Uncle Frank

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

After her father died she climbed in bed with her uncle. He reminded her of her dad.

"I'm ready uncle Frank"

Frank got on top of his niece and fucked her as long as he could. When it was over Carrie kissed him and said.

"Mom said you were a good lover"

"She ought to know, I've did her enough times"

"When did you fist do it to her?"

"She was eleven and I was fourteen"

"Why did you stop?"

"Your dad made her stop having sex with me"

"How did he know?"

"The dumb bitch told him" he laughed.

Carrie lay her head on her uncle's chest and went to sleep until morning.

Get up honey, you've got school"

"Fuck me first"

"Ok, I'll give you a quick one" he replied.

Carrie went to school with cum stained panties. She was glad her mom let her to stay with her uncle until she was pregnant. When school was over she went home for a change of underwear.

"How was it?" ask Gloria.

"Uncle Frank made me climax"

"He's good at that"

Frank was still at work so she put her things in his closet and fixed dinner.

"After they ate she ask."

"Why didn't you change out of your policeman's uniform?"

"They were fumigating the locker room for roaches" he explained.

That night after her uncle fucked her she said.

"I want to do something nasty"

"What is it?"

"Stick your police flashlight up my cunny and your baton in my asshole"

"You little slut" he laughed.

Carrie got on her hands and knees and Frank stuffed the flashlight up her cunt hole. Then he eased his baton into her ass as far as he could.

"You look silly" he laughed.

"Tell me I'm under arrest" she giggled.

"Do you want me to read your Miranda rights too?"

"Yes please, and jack off while you do it"

"You're as kinky as your mother"

"Take a picture of me uncle"

"What for?"

"I'm going to show it to my girlfriend"

Frank jacked off on his niece. Then he got his Polaroid and snapped a dozen pictures. He removed the flashlight and baton from Carrie's holes and fucked her until he had to rest. The next day at lunch time she showed her girlfriend the pictures.

"My god, you look like a Porcupine" she giggled.

"My uncle thought it was funny" she replied.

"You said you were going to fuck him but I didn't believe you"

"I don't lie Krista, not to you anyway"

"How much of that baton did he stick up your butt?"

"About fourteen inches" she bragged.

"Did it hurt?"

"Yes, but it was a good kind of hurt"

"Can I watch him fuck you?"

"That would be neat" replied Carrie.

The girls went to Frank's house when school was over.

"Where's your uncle?"

"He hasn't got off work yet"

Let's take our clothes off and give him a surprise" suggested Krista.

"He'll want to fuck you" warned Carrie.

"That's alright, I take birth control pills"

Then she called her mom and said she was staying the night with Carrie. Her mom said it was alright because it was Friday. Frank found the two naked teenagers waiting for him. Evidently his niece had brought another girl for him. She was fat but pretty.

"This is my girlfriend Krista and she wants to get fucked"

Frank took off his uniform and stuck his big prick in Krista's mouth. She sucked it like a pro. When he emptied his balls in her mouth she kissed Carrie so she could taste his sperm.

"Let's do to the bedroom" said Carrie.

"I's early" replied Frank.

"I want to watch you fuck Krista"

When they were in the bedroom Frank undressed and Krista lay in the bed spreading her legs. He rammed his prick up her fat little pussy as far as it would go. Krista gave a little squeak of delight and got the ride of her life. Frank made the girl climax so hard she peed. When he was done with her she smothered him with kisses and whispered.

"I wish I was your wife"

"You're young enough to be my daughter" he gasp.

"My parents won't care, they want me out of the house"

Frank squeezed her fat breasts and said.

"Do you want to have kids?"

"Lots of them" she cooed.

Frank kissed her and said.

"I'll marry you if you want me too"

"Hey, I'm the one that is supposed to get pregnant" protested Carrie.

"Get you ass in bed" said Frank.

Krista got up and Carrie took her place. Three months later Carrie got pregnant and Krista quit taking her birth control pills and married Frank

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