Turning My Dream into Reality

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Note: My story is fictional but inspired by a true account.

I always dreamed of fucking my mom. She is a beautiful woman, though not sexy, but still beautiful. She is already 44 years old but still look like 38. If she just had been a little sexier, she will probably be mistaken as 33 years old. She has a 38c tits and about 5’6 in height. By the way, my name is Juan, 18 years old, 5’9 in height, has a 6” dick and a proud Filipino.

My mom always asked me to massage her back and put a firming cream on her buttocks. On this occasion, she would wear her usual night dress (sleeveless t-shirt and panty) and lie on her stomach while I massage her back. This usually happens at night after a whole days work at her office. When this happens, I would normally sit on her side while I massage her back, when I feel that she is already half asleep, I would now sit on her butt while I massage her back. When she is already sleeping, this is the only time that I will start applying the cream on her buttocks. I will start by gently putting the cream and after quite some time, I will pretend that there are still some parts of her butt cheeks that need to be put so I will need to slightly pull down her panty. Instead of slightly pulling her panty, I would pull it down to the point that her whole ass is revealed. Her pinkish asshole is now totally visible to me and my dick is already pulsating wanting to get out of my shorts. By this time, I’m already breathing heavily and my heart is pounding knowing that I can be caught anytime when she suddenly wake up and found out that her panty is pull down to the point of revealing her whole ass.

Since it is a cream, I need to make use of my hands and palm. I will slowly caress my finger to her butt cheeks and to down to her asshole. While slowly applying the cream, I will start to insert my middle finger in her asshole and when she didn’t react, this is my cue that she is heavily asleep. I would lower my shorts (I make it a point that I don’t wear any underwear) and align my now rock hard dick to my mom’s beautiful asshole. After this, I will start to try entering her tight hole while pumping very slowly because I might wake her up. After a couple minutes of trying, I still can’t insert my cock without waking her up. I’m afraid that if I continue and forced my dick to enter her ass, I might wake her up. I will now just loll on her back with my dick in between and pressing her ass crack. This always happens and frustrations are getting in my nerves. I want to fuck my mom’s ass but how can I do it?

I’m now 21 years old and I still want to fuck my mom down in her ass badly so from time to time I think of strategies on how to make my dreams come true. Finally, one day while watching a health show, they mentioned that the medicine I was taking for my allergy causes drowsiness and sleepy effect. Maybe that is the reason why I always fell asleep whenever I took those meds. An idea comes in my mind. All I have to do is to wait for that fateful night wherein nobody except me and my mom will be left in our house. When that day comes, that is the time that I will make my move.

The next morning, my dad told my mom that he will be out for 3 days to attend a seminar and that me and my mom are the only persons that will be left in our house. I thought to myself “YES, at last, this is my golden opportunity”.

That night, my mom arrived after a day’s work and I already prepared a special dinner just for the two of us. After the dinner, I told her that she can now take her shower and I will do all the dishes. After she finished showering, I told her that I will give her a very special massage and also put the cream on her buttocks because it is still not as firm as she wants it to be but the truth is, her butt already looks good. Of course she can’t see her behind unless she looks it at a mirror. Before slouching to bed for her massage she said that she will needs to drink a glass of water which is I already anticipated so I tell her that I’ll be the one to get her a glass of water. She just smile and thank me. I went to the kitchen and get her glass of water and took out 4 of my anti-allergy meds and put it in the glass together with her water. For sure, after about 30 minutes, she is already heavily asleep. I now go to her bedroom to give her the water and she drank it all like a thirsty camel. I’m so happy that finally, I know that my dream of fucking my mom is within reach. After that, I started to massage her back very slowly to give the meds proper time to take effect. When is already very sleepy, I told her that I will now put the cream on her buttocks, she just move her head to acknowledge and with that, she just doze. She is now already heavily asleep, thanks to my meds.

Her position is lie down on her stomach and I started by removing my shorts and revealing my rock hard penis. I also slid down her panty as usual, to the point of exposing her whole ass to my incestuous lustful eyes. What a marvelous sight!!!

I started to caress her asshole and she did not respond, I grow bolder and started to lick a part of her pussy, still no response, and still heavily asleep. I also lick her asshole and its smell is very aromatic. I’m now stroking my dick and precum is oozing so I try to put my precum in her ass crack to serve as a lubricant for my entry. When I think that it is already well lubricated, I positioned myself to her, my one hand is supporting my weight and my other hand is holding my dick while inserting my whole 6” dick. Slowly, I start entering her virgin ass. This is totally a new experience for me, her ass is soo tight and while dick is slowly burying into her ass, the muscles on her tight ass contract giving an intense pleasure, a feeling that I’ve never felt before. I started to pump slowly, feeling every pleasure with my slow pumps and after quite some time, I begin to pump faster. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, as I said to myself, this is so good, in fact, better than good. I just ram and ram my dick in her tight asshole until I feel that I’m gonna cum. I pump faster and faster and in no time, I’m now shooting my load inside my mom’s ass. After I shoot my entire load into her ass, I slowly removed my now limp dick inside her ass. It created a gapping hole and cum is oozing from her ass crack. I started to clean her up and put the firming cream on her butt cheeks. After this, I go to bed and hope that she would not know when she woke up next morning.

The next morning, I woke up and my memory of having an intense anal sex with my mom is still fresh. As I go to the kitchen, I saw my mom and she greeted me with good morning and thanking me for the massage and that I have given her. Little that she know, that I’m the one who should be thanking her.

Every now and then, when my father is away, I always tried on fucking my mom and all my efforts are successful. Up to now, my mom is oblivious of the things that are happening when I massage her back and put her firming cream. I wonder how long this will continue…as for me…as long as she doesn’t know…

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