and said, ‘what I am enjoying this little show.’ I said, ‘I know now let’s do it here.’ What a rundi she is, she said, ‘no let’s do it with them.’ I was shocked, ‘what?!’

She said, ‘look, I fantasize indian men and their black cocks. Specially dirty men like these. They fuck really fast you know.’ ‘how would I know?’ I said. She said, ‘oh yes, you are not gay.’ Then she quickly removed her shirt and was just in her black bra. She said, ‘ok I am going in, can’t wait any more.’ I asked, ‘you sure?’ She said, ‘absolutely darling.’ And she actually went in front of those guys in just her bra and was behaving as if nothing is wrong. Of course those two guys (one of them was really hot, I being a guy also fantasize such men sometimes) were enjoying this show. While talking, one of her bra strap fell from her shoulder.

The guy standing next to her immediately helped her with it and she said ‘thanks dear’ and touched him on his cheek. He also smiled at the other guy and then slowly my aunt said, in Hindi in her US accent ‘yeh beech me aa raha hai na?’ saying she quickly removed the other strap also. Both the guys smiled at each other wickedly. The one who helped her with the strap immediately removed her bra hook and ‘pop’ came out her boobs. Both the guys came very close her by now and started squeezing her medium-firm pointed boobs.

She also threw her head behind and started enjoying; ‘oohh yeesss!’ escaped her mouth. I was peeping in the room and by now I couldn’t control. I also jumped in and quickly removed my clothes. I told the guys also, ‘chalo, aunty ko jo chahiye who dedo’ and they were out of their clothes in a minute. The first guy had a large, cock. Black of course. But thin and looked yum! The other guy had a small dick and had lots of pubic hair around it. Strangely, my US return aunt enjoyed the hairy one more. I loved the other one. I was seeing her suck the two dicks one after the other.

I was sitting next to her on the bed and was masturbating my own cock. After a while I couldn’t control and I said, I also want one. All three were shocked! I just turned the other (sexy)guy towards me and started taking his thin, black lund in my mouth! yyummm!! It did taste wonderful. The hairy dick guy was rubbing aunt Neela’s pussy from her jeans. Now all three positioned on the bed, next to each other and she stood on the bed. Ion one quick motion, she removed her jeans and panty. I was not rubbing my cock, but had their dicks in my hand and was shagging them. They also enjoyed it.

I immediately pulled her on me. She came on my dick, and the guys were so horny, they didn’t care for foreplay. They just pulled her and made her lie on her back and the hairy dick guy started pounding her. My Sexy aunt Neela, was screaming, ‘oh yes!! Ghussa!! Andar daal!’in her sexy american accent. The thin dick guy seemed to like me, so we both started making out. I being a bi guy enjoyed him too! I took him over me and kissed him. It was a sexy sensual one. Then, without wasting any time, I turned doggy and gave him my sexy ass! He started pounding it hard and i loved it!

My aunt loved her sexy banging and I loved my hot banging!! As the guy with the small dick was about to cum he was about to remove his dick but my sexy Neela aunt said, ‘nahi! cum inside me! andar hi karo!!’ the guy couldn’t believe his ears and in excitement, he just pumped her hard once and cum! Looking at him, the guy taking me also cum on my ass!! oohh!! I love it when men cum on my ass!! All four of us collapsed on each other. Later my aunt Neela banged a couple of more people. And no, they weren’t any rich, sophisticated men, one of them was a Rickshawala.

The other one was some of her old friend. I just met the light guy once, in the lift. I winked at him and he winked at me. I took the lift to the top floor and gave him a nice blowjob. He cum all over face!!My aunt Neela is now in the US and says she just loved the sex escapades! Mail me, pinkhoneydildo at gmail dot com how was the story! Remember, everything here is true.

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