Two moms two sons

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

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My parents' sex life was never really a concern or interest of mine. Yes, occasionally I heard the head of their bed hit the wall a few times before it stopped or a muffled shriek come out of Mom. But I never really thought about it, nor considered it my business. I had no idea there was trouble brewing until I accidentally eavesdropped on a phone conversation Mom was about to have with her best girlfriend, Cathy. Picking up the telephone to call my new friend, Eric, I heard the sound of a phone ringing on the other end. I was about to hang up but Fate made me listen in.

"Hi ,Cathy, it's me."

"Hi, Medaline. I don't have much time because Patters just called me from Target and he'll be home in a minute, but how did it go last night with Hershell?"

Mom sighed. "The same."

"Even with your new negligee and perfume? Are you sure you bought the same one as mine?"

"Yes, of course, I did, Cathy. Let's face facts, he is impotent, or he's not interested, or he's turned gay, which I doubt because he's got no sense of esthetics." 

Mom and Cathy had a little laugh at Dad's expense.

"I'm sorry, Medaline, that nightie always works for me."

"Well, maybe it is because your body isn't in it."

"Don't start that again, Medaline. You are a sexy, voluptuous woman who could make any man cream in their pants if you showed them what you have to offer."

"Hershell is a good provider and good man, Cathy."

"I know he is, Medaline, but you have needs..."

"And do you know what makes it even worse, Cathy? Mark has a new friend, Eric, who gets my panties wet every time he comes over. I'm sure he is a total innocent but it is all I can do to..."

"Sorry to cut you off, Medaline, but Patters just drove up, can we talk later tonight?"

"Sure, Cathy. I've got to get dinner started too. The Oscars are on at eight and Mark and I are going to watch it. Are you?"

"I'll probably watch some of it."

"That'll be more than Hershell will watch, I'll guarantee you. He has no interest in the arts or movies or sex with me or..."

"Medaline, don't make yourself crazy. Get out your vibrator and think about young Eric."

Mom laughed. "OK, honey, I've got to go too."


"Bye, Cathy."

I hung up the phone after I heard Mom hang up. This was a thunderbolt! Dad wasn't screwing Mom and Mom had the hots for Eric! This was incredible! My hands were almost shaking as I called him. Eric and I had been friends since discovering each other in the computer lab at school a few months back. Both of us were better with programming software than stimulating lust in the girls we knew so we traded porn pictures with each other, and generally encouraged the other that better sexual days lie before us. Now I had some real encouragement, via Mom of all people!

I decided to call on my cell phone for privacy.

"Eric, hi, this is Chris. I have got some really hot news for you that you won't believe."

"What hot?"

"Hot, sexually!"

"With who?"

"I can't tell you until you get here. Can you come over tonight? The Oscars are on. Tell your Mom that you want to watch it on our big-screen television."

"OK, she won't care, believe me. I'll see you at eight."

"OK, buddy. Hey, I'm dizzy here with this news. And you won't believe it when I tell you. But I've got an idea about this."

"OK, Chris, I'll see you soon... I can't imagine... Is it Brittany?"

"Nope. You'll never guess in a million years, Eric."


"No, just be here by a quarter to eight, OK?"

"OK, pal, see you."


During dinner I watched mom and dad. I realized they didn't say much to each other. Mom talked to me about the movies that were up for Oscars but dad had nothing to add to the conversation. He just bitched about losing a contract at work and was looking sullen. Mom hadn't seen any of the films up for awards but had read about them in some of her women's magazines. She tried to fill me in as best she could, and I had seen some previews for some of them on TV too.

As nonchalantly as I could, I said at one point, "Hey, Eric is a real film buff and I told him that we were going to watch the Oscars on our big TV set. You know his mom can't afford much of a TV so I suggested he come over tonight and watch it with us. Is that OK?"

I watched Mom stop chewing for a couple seconds.

Then she said, "Sure he can come over. It'll be more fun with more people. Right, Hershell?"

"I'm not watching that. I've got a proposal to write tonight and I want to get to bed right after the news."

"OK, Hershell," Mom said in her sweetest voice. "Mark, will you clean up while I have a soak? I need to relax a bit before the Oscars."

"Sure, Mom," I said as I looked at her and suddenly tried to envision her naked in the tub.

An hour later, mom was still in the bathroom and I heard Eric's car drive up. I went out to meet him and give him the heads up. He couldn't believe it either.

"You're shitting me."

"No, I heard mom talking on the phone to her friend. She said it. But we have to be cool. I'm not sure how we should handle this, but follow my lead tonight, OK? If we play this right we can both get something, OK?"

"Hey, man, you're the boss. It's your mother, Chris. Hey, what about your dad?"

"Well, we have to be careful, but I don't think he'll be around much."

"Like, does he have a gun?"

"Only the one between his legs, Eric."

"Hey, man, you're a kidder."

"Come on in, Eric, and be careful to not give this away."

"I'm cool."

Dad was in his study and Mom was in the bathroom, so Eric and I went downstairs to the rec-room where we have the 36-inch HDTV. We both sat on the sofa directly in front of it and started to watch the pre-Oscars show. 

Momentarily, we heard directly behind us, "Hi boys, has it started yet?" Mom came through the door in back of us and sat down in an over-stuffed chair off to the side. She looked really pretty. Her black hair was down on her shoulders and she had a hint of lipstick on. She had changed her clothes and now was wearing a light yellow blouse and light blue skirt with a belt that looked a bit tight around her womanly belly. We could just see a bit of her cleavage since the top two buttons on her blouse were unbuttoned. Then I got a whiff of her perfume. Nice.

"Hey, Mom, don't sit on the side, you can't see as well from there. Let's lower the lights and get comfortable on the sofa. All three of us can sit here fine. Then we'll all be right in front."

I got up and dimmed the lights and Mom got up and sat down in the center of the sofa. "Well, if Eric doesn't mind..." she said smiling at him.

"We'd love to have you sit with us," Eric said politely.

Jon Stewart was hosting the 78th Annual Oscars show but we all agreed he wasn't as funny as he was on the Daily Show. But we laughed through a prepared montage of cowboy film clips that featured famous cowboy stars like John Wayne saying things that, at least out of context, were a bit gay. It was because of the Brokeback Mountain gay cowboy movie up for an Oscar, of course, and Mom said at the end, "Well, I'll bet there are no gay cowboys on either side of me."

"We both like sexy, pretty women," I said encouragingly, 

"And older women too," Eric said. I hoped that he wasn't giving Mom a clue that we knew.

"Well, I'm glad of that since I'm a woman," Mom said brightly. A commercial came on and she said that she was going to get us some beers.

When Mom came back we both noticed that one more button was unbuttoned on her blouse and she leaned way over as she handed a beer to Eric and me. After Mom made sure we saw as much as we could see, she immediately sat between us again. Our sofa isn't all that long so we were all sitting right up against the other. I could feet the soft warm flesh of Mom's leg against mine. I presumed Eric could feel her as well. It was pretty dark in the room now and Mom's hands were at her sides, and almost lying on my leg, so I took her hand and squeezed it.

"This is fun, isn't it?" she said squeezing back and then she grabbed Eric's hand too. 

"Really fun," Eric said and looked in Mom's eyes. After a few minutes, Mom dropped Eric's hand but kept holding mine.

Dolly Parton started to perform her song, "Travlin' True" from "Transamerica" and Mom said, "Look at that poor old dear. She is so skinny these days and her lips look puffed up with collagen."

"Like a skeleton with boobs," I agreed. I looked at Eric but he wasn't smiling at my joke.

"I like her song, though," Mom said.

"I bet her boobs are fake. Don't you think so, Mom?" I asked.

"I don't know, Mark. She's a lot older than I am and she's always had those breasts as far as I can remember."

I decided to get the ball going. Bravely I said, "Well, maybe, but I bet they're hard silicon, not real breasts like these are." I leaned over and lifted the brassiere-encased breast closest to me, as if I were showing Eric a real one.

"Mark! You can't touch me like that! What are you thinking?"

"Well, Mom, I think you have the body of a goddess. A real woman. You don't need any silicon or anything else. You are so pretty and sexy and I'm just so proud that my Mom is 100-percent real woman." I knew I needed to lay it on thick.

"I'll bet your breasts aren't hard at all," Eric agreed.

"Of course, they're not hard. They're real," Mom said, looking at least somewhat pleased at the compliments she was getting.

"They look really natural," Eric said.

"They are natural!" Mom said. "I've had them since I was a girl." Mom smiled at her joke.

"But they're not little girl-breasts," I said as I lifted the breast again.

"Mark! What are you doing?"

"They feel natural," Eric said as he lifted Mom's other breast and quickly pinched her nipple.

"Eric, I told you they are natural! I don't think you should...."

"Not like Dolly Parton's breasts," I said. "They don't even bounce." With that I bounced Mom's left breast. "See, Eric?"

"Mark! Eric! What if Hershell should come in here and see you bouncing my boobs? What do you think he'd do??"

"He'd probably want to bounce them too," I said with a smile and both Mom and Eric laughed at that. I lightly pinched Mom's nipple too.

Mom looked down and saw that with the bouncing another button had somehow gotten undone. "Look at me," she said, "I'm coming all apart." She made a move like she was going to re-button it, but she didn't.

"Most of the gowns tonight aren't very low-cut," I complained, as we watched a parade of female stars take the podium. 

"They don't have the spectacular kind of real breasts that your Mom has, Chris," Eric explained.

"That's sweet," Mom said and put her hand on Eric's leg.

"Mom's breasts even kind of spill out of her bra. Look at this, Eric," I said as I pulled back Mom's open blouse as far as I could with the buttons that were undone. We all three looked and saw Mom's voluptuous left breast trying to overflow the Playtex dam.

"Mark! You can't just open my shirt to show my breasts! What in the world has gotten into you? What if your father should see you do that?"

Eric said, "Mrs. Ewen, Mark's right. Your breasts are so amazing and full and soft and womanly. Any man, even your son, has got to be proud to have a mother that is so sexy and stacked."

"Well, thank-you, Eric. You get a little kiss for that." Mom leaned over and gave Eric a little kiss on the mouth.

"Hey," I said, "I'm the one who showed your breast off. I should get a kiss too!"

"Of course, Mark, I'm sorry," Mom said as she leaned over to give me a kiss too. I saw Eric give Mom's nipple another light pull. Mom was breathing heavy as she kissed me and I knew we were getting to her.

"Hey, finally a gown showing some tit," Eric said as Corinne Marrinan accepted the Oscar for a documentary short. She was wearing a gold dress with spaghetti straps that plunged low enough to show her very white ample breasts. "Finally."

I said, "Yeah, but you don't see many legs either do you? They are all long gowns. They hide everything."

"You could see J Lo's legs," Mom pointed out.

"True, but only when she walked across the stage, and she was an exception," I said.

Eric was massaging Mom's breast now, as we all faced the TV.

"You know, Eric," I said, "if they had legs like Mom they wouldn't cover them all up."

Mom was still holding my hand, but I took my hand away to take a belt of beer. Then I pulled her dress up about eight inches on my side and said, "See what I mean? These legs are hot!"

Mom slapped my hand, pulled her dress down and said, "You better not drink so much, young man. What if your father saw you do that?"

"I'm only on my first beer, Mom. And I want Eric to see your womanly legs."

"Well, that is not for a son to show, Mark," Mom said.

"From what I just saw, Mrs. Ewen, your legs are really shapely," Eric said, right on cue. 

Mom stretched out her legs in front of her and we all looked down. "Oh, I don't know about that, Eric. And please, call me Medaline."

"Your dresses are too short, Mom," I said. "With your legs you should wear miniskirts."

"Mark, I'm not a teenager and I don't want to look like a slut."

"Well, you're not old yet either. You should flaunt it, if you've got it."

"You really like them?" Mom said as she raised her straightened legs off the floor so we could see them better.

"Really gorgeous, Medaline."

"I bet you could use a leg-rub, Mom," as I grabbed her left out-stretched leg and lifted her knee over mine.

"No, I don't need one, Mark," Mom started to say but I immediately started to give her a deep massage and she liked it. "Well, just for a while then."

Of course, I managed to push her dress higher and higher as I massaged and I winked at Eric. I loved feeling Mom's leg but I wished she wouldn't shave them because of the stubble. I was gratified to find out though that she only shaved below the knee.

"Ooh, that does feel nice, Mark," Mom said as she slid down a bit on the sofa.

"I'll do the other one, Medaline," Eric said as he lifted her other knee onto his and started to massage her like I was doing.

Mom pushed her dress down between her legs and said, "I shouldn't have my legs open like this. You boys will think I'm obscene. And what if Hershell would walk in? He's just upstairs you know."

"Just relax, Mom, and enjoy," I said as I worked my hand ever higher on her leg, under her dress.

Soon both of us were massaging Mom's inner thighs and my cock was really getting painful in my pants, and I presumed the same for Eric. Mom's dress was almost up to her panties but her eyes were firmly on the TV and the Oscars presenters. She didn't look down to look at our hands, her dress, or us. I lifted her leg a bit more onto my lap which really splayed her legs. Eric and I looked down at Mom's white panties, tight against her bushy cunt. Even in the flickering darkness we could see Mom's black pubic hair that wasn't covered by her panties.

I ran my hand over the inner seam of her panties, feeling Mom's pubes for the first time.

"Mark, don't touch me that high," Mom said breathlessly.

Eric was doing long strokes on Mom's leg but was looking at me to lead the way.

"Hey, Jennifer Aniston," I said, looking at the TV but, at the same time, running my middle finger down Mom's pussy crack, feeling her soaked panties and raised, hard clitoris.

"Mark, don't! You are such a bad boy, you can't do that to your mother," Mom said as she slid a little further down, her legs a little wider. "Hershell..."

Mom's clit was incredible. I very lightly fingered it and it was like a little pebble sticking out. I motioned with my eyes for Eric to feel it too. His finger replaced mine and Mom hissed, "Oh, Eric, please don't! Don't feel my wet pussy. You probably think I'm a slut, don't you? Your fingers are going to get all wet, my panties are so soaked." Eric was moving his middle finger up and down Mom's cunt crack and she started to grind her hips.

A man's voice from the doorway in back of us said, "Is that show over with? It's ten o'clock and the news is on."

All three of our heads rotated to the rear so fast we all had minor neck aches the next day. Mom's knees clamped shut and I managed to say, "Hey, Dad, umm, no, it goes for another hour, until eleven. Best picture hasn't been announced yet." Luckily Dad's eyes weren't used to the low-light in the room.

"Well, then, I'll watch the news on the bedroom TV. I'm going to bed, hon."

"OK, Hershell, I'm going to finish the show, OK?" Mom asked in a very high voice.

"OK, good night all." And the door closed. Eric's hand was still clamped between Mom's legs.

Mom fanned herself with her hand and said, "That was too close! What if he had seen us?" She didn't seem aware that Eric's hand was still holding her cunt.

"Relax, Mom," I said, "He's gone to bed now. He won't be back down. You stay here, I'm going to get us three more beers. It'll calm you down." 

"I need a large cognac, Mark," Mom said.

I got up and went to the lower-level refrigerator and got two more brews for Eric and me and poured a brandy for Mom from the rec-room bar.

I smiled as I got back because I saw that Eric's hand was still firmly on Mom's pussy and they were in the middle of a long kiss with open mouths. I set their drinks down on a sidetable and momentarily handed them over.

"I just hope you boys don't think I'm a slut," Mom said as she took a long sip of Remy.

"We think you are the most exciting woman ever," I said clicking my beer bottle with her brandy glass. Eric said, "I'll drink to that!" and clinked her brandy glass too.

Within five minutes we were back to Mom's spreadeagled position with Eric's hand slowly massaging her crack while I alternately massaged her breasts and hairy inner thighs.

Mom's eyes seemed permanently affixed to the television screen so she didn't say anything as I unbuttoned two more buttons on her blouse. That allowed me to see that she had a bra that clasped in the front and, without too much ado, I managed to undo it. 

"Mark, what are you doing?"

I slipped my hand between her bra cup and her breast and slowly rolled her nipple in my fingers. I had my eyes on the TV too.

Mom said in a loud whisper, "Mark! That is something only a husband should do, not a son."

"But I love you, Mom."

"I love you too, sweetheart, but..."

It was at that point that Eric put his finger inside Mom's sopping panties and easily inserted his middle finger into her vagina.

"Oh, my god..." Mom cried and slid down a little further.

I leaned down and, pulling her bra cup aside, looked at Mom's breast at close range for the first time and then leaned down to take the dark, hard nipple in my mouth. I rolled it around with my tongue and then started to suck gently while massaging her other breast. Eric and Mom were kissing again.

I'm not sure how long we were like that but soon it was 10:30 and no sign of Dad again.

I for one had a very uncomfortable boner in my pants. 

"Mom, I think we should get more comfortable."

"What do you mean?" Mom asked as Eric slowly pushed his finger in and out of her cunt.

"I gotta take my pants off, it's painful."

"What if your father..."

"I don't care, I'm in pain."

"Oh, poor baby," Mom said as I stood up and unzipped my jeans. I was really hard and I faced her as my bulge escaped my unzipped pants. 

"Oh, sweetheart, ..."

I slid my jeans off and kicked them off to the side. Looking directly at Mom I pulled my cock out of my boxer shorts and, pulling on it a couple times, said, "OK, that's better. I think it'll be OK."

Mom's eyes were locked on my engorged penis and Eric's finger started to move more rapidly.

"What about you, Eric?" Mom asked, concerned.

"I really need to take my pants off too, Medaline." Eric withdrew his finger, stood up and, standing by me, did exactly the same thing facing Mom, except he had jockey shorts on. When he lowered his jockeys his cock sprung free and Mom gasped. Eric's cock was probably a good inch longer than mine but we both looked impressive, I'm sure, with our purple-headed rods aimed directly at Mom. "Oh boys, you shouldn't stand there like that looking at me. I must look a mess," Mom said as she made a minimal effort to straighten her dress and blouse.

"You look so hot, Mom," I said, pulling on my cock. "Take off your bra and panties but leave on your blouse and skirt, in case Dad pops in. He'll never know."

"Eric will think I'm such a slut," Mom said looking at Eric's magnificent manhood.

"I think I've never seen a hotter woman," Eric said aiming his mushroom head at Mom.

As Mom stood and took off her panties, blouse and bra, she said, "This is not what I should be doing. What if Hershell should see me? You boys are such devils. Mark, I had no idea that you were like this. I should ground you after this. No boy should see the hair between their mother's legs. But it was so nice to have you suck on me again. So gentle. You are a good boy. And, Eric, you cannot tell anyone about this. Do not tell your mother! Will you? Neither of you can tell any of your friends. They would think that Mark's mother is a slut. Showing two boys her hot pussy and breasts. What kind of mother am I? I don't even know if I can tell Cathy about this. But if you two only knew what I am going through, you wouldn't judge me so harshly. You wouldn't look at my pussy and call me a slut. Most people would probably call me a slut if they would see me right now. Showing my breasts and pussy to two young boys." Mom was standing between us now and gently wrapped her hands around both of our cocks, feeling the hot hardness of them.

"Oh, you boys!" Mom cried as she let go and hurriedly sat down again on the sofa and slipped her open blouse on again. "Eric, Mark, I have to go upstairs to Hershell in ten minutes. And I can't let you cum in me tonight. I mean, I can't let you cum in me. Mark, don't think your mother is a slut, OK? I'm only thinking of both of you. I know you boys need to cum. This is what I think we should do tonight. We can talk about tomorrow, OK? But tonight, just stand there and you can look at me, you can look at me putting my fingers in my pussy, OK? You can look at me pulling on my nipples, OK? Am I getting you hot? When you want to cum you can just cum. Cum on my breasts, cum on my face, cum on my pussy, cum on my belly, anywhere you boys want to cum is OK. Just hurry because I have to go up to Hershell."

Eric and I stood close together, both of us leering at Mom, looking at her with her knees up, three fingers going in and out of her pussy, pulling on her nipples alternately with her other hand; we pulling on our almost-to-explode cocks.

"Cum on me, babies, cum on me," Mom hissed.

Eric took a step toward Mom and aimed directly at Mom's face. As he exploded Mom opened her mouth like a target and about half of Eric's cum made it in. The rest landed on her eyes, nose and chin.

"Oh, Eric, baby, that's so beautiful," Mom cried as she licked his cum off her lips.

Then it was my turn. I aimed low at Mom's pussy and when Mom saw where I was aiming she said, "Oh, honey, oh, Mark, you shouldn't cum on Mommy's pussy." But nonetheless she took her fingers out of her cunt and, instead, with one hand fingered her clitoris, and with the other, opened her labia lips so that Eric and I could see her gaping hole.

"I'm gonna cum soon, Mom," I said as I furiously wanked. 

"Mark, honey, don't get any in Mommy's cunt. I am still so fertile. I could get pregnant. You could give your slutty Mommy a baby, Mark," Mom warned as she rapidly fingered her clit.

"I want to give you a baby, Mom," I screamed as I shot wad upon wad of my white cream onto Mom's black pubes and pussy. Sure enough, one gob went into her hole too. Just as I had said that, Mom started to shake and she came violently. Eric was still shaking cum from his cock onto her face.

When Mom stopped shaking, she took some of my cum on her finger and put it into her mouth.

"Thank god you don't taste like him," she said smiling. I presumed she meant Dad. Then, as she stood and started to dress again, she said, "Oh my god, kids, I can't believe we did that. I can't believe you boys are so bad. I can't believe you both taste so good. Eric, really, I'm not as slutty as you probably think. I've got to get up to Hershell. We're in real trouble if I'm pregnant, Mark. How would we explain that to your father? My pussy is still on fire. I could just suck both of you off right now. But I can't. I have to get up to Hershell. Eric, call us first thing tomorrow morning, OK? We have to talk about this. I know you must really think I'm a slut. Mark, not a word to anyone. Oh, boys, that was so wonderful." Then Mom kissed both of us hurriedly but passionately and left, holding her bra and panties, looking pretty disheveled still.

Both Eric and I were standing there with our limp cocks still dripping. Spontaneously we high-fived and then both collapsed onto the sofa. 

Mom came rushing back in. "Who won best picture?" she asked panicky.

Both Eric and I hadn't a clue.

"I sure hope Hershell is asleep," she muttered as she left again.

Soon we were dressed and I walked Eric out to his car.

"Hey, man, that was incredible," Eric said. "Are you OK with this?"

"It's what my mom said she wanted, so it's OK with me."

"I'll call you tomorrow morning."

"After 8:30," I said. "Dad's gone by then."

I watched Eric's taillights until he made a turn. As usual, Mom was up long before me and I had had a fitful night so I barely made it into the kitchen by 8:30, the time when I told Eric to call. Mom was humming to her iPod Nano as shuffled to the kitchen table and poured myself some cereal. I hadn't gotten much sleep because images of last night would keep popping into my head and I'd have to masturbate again. My world had really been rocked and I wondered how my relationship with Mom would evolve. Mom gave me a nice smile and continued humming as she rinsed-off dad's dishes. She actually looked radiant and happy.

After she put the last dish in the dishwasher, she pulled the earbuds out of her ears and sat down with me at the table. 

"Wow, Mark," Mom said, "I must have drunk too much last night. I barely remember anything. Are you OK?"

She hadn't drunk that much, only one beer and a little brandy. I realized she was using the old I-don't-remember-anything-I-was-so-drunk defense. That was one way to deal with it. But I knew it wasn't the end of it, so I figured that we should be honest.

After eating a couple spoonfuls of Total I looked at her solemnly and said, "I remember everything, Mom. And it was the most incredible night of my life. I don't think there could be a woman as sexy and exciting as you are. I think I'm a little jealous that I had to share that experience with Eric, but I think that a lot of it happened because he was there too. He's a really good friend and I don't want to lose his friendship and I certainly don't want to lose your love. But I don't think we'll ever look at each other in the same way again. Do you, Mom?"

Mom was speechless and I watched as red blotches appeared on her neck. That always happened when she was flushing for whatever reason. Tears started to well up in her eyes and she reached for my hand and squeezed it. 

"How can you be so mature, Mark? You are incredible. I didn't know how I was going to face you this morning."

"I hardly slept last night because I was so excited," I said.

"I was tingling all night. I just listened to your father snore."

We broke into a smile and then a laugh. Then the phone rang.

"Do you want to get it, Mark? It's probably Eric."

"No, you get it, I'll talk to him next."

Mom answered the phone and then said to me, "He wants to talk to us at the same time. Would you run and get on the extension?"

"Sure," I said as I ran into the next room. I picked up the phone and said I was on.

"Hi Eric, we were just talking about last night," Mom said.

"Wow, Medaline, that was so great. Really. I couldn't sleep last night."

Mom and I both laughed. "We couldn't either!" we said in unison.

"Hey, listen, I also had a long talk with my mom last night. You know, Chris, I haven't ever had you over to the house for a reason. I want you both to know about this, and I don't talk about this problem with just anyone, but you two need to know." Eric took a deep breath. "Dad left my mother two years ago for a much younger woman, just a couple years older than we are, Chris. And mom didn't handle it well. Basically she started drinking and that led her to depression and a near-constant drunken state. The house is a mess and we have to live very cheaply. Mom doesn't eat well and so she has lost a lot of weight. She always used to be fun, kinda wild actually, but Dad's ditching her just put her on the skids. Last night when we were watching Dolly Parton I was thinking of my mom. They're similar in that both of them have large busts and both are too skinny. Mom isn't as thin as Dolly but she is in a funk and I haven't been able to help her."

Mom broke in, "You poor dears..."

"Once she said that she'd like to take revenge by finding a boy as young as the girl who took her man, but I just laughed it off at the time. Last night made me think. It was so exciting to be with an experienced woman. A real hundred percent woman, like you are, Medaline. I got to thinking... my mom is a real woman too. A hundred percent real, if you know what I mean. Chris is a great guy and a very sexual guy too. Why not see if there is chemistry with us? Knowing my mom, I think if both of you were to come over, maybe for potluck dinner or something, it would shake her out of her funk and let her be happy again. I brought the subject up with mom and I think she is interested. I showed her a picture of you, Chris, the one by the pool. What do you think?

"God," I said, stunned again by a telephone conversation.

"When would you like us to come over, Eric?" Mom asked.

"Well, I figure it will take me a week to get the house cleaned up enough for company. And to psyche Mom up. So how about Saturday? Oh, another thing... Mom isn't going to stop drinking easily...and you can't lecture her... she starts drinking by 3pm and she gets up a noon. So if you could be here at about three, that would be good. Mom drinks vodka so maybe bring a bottle or two and whatever else you guys want to drink. Does that sound awful?"

"No, of course not, honey. We'll buy some good vodka and I love to make vodka gimlets. We'll stop and get a couple buckets of KFC and maybe we'll even take a cab so we don't have to worry about driving home. We'll drink right along with your Mom this time and, like you said, see if we click. What do you say, Mark?" Mom asked.

"I guess I'm up for it if it is OK with both of you," I kind of stammered.

"Hey, man, this means a lot to me," Eric said.

"We're both here for you, Eric," Mom said enthusiastically.

"OK, hey, I gotta run, I'm late, but maybe I'll see you sometime this week, OK, Chris? I'm anxious to see you too, Medaline."

"Bye, Eric."

"Bye, Honey," Mom said.

"Bye." And we all hung up.

During the next week, I have never masturbated so much, because conjuring the possibilities of our evening on Saturday was so exciting. Everything was new and daring. And I couldn't wait for Saturday.

Finally Saturday came. I hadn't seen Eric since our evening together but I felt honored that he wanted me to help with his very personal family problem. During the week Mom had picked up two liters of Stolichnaya vodka, some Rose's lime juice, vermouth for vodka martinis and olives. And she bought a case of Widmer's Hefeweizen beer for Eric and me. Mom reminded me that we had to pick up some KFC on the way. Dad was told to fend for himself that night, we would be late. I got the directions to Eric's house from Mapquest and at 2:15 the car service sedan drove up. I yelled for Mom and threw the booze in the trunk.

In less than a minute Mom came out of the house too, and she looked like a youthful vision in pink. She had a pink dress on with the hem above the knees and pink lipstick but little other makeup that I could see. It was obvious the look she was going for. And her dress was scooped low enough to see some cleavage. I at least had put on a fresh shirt.

Mom and I piled into the backseat of the sedan and told the driver to make one stop at KFC before the final stop. I gave him my Mapquest directions in case he didn't know that part of town, which was the lower-middle class section, near the airport. Mom kept asking me how she looked and I rephrased 'You look great' in as many ways as I could think of. 

Then Mom grabbed my hand and in a low voice so the driver couldn't hear she said, "You know, Mark, this potentially could get wild tonight. How do you feel being Eric's mom date for the evening? Do you even know her name yet?"

"No, I don't know her name and, yes, I am kind of weirded out by this, but excited too. But I kind of wish it was just you and me as a couple tonight, going to a party or club together."

"Oh, sweetheart, you want to go out with your own Mom?"

"Sure, I told you, I think you are the sexiest, prettiest woman I know. But I want us to let whatever happens tonight to happen. I want to have an adventure and I want you to have one too. Nothing will get back to Dad, believe me."

"What happens at Eric's, stays at Eric's. Deal?"

"Deal!" I said and gave her hand a squeeze.

Soon the chicken buckets had been picked up and after a couple wrong turns we pulled up in front of Eric's house. The siding obviously needed replacing and the neighbors had an old pickup up on blocks in the front yard but we saw that Eric must have just mowed the lawn. Mom spruced-up her lipstick and sprayed some Chanel perfume in her cleavage and said she was ready. We piled out the car and walked up the driveway. 

We didn't even need to ring the doorbell, the door opened as we stepped onto the landing. Eric's mom held the door open and I could see Eric standing behind her. Once we were all inside, Eric did the introductions and we learned his mom's name was Angela. Looking at Angela next to Mom was a study in contrasts. Whereas Mom had such a young and fresh look tonight, Angela was dressed like she was going out on the town with a much older man. A tall woman, almost my height, 5'11", she had close-cropped black hair, almost a man's cut, dangly gold earrings with small green stones, ruby-red lipstick with green eye-shadow that matched her green blouse that had a gathered neckline that showed her cleavage, even more than Mom was showing. But, she wasn't wearing a skirt. She was wearing dark green pants! Shoot! Her voice was low like a woman's voice who has smoked for years. 

I was prepared for someone as skinny as Dolly Parton had been and thankfully she wasn't that skinny, but she looked like she could use a few pounds. Her heavily-mascara'd brown eyes looked a bit sunken and had a lot of cover-up makeup around them. But Eric was right about her bust, it was spectacular, hoisted up and out by a major-duty bra.

After we gave Eric the booze and chicken, which he carried into the kitchen, we were invited to sit in the living room. Mom said that she would gladly start things off with her famous vodka gimlets and everyone agreed to have one. I noticed Angela didn't look in my eyes very much.

Mom and Angela went into the kitchen together, actually Angela limped into the kitchen (explaining she had fallen in the bathroom a couple days ago and strained her ankle). Eric showed me his room. Everything was simple but nice. I think we both were nervous about how the evening was going to go.

Then Mom yelled that drinks were coming out and we should come into the living room. The main piece in the room was a large L-shaped sofa that was angled in the middle of the room. The TV was situated so everyone could see it but it was off.

Mom said, "Let's sit boy-girl-boy-girl," and laughed a nervous laugh. She handed Eric a gimlet and Angela handed one to me. I sat down with Angela across from Mom and Eric. 

"A toast!" Eric said. "I propose a toast to new friendships, new love, and what-the-hell ever else." He looked at Mom when he said "new love" but I said, "Hear-hear" when he was through with his eloquent toast.

Angela was looking a bit embarrassed, I wasn't sure why. She still wasn't looking at me much. But everyone agreed that Mom's gimlets were tasty and potent.

The small-talk was pretty formal through Mom's first gimlet.

Then at one point, Angela looked over at me and asked, "So, Mark, how old are you?"

That was a bit of a shocking question. Didn't she know? "Eighteen."

"Really? You look younger," Angela said.

Ah-ha, I thought. Maybe that is why she was being so cool. She thought I must be underage. "In fact, I'm three months older than Eric," I said.

"Born in January," Mom added. "I can vouch for his age."

"You look like a baby," Angela said, almost shaking her head.

"Youthful looks is a family trait, At least I hope it is," Mom said smiling. She certainly looked about ten years younger than her forty-two years.

But Angela seemed relieved, at least she would look at me and smile now while chatting.

Mom got up and made herself and Angela another gimlet while Eric and I took a beer.

Angela closed the drapes so it was darker in the room and sat down beside me again. We clicked glass and bottle.

"We had such a good time together last weekend, Angela, when Eric was over," Mom said. "The Oscars were so much fun to watch and the boys made comments all the way through, mostly about the gowns the women were wearing."

"What about the gowns?" Angela asked.

"You couldn't see anything," Eric said.

"The dresses were way too long and not low-cut enough," I agreed, and smiled at Angela, knowing that I had just said something provocative. She smiled slightly back.

"These boys are so bad, Angela," Mom went on. "I forget which one said it but they said that I should wear a mini-skirt. I, of course, told them it would be way too slutty for a woman my age to wear a mini-skirt."

"You've got the best legs, Mom," I said. "Even the dress you have on is way too long too."

Mom took a big sip of her second gimlet. "This dress is shorter than what I usually wear, Mark," Mom said as she stood up to show us that the hem was above her knees.

"Hey, Chris," Eric said from in back of Mom, "what length should your mom have her dress at? Say when..." With that he grabbed the hem of Mom's pink dress and slowly started to lift it.

"Eric! What are you doing?" Angela screamed.

"It's OK, Angela, these naughty boys are just being boys. It's OK. As long as they don't think I'm being a slut."

"How about here, Chris?" Eric asked, raising Mom's hem several inches.

"Higher," I said, smiling and winking at Angela who was looking at bit scandalized.

Eric kept slowly raising Mom's dress until it was at panty level.

"You boys are so bad," Mom said looking at her totally exposed legs but smiling broadly.

"Just a bit higher," I said, seeing how far I could push this.

Eric lifted it so that Angela and I could see Mom's matching pink cotton panties and the black, curly pubic hair that were escaping her panties. I wanted Eric to just hold it there and I was hard as a rock. Mom could see the bulge in my pants and it was suddenly so painful I had to adjust myself. That's when Angela noticed my swollen condition, as well.

"I told you we've got a couple naughty boys on our hands, Angela," Mom said as she put her hands over Eric's and lowered her dress. She sat down, sitting very close to Eric, and took another sip of her gimlet. "I just hope you don't think I'm a slut," Mom said to no-one in particular.

Eric put his arm around Mom and pulled on her shoulder so that she started to have her head against his shoulder. 

"Thank you for being a sport about that," Eric said to Mom as she looked up at him with deer eyes. Then he kissed her. First once, and then again, and then their lips were locked. He reached his other arm around her waist and hugged her.

I thought the sight was incredibly exciting, dangerous, and taboo, especially watching it sitting next to his mother. Both Angela and I were both in some stage of shock now but I had to adjust myself from time to time as my pants were too tight for my anxious boy.

Angela leaned over and whispered in her low-pitched voice in my ear, "How does this make you feel, Mark? Are you jealous?"

I was in a way. But knowing both Eric and Mom, I think I was enjoying it more than anything. I knew that Mom's love for me was undying and that she was enjoying being sexual in front of me.

"Kind of," I whispered.

"I'm jealous," Angela whispered back.

Then we watched Eric's hand that was around Mom's waist, go higher and higher until it was cradling Mom's left tit as they kissed. Angela looked like she was watching a car wreck in slow motion.

Suddenly she leaned over to me again and whispered, "I suppose that you would like it if I were wearing a skirt or dress too." I smiled and nodded my head.

Angela brought her lips close to my ear. "I've been depressed for a long time, Mark, and I haven't even bothered to shave my legs. They are too hairy to show you."

I excitedly looked her in the eyes so she would know I was telling the truth, and whispered, "I love hairy legs on a woman! It's the natural way to be and the most exciting for me. I wish all women would stop shaving."

"Really?" she asked. But she knew from my voice it was true. I nodded yes. "OK, come with me." She rose painfully because of her ankle and told the kissing couple that we would return. She led me to her bedroom, opened the closet door, rummaged around for a while and finally extracted two green skirts that would go with her blouse. Asking me which one I liked, I chose the shorter one, which was a light cotton skirt. She told me to go back into the living-room and she would be right in.

When I walked into the living-room I saw that Mom's dress was unbuttoned down to her waist and Eric had his hand around Mom's left brassiere cup. Still sucking face, they didn't even acknowledge my return. I stroked my cock in my pants while sitting on the sofa waiting for Angela.

Suddenly a husky voice from in back of me made all three of us look over. "Is this any better, kids?" Angela asked, as she limped over and stood in front of me, facing Mom and Eric. She put her hands on her hips and turned completely around. Mom started clapping first and then Eric and I started to clap too.

"That's better, Mom!" Eric said, "See, I told you you'd start to feel prettier again."

I was looking at her thin hairy legs as she turned around. I found them incredibly sexy.

"Hey, Mom, that skirt is better than pants but it still should be shorter," Eric said, nudging my Mom.

"Definitely should be shorter, Angela," Mom said laughing as Eric slipped his hand up her dress. I saw Mom open her legs slightly.

"Chris, would you do the honors?" Eric asked. So I took Angela's skirt hem like Eric had done to Mom and slowly lifted it. 

"You're sure Mark's eighteen?" Angela asked Mom as her skirt was being raised. That gave Mom the giggles.

Soon I was up to panty level. 

"Higher, higher!" Mom and Eric chanted. So I continued until all eyes were on Angela's black bikini panties. From my perspective I could see that Angela's bum was covered with a thin coating of fine black hair. Since her legs were so thin, I had a open view between her legs and from the way her panties covered her pussy, I suspected that she had one of those pussies where her inner lips hang out of her labia. I couldn't help myself, I leaned forward and took a sniff of her crack without actually touching her, so she wouldn't know.

Mom screamed, "Watch out, Angela, Mark's sniffing your ass!" and laughed hysterically as Eric massaged her pussy with the hand under her dress.

Angela whipped around, catching me leaning forward. "You are right, Medaline, we do have naughty boys here," Angela said with mock anger as she lowered her skirt and sat down.

"Ouch," Angela cried as she held onto her ankle. "It's hard for me to stand for too long."

"Would you like me to lightly rub your ankle?" I asked.

"I don't know if it would feel good or not. I guess you could try. Very lightly though."

"OK, Angela," I said as she sat at an angle and brought her right leg up and draped it over my lap. Her ankle did feel puffy and swollen so I just ran my fingers over it gently. Angela sighed, put her head back and closed her eyes.

Of course, now I had a beautiful hairy leg on my lap and I ran my hand up and down it, feeling her hirsuteness while lightly running my other fingers on her ankle. Naturally, I started to push up her skirt as I ran my hand up her furry leg. Eventually I was able to look up Angela's dress all the way to her panties. Angela must have known what view I was getting. Looking over at Mom I saw that she had one heel up on the sofa so her legs were totally open to allow for Eric's thigh and cunt massage. From seven feet away I could see a dark wet spot on Mom's pink panties as she fingered her clit through the fabric. "I love you, Mark," Mom called to me when she saw me look over at her lasciviousness. 

"I love you, too, Mom," I said as I put my thumb on Angela's panties about where I thought her clit should be.

Angela's eyes popped open and looked at me and then over at the spectacle her son and Mom were making. I didn't take my thumb off her clit, I only slowly stroked the area.

"I think we need two things," Angela announced. Eric and Mom looked over again. "I think we need a group kiss and then I think we need to eat. I'm starved."

"Couldn't agree more," Mom said as she sat up and straightened her dress. She didn't button up though so we could all still see and enjoy her bust, even though her bra was still on.

I helped Angela to her feet and we all stood together in the middle of the floor. "Stevie, you are such a bad boy, did Mark do this to you?" Angela asked as she pulled her boy to her and kissed him on the mouth. "He probably did," my mom said as she and I kissed too, and I put my hand on her breast and slowly pulled on her nipple through her cotton bra.

Soon we were all in the kitchen and the moms commenced to heat up the chicken and fixings, while Eric and I set the table. As we all walked back and forth doing whatever we were doing, both Eric and I would grab whichever mom was closest and give her a kiss. The first time I grabbed Angela and kissed her she looked surprised but then kissed me back.

I loved it that Mom kept her dress open so we could admire her bra. Eric finally said, "Hey, Mom, I wish we could see your brassiere too."

"Yeah, both you and Mark wish," Angela said as she limped around the kitchen. But before long, just as we were going to sit down and eat, Angela pulled her green blouse off.

"My god, Angela, you are amazing," Mom said, looking at Angela's thin frame but enormous breasts in an industrial-strength bra. "I'm so glad I don't have to carry those around."

"Tell me about it," Angela replied. "I've wanted to have a breast-reduction done for years but my husband wouldn't hear of it. But he didn't have to lug them around either!"

"I won't hear of it either, Mom," Eric said in a manly voice.

"Now the boys won't even want to look at mine," Mom pouted, but with a smile.

"Yeah, we do," Eric and I almost said in unison. Eric slipped his hand in her open dress and gave her breast a squeeze. 

Mom said, "Mark, you must have talk with your bold friend," Mom laughed as we watched her adjust her breasts in her brassiere.

Angela's cleavage was mesmerizing and I couldn't take my eyes off her bust all through dinner. Both Mom and Angela made sure we boys were constantly entertained by reaching for things, anything to dangle their boobs in front of us.

All of us drank beers with the chicken but when we were all full Mom asked what else we wanted and Angela said, "a martini."

"Coming right up, Angela," Mom said as she started to clear the plates. "Why don't you sit down with the boys while I clean up. You have to stay off your ankle."

"Thank you, Medaline, I appreciate that," and she leaned on me as we walked into the living-room again. Angela sat down with Eric and I on either side of her. We both were looking down at her bosom.

"OK, OK, you poor boys, you want to see my titties so much, don't you. Stevie, you've seen them before..."

"Yeah, but not for a long time."

"OK, help me with the clasp, Stevie," Angela said as she turned her back to Eric. Like a stripper she slowly lowered her bra, revealing her mammoth mammaries to us in slow motion. But eventually, there they were, hanging heavily from her little chest. Her nipples looked like they had been squooshed in the binding.

Eric dove onto one and I dove onto the other. Both of us happily suckled until Mom came back into the room and saw the raptured expression on Angela's face.

"I should have known better than to leave you alone with my two boys," Mom said in a pouting voice as she set Angela's new martini down by her.

"They're mine now," Angela said laughing.

Mom unbuttoned her dress all the way and stepped out of it. She reached back and unclasped her bra and threw it across the room.

"Eric, honey," Mom cooed, "I'm so cold without any clothes on. Can you sit by me?"

Eric looked up from his mother's breast and saw my mom standing there wearing only her pink panties. He immediately got up and together they sat down. Within seconds, Mom's tongue was down his throat and his finger was in her vagina.

I was really enjoying sucking on Angela's immense hooters. Now with Eric gone I could go back and forth between the two of them. Eric and I had been successful in getting her nipples to a very erect and hard condition. I felt Angela reach for her drink and I reached for her pussy under her skirt. As I rubbed her moist pussy crack through her panties, she downed the whole martini in less than four minutes.

"Mark, baby, I have to go to the toilet," she said in almost a baby voice.

"OK," I said, as I gave her hot pebble of a clitoris a final flick and withdrew my hand from the depths of her skirt.

As she tried to stand she listed sideways and said, "Ow! I can't stand any more. It hurts!"

"I can carry you into the bathroom, if you want. You'd be light to carry."

"You could carry me?" she asked me with dreamy eyes.

"Sure, not a problem," I said as I stood up and scooped her in my arms.

"Don't drop my mom, Chris," Eric called and laughed.

"Not a chance," I said as I carried her through the hallway. Angela ran her fingers through my hair as I carried her. I gently set her down in front of the toilet and turned to leave.

"You must be very strong to carry me so easily," Angela said as she reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties, leaving them at her ankles.

"I'm pretty strong," I said, trying to be sexually attractive to her but embarrassed at seeing her sit down on the commode.

"Don't go, Mark," she said and cradled my arm with both of hers as she sat. "I want to tell you something. I really didn't think that a young boy would be suitable for me but Eric really tried to convince me. He told me about what a great guy you were and how much fun you had together. Stevie even showed me some of the naked girl pictures and erotica stories you'd sent to him. He said that I couldn't find a sweeter or more nasty boy. He said that I could introduce you to things and we could all be together. Your mother, me, Stevie and you."

I wasn't quite sure of what to make of that speech so I just said, "Yeah, we were hoping..." And just then Angela started to piss. The splattering hiss coming from between her legs was so forbidden and erotic. I was totally erect and Angela was eye-level with my hard-on. I knew she saw it and I felt as though she was accepting me to some degree so I decided to ask her something daring. 

"Angela, can I see you piss?"

She smiled a twisted smile as she cut off her stream.

"You want to look between my legs as I urinate?" she calmly asked.

Now I was embarrassed. I smiled sheepishly and said, "That's pretty bad, right? I shouldn't have asked that. I'll wait..."

"Mark," Angela continued, "do you look between your mother's legs when she is on the toilet?"

I thought about this. I never really had watched Mom piss, although on rare occasions Mom would be in the bathroom at the same time as I for an emergency piss or something. But if I told Angela I did watch Mom, then maybe it wouldn't seem so out of the ordinary for me to ask to see her piss. Maybe I could save a little face if I said that Mom was cool with it.

"Yeah, Mom let's me watch her piss."

"I knew it! I'm sorry, but your mother is such a slut. And you, Mark, are such a dirty, nasty boy with your big hard-on right in front of my face. You two are really a pair. And do you know, I've really enjoyed tonight. Kneel down in front of me, Mark." 

I was really trying to sort out her mixed signals but I immediately dropped to my knees in front of her. She opened her legs wide and slid a little towards me and opened her long, dark pussy lips to give me an unobstructed view of her urethra. 

"Get your face really close, Mark, I want you to taste my urine, you filthy boy," Angela said as she started to drip. Suddenly her piss hole erupted with a downward geyser of yellow liquid from her bladder. 

"Stick your tongue out!" Angela commanded.

I did and she shifted on the seat and pulled on her pussy lips so that her stream was directed on my open mouth. I didn't gag but I didn't swallow either. Her piss cascaded out of my mouth and onto the bathroom floor. The front of my shirt became soaked with her urine. 

Angela spread her long lips out like butterfly wings and said, "Lick my pisshole clean. Now!"

I could see it glistening in the bright lighting of the bathroom. This was all such a new experience I decided just to go with it. I stuck my tongue out and dabbed at her urethra.

"Really lick it, Mark. Lick it clean, you dirty boy who wants to look at a woman's most personal moment. Put your nose in my cunt hair that is soaked with my piss. Smell it good, you nasty boy."

I started licking her opened cunt like she said. The pungent odor was off-putting and yet, at the same time, something about it made my cock feel about an inch longer than it usually got. I was incredibly horny and hard, and when Angela squeezed my head between her legs I almost couldn't breathe as she started to buck her hips. 

Suddenly she was spraying on my face again as she held my nose in her piss-soaked black pu-bes. I kept licking.

Then both Angela and I heard my mom at the open door. Mom was nude and bent over at the waist with Eric pounding her pussy from behind. Her eyes were wide as she looked at me between Angela legs on the toilet.

"You slut, Angela! What are you doing with my boy? You filthy slut!... I'm cumming!!" mom boobs were wildly flapping as Eric was impaling her rear. "You wonderful, wonderful slut!!" Mom screamed.

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