True love

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 Megan Filts aka “stilts” (so named for her incredible long legs) was the hottest woman I had ever known. Her tall slender body, Her jet black hair, witch she always wore down, was as soft as silk, Her skin pale, her lips full. Her eyes really stood out light blue the blue of the ocean. She has three facial piercing one on her left eye brow and two snake bites on either side of her bottom lip. Her tongue also pierced. She wears a simple chain around her neck, one I had made for her. Her clothing always black she usually wore some sort of corset that went down mid thigh with fishnets, and sneakers. Her breast a nice 36c look so good in her outfits and her ass….

I met her at my welcome home party last year. I had just gotten out of jail and nearly busted in my pants when I saw her. We became close and my lust grew for he as time past. She had always kept me at arms length, but I persisted. Steeling a kiss here a touch there. I was going to have her of that I was certain, I wouldn’t stop till I held her in my arms my tongue caressing hers my shaft sliding in between her legs. It was only a fantasy, but one I would make reality.

The night my fantasy became reality we were at a party one of the many social events we attended out of habit. We had taken our usual places on the couch me against the arm her laying her head on my lap with her legs tucked in. We were both pretending to be involved in the party, but my mind was on her. All I could think about was her soft perfect body my cock began to grow and the urge in me was building. I had forgotten about my friends as they drank and smoked around me my hand was moving to her supple breast, she moved my hand away in a playful gesture, and my hand then went down between her legs. Before I knew what happened she had slapped me, and ran to the back room.

I walked to the back room and knocked on the door. “Megan I’m sorry.” I went for the door handle it was locked. “Go away” he voice was soft and sounded as if she was crying. “Megan I’m sorry please forgive me.” I could hear he move across the room. “I said go away.” her voice still soft. “Megan…. look I… I love you.” Silence. No response, I was about to say something more when I heard her move to the door and unlock it, A second latter the door opened. I entered the room and shut the door behind me. When I turned to her she put her arms around me, and kissed me. The kiss seemed to last forever as fireworks exploded in my mind. As she pulled away she wiped a tear from her eye.

“You can’t love me.” I wasn’t sure if she had spoke in disbelief or if she was stating a fact.
“I do love you… each breath you take makes me love you more.” She hid a smile “You just want to fuck me.” hearing her say fuck made my cock grow. My heart was pounding and my lust was building. “I’ve wanted to fuck you from the first night we met…. If that’s all I wanted I wouldn’t be with you now.”
“Please sit I have to tell you something…. something you wont like.” I moved to the bed thinking of all the things she could tell me. I sat on the end of the bed and looked at her. She started to undo her corset. My heart pounded as my cock started to grow again. Her corset slipped to the floor my eyes were locked on her bra clad breast.

“This is why you cant love me.” I saw her remove her panties covering herself with her hands. She took a deep breath and removed her hands to revile a semi hard cock. A million thoughts began to run through my head she was a man, a Tranny, she I mean he had a cock. I looked up into her eyes they were starting to tear no doubt from seeing the disgusted look on my face. I immediately forgot about her being a he and said the only thing that came to mind. “I love you.” She gave a quick tearful laugh. I got up and kissed her lips my tongue probing her mouth. I got caught up in the moment and the next thing I knew her cock was in my hand, and I was stroking her full 7 inches.
I looked down at the cock in my hand it was cut and had a nice mushroom head with a smooth shaft that had a slight upward curve. It wasn’t as large as mine but it was nice. I caressed it a little and moved my hand to feel her balls they were also nicely shaped and proportioned. I looked into her eyes, and kissed her lips. Feeling brave I got down on me knees and licked the tip with my tongue Megan let out a tiny gasp. I looked into her eyes as I parted my lips and slide her head into my mouth the look of pure ecstasy made my cock become fully hard and I slid the rest of her cock into my mouth chocking a little till I found the proper rhythm.

I was a natural born cock sucker. I loved how Megan was running her fingers threw my hair as I sucked her cock. I cupped, and rubbed her balls with one hand and the other played with her ass.
I licked and sucked her balls bringing each one into my moth in turn, and I look up into her blue eyes as I stroked her shaft. Her little mmm’s and ahhh’s fueling my lust. I slid her cock back in to my mouth and stroked heart the same time. I didn’t know why but I wanted her to cum I wanted to feel it shoot into my moth I wanted to taste it. A few minuets latter I got my wish she busted and shot hot cum down my throat with a scream of ecstasy. I milked the rest from now shrinking member. The taste wasn’t bad at all kind of salty.

She looked down at me and whispered “Thank you.” I got up and kissed her again “I guess I should return the favor.” She said as she sat me down on the bed. Megan got on her knees, and undid my pants and took my cock from my underwear her fingers cold but soft. “Wow that’s a big one.” She said as she stroked my shaft. She kissed my head and slid the tip into her warm mouth a low moan left my lips and I entered a state of euphoria ash she slid my cock in and out of her hot mouth. I was so turned on by her mouth around my cock I had hardly noticed she had slid I finger up my ass. She fingered my ass harder and she sucked harder. And even though I never had anything in my ass before I was loving her finger. Because of the extra pressure on my prostate I busted far more quickly that I would have wanted. This took Megan by surprise who was licking my shaft when I exploded. Her face dripping with cum she smiled at me as she licked it from her lips.

“Awww I wanted you to fuck my ass.” She climbed up into bed with me laid her head on my chest. “I love you too.” I smiled and wrapped my arms around her. We drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

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