Turkish Delight pt.1

(Part 1 from 3)

I’d been unemployed for nearly six months. We were making ends meet, just. My wife was working as many hours as possible as a receptionist and I was picking up casual work when possible. Thankfully our son was in the Army and our 17yr.old daughter had moved in with her boyfriend to make things easier for us financially.

As there was no answer from my pal’s first floor flat I walked around the corner of the dilapidated block of first floor flats that he lived in looking for somewhere to take a piss. I knew that it was unlikely that anybody would pass by or even notice me if they did. It was early afternoon and this part of town was as rough as they come. At least half of the flats were empty and the other half were only here because no one else would have them. I found a convenient corner and unzipped my jeans. As I pulled my cock out of my zipper and my piss cascaded against the wall I spotted an old red BMW 3 series with two people in it slowly drive along the rubbish strewn road. It turned left, parking almost directly under the walkway that I was pissing against.

“They’re upto no good,” I thought. They were either thieves who were going to strip what little was left from the derelict ground floor flats or, hopefully, married lovers after a bit of ‘love in the afternoon’.

I tried to remain hidden, keeping my body behind the wall but by peeking through the smashed storm hole I had a clear view of the windscreen and the occupants.

SHIT! I froze to the spot. My fingers clung onto the pebbledashed wall to steady myself. I couldn’t believe my eyes! There, in the passenger seat, was my wife sitting next to a Mediterranean looking guy that I sort of recognised too.

Anne furtively looked around, but the guy had parked his car very carefully making it virtually hidden from any prying eyes on the ground. But not from above!

Mesmerised and stunned, I couldn’t take my gaze off them. My mind raced with crazy thoughts.
“What were they doing here?” 
“Who was he?”
“How did she know him?”
I checked my watch – 2.15. She had finished work 15 minutes before.

Anne sat impassively as he chatted and joked with her. After a couple of minutes he appeared to ask her a question, she nodded slightly and he leaned forward kissing her gently on the lips. My stomach turned. Thankfully she didn’t seem to respond. Then his hand slowly caressed her left breast. My wife flinched then closed her eyes. His coffee coloured fingers pressed and squeezed her ample breast through the material of her cream work shirt. 

Anne’s arms were still by her side as he softly broke away from the kiss, keeping his hand on her breast.

He smiled and said something else. Anne smiled and lightly nodded her head. Staring into her hazelnut eyes he slowly moved his fingers across her chest until he began unbuttoning the shirt.

When the last button was undone he flicked the material to one side exposing her large bra encased breasts to his gaze. With a satisfied grin on his face he traced the pattern of her bra with a long bony finger, making sure that he made her flesh gently wobble. Anne closed her eyes again and bit her lip as he tickled her nipple with his fingertip. He laughed and she nodded. I gasped and nearly choked as my chest began to tighten.
My wife’s breasts and nipples are incredibly sensitive, so I guessed he was asking if she was enjoying his caresses. She flicked her hair from her eyes and nodded more encouragement.

He suddenly moved his body forward and kissed her much more forcibly this time, forcing her head back against the headrest. His hand swiftly slid underneath the lace of her bra and his hand was now roughly squeezing and kneading her soft flesh.

To my amazement my wife slightly changed position and began responding to his kisses by cupping his head in her hands as he casually lifted her tits out of their cups. Her hands were pulling at his jet-black hair as he tugged at her already extended nipples. I could tell that they were playing tongue tennis – forcing their wet tongues deep inside each other’s mouth. 

I was now kneeling on the ground so that I could get the best possible view of my wife and this stranger, I became aware that I hadn’t tucked my flaccid penis away when I’d finished my piss. It was now rock hard and sticking out like a flagpole. I looked around, and as I’d guessed earlier there was no sign of anybody else. Unable to stop myself, I started pulling on the stretched skin of my cock. My stomach turned as my fingers touched my swollen knob.

I looked back through the storm drain to see my wife now kneeling on the passenger seat pressing her breasts against his face, having discarded her shirt and bra. Anne’s head was now arched back as he suckled her nipples and groped her tight arse through her trousers.

I was well on the way to cumming when I spotted her dropping her left hand into his lap.
“My God!” she was stroking his cock through his jeans.

Still sucking and licking her 34d tits the guy moved his right hand off her arse and started fumbling with his zip and top button. I could see through the steering wheel that Anne was unbuckling his belt. It took them a minute or two until his cock sprang out of his pants.
Still feeding a tit into his mouth my wife moved back slightly on her seat so that she could get a better look at his cock. Anne’s eyes sprang wide open as she stared down into his lap.

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