Truck Driver Flash

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My name is Carol and this is a true story of what happened to me a couple of weeks ago.

I have been happily married to my Husband for 18 years, we have 2 children's. I have just celebrated my 38th birthday and my Husband turned 41 a few months ago.

Having two children takes up most of our time, along with work commitments my husband and I don't have a lot of spare time for each other. We make the most of the time we have together by being inventive in the bedroom and other places. Most people know that the key to a good marriage is good sex and we have always been open minded.

My Husband and I went away for the weekend without the Kids. We dropped them off at my Sisters house and headed to the Coast. It was great to get away for a few days and enjoy the peace and quiet. My Husband works many long hours and lately our sex life has struggled, so this was a chance to recharge the batteries and have some fun.

So this is where my story begins. We were travelling back home after our break, my Husband decided to drive as he knew the way. We were hoping to be home by late afternoon, early evening as we were looking at a 6 hour drive ahead of us.

A hour or so passed and the journey was getting boring. I needed to do something to make the drive home more interesting. As a joke I told my husband I was going to flash my tits to the next Truck we overtook. My Husband just laughed at me and carried on driving.

In the distance I could see my 'Truck Victim' as I had already named them in my head, our car was closing in on the Truck fast and as we got along side him I lifted my top and pulled my bra down exposing my tits to it's very surprised driver. My Husband couldn't believe what I had done and shook his head in shame as the Truck driver blew his Horn and gave me the thumbs up. My day was made already and so was the very old man's sitting behind the wheel of his truck.

My husband on the other hand was less than impressed with my actions and told me to behave. I looked down at the bulge in my husbands trousers and could see it turned him and to be honest I was a little moist in my knickers, I thought to myself that maybe I should give it another go?

Another hour passed, I turned to my Husband and told him I was going to flash another Truck because I was so bored. He seemed really up for it this time and told me he was going to catch up to the Truck in front of us. He put his foot down and faster and faster we caught the Truck up. As we pulled along side the Cabin I again lifted my top and cupped my tits out of my bra, my nipples were so erect and were completely exposed, I looked round and to my surprise three guys were staring back at me, I gave a cheeky wink and swung my tits from side to side for them.

I could see them cheering and shouting and egging me on to show them more. My Husband put his foot on the accelerator and carried on passed them. I was again very wet in my knickers. Something I have never told my husband is that my all time number one fantasy is to have three guys at the same time. My Husband would not be impressed if I ever told him this.

We carried on driving I noticed a road sign saying. “Services in 1 mile.” I asked my husband to pull into them because I needed a wee break. We took the exit off the Motorway and found a parking space in the service station. I got out of the car and headed for the Toilets. My husband said he was going to stay in the car and have a rest for awhile.

I came out of the Toilet and went to the shop to buy some chocolate for the rest of the journey home. As I was queuing waiting to be served I looked out of the shop window and noticed the very truck I had flashed my tits to pulling into the services.

I could not believe my eyes. The Truck pulled up on the other side of the Car park to where my husband had parked and the three guys got out and started walking towards the shop I was in.

The shop door opened and in walked the three guys, each of them 6 foot tall and tanned. My heart jumped a beat. “What if the recognise me?” My head was racing and my heart was pounding. To be honest part of me wanted to just approach them and say, “So you wanna see more?” But I am a good girl with a husband sitting in a car not 50 metres from this shop.

I made my purchase and headed for the door, as I reached for the handle I turned and made eye contact with one of the guys. He gave a surprised knowing wink and with a grin on his face nudged his friends to get there attention, I stood frozen in the doorway as all three guys just stood and grinned at me.

“Pull yourself together Carol, these boys are half your age” I muttered under my breath. My head was telling me one thing, my pussy was telling me something else. If my pussy could talk I would imagine it was saying. “Go over to them guys and let them fuck your brains out.”

I finally made it out of the shop and headed back to the car. As I got closer I could see my husband fast asleep, chair reclined back and snoring away to his hearts content.

I was just about to open the car door when behind me I heard a wolf whistle, I turned and to my pussy's excitement the three guys were stood outside the shop waving me to come back.

As I walked toward the guys the wind was blowing there blue dirty overalls tight against their bodies and I could see these massive bulges hanging between there legs. My mind was racing, I couldn't believe what I was doing.

“Hello sexy.” One of the guys said. “Your the lady who flashed her tits at us up the road?” the other two men were laughing as I could feel myself turning bright red from there horny interrogation.

“I may well be.” I said in my very embarrassed voice with a cheeky smile on my face.

The guys continued to flirt with me as we still stood outside the shop door. I kept turning round thinking my husband would be awake from his sleep but I could tell he was still away with the fairies.

Spots of rain started falling out of the sky. “Come to our truck, it don't look like your husbands going to miss you any time soon.” The youngest looking of the guys said.

God knows why but before I knew what I was thinking I was walking towards their truck on the other side of the car park with these three strapping guys.

We got to the Cab of their truck and they opened the door for me to get in. One of the guys put a cheeky hand on my bum to help lift me into the cabin. I was in no mood to stop him.

Once inside I sat in the back in between two of the guys and the other guy sat in the driver seat, I still didn't know there names but to be honest I didn't care. We continued our flirty small talk and before long the subject got back to my Tits. I have never really been a shy girl but even I was surprised when I came out with the one line of. “So boys do you want to see them again?”

After lots of cheering and chanting I asked to two guys sitting either side of me if they wanted the pleasure of getting them out for me. As you can imagine they jumped at the chance and before I knew it I had each of the guys hands lifting my top over my head. Soon I was just sitting in my bra and skirt, but they didn't stop there, slower they began to touch and grope my tits through my bra. The guy in the driver seat also lent a hand.

My tits were being pulled and squeezed by all three guys at the same time and I was loving it. The two boys sitting either side of me then put there hands in my bra and cupped my tits out, my nipples were like bullets I could feel there other hands working there way up my skirt. The third guy put each of his hands on my knees and slowly began to open my legs so the other guys could get a better feel.

Hands were everywhere, they had reached my now soaking knickers, by this time my legs were spread wide apart. They lifted my legs by my ankles and put them through two hand straps that hung down from the roof of the cabin. My legs were locked in place as the guys ripped my knickers off me.

The two guys sitting either side of me had my nipples in there mouths, sucking and nibbling away as the third guy and now left his driving seat got his head fully between my legs, his entire mouth engulfed my pussy, I was getting licked like never before. I lost count how many times they made me cum. The guy finally got up from between my legs and opened the zip of his overalls. I nearly passed out when I see the size of his cock.

“Fucking Hell.” I screamed.

It was Huge! I just wanted to grab it. I put my hands around his girth and it was as thick as my arm. Slowly he lifted himself up onto the seat where I was still spread eagled on and put the head of his cock to my mouth, I opened as wide as I could but I could hardly get the tip of this monster in. Starting slowly he began to fuck my mouth, the other two guys by this time were also getting there cocks ready. I dare look down but out of the corner of each eye I could see that all three guys were hung like horses.

My ankles were finally released from the hand straps and I was turned over on all fours. My skirt was up round my waist and my bra was unclipped. One of the men picked up my bra and put his erect cock through one of the arm straps as he face fucked me, at this point I didn't care, I wanted to be treated like a dirty slut and these were the men to do it.

Once all three guys had got a blow job from me they said it was my turn for some pleasure. Still on all fours I was told to sit on one of the guys face's.

He ate my pussy like he was homeless person eating a cheese burger, I cum in his mouth within a minute. What happen next sent me over the edge. A second guy got behind me and started licking my arsehole at the same time as my pussy was being eaten. I screamed and moaned like an animal for what seemed like ages I squirted pussy juice in the guys mouths who was still eating my cheese burger pussy.

I was left to recover for a moment as the guys rearranged the back of the cab. They lowed the back seat so now there was what looked to resemble a bed area. My head was still spinning and at this moment in time I had two thoughts going through my head. One, I hope my husband is still asleep in the car. Two, I am going to get my brains well and truly fucked out by these three man.

By now my sex bed that the guys had made was finally finished. The back of the cabin had been turned into a cosy room, no bigger than a large cupboard but big enough for me to get fucked into oblivion.

The three guys instructed me to join them at the back of the cabin. I crawled over on my hands and knees, skirt still up round my waist and tits swinging like pendulums. I was turned over onto my back and again I had a guy each side of me. Instantly they grabbed and groped my tits while the third man got a condom from his pocket and proceeded to roll it down the shaft of his massive cock.

He moved towards me and as he did so told the other guys to open my legs for him. I looked down between my legs and gasped at the sight of his cock entering my pussy. My head flung back as further and further he thrust his cock into me. He didn't hang around, before long he was fucking me like a wild animal. I was in ecstasy, every thrust I would leak cum from my pussy.

The guys let go of my legs and I wrapped them round my new love monster as he pounded the living shit out of me. The 2 boys either side of me sucked my nipples hard. I was close to cumming when suddenly I felt the most amazing sensation, one of the guys had stuck his finger up my arse while the other guy was fucking my pussy. I cum so hard for a split second I think I passed out. I was shaking so bad the guy fucking me stopped so I could get my breath back.

Even in my state of sexual ecstasy I knew I didn't have long before I would have to return to my husband who hopefully was still asleep in our car. I needed to do something I have always wanted to do and there was no better time than the present. I turned to the guys in my still shaky voice and said. “Please can I fuck all three of you at the same time?”

As soon as I said it I realised these guys with there massive cocks would probably break me in two but before I could change my mind two of the guys were already rolling condoms down there cocks.

One of the men laid on the cabin floor on his back, his erection standing like a flag pole in the air. I crawled over to where he was laying and got on top of him. My pussy was so wet his cock went in easier than I thought it would, I rocked slowly back and forth this guys cock was not as fat as the other guy who just fucked me but it was at least an inch longer.

I raised my arms and grabbed hold of the arm straps that my ankles were put into earlier. His hands grabbed onto my tits. By this time the guy I just fucked had moved in front of me and even though there was not much room in the cab he forced his cock into my mouth.

I was loving every minute when suddenly I heard the third guy move up behind me, his hands grabbed my arse cheeks and pulled them wide apart. I knew what was coming next, I felt the end of his cock rubbing my arsehole as I was still riding the other mans cock in my pussy.

“Fuck my arse!” I shouted. “Fuck my arse hard!” I couldn't contain myself.

He didn't disappoint, I felt massive pressure on my arsehole as further and further he forced his cock in me. God knows how he found any room because was already being stretched by the cock in my pussy.

I screamed first in pain then in complete pleasure. My holes were being opened like never before and by now they had worked out a steady rhythm, in out in out in out, I was for the first time ever being fucked in every hole. The guys held me tight as wave after wave of orgasms came over me. They picked up speed and by now I was getting a fucking a dirty cheating housewife deserved. I was groaning like a wounded animal as harder and faster they fucked me.

The guy who was fucking my mouth started shouting that he was close to cumming, he wasn't wearing a condom and I knew he was going to unload in my mouth. He thrusted so hard his helmet was banging the back of my throat, I could feel his warm cum filling my mouth and I loved every minute of it. The three men cheered as I swallowed it all.

This spurred on the two other guys still pounding my arse and pussy. To my amazement and considering the lack of room in the back of this cab they managed to roll over with there cocks still in me so now I was facing to other way, instead of being on all fours I was on my back with my legs high in the air, the man in my arse was now underneath me, he grabbed my thighs and opened my legs wide as the guy in my pussy fucked me as if his life depended on it.

I held on for dear life as both guys went for it. My arms and legs were wrapped tightly round the guy on top of me as both men said they were about to cum. The noise was like something from a horror movie as all three of us came at the same time. I could feel there cocks filling up there condoms with juicy cum inside my body.

Finally my fantasy was complete and all because I flashed these guys my tits a hour or so ago. I laid on the cabin floor for a wile to get my breath back, I was too exhausted to notice but one of the guys wrote something with a marker pen on my arse as I lay there recovering. I was in too much of a daze to care and completely forgot all about it.

Eventually all four of us gathered our clothes together, the guys let me out of the cabin, they looked as knackered as me and I made my way back very sheepishly to my husband hoping he was still asleep in the car.

Amazingly he was still alseep so I got in the passenger seat and just sat there for awhile thinking about what had just happened, my holes were red raw I could hardly sit down but I wouldn't change what I just did for anything in the world.

Finally my husband did wake up and we carried on with our journey home, I slept most of the way and we got home 4 hours later. When we got in I headed straight to the bath, as I got naked In the bedroom I noticed what one of the guys wrote on my arse as I was laying on there cabin floor. It was a phone number with the words. “Call us!” underneath.

“Cheeky fuckers!” I thought.

You know i'm going to call it!

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